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This is a list of monsters in the Ultraman Dyna series.



The piece of Gransphere that broke off soon absorbed the minerals around him to become the tripod rock monster Darambia. Darambia made his way to Super GUTS's base and was blasting away at everything. Super GUTS sent their members to destroy the spider-like kaiju to no avail. Darambia would soon get assistance from more Granspheres that were attacking Super GUTS's base. As the member Shin Asuka tried a futile one man assault on Darambia a ball of light came out of nowhere and Darambia blew into several large pieces. Once the ball of light turned into Ultraman Dyna he destroyed the Granspheres, but Darambia reformed into Neo Darambia to start the hero's first true battle.

Neo Darambia

After Darambia became Neo Darambia Ultraman Dyna began his assault on the rock dinosaur kaiju. While Neo Darambia tried with his tentacle arm and horn beam it wasn't enough to stop the hero. Dyna used two Flash Cyclers to weaken Neo Darambia before finishing him off with the Solgent Beam, making him explode beyond reformation.


Once a Gransphere came to Earth it fused with a lava pit and turned into Gralen. Gralen made his way towards the Earth base of Super GUTS while most of the team was distracted by other Granspheres. After Ultraman Dyna destroyed a portion of their squad he came to Earth to fight Gralen as he was conquering the base's security forces. While Gralen's flames held off Dyna it didn't take long for the hero to go into Miracle Mode. The hero was easily faster than Gralen and after he held the lava kaiju in the air he used the monster's own flames to blow him to pieces using the Revolium Wave. After Gralen's destruction the Granspheres left the solar system.


A green meteorite crashed to Earth. Super GUTS sent Shin to investigate to find out that three parasites called Cyclometra came out. Shin simply blasted them away, unknowingly one Cyclometra was still alive. That night Cyclometra found the body of the monster Glossena and revived it to get revenge for its fallen commrades. However, after Ultraman Dyna used the Solgent Beam to make Glossena worthless Cyclometra jumped out of the body to attack, but the Dyna Screwball made it explode upon impact.


Cyclometra took the body of Glossena in the middle of the night and came to the surface the next day to attack Super GUTS as they passed by. As Glossena was attacking Super GUTS analyzed him and found Cyclometra in his body. Super GUTS's assaults proved little to the monster and because of that Shin tried to turn into Ultraman Dyna using the Red Flasher, but it didn't work. After downing a Super GUTS fighter Glossena created smoke and burrowed away. Glossena was found later as he was burrowing towards Super GUTS's base. Glossena was soon lured to the surface outside the base using supersonic equipment. As the alien controlled kaiju came towards the surface Super GUTS ambushed him with their fighters until he was caught by special energy whips that restrained him so a laser could fire into him. However, Cyclometra sealed the wound with special goo from his mouth. Glossena soon broke free and began to terrorize Super GUTS. Shin turned into Dyna right before he was going to crash. Dyna and Glossena squared off and while the corpse monster did have Dyna on the ropes when he used his constriction tail Dyna used the Solgent Beam to make his body worthless.


A revolutionary city named the Geo Front would explore new possibilities for humanity by building the city underground. Little did anyone know that the construction awoke the ancient monster Daigerun. After going through two cities and caused small tremors in them Daigerun went straight for the Geo Front with his mind bent on destroying it. After tearing through the landscape with his dorsal fin Daigerun came to the surface and started his rampage. It didn't take long for Super GUTS to show up, but their assault on Daigerun proved nothing beyond annoyance to him. As Daigerun continued to rampage through the city Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna. Dyna seemed to have the upper hand against the drooling ancient kaiju at first, but after Daigerun used his tail the tables turned. Once Daigerun grabbed Dyna by the right foot and flung him around the hero went into strong mode. After charging up his left leg Dyna slammed it down on Daigerun, making him let go. Dyna easily over powered the drooling ancient kaiju and soon blew him to pieces with the Garnate Bomb.


An alien that somehow came to Earth Sildron made his way around the Japanese country side as Super GUTS was playing baseball. After gorging himself with a pipe of gasoline Sildron destroyed the facility it came from and left for more nutrients. Sildron was later spotted that day and Super GUTS was sent to take care of the gasoline drinking kaiju. Super GUTS fired lasers at Sildron only for his arm shields to deflect them. A dual assault was performed, but because of Sildron's arm shields all it did was down Asuka's fighter. After failing to stomp the Super GUTS member Sildron found a gasoline facility and went straight for it. Before the alien monster could go far Asuka used the Red Spark and turned into Ultraman Dyna. During the battle, however, neither Dyna nor Super GUTS could lay a hand on Sildron due to his warning sense. Once his color timer went off Dyna got inspiration from a baseball player Asuka was talking to earlier that day. Dyna used the Dyna Screwball, but Sildron blocked it. Dyna used the attack again, this time aiming for Sildron's belly, and the gasoline drinking kaiju was blown to pieces.

Forgas Mushroom

The massive Forgas Mushroom was a bioweapon brought to Earth by Alien Forgas and could be considered a reproduction center for the Forgasian race, taking members of the local population and transforming them into more Alien Forgas while also taking over the surrounding area’s computers to further the invasion. The alien fungus first made itself known by hacking into a computer in a building, then sprouting from the ground itself, destroying buildings as it grew, until finally, it had grown to a complete form. Naturally, Super GUTS was soon alerted to the treat and dispatched to investigate. When Asuka arrived on seen, he was amazed by the sheer size of the mushroom as it towered high above the city. While it was clear it was a giant mushroom, Super GUTS couldn’t figure out where it came from or what its purpose was. Asuka landed and began investigating, only to discover something strange, not only was the entire area overgrown, there was a curious lack of people. At that moment, the Forgas Mushroom hacked Super GUTS’ mainframe, not only causing them to lose contact with Asuka but be locked out of the TPC’s system. As Asuka looked, Alien Forgas ordered a vine to attack and choke him. The rest of Super GUTS arrived to investigate the disturbance, flying under the mushroom and firing on it. But all this did was cause the mushroom to swing one of its tentacles up and attack them, forcing them to retreat. The mushroom hacked the TPC’s computer, launching a number of missiles at their space station, but luckily, the crew managed to fire and destroy them before impact but one survived, continuing on the path. Super GUTS arrived back at the mushroom but had to quickly turn to help their friends. Moments before the missile could be destroyed, the Forgas Mushroom hacked the fighters computer and stopped them, as well as rerouting the missile to hit Super GUTS’ base. Luckily, the missile was destroyed before it could enter the atmosphere. During his fight with Forgas, Dyna realized the Mushroom was his problem and used his control of the elements to send a massive blast of heat into the mushroom. As its main body was vaporized, the core within it escaped, trying to flee into space but Dyna followed, turning back into normal mode before striking it with the Sogent Ray and blowing it to bits, ending the Forgasian invasion once and for all.

Alien Forgas

Alien Forgas was the first true alien to launch an invasion of Earth during Dyna’s time as its guardian. He began his assault by planted his massive Forgas Mushroom in the middle of the city. As Asuka investigated, Alien Forgas appeared but melted and reappeared behind him as he turned around, then summoned a tentacle from his bioweapon to choke him. Forgasian dragged Asuka inside one of the buildings and explained who he was and what his mushroom was going to do, that it was slowly growing underground and soon, Asuka would be one of him. He also revealed that somehow, he knew Asuka was Ultraman Dyna. Asuka attacked the alien but he liquefied and escaped. Asuka confronted the alien once more. Realizing how persistent the hero would be, Alien Forgas transformed into Forgas to deal with him personally.


