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This is a list of all monsters in the Ultraman.



First Appearance: Episode 1 "Ultra Operation No. 1"

Alien Baltan

First Appearance: Episode 2 "Blast the Invaders" (侵略者を撃て, Shinryakusha o Ute)


First Appearance: Episode 3 "Science Patrol, Move Out" (科特隊出撃せよ, Katokutai Shutugeki seyo)

Ragon II

First Appearance: Episode 4 Detonation: Five Seconds (大爆発五秒前, Dai Bakuhatsu Gobyō Mae?)


First Appearance: Episode 5 "Secret of the Miloganda"

Greenmons (グリーンモンス Gurī-n Monsu) was a monster that appeared in the Ultraman television series. The creature was an animate plant that started out man-sized, but eventually grew to giant-size. It was green, somewhat amorphous though roughly round, and had a glowing yellow center. It emitted a low roaring sound. It attacked by issuing a poison gas cloud from its glowing center, possibly containing spores of some sort. Ultraman eventually defeated it using his specium ray.


First Appearance: Episode 6 "The Coast Guard Command" (沿岸警備命令, Engan Keibi Meirei)


First Appearance: Episode 7 "The Blue Stone of Vallarge" (バラージの青い石, Barāji no Aoi Ishi)

Red King

First Appearance: Episode 8 "The Violent Monster Region" (怪獣無法地帯, Kaijū Muhō Chitai)


First Appearance: Episode 8 "The Violent Monster Region" (怪獣無法地帯, Kaijū Muhō Chitai)


First Appearance: Episode 8 "The Violent Monster Region" (怪獣無法地帯, Kaijū Muhō Chitai)


First Appearance: Episode 8 "The Violent Monster Region"(怪獣無法地帯, Kaijū Muhō Chitai)

Height: 50 meters Mass: 20 tons


First Appearance: Episode 8 "The Violent Monster Region" (怪獣無法地帯, Kaijū Muhō Chitai)


First Appearance: Episode 9 "Operation: Thunderbolt" (電光石火作戦, Denkōsekka Sakusen)


First Appearance: Episode 10 "The Mysterious Dinosaur Base" (謎の恐竜基地, Nazo no Kyōryū Kichi)


First Appearance: Episode 11 "The Ruffian from Outer Space"

Gyango (ギャンゴ Gyango) - Also known as Gango, was a monster from the Ultraman television series.



Gyango's origin was one of the more peculiar. The monster started as a semi-sentient meteor that fell to Earth, and was discovered by several school children. The meteor had a symbiotic relationship with sentient beings, attempting to take on the shape and function desired by whoever contacted it or stood closest to it. The children imagined a race car set, a birthday cake, and a piano. But the meteor's form only persisted until a person's mind was distracted, or focused on something else. Hoshino was among the children, and decided it was best to turn the meteor over to Science Patrol Headquarters.

In a press conference, scientists explained the discovery to members of the press, inviting one of them to test the meteor's properties. The reporter imagined a beautiful bride, but as he stepped to take the arm of the bride, the meteor reverted, and in a gag moment, the reporter unwittingly took the arm of a man standing nearby.

Observing all of this was a thief with criminal intentions. The thief left a speaker under a desk in the room where the meteor was being stored, and after everyone had left, he communicated to the meteor from a microphone as he sat in his car in the parking lot. (Apparently the meteor could comprehend English and respond to verbal commands even if the person issuing the commands wasn't present.) The thief instructed the stone to become liquid, and it poured off of the table into a puddle. Then he instructed it to become a rocket, to fly out the window to his location. The meteor reverted, and the man began to make off with it, but he was spotted by Arashi as he gunned his car away. Arashi shot his repulsor gun to hit the button to close the Science patrol gates. The thief's car was damaged, but the thief got away.

In a hotel room later, the thief first came up with the idea of forming a monster out of the meteor, and Gyango formed as a man-sized monster. Gyango had a long colorful neck, hands shaped like c-clamps, and ears that rotated. The thief used Gyango to stage numerous pranks at the hotel. But he then thought to terrorize the city with the monster growing to giant-size. However, this caused damage to the hotel, and the thief was knocked unconscious. Because the thief's last conscious thoughts were on the giant-sized monster, it persisted. Ultraman appeared, and one of the more comic fights of the series ensued. In the end, when the thief was awakened in a hospital, Gyango ceased to exist. Hayata later took the stone from Patrol HQ, stating he would ask Ultraman to take the stone into space. Fuji attempted to follow him out but the door closed on her and we then see Ultraman taking the stone far into space.

Mummy Man

First Appearance: Episode 12 "Cry Of The Mummy"


First Appearance: Episode 12 "Cry Of The Mummy"

Dodongo (ドドンゴ Dodongo) was from the television series Ultraman.

