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This is a list of Super Bowl records, which includes performances of the highest and lowest caliber throughout the history of the Super Bowl. The list of records is separated by individual players and teams. Players and teams, along with their records, are noted with the Super Bowl game played.


Individual player records

  • Most points scored, single game - 18 (four players)
  • Most touchdowns, single game, 3
  • Same above as Most points scored
  • Most points scored, career, 48
  • Most games played, 6
  • Fastest score from start of game, 14 seconds
  • Longest play, 100 yard interception return


  • Most passing yards, single game, 414
  • Most passing yards, career, 1,156
  • Most TD passes, single game, 6
  • Most TD passes, career, 11
  • Most completions, single game, 32
  • Most completions, career, 100
  • Highest completion percentage, single game, 88%
  • Highest completion percentage, multiple games, 70%
  • Highest passer rating, career, 127.8
  • Longest pass, 85 yards (TD)
  • Most interceptions thrown, single game, 5
  • Most interceptions thrown, career, 8
  • Most fumbles, career, 5


  • Longest rushing carry, 75 yards (TD)
  • Most rushing yards, single game, 204
  • Most rushing yards, career, 354
  • Most rushing touchdowns, single game, 3
  • Most rushing touchdowns, career, 5
  • Most Attempts, Game, 38
  • Most Attempts, Career, 101


  • Most receiving yards, single game, 215
  • Most receiving yards, career, 589
  • Most receptions, single game, 11
  • Most receptions, career, 33
  • Most receiving TDs, single game, 3
  • Most touchdowns, career, 8
  • Longest reception, 85 yards (TD)


  • Most interceptions, single game, 3
  • Most interceptions, career, 3
  • Longest interception return, 100 yards, TD
  • Most interceptions returned for a touchdown, single game, 2
  • Most sacks, single game, 3
  • Most sacks, career, 4.5
  • Longest fumble return, 64 yards

Special teams

  • Most field goals, game, 4
  • Most field goals, career, 7
  • Longest field goal, 54 yards
  • Shortest field goal, 9 yards Note: The goal posts were moved to the back of the end zone in 1974. As such, this record cannot be broken without another change to the layout of the field. Under the current field configuration, all field goals must be at least 18 yards.
  • Shortest field goal after 1974 Rule Change, 18 yards
  • Longest kickoff return, 99 yards, TD
  • Longest punt, 63 yards
  • Longest punt return, 45 yards
  • Most (one point) extra points, game, 7
  • Most (one point) extra points, career, 13

Team records

Games, victories, defeats

  • Most Super Bowl victories, 6
  • Most Super Bowl losses, 4 (tied)
  • Most Super Bowl victories without a loss, 5
  • Most Super Bowl Appearances, 8
  • Most Numerous Matchup, 3


Single team

  • Most points scored by a winning team, game - 55
  • Most points scored by a losing team, game - 31
  • Most points, first quarter - 14 (by 6 teams)
  • Most points, second quarter - 35
  • Most points, first half - 35
  • Most points, third quarter - 21
  • Most points, fourth quarter - 21
  • Most points, second half - 30
  • Largest margin of victory - 45 points
  • Smallest margin of victory - 1 point
  • Largest halftime margin - 25 points
  • Fewest points, winning team, game - 14
  • Fewest touchdowns, winning team, game - 1
  • Fewest points, first half - 0 (11 times)
  • Fewest points, second half - 0 (by 5 teams)
  • Fewest points, game - 3
  • Most touchdowns, 26
  • Most touchdowns, game - 8
  • Most touchdowns, losing team, game - 4
  • Fewest touchdowns, game - 0

Both teams

  • Most points, game - 75
  • Most points, first quarter - 24
  • Most points, second quarter - 35
  • Most points, first half - 45
  • Most points, third quarter - 24
  • Most points, fourth quarter - 37
  • Most points, second half - 46
  • Most touchdowns, game - 10
  • Fewest points, first half - 2
  • Fewest points, second half - 7 (twice)
  • Fewest points, game - 21
  • Fewest touchdowns, game - 2

Offensive Yards

Single team

  • Most total yards from scrimage, game - 602
  • Most yards rushing, game - 280
  • Most yards passing, game - 407
  • Fewest total yards from scrimage, game - 119
  • Fewest yards rushing, game - 7
  • Fewest yards passing, game - 35