After transforming into his monster form, Forgas waited for Asuka to become Dyna so he could destroy him himself. Dyna quickly kicked the mushroom-like monster with a swift kick then assaulted him, dodging his whips but the monster was durable. Soon, Dyna fired his Sogent Ray into him and seemingly destroyed him but the pieces regenerated into an entire army of Forgas, one wrapping his whip around the hero’s throat but he broke free, changing to Miracle Mode. Using his power, Dyna saw into the mushroom, locating its core and soon obliterated the massive fungus, killing all the Forgas in the process.

Alien Dice

After his home world and daughter fell to the hands of a Perfect Gyabish, Alien Dice tracked two of its offspring to Earth and killed one of them. Dais soon found the other Baby Gyabish that was adpoted by a small girl, but before he could do anything he was knocked cold by Super GUTS and taken to their base. As Dais found the small alien in a glass box the small girl tried to protect it and the rest of Super GUTS soon arrived in the room. The Baby Gyabish teleported with the small girl and was soon causing havoc as Perfect Gyabish. Once Dais explained why he's hunting them and soon rescued the small girl from inside Perfect Gyabish's head. Dais was shortly destroyed by Perfect Gyabish's mouth needles, but his heroic efforts weren't in vein.


Coming to Earth two Baby Gyabishes were hunted down by Dais Seijin after his home world and daughter were destroyed by a Perfect Gyabish. After one was destroyed another was found by a little girl at a beach. Dais soon found the small alien and its keeper, but Super GUTS took them both back to their base. Just as Dais was about to kill Baby Gyabish the small girl tried to protect it, but the fuzzy kaiju teleported both of them away into an ally where it grew into Imperfect Gyabish.

After Baby Gyabish transformed into Imperfect Gyabish Super GUTS tracked them into an ally. Before a shot could be fired Imperfect Gyabish used its absorb beam to absorb the small girl and quickly became Perfect Gyabish.

As Perfect Gyabish was ravaging the city upon transformation Super GUTS arrived on the scene. Dais Seijin quickly saved the small girl within the fuzzy kaiju's head, but died from Perfect Gyabish's mouth needles. With great anger Asuka turned into Ultraman Dyna. At first Dyna was easily beating down Perfect Gyabish, but after uses of its tail lightning and absorb beam the fuzzy kaiju soon gained the upper hand. Dyna didn't give up and soon used his Ultra-Slash to cut off Perfect Gyabish's tail and soon reduced him to mere flames using the Solgent Beam.


One day as Super GUTS was flying around the country side they began to notice that people were asleep all over a small town. Upon wakening them the townspeople became angered, but shortly subsided after Super GUTS was met by a local fisherman that lead them to an old man that claimed to know what was going on. The old man claimed an ancient creature named Baors was in the area and pointed him out to Super GUTS, who saw in amazement. With a single roar Baors put Super GUTS and a few townspeople except the old man to sleep. Back at their base Super GUTS discussed how to deal with the sleeper kaiju. Once a device was set up and Super GUTS was requested to bring a special photographer to record Baors the team set a plan into action. After some flag waving Baors woke up and a large ballon was attached to a jeep making Baors follow it. The device launched a large hook that clanged onto Baors's right ankle and he fell asleep again. Upon trying to mask him the peaceful monster started to eat the mask out of reflex and spit it out. After bellowing Baors put the entire country side to sleep again and Super GUTS tried to rethink their plan during a party that night. The next morning Baors awoke and found the red ballon that got away yesterday, but Asuka quickly shot it down. A large tranquilizer dart was used of the peaceful monster, but he simply shrugged it off and got excited. Asuka quickly turned into Ultraman Dyna before Baors could do any real harm. Due to Baors's great weight Dyna was forced to turn from Flash mode to Strong mode, but the sleep wave was too much for the hero to handle. After being woken up by his enemy Dyna did his best to remain awake and dodge his enemy's attacks. Quickly turning back into Flash mode Dyna used the Dyna Balloon, distracting Baors long enough for Dyna to take him to somewhere he would live in peace and not make anyone sleep again. After Asuka came back Baors did one last bellow, giving the townspeople and Super GUTS sleep from him one last time.


Alien Zenekindarl

One day a young boy stumbles across three Alien Zenekindarl agents using some sort of pole spawning lightning. When it was causing weather disturbances two fighters were sent into action, but they were shot down by the alien bioweapon Dexador before they could do anything. After some research that pointed out that Dexador had his own ancient hieroglyph, they received a call from the same boy that found the activities of the Alien Zenekindarl. Meanwhile, one of the members of Super GUTS tried to find out what Dexador's hieroglyph ment and went to an archeologist and his family to dissifere. After not getting much info he followed a suspicion in his gut and snuck back into their house, finding the family locked in a room when they were being telepathically given pain by the three Alien Zenekindarl with the Super GUTS member falling into their grip. When he was trapped with the others one of them told him that the Alien Zenekindarl were looking for a strange artifact used to summon monsters such as Dexador, but needed to be fueled with their energy before they arrived. When Super GUTS was contacted about the situation the three Alien Zenekindarl managed to fully awaken Dexador. Once Super GUTS destroyed three clay cocoons of other alien bioweapons the three Alien Zenekindarl had their energy reversed into them, but still had enough in them to summon Dexador for one last attack. However, during the attack against Ultraman Dyna their power was draining quickly and thanks to Super GUTS the orb used to control Dexador was destroyed, also incapacitating the Alien Zenekindarl. The three Alien Zenekindarl disintegrated once Dexador was finished with the Solgent Beam.


An ancient alien bioweapon, Dexador was created by the Alien Zenekindarl, millennia ago and was to awaken in the future. Upon being awakened Dexador was sent to destroy two fighters of Super GUTS before retreating to fully rest. After his three brethren were destroyed by Super GUTS Dexador was used by the Alien Zenekindarl to fly away from Super GUTS, but he could not leave very far once Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna. Try as Dexador might he was not as maneuverable as Dyna, but managed to claim the upper hand on him once the Alien Zenekindarl gave him their telepathy. Upon the destruction of the orb the summons Dexador Dyna turned into Miracle Mode to continue his assault on the ancient bioweapon. Dexador tried to flee the scene, but Dyna turned back into Flash Mode and finished him with a single use of the Solgent Beam.


Super GUTS noticed a strange phenomenon occurring on Neptune's moon of Merani and was sent there to investigate. When they arrived the moon seemed to look exactly like a coniferous forest on Earth and even had breathable oxygen as Shin recklessly demonstrated. Everything seemed to be okay until communications were jammed and a small creature made itself known within the forest. Things only became stranger when a pair of flowers simply disappeared. Upon further investigating the area it appeared as though the entire inhabitable environment was supported by some sort of machine underground. After Shin had helped a small furry creature called Hanejiro he soon discovered a capsule within the underground structure that contained a monster named Monsarger and that the energy within it was powering the colonized environment. Hanejiro showed up and used his eye projections to show the Super GUTS members that Monsarger was originally a planet ravager that had to be contained. However, the movement of the planet's surface caused the destruction of the strange environment and released Monsarger from his slumber. Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna to combat the threat, but Monsarger proved to be too strong to defeat through normal tactics. When Dyna was nearly out of energy Hanejiro showed him Monsarger's weak spot was his brain. After going into Strong Mode, Dyna executed a very powerful flying kick from the planet's orbit that killed Monsarger in one hit to his brain.


