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"Complete Series" DVD Set (R1)
.This is an episode list for the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, which aired in syndication from September 1987 through May 1994.^ Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as ST:TNG or TNG ) is a science fiction television series set in the Star Trek universe.
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^ Star Trek Television series Original Series .
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^ See also the list of Star Trek TNG episodes .
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.This is the second television series in the Star Trek franchise, and comprises a total of 178 episodes over the show's seven seasons.^ Star Trek Television series Original Series .
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^ She was also a guest star in two episodes of the original Star Trek series.
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^ Star Trek TNG episodes.
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The series premiere ("Encounter at Farpoint") and finale ("All Good Things...") each originally aired as two-hour presentations, but were subsequently aired as sets of two one-hour episodes in rerun. .The episodes are listed in chronological order by original air date, which match the episode order in each season's DVD set.^ This is an episode list for the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, which aired in syndication from September 1987 through May ...
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^ November 1995 The exact air date for the first episode is still up in the air.
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^ TNG episode, own seasons 6 & 7 o DVD, and own all the TNG movies with ...
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.This list also includes the stardate on which the events of each episode took place within the fictional Star Trek universe.^ See also the list of Star Trek TNG episodes .
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^ Star Trek TNG episodes.
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^ Maybe it's because the first time I saw him was in one of the all time best Star Trek:TNG episodes, "Yesterday's Enterprise."
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Season Episodes Originally Aired DVD Release
Region 1 Region 2
1 26 19871988 March 26, 2002 Complete Series
October 2, 2007
April 1, 2002
2 22 19881989 May 7, 2002 June 10, 2002
3 26 19891990 July 2, 2002 July 22, 2002
4 26 19901991 September 3, 2002 October 7, 2002
5 26 19911992 November 5, 2002 November 18, 2002
6 26 19921993 December 3, 2002 December 2, 2002
7 26 19931994 December 31, 2002 December 23, 2002


Season 1 (1987–1988)

# Title Stardate Original Airdate Writer(s) Director
101/102 "Encounter at Farpoint" 41153.7 September 28, 1987 D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry Corey Allen
.The new starship Enterprise begins its maiden voyage by uncovering the mysteries of an advanced space station.^ These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
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^ These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
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^ With the exception the original series, I have seen every single episode of TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.
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.The crew's mission is threatened by an omnipotent being named Q, who puts them (and specifically, Captain Picard) on trial for the crimes of all humanity.^ Its captain is the seasoned and charismatic Jean-Luc Picard , who is more intellectual and philosophical than many typical protagonists in popular science fiction.
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^ For similar reasons, I would put aside speculation that all incoming radio signals are being blocked or suppressed by UFOs or MIBs.

