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The U.S. chemical weapons program began during World War I. The United States renounced chemical weapons in 1997 and destruction of stockpiled weapons is still ongoing.


Agencies and organizations


Army agencies and schools

The U.S. chemical weapons programs have generally been run by the U.S. Army:

The regimental insignia of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps


Modern chemical depots

Active bases

Closed bases

Older chemical weapons program locations

Treaties, laws and policy


M139 cluster bomblets in an Honest John warhead

Canceled weapons


  • LCI(M), infantry landing craft armed with 4.2 in mortar
  • M1135 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle, a variation of the Stryker vehicle
  • M93 Fox
  • SD-2 drone

Declared stockpile and other weapons

An M55 rocket being destroyed in 1990

Stockpiled chemical agents

Ball-and-stick model of the (S) enantiomer of VX

Agents stockpiled time of Chemical Weapons Convention:

Older chemical agents

Other equipment

Exercises, incidents, and accidents

Operations and exercises

  • Operation Blue Skies
  • Operation CHASE, an operation that dumped conventional and chemical munitions at sea
  • Operation Davy Jones Locker, a post-WWII operation aimed at dumping German chemical weapons at seas
  • Operation Geranium, a 1948 operation that dumped lewisite into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Operation Paperclip, a program beginning in 1945 to bring German scientists to the U.S.
  • Operation Ranch Hand, defoliant operations during the Vietnam War
  • Operation Red Hat, an early 1970 program to repatriate weapons from Okinawa
  • Operation Rock Ready, 1980’s testing and rebuilding of the M17 series protective mask
  • Operation Snoopy, Vietnam War people sniffer operations.
  • Operation Steel Box, an operation which moved chemical weapons out of Germany in 1990.


Chemical testing

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