A tiny furry creature from Netpune's mono of Merani, Hanejiro was a watch dog of sorts to prevent Monsarger from escaping. However, because of the moon's unstable structure the cloaking device seemed to malfunctioned and was spotted by Super GUTS. When the area was investigated Hanejiro was found by Super GUTS and was aggressive at first until Shin tried to clean up a wound on his mouth. Hanejiro since then helped Super GUTS explained what Monsarger was doing encapsulated, gave Shin the Red Spark when it sperated from him in Monsarger's reawakening, and even helped Ultraman Dyna defeat Monsarger. As the moon was being destroyed Dyna saved Hanejiro as he left the planet and was came with Shin back to Earth where the small alien would become Super GUTS's new mascot until the Fabiras Seijin, Hanejiro's masters, came for him.

Alien Himara

Alien Mijir


Alien Nuaza

Super GUTS began to test a new drill vehicle called the GUTSDAY on the moon and everything was running smoothly until GUTSDAY fell into a cavern filled with ancient statues. Not long into exploring the place, the crew stumbled across a large chamber with a large flame and skeletons around it. Upon opening a coffen some sort of strange gas consumed and possessed them. However, three of them happened to be fallen spirits that were defeated by Alien Nuaza, the possessor, long ago. However, they were easily defeated during infiltration of Super GUTS's base as Kouhei was possessed by Alien Nuaza himself. With Super GUTS knowing what was going on, Alien Nuaza shut down the power grid to Super GUTS's base and had it fire a laser directly to the moon so his body could be revived and he would no longer need Kouhei. With Alien Nuaza back to his original form, his first task was to take down Super GUTS as they attacked him. As his fighter was about to crash, Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna. As the battle went on Dyna seemed to be losing the upper hand against Alien Nuaza until his original body was stabbed into the heart, leaving him open to attack. Once Dyna went into Strong Mode, he charged up his left fist with enough energy to destroy Alien Nuaza in one hit.

Alien Krea

One clear night a crashed UFO was found on radar. Upon examining the wreckage, Super GUTS found an unconscious alien by the name of Alien Krea.After he recovered he was interigated by Super GUTS to see why his saucer crashed to Earth with him revealing he was attacking a monster named Gyanzar. With Gyanzar appearing in a nearby city, Super GUTS had Alien Krea sent to a medical room for safe keeping. After Gyanzar seemingly disappeared, every member of Super GUTS except for Mai began to see Alien Krea in a negative light. Because of this negative influence TPC was ordering that Alien Krea was to be exterminated. That night Mai, under Alien Krea's control using a control stone, started to try and hack into the system. However, this was cut short after Ryo caught Alien Krea red handed and forcing him to escape. Although his control stone was destroyed, Alien Krea managed to escape into his saucer and fly off the base. Once Alien Krea summoned Gyanzar to attack Super GUTS's base he went into a one on one duel with Ryo. After a short dogfight, Ryo managed to destroy Alien Krea in his saucer, leaving Gyanzar to fend for himself.


After Alien Krea came to Earth, Gyanzar appeared in a city causing a rampage. However, when Super GUTS tried to capture him in an electric field, Gyanzar seemingly disappeared. Gyanzar returned that night as he was summoned by Alien Krea to destroy Super GUTS's base. After his right hand blew off, Gyanzar spawned a tentacle in its place and took down Shin's fighter, forcing him to turn into Ultraman Dyna. Dyna and Gyanzar battled with the hero having the upper hand and after Alien Krea's saucer was destroyed, the hero used a single shot of the Solgent Beam to destroy his bioweapon. After the battle Dyna used the Water Stream on the forest fire caused by Gyanzar.

Sildron II

When Super GUTS landed on an sland in the south Pacific they were soon greeted by Sildron II. Shortly after Sildron II made his appearance Silvergon II arrived on the scene to do battle. Sildron II tried as hard as he could, but Silvergon II proved too strong for him as he was quickly killed with a few hits from his whip tail. Super GUTS later found out that both creatures were nothing more than clones of the originals that would be used to fight Neosaurus.

Silvergon II


A creature born from the DNA combination of Sildron, Silvergon, and Hanejiro, Neosaurus was the dream of a mad scientist that wished to create the most powerful life form ever constructed by man or nature. Neosaurus was first placed into action to fight Silvergon II and easily out did the monster with his sheer strength. However, before finishing Silvergon II with the helix beam, Neosaurus accidentally destroyed his creator's complex, making him lose control over his prized creation and was stepped on shortly after. Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna right when the helix beam hit his fighter to do battle with the abomination. However, Dyna quickly realized that Neosaurus was no push over as very few attacks were capable of so much as phasing him. However, once Dyna went into Strong Mode he could fight Neosaurus on his own grounds. When Neosaurus fired the helix beam at Dyna, the hero out maneuvered it and placed himself behind the kaiju's tail, severing it. With Neosaurus in pain, Dyna used the Garnate Bomber. With the attack blowing a hole right through him, Neosaurus fell down and exploded.

Alien Silback




A creature from another dimension, Kokakuchu first made her appearance over Mongolia where she started destroying different bases of Super GUTS and was heading for their base in Japan. Shin tried to intercept Kokakuchu, but the dimensional kaiju out maneuvered him and managed to escape. Kokakuchu appeared later that day over Tokyo, but Super GUTS fired a new dimensional laser called the OUTFA to teleport her back to his own dimension. However, Kokakuchu managed to escape and came back wanting revenge on Super GUTS. Within a single shot, Super GUTS disabled Kokakuchu's flight mode.

Unable to fly, Kokakuchu began to electrify the city around her. Super GUTS fired OUTFA on her to send her back to her dimension, but she safely absorbed it into her torso. With Super GUTS unable to handle Kokakuchu, Shin had no choice but to turn into Ultraman Dyna. After Dyna's Solgent Beam was absorbed and he was hit with Kokakuchu's lightning, he turned into Miracle Mode and manipulated her electricity to restore himself. With a single shot of the Revolium Wave, Dyna sent Kokakuchu back to her dimension for good.

Alien Laseta


One sunny day the city of Tokyo was basting in a heat wave that remained at 36.5 degrees Celsius, making conditions nearly unbearable even at Super GUTS's base. After some quick scanning, it seemed as though the heat was coming from an ancient creature mutated by magma named Sadom from deep underground with a 2000 degree Celsius body temperature. Super GUTS soon found Sadom sleeping in their water system level below the surface of the base. When Sadom awoke he attacked Ryo and Shin as they tried to turn on the water pumps and was soon driven out after having his face was blasted by water from bursted pipes. After Sadom reached topside, Super GUTS launched an aerial assault on the molten four-legged kaiju. However, before a shot was fired, Sadom quickly went to sleep. The next day Super GUTS prepared for Sadom's awakening by creating a defense perimeter to prevent him from destroying and nearby cities. Even though ice bombs on his horn and fin with water from towered turrets seemed to work at first, Sadom managed to survive the onslaught and increase his body temperature dramatically to the ponit of creating a large mirage of himself. With Sadom's rampage growing out of control Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna. However, because of Sadom's immense body temperature and bulk, Dyna had great difficulty fighting him. However, just as Dyna was about to finish him with the Solgent Beam, Sadom fell slowly to asleep. Dyna went into Miracle Mode and placed Sadom in a volcano in a cold mountain region, making him happy and preventing anymore destruction.