^ Being Human , The Sarah Jane Adventures , Torchwood Review: Doctor Who 4x13 - Journey's End .
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103 "The Naked Now" 41209.2 October 5, 1987 John D.F. Black (story)
J. Michael Bingham (story and teleplay)
Paul Lynch
A mysterious, communicable contaminant causes the crew to experience symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication.
104 "Code of Honor" 41235.25 October 12, 1987 Katharyn Powers and Michael Baron Russ Mayberry
Lt. Yar is abducted by the leader of a people who abide by a strict code of honor, which requires her participation in a fight to the death.
105 "The Last Outpost" 41386.4 October 19, 1987 Richard Krzmeien (story)
Herbert Wright (teleplay)
Richard Colla
.An unknown force immobilizes the Enterprise during the Federation's first encounter with a new alien threat—the Ferengi.^ Stardate: Unknown While on an undercover first contact mission, Riker is captured by the xenophobic aliens, who believe...
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106 "Where No One Has Gone Before" 41263.1 October 26, 1987 Diane Duane and Michael Reaves Rob Bowman
.Warp efficiency tests send the Enterprise traveling far beyond known space, where the crew's imagination takes on real form.^ Repeats will continue until a new series, SPACE, ABOVE AND BEYOND takes over the timeslot in the fall.
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107 "Lonely Among Us" 41249.3 November 2, 1987 Michael Halperin (story)
D.C. Fontana (teleplay)
Cliff Bole
An alien entity possesses Dr. Crusher, Worf, and Picard while the Enterprise is transporting delegates from two feuding planets.
108 "Justice" 41255.6 November 9, 1987 Ralph Wills (story)
Worley Thorne (story and teleplay)
James L. Conway
Wesley breaks an idyllic world's seemingly trivial law, only to face the death sentence.
109 "The Battle" 41723.9 November 16, 1987 Larry Forrester (story)
Herbert Wright (teleplay)
Rob Bowman
.A suspicious Ferengi captain returns the long-lost Stargazer to its former captain, Jean-Luc Picard, but with a vicious ulterior motive.^ Monologue of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the opening credits more .
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^ Jean-luc Picard is the captain of the Enterprise.
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^ Starfleet veteran Jean-Luc Picard takes his ship and crew on a series of spectacular adventures through the universe.
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110 "Hide and Q" 41590.5 November 23, 1987 C.J. Holland (story and teleplay)
Gene Roddenberry (teleplay)
Cliff Bole
Q returns to the Enterprise to tempt Commander Riker into joining the Q Continuum with the lure of Q's powers.
111 "Haven" 41294.5 November 30, 1987 Lan O'Kun (story)
Tracy Torme (story and teleplay)
Richard Compton
Lwaxana Troi visits her daughter, Counselor Troi, and prepares her for an arranged marriage.
112 "The Big Goodbye" 41997.7 January 11, 1988 Tracy Torme Joseph L. Scanlan
A computer malfunction traps Picard, Data, and Beverly in a Dixon Hill Holodeck program set in early 20th-century Earth with the Holodeck safety protocols disabled.
113 "Datalore" 41242.4 January 18, 1988 Maurice Hurley (story)
Robert Lewin (story and teleplay)
Gene Roddenberry (teleplay)
Rob Bowman
The Enterprise crew finds a disassembled android identical to Data at the site of the Omicron Theta colony—where Data was found. The reassembled android Lore turns against the Enterprise and summons the deadly Crystalline Entity to deliver the same fate to the Omicron Theta colony.
114 "Angel One" 41636.9 January 25, 1988 Patrick Barry Michael Rhoades
The Enterprise visits a world dominated by women to rescue survivors of a downed freighter who have mingled with the populace.
115 "11001001" 41365.9 February 1, 1988 Maurice Hurley and Robert Lewin Paul Lynch
Bynars upgrade the Enterprise's computers in spacedock. Riker and Picard become distracted by a surprisingly realistic holodeck character.
116 "Too Short a Season" 41309.5 February 8, 1988 Michael Michaelian (story and teleplay)
D.C. Fontana (teleplay)
Rob Bowman
The Enterprise transports a legendary geriatric admiral to negotiate a tricky hostage situation, only to rapidly de-age back to a young man through mysterious circumstances.
117 "When the Bough Breaks" 41509.1 February 15, 1988 Hannah Louise Shearer Kim Manners
A planet formerly existing only in legend uncloaks and requests help from the Enterprise. .Their cloaking device causes sterility, and they want to adopt children from the Enterprise by any means necessary.^ Then again, many oppose Macs in education because business use Windows, so that's what they want to train our children to use.
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118 "Home Soil" 41463.9 February 22, 1988 Karl Geurs and Ralph Sanchez (story)
Robert Sabaroff (story and teleplay)
Corey Allen
.The crew of the Enterprise discovers a crystalline lifeform with murderous intelligence that has been killing the scientists on a terraforming project.^ When the Enterprise arrives, the crew discovers that something isn't right on board the Tsiolkovsky, as a woman's voice broadcasts from the ship, "Well, hello, Enterprise, welcome.
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119 "Coming of Age" 41416.2 March 14, 1988 Sandy Fries Mike Vejar
Wesley takes a Starfleet Academy entrance exam while the senior staff of the Enterprise are placed under investigation by an old friend of Picard's.
120 "Heart of Glory" 41503.7 March 21, 1988 Maurice Hurley Rob Bowman
Fugitive Klingons seeking battle attempt to hijack the Enterprise, and ask Worf to join them.
121 "The Arsenal of Freedom" 41798.2 April 11, 1988 Maurice Hurley and Robert Lewin (story)
Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (teleplay)
Les Landau
Trapped on the surface of an abandoned planet, an away team becomes unwitting participants in the demonstration of an advanced weapons system that inadvertently slaughtered the original populace.
122 "Symbiosis" Unknown April 18, 1988 Robert Lewin (story and teleplay)
Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (teleplay)
Win Phelps
.Picard tries to mediate a trade dispute between two neighboring planets, one of which is the sole supplier of a drug to treat the other's apparently fatal disease.^ You have two versions of the same production materials, only one's right and one's wrong, and you have them stored together or near each other.
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123 "Skin of Evil" 41601.3 April 25, 1988 Joseph Stefano (story and teleplay)
Hannah Louise Shearer (teleplay)
Joseph L. Scanlan
A vicious and powerful creature holds Troi hostage on an alien world. During a rescue mission, one of the Enterprise crew is killed.
124 "We'll Always Have Paris" 41697.9 May 2, 1988 Deborah Dean Davis and Hannah Louise Shearer Robert Becker
Picard meets an old flame whose husband has been affected by a dimensional experiment that is expanding dangerously outwards into space.
125 "Conspiracy" 41775.5 May 9, 1988 Robert Sabaroff (story)
Tracy Torme (teleplay)
Cliff Bole
The suspicious destruction of the U.S.S. Horatio and the odd behavior of high-ranking Starfleet officials prompts Captain Picard's return to Earth to investigate a deadly conspiracy within the Federation's highest levels.
126 "The Neutral Zone" 41986.0 May 16, 1988 Deborah McIntyre and Mona Glee (television story)
Maurice Hurley (teleplay)
James L. Conway
A derelict satellite is found containing cryonically frozen humans from the 20th century as the Enterprise is sent to investigate the mysterious destruction of outposts near Romulan space.

