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The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series.[1] The series is based on a book series of the same name by L.J. Smith, and was developed for television by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. The Vampire Diaries premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009.[2]

The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who falls for the centuries-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Their lives grow more and more complicated as Stefan's vicious brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) returns to town with a vendetta against his brother. The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history. Other storylines revolve around the other inhabitants of the town, most notably Elena's younger brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Elena's friend Bonnie Bennett (Katerina Graham), who discovers that she is a witch, and their self-obsessed friend Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola).


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release dates
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4
1 22 September 10, 2009 May 13, 2010 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Episode list

  • Series # refers to the episode's number in the overall series.
  • Season # refers to the order in which the episode aired in that particular season.

Season 1: 2009–2010

Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
(in millions)
1 1 "Pilot" Marcos Siega Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (teleplay) September 10, 2009 (2009-09-10) 4.91[3]
Elena Gilbert and her brother Jeremy can't come to grips with the fact their parents have died. But nothing goes as planned for both of them when mysterious new student Stefan Salvatore attracts Elena's attention, leaving her ex-boyfriend Matt and her rival Caroline unaware of what's happening. After Matt's sister Vicki is bitten by something they believe to be an animal, it's discovered that Stefan is a vampire. Stefan (who does not feed on humans) realizes he is not the only vampire in town. Stefan's evil brother Damon enters the picture; they have not seen each another for 15 years. 
2 1 "The Night of the Comet" Marcos Siega Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec September 17, 2009 (2009-09-17) 3.78[4]
Mystic Falls begins the preparations to celebrate the passing of a comet. While Vicki recuperates in the hospital from her injuries caused by a vampire, Stefan uses his abilities to erase Vicki's attacker from her memory, but is interrupted by Matt. Mr. Tanner warns Jenna about Jeremy and tells her that she is doing a bad job of taking care of teenagers. Elena and Damon meet for the first time at the Salvatore house and his revelation about Stefan's past brings Elena closer to the truth. Elena and Stefan kiss. Damon finds his next victim in Caroline. 
3 1 "Friday Night Bites" John Dahl Barbie Kligman & Bryan M. Holdman September 24, 2009 (2009-09-24) 3.81[5]
Bonnie has a bad feeling about Stefan, so Elena decides to invite Stefan and Bonnie to dinner so that they can get to know each other better. At school, Tyler attempts to humiliate Stefan by throwing a football at him, but it backfires as Stefan effortlessly catches it and passes it back. Stefan ends up joining the football team. During dinner, Damon and Caroline unexpectedly show up, and Elena "invites" him into her house. Stefan gives Elena a necklace filled with vervain to protect her from Damon. When Stefan attempts to convince Damon that he still has some humanity left in him, Damon attacks and kills Mr. Tanner as a rebuttal. 
4 1 "Family Ties" Guy Ferland Andrew Kreisberg & Brian Young October 1, 2009 (2009-10-01) 3.53[6]
Elena and Stefan go to the town's annual Founders' Party, hosted by Tyler's parents. Vicki wants Tyler to take her to the party. Damon tells Elena about the history of the Salvatores after Stefan tries to cut Damon out of his life. Damon also retrieves an amber crystal from one of the historical artifacts in the Lockwood mansion. Meanwhile, Stefan uses Caroline as a vessel to poison Damon. When Damon sucks Caroline's blood, he falls ill. Once Caroline wakes up, she sees the amber crystal and puts it in her purse. Stefan locks up a weakened Damon at the Salvatore property. Tyler's parents, Sheriff Forbes (Caroline's mom), and Logan have come to the conclusion that vampires have returned to Mystic Falls due to the drained bodies, and must retrieve a pocketwatch that belongs to the Gilbert family. In the end, Vicki goes to Jeremy and they go to the bedroom. 
5 1 "You're Undead to Me" Kevin Bray Sean Reycraft & Gabrielle Stanton October 8, 2009 (2009-10-08) 3.52[7]
While Damon grows weaker, Jeremy's and Vicki's relationship grows stronger. At the school organized car wash Bonnie discovers more about her powers and decides to face with them. Logan's charm leads to have dinner in Gilberts' house which leads to him stealing the pocketwatch. Elena finds out from a stranger that Stefan eerily resembles a man he knew in 1953. This leads to Elena questioning who Stefan really is.Damon uses his connection with Caroline to free himself and later feeds on Vicki. 
6 1 "Lost Girls" Marcos Siega Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec October 15, 2009 (2009-10-15) 3.88[8]