An ancient speed demon from medieval Japan, Mozui was entrapped in a strange mirror for hundreds of years until it was dug up in a construction site. While the artifact was being examined the reflective surface hit the moon, causing Mozui to be released from his imprisonment and attack the scientist that accidentally released him. Super GUTS attempted to find Mozui with every mean they could only to find him right in the lab. Although Super GUTS wasn't able to find him, Ryo managed to find a CD with an encryption the scientist left that was on the mirror that kept Mozui imprisoned. That night Mozui literally came out of the building as he was grown to kaiju size. Super GUTS was quick to respond to him, but Mozui's rock bombs proved to be too much for them to handle, forcing Shin to turn into Ultraman Dyna. Although Dyna had difficulty fighting Mozui, it did not take long for his dependence of the moon to become obvious. As Mozui tried to return to his world using the lab, Dyna did a quick assault on the speed demon before destroying him with the Solgent Beam.


Everything seemed to be going normal at the undersea base of Super GUTS's ocean division until a mysterious red energy bolt destroyed a third of the complex. Super GUTS sent the Japanese division to investigate the situation to make sure it was not the cause of a monster. It did not take long for Super GUTS to find Dipras, the monster responsible, as he was heading for them. The GUTSMAVI and Dipras fought each other with neither side gaining the upper hand, forcing Super GUTS to shut off the submarine's lights so the cobra-like sea serpentcould not locate them. However, this did not work as Dipras easily found them as GUTSMAVI tried to make a run for the surface. When Dipras had the GUTSMAVI trapped in a trench, the submarine fired a few laser torpedoes to cause a rock slide onto him, burrying him alive. As Super GUTS was executing a rescue mission in t ocean division's base and the shield was reactivated, the ruby on Dipras's anntena sensed it and seemingly awoke him and allowed him to break through the rocks. Shin used the GUTSMAVI to distract Dipras as Super GUTS continued rescuing the injured crew and quickly turned into Ultraman Dyna just as the conbra-like sea serpent used an energy bolt on the GUTSMAVI. However, after a use of the Dyna Ball on him, Dipras became stronger and knocked out Dyna by constriction even when he went into Strong Mode. Dipras went after Super GUTS only for them to blast his anntena off. Just as Dipras was about to execute a counter attack, Dyna used the Solgent Beam to destroy the cobra-like sea serpent.


Another space monster that found his way to Earth, Maricula arrived and landed in lake in his ball form. Unfortunately for the kaiju, a Super GUTS member happened to be at the lake, wanting to fish, and saw him land. He alerted his teamamtes to the landing, but they decided to monitor things until the situation changed. Underwater, Maricula split apart into a vast number of parasites. Later, the monster reformed back and erupted from the lake. Super GUTS arrived to attack but the creature merely ate their lasers, then used her tentacles and acid to fight back, downing one of their ships. Asuka tried to fire on them, only for it to eat their lasers and spit fireballs at them. As their car was destroyed, Asuka and his friend escaped but where blasted away by the explosion. Asuka chose to become Dyna and attacked Maricula. After kicking it and cause it to go into a ball, Dyna started kicking Maricula around like a soccer ball, finally jumping into the air a spiking the space monster down. But as he launched another kick, the monster bit down on his foot and then blasted him with his fire balls before tieing him up with his tentacles and shocking him. Dyna’s timer started blinking but a weakness in Maricula was discovered, his energy core. Super GUTS shot it, stunning Maricula in pain. Dyna took the opportunity to break free and switch to Strong Mode, kicking it high into the air, causing Maricula to change back to ball form. On its way down, Dyna head butted it, driving it hard into the ground, then kicked it around. Maricula uncurled and tried his tendrils but Dyna caught them and spun the creature around him with his strength before throwing it. Maricula tried his fireballs, only for them to be absorbed as Dyna charged the Garnate Bomber. The powerful blast of energy struck Maricula, who with his energy core was destroyed could no longer consume it and was blown to bits in a huge explosion, ending the bizarre beast’s assault.

After the alien monster Maricula arrived, he split into a multitude of tiny Maricula Parasites. The minuscule fiends began feeding on fish in the lake, growing larger but quite a few were captured by TPC forces while a legion of larger ones emerged from beneath the lake to hunt. One of the captive ones opened up before the Super GUTS’ member’s eyes but before he could alert anyone to it, it ether escaped the tank or returned to its ball form and wasn’t believed. Asuka soon arrived with several other Super GUTS members to help investigate. As they did so, the Maricula from the lake entered the tent where their captive brethren were located while scans of the ‘balls’ revealed there was far more to them inside. As they were examined, one of the creatures frightened a man by opening up them attached to his throat, draining him of blood. The creatures soon attacked the lab, killing all the scientists inside. As the lead one returned, he found the place covered in the strange creatures. He found one man still alive but after handing over important information, the man died. The scientist managed to escape the lab as the hordes of creatures attacked him. Luckily, he ran into Asuka and company. He quickly explained what was going on and how dangerous they were. They managed to rescue their friend from the blood sucking creatures, then returned to the lab, finding the hordes of Maricula Parasites gone. Back in the lake, something called to the creatures, causing them to swarm back into the lake and recombine into the massive Maricula Spawner. While that was happening, the swarms of parasites swarmed over their car. But as they tried to remove them, Maricula called once more, summoning them back to it until finally, he was reformed.


It was a normal day at Super GUTS's Antarctica division's underwater base until a comet from space landed not far from their location. When repairs to the lower section were being executed, an aggressive and ancient gillman creature called Digon made itself known and attacked the crew. As the maintenance crew tried to escape more Digons made themselves known and quickly killed them except for one of them that managed to escape just as the base was about to blow up. Super GUTS sent the Japanese division to investigate the situation with another base, the Krahkov, as their temporary base and soon received a transmission from the survivor. However, during the rescue operation, the Krahkovother Antarctica base was under attack by some sort of bizarre creature from beneath the ocean and was starting to drag under. The creatures responsible were an ancient creature called Spume, which worked together with the Digon to bring down humanity for global warming. When the Digon started to raid the Krahkov, Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna to fight them off. While Dyna was fighting off the Digon,Spume took control of TPC's new orbital station and had it sent on a collision course for earth. When Dyna went outside to stop Spume, the aquatic invertebrate summoned Reigubas to do battle with the hero. Things only became worse when the Digon continued their raid of the Krahkov while TPC ordered the destruction of their space station only to be shot down by Reigubas's fire balls. With no other option Super GUTS activated the Krahkov's self destruct sequence, but Spume was already aware of the situation and ordered the Digon to stop it. With the ancient gillmen running in at such a constant rate, the strain of the assault of Digon increased on Super GUTS dramatically with each passing moment. However, with Spume gone it seemed as though the remaining Digon went back to the Antarctic Ocean.


