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The List of The Karate Kid characters are fictional characters from the films The Karate Kid, The Karate Kid, Part II, The Karate Kid, Part III, and The Next Karate Kid.


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Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) is the main character of The Karate Kid film series, with the exception of the fourth installment, The Next Karate Kid. LaRusso's mother is Lucille LaRusso. Some time before the events of the series, Daniel's father died of an unknown cause. This event is what caused Daniel and his mother to move to Los Angeles where Daniel became tormented by the "Cobras", a group of karate students from the karate dojo Cobra Kai. After nearly being killed by the Cobra Kai's best student Johnny Lawrence, Daniel was saved by a handy man, Kesuke Miyagi. After being saved Miyagi began to teach Daniel the ways of karate. Daniel later defeated Johnny at the "All Valley Karate Tournament". Daniel seemed to have won the respect of the cobras. In the later movies of The Karate Kid Series, Daniel would eventually learn more from Mr. Miyagi about karate and face new and more highly skilled enemies.

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

Mister/Staff Sergeant Kesuke Miyagi (Pat Morita) is the main supporting character through the entire The Karate Kid film series including The Next Karate Kid which starred Hilary Swank and Pat Morita. Mr. Myagi teaches Daniel "karate" from 1984 to 1989. Mister Miyagi is a veteran of the United States Army, having served in Europe during World War II. During his service, he received the Congressional Medal of Honor. His wife and newborn child died at the Manzanar Relocation Camp on November 2, 1944 while he was fighting in Europe.[1][2][3]

John Kreese

John Kreese (Martin Kove) is the antagonist of the The Karate Kid Series. Kreese is an ex-Special Forces Vietnam Veteran. It becomes clear that in The Karate Kid Part 2, Kreese most likely developed a racism toward Asians (Judging by when he calls Miyagi a slope in the movie). After his best student, Johnny Lawrence lost to Daniel in the "All Valley Karate Tournament", Kreese violently proves himself as a sadistic sore loser (which is later stopped by Mr. Miyagi in a humorous way), and all the students depart from The Cobra Kai dojo. During the events of The Karate Kid Part 3, Kreese plots revenge against Daniel and Miyagi for the loss of his dojo. With nowhere to go, Kreese visits his Vietnam War buddy Tery Silver. After listening to Kreese's story, Silver decides to help him out by harassing Daniel and Miyagi and even hiring a mercenary Mike Barnes to defeat Daniel in the All Valley Tournament.

The Referee

The Referee (Pat E. Johnson) plays the referee of the ring in all of The Karate Kid films.[1][2][3]

The Karate Kid

Ali Mills

Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue)

The main love interest of Daniel LaRusso in the first film. During the events of the first film, she seems to take an instant liking to Daniel and the two begin to date and eventually fall in love, much to her ex-boyfriend Johnny's dismay. It is revealed later in The Karate Kid Part II that Ali left Daniel for a football player at UCLA.

Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka)

Daniel's main enemy and serves as the main antagonist in the film, Ali's ex-boyfriend, and defending All-Valley Karate Tournament Champion. He is also John Kreese's top student at the Cobra Kai dojo. At the end of the film during the final round of the tournament as he lost to Daniel, Johnny shows respect to him and says "You're alright, Larusso" and gives Daniel the trophy himself. It is later revealed that Johnny, along with all of the other Cobra Kai students, departed from John Kreese after he proved himself a sadistic sore loser.

Bobby Brown

Bobby (Ron Thomas)

A friend of Johnny's and a fellow student at the Cobra Kai Dojo. Although one of Johnny's gang, Bobby is seen as a more caring character than his friends, as he tries to stop Johnny from ruining the beach-party and from doing further damage to Daniel at the Halloween party, yet trips Daniel at the soccer try-outs, which causes Daniel to lose his spot on the team. During the tournament, Kreese orders Bobby to put Daniel "out of comission," which Bobby reluctantly does. After the severe kick to Daniel's knee, Bobby drops down and apologizes to Daniel: "Daniel! Daniel, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man, I didn't mean it. Listen to me, listen to me! I'm sorry," then Bobby is pulled off of Daniel by Mr. Miyagi.


Tommy (Rob Garrison)

Another friend of Johnny's and a Cobra Kai classmate. His mannerisms and cadence suggest he may have sociopathic tendencies. He is known for being the most vocal of the Cobra Kai students, and after being eliminated by Daniel LaRusso in the tournament is heard cheering Johnny on from the sidelines during the final match with Daniel. His most memorable line in the movie is, "Get him a bodybag. Yeah!", after Johnny re-aggravates Daniel's leg injury. He also had another memorable quote when Ali is seen walking with Daniel at school he yells out in anger towards them "Must be take a worm for a walk week!"


Dutch (Chad McQueen)

Johnny's friend and Cobra Kai classmate. Enjoys personally picking on Daniel LaRusso, even confronting him in the locker room before the start of the All Valley Karate Tournament and calling Daniel "dead meat." Daniel eliminates Dutch himself before facing Bobby in the semi-final round.