Stefan explains his and Damon's past with Katherine to Elena. In 1864, they both loved a woman named Katherine, who then turned them into vampires. Meanwhile, Damon spends the day trapped inside the Salvatore house with Vicki. They feed off of each other and he changes her into a vampire. Stefan discovers this and attempts to persuade her to die instead of completing the transformation into a vampire by feeding on human blood. Logan uses the pocket watch that tracks down vampires and finds Stefan and Vicki in the woods. Logan shoots Stefan with a wooden bullet, thinking Stefan was attacking Vicki. Damon saves Stefan by attacking Logan. Vicki is overcome by the hunger and feeds on Logan, completing her transformation. Stefan tells Elena that Vicki has become a vampire, and Elena decides to keep his secrets, but not without ending their relationship. 
7 1 "Haunted" Ernest Dickerson Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (teleplay)
Andrew Kreisberg (story)
October 29, 2009 (2009-10-29) 4.18[9]
Stefan tries to help Vicki deal with her urge to feed, but is unable to control her. While giving Bonnie her witch costume at school, Caroline also gives Bonnie the amber crystal which Damon took from the Founder's Party. At a Halloween party, Vicki attacks Jeremy and Elena, and Stefan stakes her through the heart, killing her. Stefan swears Elena to secrecy so she won't tell Matt and Jeremy what really happened to Vicki. Elena is unable to console the grieving Jeremy and asks Stefan to use his powers to make sure her brother does not remember what happened. When Stefan tells her he is unsure of it working effectively, Damon volunteers to "take away his suffering." 
8 1 "162 Candles" Rick Bota Barbie Kligman & Gabrielle Stanton November 5, 2009 (2009-11-05) 4.09[10]
An old vampire friend of Stefan's arrives in Mystic Falls, the 350-year-old Lexi. She makes Elena realize the value of love, and helps her to take the first step towards renewing a relationship with Stefan. Jeremy stops doing drugs and putting off homework after Damon alters his memory of Vicki's death. Elena asks Damon if there is anything else that he did to her brother but all Damon says is that he "removed the suffering". Damon gives a box of vervain to Sheriff Forbes and she reveals to him all of the vampire hunters in town. Damon frames Lexi for the death of a local boy by altering his girlfriend's memory and changing her testimony. The police apprehend Lexi. Outside the bar, Damon stakes Lexi and kills her before she can attack the sheriff. Stefan is furious about what has been done to Lexi and tells Elena that she was right by ending things with him, then he takes off and attacks Damon, but stops short of killing him. He spares Damon's life to repay Damon for saving him from Logan. While wearing the amber crystal Bonnie has a nightmare of the old church and she wakes up in a cemetery. 
9 1 "History Repeating" Marcos Siega Bryan M. Holdman & Brian Young November 12, 2009 (2009-11-12) 4.10[11]
A new history teacher arrives, Alaric Saltzman, to replace Mr. Tanner. Jeremy notices his ring, which resembles one worn by vampires. Jeremy introduces his new teacher to Jenna, who then becomes infatuated with Alaric. Alaric asks Jenna to invite him into her home, but she refuses after realizing Jeremy is there. When Bonnie is having dreams about her ancestor Emily, the girls decide to hold a séance, enabling Emily to possess Bonnie. Meanwhile, Damon reveals the reason he really came back to Mystic Falls: to resurrect Katherine with the help of the crystal that Katherine gave to Emily (Bonnie's ancestor) on her very last day. Stefan tries to stop Damon, knowing that it'll cause a disaster in Mystic Falls due to the fact that all the vampires held in Church Fell were burned alive by the townspeople, and that they would take their revenge on the innocent generation of townspeople. On her way to the Church Fell, Damon greets Emily and reminds her about the deal they made a century and a half ago. Damon will protect Emily's line and Emily will protect Katherine. Damon goes for the crystal, and Emily uses her power to throw him up to the branch of a tree. Then Emily performs the ritual to destroy the crystal and thwarts Damon's plan. Emily releases Bonnie from possession. Furious Damon attacks Bonnie, but Stefan saves her by making her drink his blood. Bonnie is frightened of Stefan until Elena reveals everything to her. Matt continues to be there for Caroline when she needs it. Logan returns into the picture as a vampire instead of a corpse at Elena's house, and he tries to get Jenna to invite him in. 
10 1 "The Turning Point" J. Miller Tobin Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec & Barbie Kligman November 19, 2009 (2009-11-19) 3.57[12]
Jeremy decides to return to his hobby of sketching fantasy creatures that he had stopped upon the death of his parents. Logan attacks and kills several people throughout the town. Matt and Caroline continue to hang out together. He tells Tyler that he likes hanging out with Caroline. Sheriff Forbes tells Damon of a new recent attack, and he discovers Logan doesn't know who turned him. Alaric helps with a small dispute among Jeremy, Tyler and Mayor Lockwood. Logan kidnaps Caroline after a dispute with the sheriff, but Stefan and Damon save her. Logan tells Damon he knows of another way to resurrect Katherine. Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and he decides to stay in Mystic Falls. Stefan and Elena then sleep together. But when Stefan goes to get a drink for Elena, she discovers the photo of Katherine and leaves his house abruptly, leaving her vervain necklace behind with the photo. Alaric confronts Logan and tells him to leave Jenna alone. Logan tries to attack him, but gets staked and dies. Elena is involved in a car crash while trying to avoid a man in the middle of the road, but realizes that the man is more than human. The last shot is of the stranger approaching the car and Elena screaming. 