Season 2 (1988–1989)

# Title Stardate Original Airdate Writer(s) Director
201 "The Child" 42073.1 November 21, 1988 Jason Summers, Jon Povill, and Maurice Hurley Rob Bowman
Dr. Pulaski joins the Enterprise while La Forge prepares to transport dangerous plague specimens; Deanna mysteriously becomes pregnant and gives birth to an alien child.
202 "Where Silence Has Lease" 42193.6 November 28, 1988 Jack B. Sowards Winrich Kolbe
The Enterprise becomes trapped within a mysterious rift where the crew encounter strange spatial phenomena and odd manifestations. The crew believes an alien intelligence is deliberately manipulating them.
203 "Elementary, Dear Data" 42286.3 December 5, 1988 Brian Alan Lane Rob Bowman
After Data easily solves an ordinary Sherlock Holmes holodeck mystery, Geordi asks the computer to make a Holmes villain capable of defeating him. .The resultant Professor Moriarty soon becomes far more powerful than expected.^ For instance, my digital watch has more computing power than 'Ultra' ever did.

204 "The Outrageous Okona" 42402.7 December 12, 1988 Les Menchen, Lance Dickson, and David Landsberg (story)
Burton Armus (teleplay)
Robert Becker
The Enterprise encounters a flamboyant space rogue on the run, while Data explores humor with the help of a holodeck comedian (played by Joe Piscopo).
205 "Loud as a Whisper" 42477.2 January 9, 1989 Jacqueline Zambrano Larry Shaw
A deaf, telepathic ambassador must mediate peace talks without the aid of his three telepathic communicators who have been killed by a rogue faction member.
206 "The Schizoid Man" 42437.5 January 23, 1989 Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (story)
Tracy Torme (teleplay)
Les Landau
Dr. Ira Graves, a brilliant cybernetics expert, cheats death by uploading his memories and personality into Commander Data.
207 "Unnatural Selection" 42494.8 January 30, 1989 John Mason and Mike Gray Paul Lynch
The Enterprise receives a distress call from the U.S.S Lantree whose crew have since died of a disease causing old age. Dr. Pulaski must isolate the cause of the disease before she suffers the same fate.
208 "A Matter of Honor" 42506.5 February 6, 1989 Wanda M. Haight and Gregory W. Amos (story)
Burton Armus (story and teleplay)
Rob Bowman
Commander Riker serves aboard a Klingon vessel, taking part in a Starfleet/Klingon exchange program, but gets caught up in a dangerous misunderstanding.
209 "The Measure of a Man" 42523.7 February 13, 1989 Melinda M. Snodgrass Robert Scheerer
A Federation scientist demands permission to dismantle Data for research purposes, calling into question his rights as a sentient being and prompting Captain Picard to represent him in a court of law.
210 "The Dauphin" 42568.8 February 20, 1989 Scott Rubenstein and Leonard Mlodinow Rob Bowman
The Enterprise hosts a young world leader and her mysterious chaperone. Wesley soon falls in love with the young leader, putting him in grave danger.
211 "Contagion" 42609.1 March 20, 1989 Stever Gerber and Beth Woods Joseph L. Scanlan
A dangerous alien computer virus runs rampant through the Enterprise after causing the destruction of its sister ship.
212 "The Royale" 42625.4 March 27, 1989 Keith Mills Cliff Bole
Riker, Worf, and Data investigate a structure on an icy gas giant. Inside, they find a casino reconstructed from a bad Earth novel.
213 "Time Squared" 42679.2 April 3, 1989 Kurt Michael Bensmiller (story)
Maurice Hurley (teleplay)
Joseph L. Scanlan
Picard encounters his future self when the Enterprise becomes caught in a time loop.
214 "The Icarus Factor" 42686.4 April 24, 1989 Robert L. McCullough (story)
David Assael (story and teleplay)
Robert Iscove
Riker's estranged father visits to brief him on the command he has been offered, while Worf's friends discover he is about to miss an important Klingon rite of passage.
215 "Pen Pals" 42695.3 May 1, 1989 Hannah Louise Shearer (story)
Melinda M. Snodgrass (teleplay)
Winrich Kolbe
Data befriends a child from a doomed planet, breaking the Prime Directive and forcing the Enterprise to render assistance.
216 "Q Who?" 42761.3 May 8, 1989 Maurice Hurley Rob Bowman
Q challenges Picard's boldness by sending the Enterprise light years into unknown space, setting up their first encounter with the Federation's most deadly enemy, the dreaded Borg.
217 "Samaritan Snare" 42779.1 May 15, 1989 Robert L. McCullough Les Landau
A group of dimwitted aliens kidnap Geordi to fix their malfunctioning ship, only to take him prisoner and reveal their sinister intentions. Meanwhile, Captain Picard's life is threatened during a routine medical procedure.
218 "Up the Long Ladder" 42823.2 May 22, 1989 Melinda M. Snodgrass Winrich Kolbe
.Picard must find a way to bring two radically incompatible cultures together, lest both of them face extinction.^ IMO two things: a unified format, or at least players that display both formats on the same machine, and radically reduced pricing for both hardware and software.
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219 "Manhunt" 42859.2 June 19, 1989 Terry Devereaux Rob Bowman
Deanna's mother seeks a new husband, and she has her eyes on Picard.
220 "The Emissary" 42901.3 June 29, 1989 Thomas H. Calder (story)
Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (teleplay)
Cliff Bole
Worf's former lover comes aboard Enterprise to help deal with the crew of a Klingon Warbird waking up from decades of suspended animation and unaware that the Federation and Klingons are now allies instead of enemies.
221 "Peak Performance" 42923.4 July 10, 1989 David Kemper Robert Scheerer
The Enterprise and USS Hathaway face off in simulated combat maneuvers. Data fails to beat a humanoid at a game of Strategema, shattering his android equivalent of confidence.
222 "Shades of Gray" 42976.1 July 17, 1989 Maurice Hurley (story and teleplay)
Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (teleplay)
Rob Bowman
Riker is poisoned by an aggressive alien plant, putting him into a coma and causing him to remember his most vivid experiences aboard the Enterprise.

