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This is a list of monsters in the Ultraman 80 Series.



After the time of Ultraman Leo, it appeared as if monsters would finally no longer threaten humanity. However, in the year 1980, the monster Crescent arose as the first sign of a new age of monsters, representing the evil caused by mankind for centuries. When Crescent first appeared, the only witness was a rookie school teacher by the name of Yamato Takeshi, who no one believed at first. However, as the day went on, Cresecent attacked the school he was teaching at. A new monster team by the name of UGM quickly responded to Crescent's presence and launched their weaponry at Crescent, but to no avail. It was at that time Yamato finally took action and secretly morphed into the latest Ultra, Ultraman 80. Crescent noticed 80 and tried his best to dominate him, but the irony of it was that he would be the first monster destroyed by 80's Sakcium Beam. The monster fell down as he died in silence.


Gikogilar was the second of the negative monsters to appear, seeminly out of no where. Doing so in the middle of the night, he began laying waste to the surrounding city. Yamoto was called and UGM flew out to battle the new monster. They soon unleashed their firepower on the monster but did nothing other than anger it. Despite the seeming useless against the beast, they kept firing till finally, Gikogilar spread its wings and flew off into the night. Back at his teaching job, Yamoto found one of his students was greatly depressed, so much so he was missing school, in order to cut off a possible source of negative energy, possibly the very one that spawned Gikogilar, Yamoto began to try and cheer the boy up, but nothing seemed to work. Yamoto finally snapped and yelled at the boy, which he regretted. But as he chased the boy, Gikogilar landed in the nearby area! UGM attempted to battle the monster with jets but it was no good and during the attack, Yamoto was pinned under rubble and unable to transform as Gikogilar laid waste to the surround area. Meanwhile, the battle between the negative monster and UGM continued, the monster still unharmed as its winds blew Yamoto far enough away to finally take on his true form of Ultraman 80! He instantly attacked the monster with a kick to the chest and the fight was on! However, the monster managed to gain the upperhand and 80's color timer began to blink. However, a hip toss from 80 quickly turned the tide of the battle and 80 began beating down the flying monster. Finally, the Sakcium Beam was unleashed on the monster, killing the monster instantly.


Created by a heartbroken teenage boy, Hoe was created by the negative emotions he was feeling. Hoe began to ravage the city around him as he acted wildly. UGM arrived to the scene, but their fighters were no match for Hoe's heat stream. After the young boy passed out Yamoto turned into Ultraman 80. Hoe began to mercilessly beat down 80, but the hero never gave up as he tried his best to beat down the negativity kaiju. The Sakcium Beam was used, but Hoe had a natural resistance to beams. 80 tried the Buckle Beam, this time reducing Hoe to nothing.


A creature from space, Zandrias came to Earth in a meteorite. He crash landed in a remote area of Japan, but his signal was still picked up by UGM's sensors. However, before anything could be done against the kaiju, it burrowed underground and began moving beneath the surface. UGM quickly mobilized to face the first kaiju to arrive on Earth since Ultraman Leo's time and taking off to locate the beast. The monster finally emerged from below ground and began to attack the city with powerful winds from its wings before landing and beginning to tear the town apart on his own. UGM arrived to assault the terrible behemoth but failed to do any harm to it. Yamoto discovered a father and son whose tension may have, in fact, provided the negative energy for Zandrias' creation. Suddenly, a shocking turn of events occurred, there wasn't one, but two Zandrias! The first one the mourh, the other a child. However, there seemed to be tension between them as while teaching her son to fly, the elder Zandrias got aggressive with her son and accidentally knocked the younger kaiju through a building. Yamoto finally turned into Ultraman 80 to do battle with the monsters, gaining the upper hand until the two began double teaming them. Now working together, the mother and son monsters began to overpower 80 by throwing him about. However, once successfully knocking the hero to the ground, the tensions between the two monsters disappeared and the monster family took off together into space.