11 1 "Bloodlines" David Barrett Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (teleplay)
Sean Reycraft (story)
January 21, 2010 (2010-01-21) 3.68[13]
Damon's arrival causes the mysterious stranger to flee, and Damon frees Elena from her overturned car. Damon brings Elena with him to Georgia to see Bree, a witch and an old flame of Damon's, hoping she can help open the tomb to free Katherine. Bree calls Lee, Lexi's boyfriend (as Lexi was her friend), who wants revenge on Damon. Elena saves Damon, and he kills Bree after she tells him to find Emily's spellbook. Stefan opens up to Bonnie's grandma in an attempt to help Bonnie come to terms with her new power. Jeremy meets Anna, who knows the true past of Mystic Falls. When Elena and Damon return, Stefan reveals that he saved Elena from the crash that killed her parents. Stefan also tells Elena that her parents adopted her, but knows nothing more about her parentage. He claims his love to Elena and she forgives him. Alaric sits at the Mystic Grill bar and recognizes Damon as the vampire who killed his wife. 
12 1 "Unpleasantville" Liz Friedlander Barbie Kligman & Brian Young January 28, 2010 (2010-01-28) 3.71[14]
As Stefan and Damon try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town, Stefan gives Elena more vervain-filled jewelry to protect her family and friends. Hurting for money, Matt takes a job at the Mystic Grill, where former high school football-star Ben works as a bartender. Ben comes to Bonnie’s aid when he notices Damon is bothering her. Damon and Stefan accompany Elena to a school dance with a 1950's theme, where Alaric introduces himself to Damon. The vampire that has been stalking Elena knew Katherine and he is killed by the Salvatore brothers.Before dying he reveals that the way to get into the tomb lies in Gilbert's journal. While Jenna and Alaric are walking home from the party, Alaric tells Jenna that his wife was named Isabel, the same name as Elena's birth mother. Meanwhile Anna keeps on trying to get close to Jeremy, because she wants to get her hands on his ancestor's journal. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that both Anna and Ben are vampires and appear to be romantically involved with each other. 
13 1 "Children of the Damned" Marcos Siega Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec February 4, 2010 (2010-02-04) 3.99[15]
The episode begins with Katherine and Damon in 1864. Katherine stops a carriage and attacks and feeds on the people in it. Katherine and Damon kiss .The scene fades to Damon interrupting Elena and Stefan in bed. Damon reminds them he can be trusted then leaves. The scene fades to Damon and Katherine in 1864. In flashbacks, Stefan and Damon recall the long-ago actions taken by townspeople, including their father, Guiseppe Salvatore, leading to the devastating events that caused the rift in their relationship. In the present, Bonnie’s date with Ben takes a frightening turn when she discovers Ben is a vampire. Elena helps Stefan as he and Damon race to find the missing journal that belonged to Elena’s ancestor. Stefan learns the reason behind Alaric’s interest in both the journal and the town’s history and that the way into the tomb is in the Grimoire. Although Anna stole the journal before Stefan could take it from Alaric, Stefan got a photocopy of the journal that Alaric had made. Stefan and Elena go to Guiseppe Salvatore's grave to find Emily's spell book. Jeremy's friend Anna is revealed to be the daughter of Pearl, one of the vampires trapped in the tomb beneath Church Fell. Damon takes the journal from her and goes to his father's grave. Damon finds Elena and Stefan there after they dig the Grimoire up from his father's grave. Damon takes the book. Stefan brings Elena home and goes down stairs to get her some aspirin. He then learns that Jeremy has Anna over. Stefan recognizes the name and he runs upstairs to find Elena gone. 
14 1 "Fool Me Once" Marcos Siega Brett Conrad February 11, 2010 (2010-02-11) 3.51[16]
Elena wakes to find that she and Bonnie have been kidnapped by Anna and Ben. Stefan has been trying to find her and asks Damon for help, but he refuses. With help from Grams, Stefan eventually saves Elena and Bonnie. Stefan later ends up killing Ben for not obeying his order to leave town. Jeremy asks Anna to a party in the woods, unaware that she has her own reasons for wanting to meet him there. With the help of Bonnie and Grams, the tomb is opened and Damon realizes that Katherine is not inside. Anna enters the tomb to find her mother Pearl and helps her escape by having her feed on Elena's blood. Stefan tells Damon that the seal of the tomb has only been temporarily broken and they must leave now in order to not be sealed in forever. Out of the tomb, Elena sees how upset Damon is and hugs him. Damon visits Anna's hotel room, where he learns that a smitten church guard had let Katherine go, and she was never inside the tomb. Anna admits to having seen Katherine in Chicago in 1983, but Katherine no longer cared about Damon. At home, Bonnie comes to check on Grams but realizes she isn't breathing. Bonnie screams for Elena, who calls an ambulance. The episode ends with one of the vampires escaping from the tomb. 
15 1 "A Few Good Men" Joshua Butler Brian Young[18] March 25, 2010 (2010-03-25) TBA