Super GUTS sent the Japanese division to investigate the situation with another base, the Krahkov, as their temporary base and soon received a transmission from the survivor. However, during the rescue operation, the Krahkovother Antarctica base was under attack by some sort of bizarre creature from beneath the ocean and was starting to drag under. The creatures responsible were an ancient creature called Spume, which worked together with the Digon to bring down humanity for global warming. When the Digon started to raid the Krahkov, Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna to fight them off. While Dyna was fighting off the Digon,Spume took control of TPC's new orbital station and had it sent on a collision course for earth. When Dyna went outside to stop Spume, the super squid summoned Reigubas to do battle with the hero. With Dyna by Reigubas's ice mist and TPC unable to stop their space station from crashing it seemed as though all hope was lost. With no other option Super GUTS activated the Krahkov's self destruct sequence, but Spume was already aware of the situation and ordered the Digon to stop it. However, Ryo and Mai were standing by in the GUTSMAVI, firing at Spume long enough to launch a torpedo into the base for a quick rescue mission. Once Mai reactivated the main cannon of the base it was fired on Spume, knocking out the ancient squid. However, when Reigubas was knocked into another dimension, Spume attempted to take over TPC's space station directly by going into orbit only for Dyna to use Shining Judgement on him, blowing him up.


When Ultraman Dyna was about to attack Spume, the ancient squid-like creature summoned Reigubas to do battle with the hero. Once the two were on land Dyna seemed to have the upper hand until Regubas's eyes went from red to green and used its ice mist on the hero, completely freezing him. TPC ordered a squad of fighters to take down their space station as it was about to crash into Earth until Reigubas turned its eyes red again and used its fire balls to shoot them down while they were in orbit. Before Reigubas could do much else, Captain Gousuke arrived in a fighter to ward the lobster-like kaiju away from Dyna. As Reigubas was launching his fire balls he unintentionally revived Dyna. With the hero running out of energy during the battle, Dyna went into Miracle Mode and went into orbit where he used the Shining Judgement on himself using the space station as a reflector. With enough energy to continue, Dyna knocked Reigubas out before sending it to another dimension with the Revolium Wave, pressumably killing it.

Alien Chern

An alien that made his way to Earth, Alien Chern first made his presence known, attacking Asuka in his human form and throwing him. The alien decided after a short hand to hand fight to show his true self and Asuka shot him several times, but the energy blasts went straight through him, leaving him unharmed. After more physical fighting, he kicked Asuka over several oil barrels but as he rushed to find the human to continue the fight, Asuka got the drop on him, pointing his gun at him. Chern was quick to remind Asuka shooting him didn’t work, but Asuka wasn’t aiming for him, instead aiming at the barrels, engulfing the Chern in a huge explosion and seemingly killing him but Asuka wasn’t sure whether or not he’d killed the mysterious alien. But Alien Chern wasn’t dead yet, despite being badly burned all over his entire body by the explosion. He met with the creator of a popular monster fighting game, Monster Coliseum, the point of which was to create and battle with a created monster, which you could evolve through battle. They’d discovered an ideal test subject for their plan, a boy who’d made a monster called Demagorg, sending him an upgraded disk to see how his monster would fair against Dyna and the monster was perfect for their needs. Chern and his partner called Asuka into the office, knowing his true self. However, the man turned out to be the first Chern’s superior, revealing this to Asuka and unleashed Demagorg on the real world. As Asuka prepared to transform, the alien grabbed his Red Flasher from his hands. Watching the monster attack, Chern decided it was time to watch the fight, giving Asuka back his transformation item. After Demagorg’s control was destroyed, the first Chern reported the situation to his superior, explaining Demagorg was no longer under their control. The aliens didn’t notice until it was too late that Demagorg was approaching their building, only being able to scream out in terror as the monster smashed through the building, killing both aliens in the resulting explosion.


Demagorg was a monster created by a boy for the popular Monster Coliseum game, as part of Alien Chern’s plan. Having been chose as perfect test subject, the Alien Chern send an upgrade disk to the boy, pitting his monster against a virtual copy of Ultraman Dyna to see how it would fair. Sure enough, the dinosaur-like beast overwhelmed and defeated the virtual Ultra under the boy’s control, proving it would be a perfect test subject. Finally, Demagorg was unleashed into the real world, under the boy’s controls. Super GUTS tried to attack but the digital monster impaled their fighter with his long tail. Asuka was given his transformation item back and turned into Dyna, kicking the monster in the head. Dyna was bashed to the ground repeatedly by the kaiju’s tail but tried his attacks, only for its hands to block the attacks. The monster continued his onslaught on the hero, stabbing him several times with his tail, making his timer blink. After flipping him overhead, Demagorg bit down on his back, trying to kill him. But soon, Super GUTS destroyed his controller as Demagorg tried to consume Dyna like he did in the game. The monster malfunctioned, no longer under the control of them. Demagorg slammed through his former master’s building, killing them both. Demagorg turned his attention back to Dyna as the hero switched to Miracle Mode and fired the Revolium Wave. Demagorg tried to block the attack but he’d lost his power to grow his hands when his computer was destroyed. The attack struck him in the chest, dragging him into another dimension and ending his reign of terror permanently.

Male Gigantes

Female Gigantes


Gaigareid, a creature secretly created by Gransphere, set itself on a collision course for Super GUTS's base on the moon. With no alternative Shin set out in a prototype spacecraft used for breaking the speed of light in order to stop the course of Gaigareid. With the Zero Drive and Shin's determination he managed to destroy the meteor. However, Gaigareid still had momentum carrying him through space and blasted Shin as he passed him by. After Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna the two giants fought each other in an asteroid field. Try as the hero could Dyna had trouble holding his own against Gaigareid until he blasted the space monster's bladed fingers off woth the Palm Blast. However, Gaigareid retaliated by firing explosive asteroids from his stomach at Dyna. Just as Gaigareid was about to use them again, Dyna used the Solgent Beam in the portal in his stomach and blew him up.

Garaon II

Monsarger II

Everything seemed to be a normal sunny day in Tokyo until four swords came from spae and formed a square perimeter. Shortly after, Monsarger II came out of a dimensional portal and attacked the city. Super GUTS tried to stop the terrible space kaiju, but their lasers couldn't land a direct hit even on his brain. Before Shin could turn into Ultraman Dyna, a man in black smiled at him and transformed into Imitation Dyna. Try as Monsarger II did, he was of no match for Imitation Dyna and soon died by being choked to death.

Alien Gregorl

After Imitation Dyna had lost to Ultraman Dyna, the disguise shattered and revealed Alien Gregorl. However, instead of continuing the fight Alien Gregorl admitted he and his fighting skills were out done by a superior opponent. Being the good sportsman he was Alien Gregorl left Earth with his giants swords and camera saucers.


A small unmanned space probe created by TPC, Lovemos was designed for collecting samples from Saturn's moons and being the agency's new mascot. One day, Lovemos came across some ancient ruins and became possessed by an alien spirit. After causing an explosion and returning to Earth for repairs, Lovemos's possessor told everything once repairs were complete. Lovemos managed to escape Super GUTS's base and divert all of TPC's power to the TM-39 generator where it took over most of Super GUTS's vehicles to form a gigantic robot named Satan Lovemos. When Super GUTS was unable to do anything to the vehicle fused robot, Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna. The hero attempted to use the Solgent Beam, but a single all out assault from Satan Lovemos surpassed it and knocked Dyna down. However, once Dyna went into Miracle Mode he proved to be too fast for Satan Lovemos to handle until it caught the hero and was about to use it's chest drill on him. Just as Satan Lovemos was trying to kill Dyna, an alien trumpet found at the same ruins that had the alien spirit was used on Satan Lovemos and successfully restored Lovemos to normal after a few uses. Lovemos thanked Dyna just before the hero flew off.