Alien Bam


A very powerful robot built by the Bam aliens, Mechagiras was unleashed on Japan after Takeshi was captured and unable to summon Ultraman 80. Firing its arsenal on the city, not even U.G.M’s assault team could damage the robot. All of a sudden, however, it left its attack and teleported back to the area its masters called home. Once Takeshi had escaped and destroyed the machine that prevented him from calling forth 80, Mechagiras was again let loose!

The giant and the machine clashed, but its energy shield preventing the Earth’s hero from touching him. With robotic hissed, Mechagiras fired dozens of missiles into 80’s body, flooring him in an instant! The hero managed to find a way around the shield, however, and flew into the air and circled the robot, firing bolts of energy into it from all sides!

As Mechagiras was damaged, Ultraman 80 lifted the illusion that prevented people from seeing their base and finished off the machine with his Saxium Ray, blowing Mechagiras ’ limbs clean off its body!


Unleashed by an alien ship to dominate the world, Abdolarus threatened the lives of all around him. When managing to get to a distance where nobody could see him, Takeshi summoned Ultraman 80 into action again. The alien beast didn’t go down without a fight, however, and landed several hits and even shrugged off the mighty Saxium Ray! With his primary attack failing, 80 kicked the creature several times before unleashing his Buckle Beam, the attack that finally killed the alien.


A bat-like monster that fell on Tokyo and attracted to noise, the creature went on a rampage until all was silenced. It remained in this state until U.G.M tried attacking it and failed. However, the monster became friendlier when a batch of kids began playing music for it. Dancing around, it stayed happy until the guitar’s strings broke. Wishing to hear more of the magical sound, Noislar went on another attack, forcing Ultraman 80 to come into play.

After he and the hero traded beam weapons, the creature put up his arms, indicating he wanted a hand-to-hand battle. Keeping true to his kind’s style, Ultraman 80 played it fair and the two went at it again, trading blows until 80’s timer began to flash. Impressed with the giant and with all the violence out of its system, Noislar flew into the air next to the guardian. Where Ultraman 80 took him remains unknown.


An ancient monster that raided Japan centuries ago, it fed on humans until an Ultraman-like Warrior of Light appeared and defeated it. Tabra was locked inside a mountain for the rest of time, or was supposed to be anyway. The monster awoke and killed some mountain climbers. Their disappearance prompted U.G.M into action whom were then told about the legend of Tabra. While looking for the missing people, they came across the fully awake Tabra inside the mountain!

Its movements caused the ground around the mountain to give way and several people were sucked inside the darkness. Also trapped inside, they had to contend with its long tongue until the creature decided to break out of the mountain and go on a rampage.

The force’s weapons proved little value against the titan and it continued on unopposed until Takeshi and the rest were saved from the cave in. Ultraman 80 was called into action against the beast, but Tabra lashed out with his energy beams. The hero’s timer quickly began to flash. Blocking more of its attacks, 80 fired his Saxium Ray into the monster’s chest, killing it.


A rampaging monster that rose from the ground, Gabishale began to attack oil refineries. After two attacks and after U.G.M failed to stop the beast, Gabishale made its first assault on a highly populated city. Conventional weapons still proved useless against it, but as soon as Takeshi got the chance, Ultraman 80 was summoned into battle again. The giant of light had to contend with its long tentacle, but managed to blow it off with one of his beam attacks before finally killing Takeshi with a hit of his Saxium Ray!



After Jakki was accidentally eaten by an elephant, the animal transformed into a huge monster. It quickly began to attack, forcing U.G.M to back away as it defended itself with pressurized blasts of water. However, Ultraman 80 shrunk down to a size smaller than that of a human and flew into his trunk. After using his Eye Spot to rid the anger of Jakki and flying the normally friendly creature out of Zuruzlar, the hero returned to his normal, giant size and used the same technique to turn the monster back into an elephant.