Season 3 (1989–1990)

# Title Stardate Original Airdate Writer(s) Director
301 "Evolution" 43125.8 September 25, 1989 Michael Piller and Michael Wagner Winrich Kolbe
Nanites escape Wesley's lab and form a collective intelligence, threatening an astrophysicist's only chance at performing a stellar experiment.
302 "The Ensigns of Command" 43133.3 October 2, 1989 Melinda M. Snodgrass Cliff Bole
Data must persuade a stubborn colony to evacuate their homeland under threat of a powerful and mysterious race.
303 "The Survivors" 43152.4 October 9, 1989 Michael Wagner Les Landau
The Enterprise investigates the last two survivors of an annihilated world, as the entire surface has been transformed to dust except their one little garden and house.
304 "Who Watches the Watchers" 43173.5 October 16, 1989 Richard Manning and Hans Beimler Robert Wiemer
Deanna and Riker must rectify the damage done when two primitives from Mintaka III catch glimpse of a Federation observation team and eventually conclude that Captain Picard is a god.
305 "The Bonding" 43198.7 October 23, 1989 Ronald D. Moore Winrich Kolbe
A mysterious entity seeks to comfort a boy who has lost his mother in an accident on its planet.
306 "Booby Trap" 43205.6 October 30, 1989 Ron Roman, Michael Piller, and Richard Danus Gabrielle Beaumont
The Enterprise falls victim to an ancient booby trap set to snare starships; while in an effort to find an escape, Geordi finds himself falling for the holodeck's representation of a famous Federation engineer.
307 "The Enemy" 43349.2 November 6, 1989 David Kemper and Michael Piller David Carson
Geordi is trapped on a harsh planet with a hostile Romulan, and the two must work together to survive.
308 "The Price" 43385.6 November 13, 1989 Hannah Louise Shearer Robert Scheerer
Troi falls in love with a charismatic negotiator who vies for rights to a wormhole. But several different groups are after the wormhole as it may be the only known stable wormhole in existence.
309 "The Vengeance Factor" 43421.9 November 20, 1989 Sam Rolfe Timothy Bond
Riker exposes an assassin in the midst of critical peace talks.
310 "The Defector" 43462.5 January 1, 1990 Ronald D. Moore Robert Scheerer
Determined to avert a war, a Romulan officer defects to warn Picard of his Empire's invasion plans.
311 "The Hunted" 43489.2 January 8, 1990 Robin Bernheim Cliff Bole
A genetically modified soldier reveals the social problems of a world hoping to join the Federation.
312 "The High Ground" 43510.7 January 29, 1990 Melinda M. Snodgrass Gabrielle Beaumont
Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists who want the Federation to get involved in their struggle.
313 "Déjà Q" 43539.1 February 5, 1990 Richard Danus Les Landau
The Q Continuum strips Q of his powers, and dumps him aboard the Enterprise.
314 "A Matter of Perspective" 43610.4 February 12, 1990 Ed Zuckerman Cliff Bole
Riker is accused of murder, and the holodeck is used to reconstruct the events from different perspectives.
315 "Yesterday's Enterprise" 43625.2 February 19, 1990 Trent Christopher Ganino, Eric A. Stillwell, Ira Steven Behr, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler, and Ronald D. Moore David Carson
The Enterprise-C arrives from the past, causing a shift in reality—and the return of the deceased Tasha Yar.
316 "The Offspring" 43657.0 March 12, 1990 René Echevarria Jonathan Frakes
Data creates a young gynoid, which he considers his daughter, "Lal". But a Starfleet admiral arrives demanding she be removed from the Enterprise.
317 "Sins of the Father" 43685.2 March 19, 1990 Drew Deighan, Ronald D. Moore, and W. Reed Moran Les Landau
Worf goes on trial to prove his father's innocence after the Klingon High Council declares that Worf's father is a traitor, and worked with the Romulans all along.
318 "Allegiance" 43714.1 March 26, 1990 Richard Manning and Hans Beimler Winrich Kolbe
Aliens kidnap Picard and replace him with a duplicate, who sends the Enterprise to a pulsar. Meanwhile, the real Picard and three other captives try to escape from their prison, but one of them turns out to be Picard's captor.
319 "Captain's Holiday" 43745.2 April 2, 1990 Ira Steven Behr Chip Chalmers
Picard is convinced to take some much needed shore leave, but gets wrapped up in a woman's treasure hunt.
320 "Tin Man" 43779.3 April 23, 1990 Dennis Putman Bailey and David Bischoff Robert Scheerer
A gifted telepath whom Deanna Troi once treated as a patient comes aboard to establish first contact with an unknown vessel near an unstable star before the Romulans do.
321 "Hollow Pursuits" 43807.4 April 30, 1990 Sally Caves Cliff Bole
Lt. Barclay's use of the holodeck as an escape interferes with his duties. Meanwhile, the Enterprise suffers from mysterious and random malfunctions.
322 "The Most Toys" 43872.2 May 7, 1990 Shari Goodhartz Tim Bond
An obsessed collector is determined to add Data to his private collection of unique items.
323 "Sarek" 43917.4 May 14, 1990 Peter S. Beagle Les Landau
The Enterprise hosts Ambassador Sarek, but his deteriorating mental health causes unforeseen problems.
324 "Ménage à Troi" 43930.7 May 28, 1990 Fred Bronson and Susan Sackett Robert Legato
The Ferengi kidnap Deanna, her mother and Riker.
325 "Transfigurations" 43957.2 June 4, 1990 René Echevarria Tom Benko
The Enterprise rescues a humanoid with amnesia and incredible healing powers.
326 "The Best of Both Worlds" (Part 1) 43989.1 June 18, 1990 Michael Piller Cliff Bole
Picard is kidnapped by the Borg, who begin their invasion of Federation space.