Satan Lovemos

With Lovemos being under control by an alien spirit, Satan Lovemos proved itself to be a wanton force of destruction by unleashing a couple of laer shots on a nearby building, completely obliterating it. When Super GUTS was unable to do anything to the vehicle fused robot, Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna. The hero attempted to use the Solgent Beam, but a single all out assault from Satan Lovemos surpassed it and knocked Dyna down. However, once Dyna went into Miracle Mode he proved to be too fast for Satan Lovemos to handle until it caught the hero and was about to use it's chest drill on him. Just as Satan Lovemos was trying to kill Dyna, an alien trumpet found at the same ruins that had the alien spirit was used on Satan Lovemos and successfully restored Lovemos to normal after a few uses.

Alien Naltis

A mad biologist from another world, Alien Naltis was recording every monster incident in Super GUTS history to form a monster even they could not beat. After Alien Naltis captured Shin and a few a civilians, he was about to experiment on them until Super GUTS arrived and destroyed his control panel. However, before Alien Naltis could be captured he fused with his blobish monster, Menorfa.


Once Alien Naltis fused with Menorfa, the blobish monster grew extremely large, giving Shin no other choice but to turn into Ultraman Dyna. Once the battle began Dyna had an extremely difficult time doing anything to Menorfa. When the Solgent Beam was unable to work one of the civilians noticed a bruise on Menorfa from where he threw a metal pipe from when the blobish monster was growing. Once this area was hit Dyna went into Strong Mode and executed the Dyna Drill, destroying Menorfa.


Bazob was, like many other creatures to attack during Dyna’s time, a space monster, possibly related to Gransphere or some other force, considering his choice of solely attacking Super GUTS bases. Arriving in the solar system, he quickly attacked and devoured the TPC space station. Super GUTS arrived to attack it but suddenly lost power. The space monster bashed them out of the way as they flew powerless towards the beast. They regained power, only to find the space station had been destroyed. Soon, Bazob arrived on Earth, attacking their base with the space station still lodged in his stomach opening. The monster approached but their weapons systems refused to activate as it kept coming straight for their main base. The people in the space station tried to find their way out as Super GUTS attacked Bazob but it merely absorbed their assault. He then opened fire on their next line of defense, sending it up in flames, then firing on them with his lightning, shorting out their ship and sending them crashing to the ground. They then discovered the electromagnetic field surrounding him emanated from his horn but that didn’t bring them closer to the solution. Inside the space station, the men tried desperately to find a way to stop it while Super GUTS tried to find a way to kill Bazob, thinking of using a new weapon but it might come at the price of those trapped in the space station. Instead of going with that, Asuka ran at Bazob, luring its attention with a flare but the monster blasted him with his lightning. As it prepared to step on him, he transformed into Dyna and began fighting but while he was able to dodge its attacks, it wouldn’t go down from his. He tried to grab onto it, only to be blasted backwards by its lightning. He attempted the Flash Cycler but Bazob destroyed it with his lightning. As Dyna went into attack, he had to stop to avoid hitting the space station, allowing Bazob to blast him with his lightning. The beam covered Dyna in blue flames, hurting him badly. As Bazob approached closer, Super GUTS prepared their weapon. Bazob smashed Dyna into the ground with his tail before continuing on towards the base. Thankfully, another Super GUTS member arrived in a special plane that wouldn’t be effected by Bazob’s field and while he was caught in the monster‘s hands, he managed to shoot out the gem in the monster’s horn, destroying its EMP Field and paralyzing Bazob in the process. Dyna took his chance and reverted into light then went into Super GUTS’ energy cannons. He guided their weapons, allowing them to fire him like a missile. The Ultra tore through Bazob’s body, rescuing everyone the beast had captured while simultaneously reducing the space monster to blazing pieces of flesh that littered the area.


After many years in development, TPC finally perfected the Cosmo Net, a system of satellites made to monitor Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune all at once. During a reconnaissance test around the moons of Mars a strange face was found. This face was recovered and sent to Earth for analysis. However, the artifact revealed to be none other than a piece of a Gransphere that attacked months before. Supr GUTS had no choice but to release their cargo and crash land it far from Osaka where the Gransphere piece changed into the monster Giomos. With Giomos emerging from the Earth, Super GUTS attacked with all the had only for the alien rock mutant to reflect their assaults with its sound field. With Super GUTS unable to harm Giomos Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna to do battle. Dyna was able to out maneuver Giomos's attacks until it's lightning managed to hit him. After Dyna went into Miracle Mode he used the Revolium Wave only for Giomos's sound field to neutralize it and continue his assault on the hero. Dyna quickly went back into Flash Mode and used the Solgent Beam twice only for a sound field to cancel out the first and Giomos's lightning to surpass the second and knock him down. Giomos finished the battle bye hitting Dyna with enough force to send him over the horizon. Giomos burrowed underground while the humans watching the battle begin to weep for the hero being defeated in battle for the first time and leaving Japan in a state of panic. An hour had not passed since Dyna's defeat when Giomos managed to burrow all the way to Osaka and started wreaking havoc. Shin managed to get Giomos's attrention, but while the alien rock mutant started using his lightning on his th Super GUTS member realized he had lost the Red Spark. With Shin knocked unconscious by an explosion from the lightning, Giomos continued it's rampage even after Super GUTS was unable to use an electric barrier on it. Before Giomos left Osaka a tracker was fired on his back to prevent sudden attacks. However, little did Super GUTS know that deep beneath the ground Giomos was changing into Neo Giomos.

Neo Giomos

With Giomos changing into Neo Giomos like a butterfly out of a cocoon, the alien rock mutant made it's way to the ocean where the Self Defense Force waited for it to emerge. It appeared as though Giomos emerged from the ground, but really it was it's old body that Neo Giomos changed from and used it as a decoy. Neo Giomos emerged from the other side of the city and proved itself to be far more than Super GUTS and the Self Defense Force to handle. However, once Shin was given back the Red Spark by a small boy he turned into Ultraman Dyna to fight the alien rock mutant once again. With the hero learning from the original's combat tactics, Dyna managed to out maneuver Neo Giomos even when the Solgent Beam was shrugged off. When caught by Neo Giomos's constricting tail, Dyna went into Strong Mode and broke it's tail into several pieces before continuing his assault. Once Neo Giomos was in submittion, Dyna used the Garnate Bomb with an assault from Super GUTS to destroy it for good.


A being born from trash Yumenokatamari started out as a typical trash pile alterd by mystical forces. Over the course of a few days Yumenokatamari would turn from a large trash pile to a levitating ball of waste. In time the large ball of garbage started to over heat and change shape. As the mass of trash starte moving, Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna to try and stop it. With Dyna appearing Yumenokatamari turned into a quadrapredal kaiju and started to do battle with he hero. However, with Yumenokatamari's trash absorption Dyna found himself at wits end as he could barely fight it. When Super GUTS could not contain Yumenokatamari, Dyna used the Dyna Shield only for the trash kaiju to dominate it. Dyna went into Strong Mode, lifted Yumenokatamari into the air, and punched right through it, blowing it up.