Medan (Small)

Medan (Big)

Alien Bibros


Brought to Earth by Millie, a Bibros alien, Gorah was unleashed on the Earth to do battle with Ultraman 80. The giant hero was quickly summoned, but the alien brute was a true fighter. Able to match the giant’s energy straight beam with his own energy ray, the two continued to slam into one another. When 80 leaped behind the alien, Gorah fired several energy blasts from the back of his head, downing the guardian long enough for the beast to turn around and continue to fight. As 80’s timer began to blink, he fired his Buckle Beam and Saxium Ray in a row, and even then Gorah refused to die quickly. He fell to the ground, moaning as pain ripped through his body. Taking one final look at Millie, the creature finally perished.


Alien Gorgon

Alien invaders from a far off world, they unleashed Saramandora on Japan before calling it back to begin their true plans of domination. Pretending to be humans, they tricked humanity into believing U.G.M were murderers when they made the captain shoot one of them while in human disguise. With their plan working, several of them then moved closer to the U.G.M base, protesting with humans and riling them up against the defense forces that protect them.

Takeshi, however, managed to expose them for who they are by modifying his laser gun to reveal their true identities. Their cover blown, the invaders resorted to unleashing Saramandora yet again. Their monster would soon be defeated and they would be sent into full retreat by Ultraman 80.


Myu (Small)

Myu (Medium)

Myu (Large)

Alien Ruria



One of Gimira’s monster slaves, Raburas was the more sympathetic monster being controlled by Gimira. He was first spotted by UGM where they saw him “kidnap” a woman in his right hand before fleeing the scene, jumping into the water and swimming away. Later on, the woman that Raburas took with him returned completely unharmed but without saying a word to UGM. It appeared that the woman and Raburas had some sort of connection that UGM didn’t know about. The next day, Takeshi finally approached the woman about what the information she knew about Raburas. However, he was cut off shortly by both UGM and the monster’s appearance. Using his ultra powers, Takeshi noticed a human life force inside of Raburas’s body therefore he realized that this monster wasn’t exactly dangerous. Suddenly before anyone else could react, another monster appeared on the scene! It was Gimira’s other monster slave, Daron! As Daron did battle against 80, Raburas tried to wander away to protect the woman and not get involved. However, Gimira used his powers to brainwash Raburas into fighting along side Daron and the two monsters soon enough overpowered Ultraman 80. Daron then wrapped up 80 and weakened him enough for Raburas to come in for the kill, but 80 luckily roll out of the way causing Raburas to accidentally stab Daron in the eyes. This provoked the angry Daron into attacking Raburas until Ultraman 80 managed to kill Daron with his Ultra Ray Lance. 80 then approached the hurting Raburas to help him, but the monster wandered away in pain and 80 too had to leave as his color timer was blinking. Later on, Raburas emerged from a cave that was glowing red on the inside acting just as mindless as Gimira’s other slaves! It was finally revealed that Raburas was actually a man that transformed into the monster he is now during an accident that took place 20 years ago involving Gimira and that the woman that was connected to the monster was actually his wife. Finally after Gimira revealed himself and fought both UGM and Ultraman 80, Raburas returned too to do battle against the sinister controlling monster. However, he was still weak after his fight against Daron and so Gimira beat the weaker monster down and suddenly, Gimira stabbed Raburas in the stomach with his horn and charged him up with his horn destroying the monster’s innards! Raburas collapsed to the ground and suddenly reverted back into a human! The man’s wife, fearing the worst suddenly gave her life force to him instead and so the man was revived while his wife turned into a spirit that inhabited Monster Island forever in peace.


One of Gimira’s monster slaves, Appearing shortly after Raburas’s identity was slightly discovered, Daron rose up from the waters to attack UGM. UGM tried to fight back with their guns, but it was futile as Daron knocked out to members and can in to kill Takeshi with one of his tentacles. Luckily, Takeshi quickly transformed into Ultraman 80 and did battle against the octopus-like monster. During the fight however, Raburas was being controlled by Gimira to assist Daron in killing 80 much to the monster’s pain. Soon enough it was two-on-one as Daron and the reluctant Raburas teamed up to fight 80 who was soon overwhelmed by the combined forces of the monsters. Suddenly, Daron ensnarled 80 with his vines and was weakened him with his electricity allowing Raburas to finish him off. Luckily Ultraman 80 rolled out of the way and Raburas wound up stabbing Daron in the eyes, causing the Octopus-like monster to get angry and attack Raburas instead. However, Daron met his end after Ultraman 80 hurled the Ultra Ray Lance at him, stabbing the monster in the head and causing him to fall backwards and dissolve into nothing.