Both Teams

  • Most total yards from scrimage, game - 929
  • Most yards rushing, game - 377
  • Most yards passing, game - 649
  • Fewest total yards from scrimage, game - 396
  • Fewest yards rushing, game - 136
  • Fewest yards passing, game - 156


  • Longest scoreless from start, team, (57 minutes 53 seconds)
  • Longest combined scoreless from start, game, (26 minutes 55 seconds)
  • Time of Possession, (40 minutes 33 seconds)
  • Longest drive, (9 minutes 59 seconds)


  • Most Super Bowl wins, 4
  • Most Super Bowl losses, 4
  • Most games as head coach, 6
  • Youngest to win, 36 yrs, 341 days
  • Oldest to win, 63 yrs, 92 days
  • Most seasons between appearances, 19


  • Most Penalty Yardage, One Team in a Single Game, 133 yards
  • Most Penalties, One Team in a Single Game, 12
  • Most Yards Penalized Both Teams Single Game, 164 yards


In the history of the Super Bowl, the following firsts have yet to occur:

  • Snow - Super Bowl IX did have drizzle, and wind, temp reached 46 degrees; Super Bowl XLI had rain.
  • An all-wild card matchup (teams who failed to win their divisions) - Nine wild card teams (since the 1970 merger) have won conference titles, but never two in the same season.
  • A shutout - Every Super Bowl participant to date has scored. In four cases the offenses have been shut out while the special teams or defense scored the only points:
Super Bowl VI: The Miami Dolphins finished with 3 points, the fewest in a Super Bowl to date (and the only team to date to fail to score a touchdown).
Super Bowl VII: The Washington Redskins returned a fumble for a touchdown after blocking a field goal attempt.
Super Bowl IX: The Minnesota Vikings recovered a blocked punt in the end zone.
Super Bowl XXXV: The New York Giants scored on a 97-yard kickoff return.
  • A punt return touchdown - While many kickoffs have been returned for a touchdown, a punt has yet to be returned for one.
  • A second half kickoff for a touchdown. Super Bowl XLI was the first time a game's opening kickoff had been returned for a touchdown, and is still the only time a kickoff touchdown did not follow a score by the opposing team.
  • A 90-or-more-yard play from scrimage. Seven kickoffs and one interception have been returned 90 or more yards, but 90 yards has never been gained on one offensive play.
  • Home field advantage (playing in one's own home stadium) - The closest instances to this have been Super Bowl XIV (with the Los Angeles Rams 30 miles from Anaheim Stadium) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and Super Bowl XIX (featuring the 49ers from nearby San Francisco) being played at Stanford Stadium which is about 25 miles south of the 49ers' home stadium, Candlestick Park.
  • Two teams from the same metropolitan area: one city currently has two franchises: New York City has the Giants and the Jets. (In the past Los Angeles was home to the Raiders and the Rams, but both teams left town in 1996.) Also two pairs of teams share a common metropolitan area, although they are based in different cities: the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins; as well as the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. Every team mentioned above has won a Super Bowl, but never against its neighbor.
Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears represents the geographically closest teams, separated by only 164 miles as the crow flies.
Two games involved teams from the same state: Super Bowl XXV involved the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills, and Super Bowl XXIX involved the San Francisco 49ers and the San Diego Chargers.
  • Overtime - The narrowest margin of victory in a Super Bowl is one point, in Super Bowl XXV (1991). The closest instances to overtime, in which the result of the last play of the game could have realistically led to a tie and thus an overtime, have been:
Super Bowl V: Baltimore's Jim O'Brien kicked a game-winning field goal with :05 left.
Super Bowl XXXIV: Tennessee's Kevin Dyson was stopped one yard short of a tying touchdown.
Super Bowl XXXVI: New England's Adam Vinatieri kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired.
Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England's Adam Vinatieri kicked a game-winning field goal with :04 left.
There have also been two instances in which the trailing team scored a late, go-ahead touchdown when a field goal could have tied the score: SB XXIII, the San Francisco 49ers scored with 34 seconds left to beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 when a field goal would have tied it at 16; and SB XLII, the New England Patriots scored a late touchdown to take a 14-10 lead when a field goal would have tied the game at 10, even though the Giants would later retake the lead on a touchdown of their own. Similarly, in SB XLIII, the Pittsburgh Steelers, trailing the Arizona Cardinals 23-20 in the final minute of play, conducted a drive capped by a touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes to make the score 27-23 Pittsburgh with 0:35 left; the Steelers were in field goal range at the time.

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