Jimmy (Tony O'Dell)

Another student at the Cobra Kai dojo and one of Johnny's best friends. Jimmy is known for being the most quiet member of the cobras. He is eliminated by Daniel in the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Freddy Fernandez

Freddy Fernandez (Israel Juarbe) He is a high school student that lives in the same apartment building that Daniel and his mother move into. He briefly becomes Daniel's friend and invites him to a beach party. However, when Daniel is defeated by Johnny on the beach for "getting in Johnny's way", he hesitates to talk to Daniel at school and does not try to stop his other friends from ridiculing him (Daniel). (Albeit, he does not join in himself.) He is next seen in the crowd at the All Valley Karate Tournament cheering. At the end of the film, he is seen cheering for Daniel and along with some of his friends, picks Daniel up and cheers. This implys that he will treat Daniel with respect and the two will become friends again. Unfortunately, the only sustainable friendship Daniel has is with the elderly Okinawan.

Mr. Mills

Mr. Mills (William Bassett) Ali's father. He is shown to be some what friendly but strict at the same time.

Lucille LaRusso

Lucille LaRusso (Randee Heller) Daniel's mother. She is portrayed as being a loving and hard working mother. She gets a job in computers in Los Angeles while at the same time, worrying for her son.


Jerry (Larry B. Scott) Another student at the Cobra Kai Dojo. Jerry was the first Cobra Kai member defeated by Daniel LaRusso in the All Valley Karate Tournament.[4]


Susan (Juli Fields) One of Ali's best friends. She seems to have a disliking for Daniel. She refers to Daniel as "fungus" during the Halloween dance. She is later seen at the All Valley Karate Tournament in the crowd cheering. At the end of the film, she is seen walking onto the ring, along with Freddy and several others cheering for Daniel.


Barbara (Dana Andersen)

Barbara is another one of Ali's friends. Like Susan, she does not care much for Daniel at the beginning, but is seen cheering for him in the end.

The Karate Kid, Part II

The Announcer

The Announcer (Bruce Malmuth) The announcer for the All Valley Karate Tournament. He appeared in all of the The Karate Kid films. He seems to have a deep respect for Daniel.

Chozen Taguchi

Chozen Taguchi (Yuji Okumoto) He becomes Daniel's enemy in The Karate Kid Part 2. He is Sato Taguchi's nephew and best student. Like Johnny Lawrence from the first film, he is portrayed as a bully to Daniel, constantly tormenting him. Unlike Johnny however, Chozen seems to have a sense of honor for the art of karate and is more highly skilled. However, Chozen goes so far that he will even be willing to kill his opponent for honor. He even forces Daniel to face him in a death match while holding Kumiko hostage at the end of the second film. Chozen proves to be a more difficult opponent, but in the end, he is defeated by Daniel who spares his life.


Toshio (Joey Miyashima) One of Chozen's cronies who helps torment Daniel. He shows his contempt of Daniel by stating, "Hey, Mr. Coward!"

Sato Taguchi

Sato Taguchi (Danny Kamekona), Sato is Japan's best martial artist. He is the enemy of Miyagi, although he was once Miyagi's best friend. During their childhood, Miyagi and Sato had a strong brotherly friendship. Their friendship was so strong that Miyagi even asked his father to teach karate to him and Sato both (even though his father had only taught from father to son). However, When the two grew older, Sato had been arranged to marry a girl named Yuki. Although Yuki was arranged to marry Sato, she had instead fallen in love with Miyagi. Their love was so strong to one another, that Miyagi had announced that he would break the tradition of arranged marriage and marry Yuki anyway. Sato however, felt disgraced and challenged Miyagi to a fight to save his honor. But Miyagi left Okinawa, Japan the next day. When Miyagi returned to Tome village with Daniel, Sato had been eager to face his old friend in a death match. However, the two became friends again when Miyagi saved his life during a typhoon.


Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) Yuki's niece. During the events of The Karate Kid Part 2, she and Daniel start to fall in love with one another. When Daniel and Miyagi arrive at Tome village, the two spend much time together. Kumiko expresses her desire to become a dancer, although there are no schools for dancing where she lives. After hearing this, Daniel tries to convince her to come to America with him. After Miyagi accepts Sato's challenge to fight to the death, she and Daniel express their true feelings to one another as the two share a kiss. She is last seen performing a ballroom dance at the old castle outside Tome village where she is taken hostage with a knife by Chozen in order to get Daniel to fight him to the death. Daniel wins and the two romantically embrace as the crowd cheers. It is revealed later in The Karate Kid Part 3 that Kumiko was offered a dancing career in Tokyo that she couldn't refuse.