Coming to earth in a meteorite nearly twenty years ago. Gimira made his living by attacking and controlling several living creatures that inhabited Monster Island all while hiding inside a massive cave. Using his mind control powers, Gimira was able to control the monsters, Raburas and Daron to do his bidding. In the current age of Ultraman 80’s time, several tourists were seen acting were strangely without showing any true sign of emotion. UGM also noticed that they all had unusually red bite marks on the back of their necks which made them suspicious. Later that night, UGM wore gas masks noticing that the fog that blanketed the island was poisonous. While investigating, UGM then noticed that all the tourists were gathering to a mysterious cave as if they were hypnotized. However before UGM could do anything else, the zombified tourists turned and attacked them ferociously. Luckily the woman that was connected to Raburas (one of Gimira‘s monster servants) was able to rescue them before fleeing without saying a word to UGM’s confusion. Later on when Takeshi and UGM tried to learn about what that woman had with the monster Raburas, Gimira called upon Daron to eliminate UGM as well as brainwashing Raburas in fight against Ultraman 80. However, Ultraman 80 defeated Daron and Raburas wandered away in pain. As punishment for his near betrayal, Gimira pulled Raburas into his cave and tried brainwashing him fully until Raburas was a mindless as most of the tourists that were visiting the island. Shortly afterwards, Gimira called upon all of the brainwashed tourists and called them to his cave in hope of feeding on their blood yet again. However, UGM tried to fight back by hurling a bomb into the cave where it detonated as Gimira was feeding. This enraged Gimira so much that he severed all of his control on the tourists and burst out of the mountainside to attack UGM himself. At first, the SDF tried to fight off against Gimira but to no avail as Gimira then exhaled his explosive mist destroying everything in his sights. Takeshi tried to fight back in his own by firing at Gimira only to have Gimira fire his ray at him. Luckily Takeshi quickly transformed into Ultraman 80 and did battle against the colossal. Gimira however, was too big and soon overpowered 80 in strength, then he whipped out his long tongue and started electrocuting 80, weakening him with it. Suddenly, Raburas returned from before and quickly saved Ultraman 80 by stabbing Gimira in the neck. This enraged Gimira even further as he released the weakened Ultraman 80 and viciously beat down Raburas until he killed Raburas by charging his innards until Raburas collapsed to the ground. After watching horrified, Ultraman 80 gather enough willpower to beat down Gimira with ease. Finally, Ultraman 80 hit Gimira with the Moonsault Kick and shortly after, Gimira exploded into several pieces.


Okorin Ball




Gomora II

Amehza (Slime Form)

When a space ship was on its way back to earth, the slime-like beast known as Amehza sneaked aboard, quickly killing one of the crew before attacking the other two, although one of them managed to send a warning alarm, getting UGM's attention, who quickly launched into space to investigate when no communication could be made with the craft. They soon found it, floating lifeless in the void. They soon made the grisly discovery of the dead crew by looking through the outer window, Amehza's slime still covering them. After his team mates wanted to go on board, Yamoto refused to allow it and entered himself after knocking them out. He quickly began to pilot the ship, heading away from his friends, but keeping watch for what was onboard. It crawled in his helmet and tried to kill him but he managed to pull it off and blast it with his pistol, but that had no effect, prompting him to blast it with a fire extinguisher, freezing and killing the blob. However, there were far from one Amehza on board, and the hero was far from safe and his teammates despaired, as there seemed to be no way to rescue him, due to his space suit helmet having a hole burned in it.. Knowing how dangerous the Amehza were, he piloted the ship away from the Earth but the Amehza began learning and threatened to enter the cockpit. The entity began to make its way in, but he used the fire extinguisher to force it back but it was persistent, desperate to reach its prey. But matters only got worse as the blobs broke into the control room as the rocket was on a crash course with another planet! As the ship crashed, Yamoto only had one option left, transform into Ultraman 80! However, as soon as he did so, the Amehza formed together to form a giant monster.