Season 4 (1990–1991)

Title Original Airdate Stardate Writer(s) Director #
"The Best of Both Worlds" (Part 2) September 24, 1990 44001.4 Michael Piller Cliff Bole 401
Picard is rescued from the Borg as the Enterprise races to save Earth. A great number of Starfleet ships are destroyed by the lone Borg ship, although an away team finally rescues Picard. Data interfaces with the half-Borg Picard and finds a way to shut down the Borg ship.
"Family" October 1, 1990 44012.3 Ronald D. Moore Les Landau 402
Picard visits his family in France and Worf's human parents come aboard the Enterprise.
"Brothers" October 8, 1990 44085.7 Rick Berman Rob Bowman 403
Data is summoned by his creator Noonien Soong who is still alive, and they are joined by Lore.
"Suddenly Human" October 15, 1990 44143.7 Jeri Taylor Gabrielle Beaumont 404
Picard must help a human boy raised by aliens decide his fate.
"Remember Me" October 22, 1990 44161.2 Lee Sheldon Cliff Bole 405
After an apparent failure of a warp-field experiment, people begin to disappear from the Enterprise with only Dr. Crusher remembering they ever existed.
"Legacy" October 29, 1990 44215.2 Joe Menosky Robert Scheerer 406
Tasha Yar's sister Ishara seeks to restore order on their conflict-ridden colony world.
"Reunion" November 5, 1990 44246.3 Story by Drew Dieghan and Thomas Perry & Jo Perry. Telepaly by Thomas Perry & Joe Perry, Brannon Braga & Ronald D. Moore Jonathan Frakes 407
Worf's ex-girlfriend returns, and along with Picard, the two mediate a Klingon power dispute and Worf discovers more family.
"Future Imperfect" November 12, 1990 44286.5 J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren Les Landau 408
Riker finds himself sixteen years in the future, his memory of the interim erased by a dormant virus.
"Final Mission" November 19, 1990 44307.3 Jeri Taylor Corey Allen 409
Wesley sets off on his final mission with the Enterprise accompanied by Picard, but they become stranded on a desert planet.
"The Loss" December 31, 1990 44356.9 Story by Hillary J. Bader. Teleplay by Hillary J. Bader and Alan J. Adler & Vanessa Greene Chip Chalmers 410
An unknown force captures the Enterprise and causes Deanna to lose her empathic powers.
"Data's Day" January 7, 1991 44390.1 Ronald D. Moore Robert Weimer 411
Data gets dancing lessons from Dr. Crusher in preparation of Chief O'Brien's wedding as the Enterprise brings Ambassador T'Pel to the Romulans for negotiations.
"The Wounded" January 28, 1991 44429.6 Story by Stuart Charno & Sara Charno and Cy Chermak. Teleplay by Jeri Taylor Chip Chalmers 412
A rogue Starfleet Captain jeopardizes the Cardassian peace treaty.
"Devil's Due" February 4, 1991 44474.5 Phillip LaZebnik. From the Teleplay by William Douglas Langford Tom Benko 413
A powerful mythic figure from a millennium ago returns to enslave a planet in accordance with a contract. However Picard is convinced she is an opportunistic charlatan.
"Clues" February 11, 1991 44502.7 Story by Bruce D. Arthurs. Teleplay by Joe Menosky and Bruce D. Arthurs Les Landau 414
The crew is rendered unconscious for 30 seconds except for Data after going through a localised wormhole. However, various clues suggest they were unconscious for an entire day.
"First Contact" February 18, 1991 Unknown Story by Marc Zicree and David Bischoff & Dennis Russell Bailey. Teleplay by Joe Menosky & Ronald D. Moore and Michael Piller Cliff Bole 415
Riker is hospitalized during a botched pre-first contact mission. Xenophobia results in increasing hostility toward his presence.
"Galaxy's Child" March 11, 1991 44614.6 Maurice Hurley Rick Kolbe 416
The Enterprise accidentally kills a space creature, and the crew rush to save its unborn child. Meanwhile, Geordi meets the engineer he fell in love with and finds to his shock, she's nothing like the woman he encountered on the holodeck.
"Night Terrors" March 18, 1991 44631.2 Story by Shari Goodhartz. Teleplay by Pamela Douglas & Jeri Taylor Les Landau 417
The Enterprise is trapped in a rift. The crew succumbs to REM sleep deprivation, while Deanna has a recurring nightmare.
"Identity Crisis" March 25, 1991 44664.5 Brannon Braga Rick Kolbe 418
Geordi transforms into an alien creature with strong instinct to return to its planet of origin.
"The Nth Degree" April 1, 1991 44704.2 Joe Menosky Rob Legato 419
After an encounter with an alien probe Barclay experiences great leaps in confidence and intelligence.
"Qpid" April 22, 1991 44741.9 Ira Seven Behr Cliff Bole 420
Q returns to test Picard's love for an old flame.
"The Drumhead" April 29, 1991 44769.2 Jeri Taylor Jonathan Frakes 421
A witchhunt ensues for suspected Romulan spies aboard the Enterprise.
"Half a Life" May 6, 1991 44805.3 Story by Ted Roberts and Peter Allan Fields. Teleplay by Peter Allan Fields Les Landau 422
Lwaxana Troi finally finds love, but discovers her man must undergo a ritualistic suicide.
"The Host" May 13, 1991 44821.3 Michel Horvat Marvin Rush 423
Dr. Crusher falls in love with Odan, only to discover that Odan is a symbiote, which is implanted into Riker after his original host dies. Odan continues peace negotiations using Riker as a temporary host.
"The Mind's Eye" May 27, 1991 44885.5 Rene Echevarria David Livingston 424
The Romulans brainwash Geordi to carry out a covert mission.
"In Theory" June 3, 1991 44932.3 Ronald D. Moore & Joe Menosky Patrick Stewart 425
Data participates in a romantic relationship with a fellow crew member.
"Redemption" (Part 1) June 17, 1991 44995.3 Ronald D. Moore Cliff Bole 426
Worf leaves the Enterprise to fight on behalf of Gowron in a Klingon civil war.