Yukie (Nobu McCarthy)

Yukie is Mr. Miyagi's loving childhood girlfriend. Although she was arranged to marry Sato, she had already been in love with Mr. Miyagi, which is what caused Sato to challenge Mr. Miyagi to a death match to save his honor. Mr. Miyagi never fought him, however. The next day, he left for America. When Mr. Miyagi returned to Tome village, it was revealed that Yuki had never married Sato. During the events of The Karate Kid Part 2 it was shown that the two still had feelings for one another and they began to rekindle their romance.

Miyagi's father

Miyagi's father (Charlie Tanimoto) He was Mr. Miyagi's karate sensei who trained Miyagi to use the art in the right way. In The Karate Kid Part 2, he became ill and died, but not before seeing his son one last time.

The Karate Kid, Part III

Jessica Andrews

Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) She becomes Daniel's best friend during the events of The Karate Kid Part 3. It was shown that Daniel had a brief crush on her, but when she claimed that she had a boyfriend and was going back to her home in Columbus, Ohio soon, Daniel had come to see them as just friends and the two began forming a close friendship.

Terry Silver

Terence "Terry" Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) An acquaintance of John Kreese from his military days, Terry Silver is the president of Dynatox Industries, a company that dumps toxic chemicals in the environment, and a multi-millionaire. After Kreese tells him how his dojo lost all of its business, Silver sends Kreese to Tahiti to get himself back together while he plots revenge against Daniel and Mr. Miyagi for the Cobra Kai's downfall. To do so he recruits "Karate's Bad Boy" Mike Barnes to defeat Daniel in the upcoming All Valley Tournament. While posing as a humble and poor friend of Kreese, he becomes Daniel's karate teacher for the All Valley after Miyagi refuses to train him. Silver teaches Daniel several "cheap shot" and dirty tactics in contrast with Mr. Miyagi's emphasis on honor with the ultimate intention of setting him up for defeat. Silver delights in tormenting the young teen despite not having been personally slighted by the youth. He takes personal torture requests from Kreese and brilliantly inflicts them on the unsuspecting Daniel, such as making his knuckles bleed. Later, when Daniel confronts Silver and refuses to enter the tournament, Terry reveals his true identity and motif. Mr. Miyagi comes to rescue Daniel from the trio of Silver, Kreese, and Barnes, later agreeing to train Daniel for the tournament.

Mike Barnes

Michael "Mike" Barnes (Sean Kanan) Daniel's third and hardest enemy. He is a mercenary that was hired by Terry Silver to defeat Daniel in the All Valley Karate Tournament in exchange for 25% (later 50%) ownership of his new dojos. It is shown that he is a highly skilled karate master. He proves to be far too much for Daniel (mostly because Daniel couldn't so much as land a single damaging blow to him until the end of the film). He constantly torments Daniel and tries his best to force Daniel into signing an application for the All Valley Karate Tournament (which Daniel chooses not to enter because he has no reason to fight). Later when Mike forces Daniel to sign up for the tournament, Miyagi trains Daniel for the event. At the tournament Mike (under Silver's instructions) toys with Daniel by scoring points and then losing them with penalties. Despite his situation, Daniel defeats him in a sudden death match with the kata that Miyagi taught him.


Snake (Jonathan Avildsen) One of Silver's henchmen and one of Mike's cronies that helps torment Daniel. He is shown to be a "bad boy", but not as "bad" or skilled as Mike.


Lucille (Randee Heller) Daniel's mother. In The Karate Kid Part 3 she is shown to be taking care of Daniel's uncle, Louie.


Dennis (Christopher Paul Ford) Terry Silver's other henchman, and another one of Mike's cronies. He is shown to be a "bad boy" and karate practitioner like Snake, but is not as skilled as Mike (mostly because he was defeated by Daniel so easily). Dennis rarely speaks. He only has two lines through-out the whole movie.

The Announcer

the Announcer (Rick Hurst) he makes the announcements at the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Mrs. Milo

Mrs. Milo (Frances Bay) The negative old lady that lives in the same apartment building as Daniel.

Uncle Louie

Uncle Louie (Joseph V. Perry)Daniel's uncle. During the events of The Karate Kid part 3 he becomes ill and Lucille returns to New Jersey to care for him.


Milos (Jan Triska) Terry Silver's butler.


Margaret (Diana Webster) Terry Silver's secretary.

The Next Karate Kid

Julie Pierce

Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank)

Colonel Dugan

Colonel Dugan (Michael Ironside)

Louisa Pierce

Louisa Pierce (Constance Towers)

Eric McGowen

Eric McGowen (Chris Conrad)


Abbot (Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad)


Ned (Michael Cavalieri)


Charlie (Walton Goggins)

Tall Monk

Tall Monk (Jim Ishida)


Monk (Rodney Kageyama)

Buddhist Monk

Buddhist Monk (Seth Sakai)

Mr. Harold Wilkes

Mr. Harold Wilkes (Eugene Boles)

School Clerk

School Clerk (Kenna Keel)


Gabe (Tom O'Brien)


Morgan (Thomas Downey)


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