Amehza (Giant Form)

The new giant form Amehza instantly attacked 80 and used its boneless body to dodge his attacks repeatably and when he tried to grab it, he was forced back by its toxic smoke then struck by its eye beams as his color timer began blinking and the monster began to choke him with its long arms. He managed to break free and attempted the Straight Flash, but it failed to even make the blob-like monster flinch! Finally, 80 decided to fire the Sakcium Beam, vaporizing the strange monster and ending its reign of terror once and for all.

Alien Fantas





Alien Argo

Adult Baru

The Baru were a species of monsters that traveled through space in large groups, in a migration. But one night, as they flew, a meteor shower flew through their pack, separating a lone egg from the group and sending it falling the Earth. After discovering the presence of a baby Baru on Earth could attract Zakira, UGM went into space, discovering a flock of Baru, then witnessing Zakira hunting them. They saw the monster kill at least one of the kaiju with great ease.

Infant Baru

A young Baru, his egg was normally safely with his parents but a meteor shower passed through their flock, separating him from his family, the meteors crashing to earth. The UGM arrived to examine the meteors, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, until they found one gigantic meteor, which was actually the small creature’s egg that soon hatched. It approached but they realized he was not a threat and surprisingly, copied the movements of Yamato. Consulting a specialist, they discovered the Baru were peaceful flocks of space monsters that normally lived in the void of space. Now knowing what happened, that left one to wonder what was to be done with the infant, who had imprinted on Yamato, believing him to be his mother. The monster was kept in a large pin, safe and was visited by Yamoto and his fellow UGM members, the decision being made to keep him safe until he could be returned to space. But meteor showers, upon examination, revealed that the Barus’ natural predator, Zakira may be attracted to Earth by the infant Baru. After seeing Zakira in action, Yamato and UGM were determined to protect the infant from the space predator. Yamato approached the young kaiju, which still copied his actions. He lured the infant Baru, trying to get it to learn to fly, knowing that’d be its only way of escaping Zakira if it came but he was too scared. To make matters worse, Zakira was making his way to Earth seeking an easy meal. Zakira soon landed and tried to make a meal of the infant but 80 arrived. Recognizing his ‘parent’ even behind his transformation, Baru watched in horror as the powerful predator began beating 80 down. Baru found courage and broke out of his enclosure, assaulting Zakira with every ounce of strength he could manage but the predator was far too strong and Zakira bit into his flesh trying to kill him. Seeing the young beast in trouble stirred 80 who rose once more to try to save the infant, fighting him fiercely. After 80 succeeded in killing the brutal Zakira, he tried to raise the young Baru but unfortunate it was too late. He discovered that the infant had been mortally wounded by Zakira and died, but nether Ultraman 80 or the UGM would forget the young monster’s sacrifice.


A space predator, Zakira preyed on the Baru. When UGM came into space, they witnessed Zakira in action, attacking a flock of the space monsters. The merciless beast bit down on one of them, killing it. As the creature sensed easy prey on Earth, UGM headed into space to cut him off and try to stop his advance but the monster’s thick armor proved resistant to every weapon they shot at it, barely tickling him. The space monster turned fire with his eye bolts, disabling the ship easily and knocking out everyone by Yamato, who tried to stop it with the ship but it seemed pointless, so he became Ultraman 80 to stop Zakira from killing the young kaiju. The monster landed and threatened the young kaiju but 80 tackled Zakira to the ground and took it off guard but its immense strength began to overwhelm him and had him on the verge of defeat. But as he prepared to finish him, the infant Baru broke free and attacked but was no match for Zakira and beaten down by the behemoth‘s great strength then Zakira bit into his neck, looking for blood. Thankfully, seeing the young monster in trouble awakened 80 who fought the space creature again with renewed strength, pummeling it with a barrage of kicks and punches. After dodging the predator’s eye bolts, 80 fired his Arrow Shot but it still wasn't enough to kill the monster, causing 80 to fire the Sakcium Ray into the exact same spot, finally striking Zakira down. Alas, despite Zakira’s demise, he’d succeeded in what he’d come to do and the infant soon died of his wounds.