This episode has not yet aired.

Matt and Caroline are surprised by the sudden reappearance of Matt’s mother Kelly. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon’s new attitude. Damon is asked by Sheriff Forbes to take part in a fund-raising bachelor auction. Alaric discovers shocking secrets from his own past. With help from Jenna and Stefan, Elena is determined to find out everything she can about her birth mother, but the truth may be more than she can handle.[17] 
16 1 "There Goes the Neighborhood" Kevin Bray Bryan Oh & Andrew Chambliss April 1, 2010 (2010-04-01) TBA

This episode has not yet aired.

Anna brings a surprising guest along when she pays a visit to Damon. Elena and Stefan go on an awkward double date with Caroline and Matt, but Stefan and Matt find they have some common ground. Jenna reunites with her old friend Kelly, and Jeremy’s relationship with Anna takes an unexpected direction.[19] 
17 1 "Let the Right One In" Dennis Smith Julie Plec & Brian Young April 8, 2010 (2010-04-08) TBA

This episode has not yet aired.

When Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy, Stefan suddenly finds himself in a perilous situation. Damon and Elena try to convince Alaric to work with them to help Stefan. Matt is hopeful that his mom, Kelly, may be back to stay. After her car breaks down in a storm, Caroline make a horrific discovery that shocks everyone in town.[20] 

Season 2

On February 16, 2010, the CW announced that it was going to renew The Vampire Diaries for a second season.[21]


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