Bunder’s was the product of a writer‘s mind, a screenplay he wrote come to life. In the middle of the day, he materialized from a portal in space in his cocoon form, landing in the middle of town after a man ran through the streets screaming, then collapsed. Investigation only brought one thing, the name of a monster named Bender. As they examined his files, they discovered files with drawings of themselves, as well as drawings identical to what had happened in real life. Unknown to them, something was watching them through a teddy bear sitting nearby, its eyes flashing red. Meanwhile, Bunder’s head emerged and Asuka accidentally stepped through a door into a strange dimension. The man finally emerged from his stat of shock, revealing he was a writer and actor but a man invited him to participate in a play involving monsters. As one of the Super GUTS members read one of his books, Bunder began attacking the city with his tentacles until Super GUTS arrived to attack him. As Super GUTS assaulted the monster, only resulting in him changing to his true self and attacking the city. Meanwhile, they events of the man’s script continued to act themselves out in real life, Bunder shooting down Super GUTS fighters while meanwhile, Asuka found himself in the role of another in the play, strapped to a table by the two strange people. Luckily for Asuka, another part of the story was discovered, that Dyna would confront Bunder, instantly freeing him and allowing him to transform and appear to fight Bunder. He fired the Sogent Ray but the monster’s hide protected him. But meanwhile, while the two battled back and forth, Super GUTS spun the foil of the book, first causing Dyna to repeatedly kick Bunder in the head, then causing Bunder to end up impaling himself with his tentacle and negating his own existence, making it so Bunder never existed to begin with, reversing all the damage he’d caused.

Daigerun II

Everything was normal in Tokyo one day until Daigerun II came out of nowhere and started wreaking havoc. Shin was about to turn into Ultraman Dyna when a mysterious fighter showed itself and blew up Daigerun II in one hit. The pilot of the fighter would be later revealed Kenji Fudo, the assistant of the same mad doctor that created Neosaurus, wanting only a fresh start with TPC and Super GUTS.


A mad scientist that wished to create a monster that surpassed Neosaurus and created Daigerun II threatened to be release a warhead onto the world. Super GUTS sent Kenji and Shin into space onto an asteroid where the mad scientist's transmission took place. Shortly after the duo landed in a secret hanger, the warhead containing Zomborg was found. Once Kenji and Shin shot down soldiers made from Zomborg, they made their way to the mad doctor only for him to trap Shin and convince Kenji to slide his gun away from him. Once the mad doctor and Kenji wounded each othewr from their guns, the mad scientist used the syringe containing Zomborg and injected it into himself. Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna and did battle with the mutant cyborg and stop the warhead, but Zomborg managed to delay the hero from stopping the warhead from reaching Earth. However, Dyna did not give up and soon used the Solgent Beam to destroy Zomborg and managed to stop the warhead from reaching Earth.

God Jagira


Alien Regulan II

Mountain Gulliver 5

With Alien Regulan's fleet passing the Asteroid Belt, Mai was sent out in TPC's giant robot, Mountain Gulliver 5, to assist their fleet. Mountain Gulliver 5 left Super GUTS's base on Mars and started to tear through the enemy fleet without much effort. However, when the battle started to intensify, Mountain Gulliver 5's laser gun was blasted off and had to return to Mars. Mountain Gulliver was sent again shortly after, this time to fend off the last of the meteors with Ultraman Dyna.

Hyper Golza


Seeking to expand the Cosmo Net to Venus, TPC sent Super GUTS to examine the planet after a transmitter was somehow destroyed. However, when they arrived they were ambushed by a new monster spawned by Granspheres named Graikis. After quick maunverability, Super GUTS managed to leave Venus intact. Now knowing what was waiting for them, Super GUTS took to their fighters and returned to Venus. Shortly after finding the destroyed transmitter, Graikis ambushed Super GUTS from aboved. Super GUTS tried to fire at Graikis while he was on the ground, but the field the transmitter was giving off prevented them from doing so. However, Shin managed to hit Graikis directly in the mouth, knocking it down. Before Shin could shoot at it again, Gransphere showed up, turned itself into a fighter, and regenerated Graikis. With its power restored, Graikis shot down Shin's fighter only for him to turn into Ultraman Dyna. However, Dyna had a very difficult time fighting Graikis and things only became worse when Gransphere decided to join in. Even when Dyna went into Miracle Mode he was unable to take down Graikis. However, Dyna did not give up and after he went back into Flash Mode he used a chop to the Gransphere piece on Graikis's head to kill it.



Alien Fabiras

It was a normal day at Super GUTS's base until a saucer was detected. Two Super GUTS members were investigate only to be shocked into unconsciousness by two Alien Fabiras. The Alien Fabiras disguised themselves and infiltrated Super GUTS's base. Upon entering the main control room, the Fabiras Seijin revealed their true form and called for Hanejiro, who flew towards them. Both Alien Fabiras explained that Hanejiro was a guardian of sorts to watch over Monsarger in his imprisonment on Menrai and that their homeworld was destroyed through another one colliding with it. With the Alien Fabiras returning to their saucer, they told the Super GUTS members imprisoned in strange energy cocoons that they were planning to take Earth for themselves. However, Hanejiro freed them from their prisons and showed one of the Fabiras Seijin a projection of life at Super GUTS. They were about to be let go when the other Alien Fabiras argued with his commrade and eventually turned into Devil Fabiras, forcing the one still normal to drop off the Super GUTS members and move higher into the atmosphere. Once Devil Fabiras was reduced back to Alien Fabiras, the saucer's tractor beam lifted him back in and took off.

Devil Fabiras

With one of the two Alien Fabiras transforming, Devil Fabiras attacked and destroyed the TPC base of Getseco without much effort. Shin went out to fight Deil Fabiras himself and turned into Ultraman Dyna. Neither Dyna nor Devil Fabiras could best each other during the battle, even when the Solgent Beam failed to do much except reflect and slightly burn the alien's breast plate. Once the burn was regenerated, Devil Fabiras released energy tentacles from it to wrap around Dyna. However, Dyna went into Miracle Mode and teleported himself out of the tentacles' binding and reappeared behind Devil Fabiras to continue his assault on him only for it to fail. However, Hanejiro quickly showed Dyna Devil Fabirs's vulnerable heart. After tearing off a piece of the breat plate and hitting Devil Fabiras in the heart, Dyna used the Revolium Ray to blast the breast plate into another dimension, forcing him to reduce back into Alien Fabiras.


Everything seemed to be going well one sunny morning until Mogedon appeared from the surface of the Earth. Super GUTS attempted to attack him, but his jumping and burrowing were too quick for them to handle. However, after analyzing his body, Mogedon appeared to have a weak point of sorts in his neck. With the use of a single stinger missile, Ryo knocked out Mogedon cold. However, as a highly explosive alien device from Alien Chadabin was being retrieved out of his mouth, Mogedon awoke. Super GUTS quickly pinned him down with an electrical net, but he simply rechanneled it back towards the fighters. To prevent the situation from getting worse Shin turned into Ultraman Dyna and pinned Mogedon down right after he went into Strong Mode. However, Mogedon managed to swipe Dyna off and tried to run away. After Mogedon sneezed out the retrieval team and the deceive, Dyna used the Dyna Clap to stun the mole kaiju and sent him into space.