Alien Zatan

Zatan Silver


Barrak Ship


Gazera is a spirit-like negative monster. He first appeared to frighten a group of people at night in the form of a green fireball. Soon, it appeared outside a hospital in a transparent state, frightening those inside. However, when UGM arrived to investigate, the beast had vanished. The next day, a boy was seen crying with a toy he built similar in appearance to the creature by Yamoto as his parents talked to the hospital's doctor. He explained his toy, also revealing an interest in Ultraman 80. In truth, he was about to have surgery, and his fear was the negative energy that brought Gazera to life. This fact soon became known to Yamoto and he went to find the boy to discover if this was true. While he was on his way to the hospital to find speak to the boy, the boy shined a light out the window, causing Gazera to appear before him, though no one but him noticed. Yamoto soon appeared to speak to the boy, appealing to his liking of Ultraman 80 to befriend him. However, the fireball form of Gazera soon entered the body of the doll that the boy had created. When the boy came to retrieve it, the toy began to move and the boy tried to fight it with a stick, only for it to grow to the size of an adult human. The boy called for Yamoto and had him come with him to where he saw the doll. Soon, Yamoto saw the strange beast and shot it, causing it to fall into the ocean. However, the water flashed and moments later, a kaiju sized Gazera erupted from the waves! UGM soon arrived and opened fire on the titanic beast but their weapons did nothing on the negative kaiju. He soon unleashed his energy bolts on them, blowing their fighters from the sky. Yamoto tried to shoot it but was knocked into the ocean by its flames. Moments later, Ultraman 80 emerged from the ocean. However, the monster proved extremely strong, not even his Sakcium Beam could so much as damage it and his color timer soon began to blink, it appeared 80 would finally suffer defeat! However, the boy remembered that the chest plate of his toy kept falling off and yelled this to 80, nodded and delivered a powerful kick, breaking the part off the giant, weakening it severely. After this, 80 lifted the negative beast overhead and threw it into a cliff, causing the body to malfunction and fall lifelessly to the ground. Its body defeated, Gazera abandoned it and tried to flee, only to be hit by 80's Straight Flash, killing it instantly.

Baby Angoras

Adult Angoras

Fire Draco


Alien Baltan V



Space Plant

Sumo Boy




Alien Garagara

Emperor Galtan

Alien Baltan VI

Alien Marjin

Three middle school boys one day found a strange vase-like jar and tried to open it. When they did a mysterious man in a magician's guise came out to reveal himself as Marjin Seijin. He performed magic tricks around the city, causing mischief in his way. He wanted to give his rescuers any wish they desired. The boys wanted to revive a monster, but didn't know who except for one in mind. Red King was born once again and started to cause havoc. Ultraman 80 showed up and while Red King landed a few hits he was of no match for 80 and was blown to pieces by the Sakcium Beam. Marjin Seijin had his fun and returned into the mysterious jar from whence he came.