Season 5 (1991–1992)

Title Original Airdate Stardate Writer(s) Director Episode #
"Redemption" (Part 2) September 23, 1991 45021.3 Ronald D. Moore David Carson 501
A fleet of 23 Federation ships blockades Romulan support to the Duras family, resulting in Gowron's installation as Chancellor.
"Darmok" September 30, 1991 45047.2 Joe Menosky Les Landau 502
Picard must learn to communicate with an alien captain who speaks in metaphors before a dangerous beast kills them both.
"Ensign Ro" October 7, 1991 45076.3 Michael Piller Les Landau 503
After an attack on a Federation outpost, Picard is sent to locate a Bajoran terrorist, with the help of Ensign Ro Laren.
"Silicon Avatar" October 14, 1991 45122.3 Lawrence V. Conley (story)
Jeri Taylor (teleplay)
Clif Bole 504
The crew, with the help of a scientist whose son lived on Data's home world, attempt to communicate with the Crystalline Entity.
"Disaster" October 21, 1991 45156.1 Phil Scorza & Ron Jarvis (story)
Ronald D. Moore (teleplay)
Gabrielle Beaumont 505
The Enterprise is without power, trapping Picard in a turbolift with three children and trapping others in various locations. Command of the bridge falls to Counselor Troi, who feels ill-prepared.
"The Game" October 28, 1991 45208.2 Susan Sackett & Fred Bronson and Brannon Braga (story)
Brannon Braga (teleplay)
Corey Allen 506
Wesley visits the Enterprise, but finds the crew addicted to a mind-altering computer game.
"Unification" (Part 1) November 4, 1991 45236.4 Rick Berman & Michael Piller (story)
Jeri Taylor (teleplay)
Les Landau 507
Spock is reported to have defected to the Romulans. Picard and Data travel to Romulus on a cloaked Klingon vessel to investigate.
"Unification" (Part 2) November 11, 1991 45245.8 Rick Berman & Michael Piller (story)
Michael Piller (teleplay)
Cliff Bole 508
Spock attempts to unify the Vulcans and Romulans in peace, but falls into a Romulan trap.
"A Matter of Time" November 18, 1991 45349.1 Rick Berman Paul Lynch 509
A historian from the 26th century visits the Enterprise, while they help a planet prevent a nuclear winter.
"New Ground" January 6, 1992 45376.3 Sarah Charno & Stuart Charno (story
Grant E. Rosenberg (teleplay)
Robert Sheerer 510
Worf tries to be a father to his son, Alexander, while the Enterprise helps to test a new propulsion technology.
"Hero Worship" January 27, 1992 45397.3 Joe Menosky Patrick Stewart 511
Data saves the life of an orphaned boy, who begins to emulate him.
"Violations" February 3, 1992 45429.3 Shari Goodhartz & T. Michael and Pamela Gray (story)
Pamela Gray and Jeri Taylor (teleplay)
Robert Weimer 512
An alien traveling aboard the Enterprise telepathically molests Troi and invades the minds of Beverly Crusher and William Riker.
"The Masterpiece Society" February 10, 1992 45470.1 James Kahn and Adam Belanoff (story)
Adam Belanoff and Michael Piller
Rick Kolbe 513
The Enterprise helps a far-flung eugenic human colony avoid destruction, but upsets its delicate balance by ending 200 years of isolation.
"Conundrum" February 17, 1992 45494.2 514
The crew's memory is erased, and they discover they are being manipulated into being the key part of a war.
"Power Play" February 24, 1992 45571.2 515
Troi, O'Brien, and Data are possessed by entities who want control of the ship.
"Ethics" March 2, 1992 45587.3 516
Worf becomes paralyzed—and suicidal—and Dr. Crusher consults a risk-taking researcher to save his life.
"The Outcast" March 16, 1992 45614.6 517
Riker falls in love with an androgynous person after rescuing some others trapped in "null space."
"Cause and Effect" March 23, 1992 45652.1 518
The Enterprise becomes stuck in a causality loop, but the crew retain some memory of previous instances.
"The First Duty" March 30, 1992 45703.9 519
Wesley is questioned over a Starfleet Academy flight-training accident.
"Cost of Living" April 20, 1992 45733.6 520
Deanna's mother, Lwaxana, arrives to marry a man she has never met. Worf has difficulty rearing Alexander, which is exacerbated when Lwaxana takes the boy under her wing.
"The Perfect Mate" April 27, 1992 45761.3 521
Picard forces himself to resist the charms of a female empathic metamorph, who is sent to marry an alien leader as a peace offering.
"Imaginary Friend" May 4, 1992 45832.1 522
A child's imaginary playmate takes on real form and threatens the well-being of the Enterprise.
"I, Borg" May 11, 1992 45854.2 523
The Enterprise rescues a Borg survivor, and Picard plans to use him as a weapon against his nemesis by exposing him to a computer virus.
"The Next Phase" May 18, 1992 45092.4 524
A transporter accident traps Geordi and Ensign Ro out of phase; while the others plan their funeral they must find a way to reverse the process and save the Enterprise from destruction.
"The Inner Light" June 1, 1992 45944.1 525
A space probe creates a telepathic tether and causes Picard to experience, in twenty-five minutes, a lifetime as a married man on a world that was destroyed a millennium ago.
"Time's Arrow" (Part 1) June 15, 1992 45959.1 526
A 500 year-old artifact is uncovered on Earth: Data's severed head. The Enterprise investigates alien involvement in Earth's past and Data fulfils his destiny.