Alien Chadabin

An alien seeking to learn more about the solar system, Alien Chadabin came to Earth to analyze it. One day a fisherman walked up to him while planting an analyzer and ran away in fright, accidentally destroying his ship and killing him. When the fisherman's wife and daughter went looking for him, Alien Chadabin had no choice but to abandon his body and possess the man's dead one. For some time he had lived the life of a business man until he saw Super GUTS fighting Mogedon on a television. Upon coming to the scene he told Super GUTS Mogedon's pressure point in his neck, knocking him out. Alien Chadabin told Super GUTS his story upon being interrogated at the site and said that Mogedon swallowed a device that was still in his throat he needed back or it would explode and destroy the whole planet. As the device was being retrieved, Mogedon woke up. The retrieval team had no choice but to disarm it, however, Mogedon's activities prevented the job from getting done. After Mogedon sneezed out the team and device and Dyna sent him into outer space, Alien Chadabin lived the rest of his days on Earth happily.

Neo Darambia II

After Gransphere crashed on the surface of Mars, it formed into Neo Darambia II and shot down Shin's fighter, forcing him to turn into Ultraman Dyna. As hard as Neo Darambia II did it was no match for Dyna as he used two Solgent Beams to disrupt it's force field and destroyed it for good. However, Gransphere managed to survive and would return later.

Ultraman Terranoid

After Ultraman Dyna's fight with Neo Darambia II, TPC was quick to learn that his host was none other than Shin. When he and Ryo returned to Mars he was captured and placed in a container. Shin and Ryo were shown a statue of one of the members of Dyna's race and TPC wanted to use it to fight Gransphere. Shin's energy was drained to feed the machine that was awakening the now named Ultraman Terranoid and soon brought him to life. When he awakened, Gransphere and several of its duplicates attacked the base and Terranoid was sent out to do battle. At first it seemed Terranoid was having no trouble until he was running out of energy and soon fell down. Unable to defend himself, Terranoid was taken over by the Granspheres and turned into the bizarre creature Zelganoid. After Zelganoid's destruction it is assumed that Terranoid survived and went into hiding.


Zelganoid, a creature born from the combination of Ultraman Terranoid and Granspheres, began to wreak havoc on the surface of Mars. Nothing in TPC's arsenal could harm him as he easily tore through their defenses. With Zelganoid about to kill everyone, Shin, in his weakened state, turned into Ultraman Dyna to do battle. However, Zelganoid proved to be to strong for the weakened Dyna and easily knocked him around. However, the same laser used to awaken Terranoid was quickly used to restore Dyna's energy, allowing him to fight Zelganoid properly. After Zelganoid's destruction, Dyna disappeared and Gransphere managed to escape.

Neo Gaigareid

Created by Gransphere in its perfected form, Neo Gaigareid was sent to destroy Super GUTS on one of the moons of Neptune. Upon landing it seemed as though nothing could harm Neo Gaigareid as he made his way to the base. However, before he could destroy the base Ultraman Dyna showed up to do battle with him. It seemed as though Neo Gaigareid was abput to be defeated by Dyna especially after his arm blade was blown off. However, Neo Gaigareid used his grapple claw to take Ryo in a fighter hostage and escaped inside Gransphere as it was consuming the planetoid. However, Dyna managed to save Ryo from Neo Gaigareid, allowing Super GUTS to fire a special laser that destroyed him, but not Gransphere.


A probe creature from outer space, Gransphere came to the solar system to cause havoc. After it collided with a satellite and a piece of itself fell to Mars it headed for Earth. During this time Super GUTS, an evolved and more advanced version of the original GUTS from Ultraman Tiga's time, was doing an aerial exercise with a new recruit by the name of Shin Asuka. Even when Gransphere duplicated itself Super GUTS took down the space monsters with ease, but one did managed to hit Shin forcing him to eject and was taken to a hospital at Super GUTS's base on Mars. However, the piece of Gransphere that broke off from the satellite and landed on Mars soon turned into something else. The Granspheres soon returned to assist Darambia to destroy Super GUTS, but a ball of light blew Darambia up and turned into a giant like Tiga, but it was actually a new hero named Ultraman Dyna. After some hand slashes the Granspheres were destroyed, allowing him to fight Darambia, who changed into Neo Darambia after absorbing minerals while in pieces. The Granspheres still in space regrouped and one of them went to Earth to form a new monster, Gralen. The Granspheres in space prevented Super GUTS from saving their Earth base from Gralen, but Dyna showed up once again and used a hand slash to destroy a portion of their fleet. After the hero destroyed Gralen, the remaining Granspheres fused together and left the solar system for the time, although they would send the monster Gaigareid months later and a piece of one of one of them was left around the moons of Mars to form a face that would later turn into the monster Giomos. Some time later, Gransphere went to Venus to spawn the monster Graikis. When Super GUTS was attacking Graikis, Gransphere showed up in a new form. A few weeks later, Gransphere returned in its regular form on Mars and ambushed Shin only for him to shoot him down. Gransphere took the opportunity to turn itself into Neo Darambia II, but was quickly defeated by Dyna and was forced to flee the scene. Gransphere returned with duplicates of itself to attack TPC's base on Mars when Ultraman Terranoid was awakened. Terranoid managed to destroy a few Granspheres without trouble until his energy started to run out. Once he was on the ground and helpless, Terranoid was taken over by the Granspheres to form the bizarre creature Zelganoid. Once Zelganoid was destroyed, Gransphere left Earth to reveal it's true power.

Coming to Venus to announce it's return and to help it's monster, Graikis, Gransphere returned and took a new form. Once Graikis was revived, Shin was shot down only to turn into Ultraman Dyna. However, by itself Graikis was able to easily beat down Dyna without Gransphere interfering like it soon did. When Dyna and Graikis were fighting near a pool of lava, Gransphere attacked only for Super GUTS to fire lasers into it's mouth and seemingly blow it up. Super GUTS thought Gransphere was destroyed for good, but they would be proven wrong as it would return in only a few weeks.

After Shin and Ultraman Dyna disappeared during the battle with Zelganoid, Gransphere grew to its true form and aborbed one of the moons of Neptune. TPC attempted to stop it, but the black hole-like strength was too much for them to handle. Within a short amount of time Gransphere decided not take any chances with Super GUTS and sent it's new monster, Neo Gaigareid, to destroy them. Although Super GUTS was nearly able to escape thanks to Dyna's return, Neo Gaigareid managed to capture Ryo in a fighter and go back into Gransphere as it was absorbing one of the moons of Neptune. However, Dyna managed to save Ryo from Neo Gaigareid, allowing Super GUTS to fire a special laser that destroyed him, but not Gransphere. Just as Gransphere wa about to absorb Super GUTS's base, Dyna used the Solgent Beam to disrupt it and allowed Super GUTS to flee back to Earth. Shortly after, Gransphere came to Earth not intending on absorbing it, but to destroy it with the rest of the solar system. As Gransphere was destroying Mars, Shin took a fighter by himself to destroy the super space organism once and for all. Once Shin turned into Dyna, Gransphere assaulted him with lightning while Super GUTS prepared to fire it's special laser once again. With a combination of Super GUTS's laser and the Solgent Beam, Gransphere was destroyed. However, because of the immense energy it gave off, Dyna was pull into the black hole-like structure and disappeared. Although Dyna was never seen again, he would be remembered by the entire world as a hero just like Ultraman Tiga before him.



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