Red King III


Glovusk was one of the many Minus Energy monsters to plague the world in Ultraman 80’s era, birthed from the sadness and anger of a young man who was frustrated playing baseball. The minus energy that would become him made its presence known with an aurora that disrupted electronics throughout the area. However, the aura soon vanished as mysteriously as it’d appeared. The boy had a major failure at baseball and yelled at his glove to vent his frustrations. Sensing his anger and frustration, the negative energy descended from the sky and merged with the glove, forming the bizarre monster Glovusk that approached him with evil laughter. The demonic glove chased him around, laughing at him. It stopped to let him touch it, then shocked him. The boy tried to attack it with a stick, only for that to be destroyed by its shock. Thankfully, Yamato and one of his allies arrived on the scene and scanned the creature, discovering it was full of minus energy. The creature watched them before fleeing, landing on a tree limb to mock them. Yamato tried shooting it, but it had no effect. The bizarre creature flew off and vanished into thin air, through fooling with them. UGM quickly took action in order to prevent the tiny monster from causing more trouble. Glovusk reverted back to his glove form to hide, being found by the boy’s father, but wafter being put on by him, the demonic glove transformed, attacking him while still attached to his hand, pulling him around until Yamato and Ryoko arrived, Ryoko firing a beam from her hand to force the creature off. The monster ran from the two Ultras in human form, finally turning to confront them. Ryoko tried her beam again, but instead of being effected, Ryoko absorbed it and grew to giant size.

After a second hit from Ryoko’s finger ray, Glovusk grew into a towering kaiju and began destroying the city. The military tried to stop his attack on the city, but the strange monster merely blew them away with his energy beams. After sun set, the negative monster vanished once again. The UGM quickly resumed their search for Glovusk, Yamato managing to find his location, he hadn’t vanished, he was invisible. Yamato soon transformed into Ultraman 80 and made the creature visible, attacking it with a flurry of attacks, but nothing so much as fazed the creature. Glovusk flipped over and used his five limbs to fight, then crawled across the ground, fooling with the hero. 80 had enough and used his Ultra Soccer Ball to knock him down, only for him to keep up his attack until Ryoko distracted him with her energy ray. 80 chased Glovusk through the air, finally forcing him down and pick him up. 80 then spun Glovusk around and hurled him, as the strange monster rose again, 80 grabbed one of his arms and throw him overhead to the ground. Ultraman 80 then used a variant of the Sakcium Beam to destroy the negative energy within the beast, reverting him back into a harmless glove once again, which was returned to the boy.



All of the negative energy created by mankind had formed many monsters, but all of them were defeated easily by Ultraman 80. The negative energy attempted one last assault in the forms of Plazma and Minazma, who appeareded from underground in a mountain region. After UGM could do nothing 80 went into action. The two monsters were using their beams to hold 80 at bay until they decided to go back to back with one another and fuse. While in this fusion 80 used both the sakcium ray, the buckle beam, and even the straight flash with absolutely no effect. 80 was nearly defeated until Yullian revealed herself and assisted 80. The two giants of light used the Power Circle Combo, destroying the negative energy's last real chance of defeating 80.


All of the negative energy created by mankind had formed many monsters, but all of them were defeated easily by Ultraman 80. The negative energy attempted one last assault in the forms of Plazma and Minazma, who appeareded from underground in a mountain region. After UGM could do nothing 80 went into action. The two monsters were using their beams to hold 80 at bay until they decided to go back to back with one another and fuse. While in this fusion 80 used both the sakcium ray, the buckle beam, and even the straight flash with absolutely no effect. 80 was nearly defeated until Yullian revealed herself and assisted 80. The two giants of light used the Power Circle Combo, destroying the negative energy's last real chance of defeating 80.


The last of the negative energy spawned by mankind tried to assault humanity one last time by forming the monster Margodon. Once Margodon came to Tokyo, the mammoth-like monster used his icy mist to cover a large portion of the city in ice. As UGM was about to head out the crew told Takeshi and Ryoko that they knew their secret identities of Ultraman 80 and Yullian. With this in mind, UGM wished to destroy Margodon themselves without the assistance of Ultras. Takeshi and Ryoko respected their decision and allowed UGM to attack Margodon using a special freezing weapon. Once Margodon was shattered with a giant wrecking ball on one of UGM's fighters, Takeshi and Ryoko enjoyed their last day on Earth before turning back into 80 and Yullian and going home to Nebula M78, giving the Earth twenty five years of peace until Ultraman Mebius's time.



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