Season 6 (1992–1993)

Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Time's Arrow" (Part 2) September 21, 1992 46001.3 601
The Enterprise crew follow Data to San Francisco of the 1890s. The crew deal with Samuel Clemens (and run into Jack London), while trying to find a way to prevent aliens from interfering with 19th-century Earth.
"Realm of Fear" September 28, 1992 46041.1 602
Barclay must overcome his fear of the transporter to solve a mystery.
"Man of the People" October 5, 1992 46071.6 603
A psychic ambassador uses Deanna's mind to influence the outcome of his mission.
"Relics" October 12, 1992 46125.3 604
The Enterprise investigates a vessel that crashed on the surface of a Dyson Sphere 75 years ago. An undegraded pattern is found in the transporter buffer, that of Mr. Scott. Feeling out of place and obsolete, Scotty agrees to return to his vessel with Geordi to help restore the logs, and they become the only hope when the Enterprise is accidentally pulled inside the sphere.
"Schisms" October 19, 1992 46154.2 605
Several members of the crew are abducted and experimented on while they sleep.
"True Q" October 26, 1992 46192.3 606
Q reveals a secret about a young woman from Kansas who is visiting the Enterprise.
"Rascals" November 2, 1992 46235.7 607
A transporter malfunction turns Picard, Keiko, Ro and Guinan into children, who become the ship's only hope when they are left aboard while the adult crew are forced to perform dangerous labor by Ferengi pirates.
"A Fistful of Datas" November 9, 1992 46271.5 608
Data's mind is connected to the ship's computer, which creates unforeseen effects on the holodeck.
"The Quality of Life" November 16, 1992 46307.2 609
Data observes self-guided "tools" used at a mining station display signs of sentience, and fights for their preservation, even risking Captain Picard's life on the ground that it is unacceptable to kill one sentient being to save another.
"Chain of Command" (Part 1) December 14, 1992 46357.4 610
Captain Jellico is assigned command of the Enterprise, while Picard is sent on a covert mission into Cardassian territory.
"Chain of Command" (Part 2) December 21, 1992 46360.8 611
Picard, having been captured, is tortured by a sadistic Cardassian interrogator (played by David Warner).
"Ship in a Bottle" January 25, 1993 46424.1 612
Barclay accidentally awakens Prof. Moriarty on the holodeck, who uses the powers at his disposal to coerce the crew into finding a way to allow him to leave the holodeck.
"Aquiel" February 1, 1993 46461.3 613
Geordi falls for an alien Starfleet officer who is suspected of murder.
"Face of the Enemy" February 8, 1993 46519.1 614
Deanna is involuntarily recruited to assist in the transport of Romulan defectors across the border.
"Tapestry" February 15, 1993 Unknown 615
An accident kills Picard, and he finds an afterlife with Q analyzing his past choices.
"Birthright" (Part 1) February 22, 1993 46578.4 616
Worf is told on Deep Space Nine his father is alive, and being held prisoner by the Romulans. Meanwhile an engineering experiment accidentally results in Data's first dream.
"Birthright" (Part 2) March 1, 1993 46579.2 617
Worf, now a prisoner, tries to teach the Klingon refugees the ways of the warrior.
"Starship Mine" March 29, 1993 46682.4 618
Thieves attempt to steal trilithium from Enterprise during a Baryon sweep at the Remmler Array, and the lone Enterprise crewman onboard must thwart them.
"Lessons" April 5, 1993 46693.1 619
Picard becomes involved with a woman who is serving on the Enterprise, but he must send her into a dangerous mission.
"The Chase" April 26, 1993 46731.5 620
Picard tries to solve an ancient genetic mystery uncovered by his archaeological mentor, and faces stiff competition.
"Frame of Mind" May 3, 1993 46778.1 621
Riker finds himself prisoner in an alien mental institution, which resembles scenes from Beverly's play.
"Suspicions" May 10, 1993 46830.1 622
Dr. Crusher risks her career to solve the murder of Ferengi scientist Dr. Reyga and vindicate his research.
"Rightful Heir" May 17, 1993 46852.2 623
Worf experiences a crisis of faith, and travels to a Klingon holy site where the mythic figure Kahless returns to lead the Klingon people.
"Second Chances" May 24, 1993 46915.2 624
Riker encounters a duplicate of himself created by a transporter malfunction stranded on a planet. "Thomas" vies for Deanna's affections.
"Timescape" June 14, 1993 46944.2 625
The Enterprise is caught in temporal stasis, and on the brink of destruction by the Romulans.
"Descent" (Part 1) June 21, 1993 46982.1 626
The crew encounter a group of Borg acting individually, and Data briefly experiences emotions.

