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This is a list of films produced in South Korea, from September 1948, the date of its creation, through 1959.

September 1948-1955

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Night Before Independence Choi In-gyu
The Prosecutor and the Woman Teacher Yun Dae-ryong
Yu Gwan-sun
Aegukjaui adeul
Baekbeom gukminjang shilgi
Breaking the Wall Han Hyeong-mo
Hometown of the Heart Yoon Yong-gyu Byun Ki-jong
Mokdonggwa geumshigye
Muneojin sampalseon
Seongbyeokeul ddulgo
A Woman's Diary Hong Seong-ki
Woman's Love Story Shin Kyeong-gyun
Righteous Advance Han Hyeong-mo
Evil Night Shin Sang-ok
The Final Temptation Chung Chang-hwa
Arirang Lee Kang-cheon
The Hand of Fate Han Hyeong-mo Yoon In-ja
Box of Death Kim Ki-young Choi Moo-ryong
Gang Hyo-sil
Chunhyang-jeon Choi Moo-ryong
Gang Hyo-sil
Piagol Lee Kang-cheon Noh Kyung-hee
Sad Story of an Executioner Kim Seong-min
Widow Park Nam-ok
Yangsan Province Kim Ki-young Kim Sam-hwa
Youth Shin Sang-ok


English/Korean Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Hyperbola of Youth Han Hyeong-mo Hwang Hae
Holiday in Seoul Lee Yong-min
Madame Freedom Han Hyeong-mo Kim Jeong-rim
Touch-Me-Not Kim Ki-young Na Gang-hui
An Seok-jin
The Wedding Day Lee Byung-il Jo Mi-ryung
The Night of Truth Kim Han-il
The Pagoda With No Shadow Shin Sang-ok
The Palace of Ambition Chung Chang-hwa
Pure Love Han Hyeong-mo
That Woman's Life Kim Han-il
Twilight Train Kim Ki-young Park Am
Do Kum-bong
A Woman's War Kim Ki-young Jo Mi-ryeong
Park Am
Confession of a University Student Shin Sang-ok
A Country Girl Park Young-hwan
First Snow Kim Ki-young Kim Ji-mee
Kim Seung-ho
A Flower in Hell Shin Sang-ok Choi Eun-hee
Forever With You Yu Hyun-mok
Free Marriage Lee Byung-il
The Hill With a Zelkova Tree Choi Hoon
Money Kim So-dong Kim Seung-ho
A Mother's Love Yang Ju-nam
Defiance of a Teenager Kim Ki-young Hwang Hae-nam
Um Aing-ran
Dongsimcho Shin Sang-ok
Even the Clouds are Drifting Yu Hyun-mok
Female Executive Han Hyeong-mo
It's Not Her Sin Shin Sang-ok
Three Brides Kim Soo-yong

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