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A state mammal is the official or representative animal of a U.S. state. States also have separate state birds, and sometimes state fish or state butterflies. States similarly have state flowers, state trees and state songs.

Years in parentheses denote the year of adoption by the state's legislature
State Land mammal Marine mammal Wildlife mammal/animal Domestic mammal
Alabama Racking horse (state horse) (1975)[2]
Moose (1998)[3]
Sperm whale (state animal)
Manatee (marine mammal) (1975)[5]
"Porpoise or dolphin" (salt water mammal) (1975)[6]
Georgia Right whale
Hawaii Humpback whale
Idaho Appaloosa horse
White-tailed deer (state animal) (1982)[7]
American bison (state animal) (1955)[8]
Gray squirrel (state wild animal game species) (1968)[9]
Thoroughbred horse (state horse) (1996)[9]
Louisiana Black bear Catahoula Leopard Dog (state dog)
Maine Moose Maine Coon cat (state cat)
Thoroughbred horse (state horse) (2003)[10]
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (state dog) (1964)[11]
Calico cat (state cat) (2001) [12]
Morgan horse (state horse) (1970)[13]
Tabby cat (state cat) (1988)[13]
Boston Terrier (state dog) (1979)[13]
Michigan White-tailed deer (1997)
Mississippi White-tailed deer Bottle-nosed dolphin
Minnesota Eastern Timber Wolf
Missouri Missouri mule Missouri Fox Trotting horse (state horse)
Nebraska White-tailed deer
Nevada Desert bighorn sheep
New Hampshire White-tailed deer Chinook (state dog)
New Jersey Horse
New Mexico Black bear
New York Beaver
North Carolina Eastern Gray Squirrel Plott Hound (state dog)
North Dakota Nokota horse
Ohio White-tailed deer
Oklahoma Bison
White-tailed deer (game animal)
Oregon American Beaver (state animal)
Pennsylvania White-tailed deer Great Dane (state dog)
Puerto Rico West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus)
South Carolina White-tailed deer (1972) [14] Boykin Spaniel (state dog) (1985)[14]
South Dakota Coyote
Tennessee Common Raccoon (state wild animal) Tennessee walking horse (state horse)
Texas Armadillo (small) Blue Lacy (state dog)
Texas Longhorn (large)
Mexican free-tailed bat (flying)
Utah Rocky Mountain elk
Cervus canadensis nelsoni (1971)[15]
Vermont Morgan horse
Virginia Virginia Big-Eared Bat (state bat) American Foxhound
Washington Olympic Marmot [16]
West Virginia Black bear Virginia Opossum
Wisconsin Badger White-tailed deer
Dairy cow (state domesticated animal)
American Water Spaniel (state dog)

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