Season 7 (1993–1994)

Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Descent" (Part 2) September 20, 1993 47025.4 701
The Borg are being led by Lore. Data falls under his control by being fed negative emotions.
"Liaisons" September 27, 1993 Unknown 702
Worf and Troi reluctantly play host to two Iyraan ambassadors, while Picard crashes in a shuttle with another Iyraan. He is rescued by a human female who exhibits strange behavior.
"Interface" October 4, 1993 47215.5 703
Geordi tries to rescue his mother's starship via a remotely controlled probe.
"Gambit" (Part 1) October 11, 1993 47135.2 704
The Enterprise crew investigate the apparent murder of Captain Picard during an archaeological trip. Riker is kidnapped by mercenaries and finds Picard working as part of their crew.
"Gambit" (Part 2) October 18, 1993 47160.1 705
Picard and Riker help mercenaries collect archaeological artifacts to prevent an ancient Vulcan weapon falling into the wrong hands.
"Phantasms" October 25, 1993 47225.7 706
Data experiences strange dreams, while the Enterprise has issues with its new Warp-core. But all is not as it seems.
"Dark Page" November 1, 1993 47254.1 707
A psychic breakdown puts Lwaxana Troi in a coma, and Deanna works to save her life.
"Attached" November 8, 1993 47304.2 708
Reclusive aliens imprison Picard and Dr. Crusher on charges of espionage, and experimental implants linking their minds telepathically cause them to face their latent feelings for each other.
"Force of Nature" November 15, 1993 47310.2 709
A pair of scientists show that warp drives are harming the fabric of space.
"Inheritance" November 22, 1993 47410.2 710
Data encounters a woman claiming to be his "mother".
"Parallels" November 29, 1993 47391.2 711
Worf finds himself randomly shifting between alternate realities.
"The Pegasus" January 10, 1994 47457.1 712
Riker's former Captain boards the Enterprise to retrieve the USS Pegasus. Picard investigates the circumstances of its loss and finds that there has been a cover-up.
"Homeward" January 17, 1994 47423.9 713
Worf's human stepbrother violates the Prime Directive to save a doomed primitive race.
"Sub Rosa" January 31, 1994 47423.9 714
Dr. Crusher attends her grandmother's funeral, and takes on an unusual family tradition.
"Lower Decks" February 7, 1994 47566.7 715
Junior officers buck for promotion as one of them is assigned the dangerous task of helping a Cardassian spy.
"Thine Own Self" February 14, 1994 47611.2 716
Data loses his memory after retrieving radioactive fragments on a planet's surface and endangers the primitive natives he encounters, while Deanna studies to become a bridge officer.
"Masks" February 21, 1994 47615.2 717
The Enterprise finds an ancient library that recreates its civilization by taking possession of Data and transforming the ship.
"Eye of the Beholder" February 28, 1994 47622.1 718
Deanna investigates the suicide of a crewman and uncovers a murder that took place during construction of the Enterprise.
"Genesis" March 21, 1994 47653.2 719
A routine medical treatment inadvertently creates a virus that begins to de-evolve the Enterprise crew while Picard and Data are on an away mission.
"Journey's End" March 28, 1994 47751.2 720
Wesley considers his future, as the Enterprise is ordered to remove Native American colonists from a planet that is about to fall under Cardassian jurisdiction.
"Firstborn" April 25, 1994 47779.4 721
Worf attempts to convince his son Alexander to embrace his warrior heritage.
"Bloodlines" May 2, 1994 47829.1 722
DaiMon Bok returns to exact revenge on Picard, by trying to kill the son Picard never knew he had.
"Emergence" May 9, 1994 47869.2 723
The Enterprise becomes an emergent intelligence.
"Preemptive Strike" May 16, 1994 47941.7 724
Ensign Ro graduates from advanced tactical training, and is sent by Picard to lure Maquis terrorists into a trap.
"All Good Things..." (Parts 1 and 2) May 23, 1994 47988.1 725 & 726
Picard finds himself alternating between three time periods thanks to Q, with a spacetime distortion that threatens to destroy humanity growing larger in the past, and smaller in the future.
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