Dodongo appeared much like a Qilin, having four limbs for walking as well as a pair of wings. Dodongo was placed in suspended animation in a sort of symbiosis with an ancient mummified alien. The mummified alien, once unearthed, was studied at a scientific facility. Perhaps the mummy showed signs of life, because the scientists then experimented upon it with doses of electricity. However, the mummy showed no signs of re-animating. After most of the scientists had left the facility for the day, the mummy telekinetically activated the switch to bombard itself with more electricity, completing the process of reviving itself. After the mummy attacked several people with electrical bolts that it shot from its eyes, a group of soldiers encircled the mummy and killed it. Once the mummy died, Dodongo somehow sensed that its symbiosis with the mummy was broken. Dodongo awoke, broke out of the mountainside where its cavern lair had been, and began to create havoc on nearby buildings. Ultraman appeared, and rather easily defeated Dodongo.



First Appearance: Episode 14 "The Pearl Defense Directive"

Gamakujira (ガマクジラ Gamakujira) literally means "pearl-eater" in Japanese, and this monster from the Ultraman television series did exactly that. Gamakujira resembled a bloated crocodile with eyes that seemed to constantly peer skyward. His tongue was a hollow tube with a suction cup funnel at the tip, designed to sweep up any mass quantity of pearls the creature could find. Never ones to let a creature stand in the way of economic prosperity, the Science Patrol fought this creature as it terrorized the Japanese coast searching for any source of pearls available. Eventually, the creature was forcibly inflated with hydrogen, and was destroyed upon impact by Ultraman while in flight.


First Appearance: Episode 15 "Terror of the Cosmic Rays"

Space rays began to fall to Earth more differently and hit a young child's graffiti. Soon, they hit his drawn kaiju, Gavadon. The tiny monster was simply crawling around when the Science Patrol attacked it. They blew off the tiny kaiju's tail and the creature slowly tried to escape. Waiting for it was a line of tanks but before anything could be done, Gavadon went to sleep. Gavadon soon awoke and before an attack could be made, it vanished into thin air.

With Gavadon vanished, the children began to draw a better kaiju. The space rays once again rained down on the area and the new Gavadon was born. Gavadon, like the original, only wanted to sleep. People still fled from the city and those who remained stayed in their house. Gavadon soon awoke and began to move only to go back to sleep. The military soon moved in and targeted the sleeping kaiju and open fired. Confused and hurt, Gavadon tried to walk away as Hayata transformed into Ultraman. Ultraman quickly over powered the kaiju and beat him down. Listening to the children's cries, Ultraman took Gavadon up to space and turned the creature into a constellation of stars for the children.

Alien Baltan II


Alien Zarab




First Appearance: Episode 20 "Terror on Route 87"

A little boy arrives at the Science Patrol and says that an ancient dragon named Hydra is coming. Meanwhile, the rest of the Science Patrol is up at a mountain site investigating strange lights that appeared at the tip of the mountain. The animals around the tourist site begin to act weird as the Science Patrol does some research of the child who created and imagined Hydra for the some park. When two members reach the child's home, they get the news that the little boy died in a car accident. Later that night the mountain acts up again and the monster Hydra rises out. The Science Patrol attacks it but their hand held lasers prove to do little damage. The bird like kaiju then begins to flap its wings and heads to the sky spewing flames from his mouth. Hydra begins a major assault against cars and the high way before flying off again with the Science Patrol trying to decide what to do. Hydra once again attacks cars on the high way. The Science Patrol attacks but Hydra takes off after them and circles above. It knocks their jet out of the sky and Hayata is knocked out as Arashi radios back to base. The Science Patrol manages to bust Hydra open in the chest but Hydra advances. Just as he is about to kill Arashi, Hayata transforms into Ultraman. Hydra tackles the hero of light but Ultraman manages to flip him off. As the battle rages on, Ultraman manages to get a shot of the specium ray but Hydra flies above it. As Ultraman's warning light begins to flash, Hydra flies away with the spirit of Akira, its creator riding on his back. Both were never seen again afterward.


The Under The Ground Human




First Appearance: Episode 24 "The Undersea Science Center"

Gubira (グビラ Gubira) was a monster from the Ultraman television series. Gubira was a semi-aquatic quadruped with a drill-like horn on its nose. Gubira was disturbed by the construction and operation of a new underwater research facility. Gubira did have the distinction of being the only monster that ever caught one of Ultraman's Ultra-Slash energy rings on its nose. Rotating its drill-like proboscis, it launched the ring back at Ultraman, forcing him to dodge the counter-attack. Ultraman's specium ray was more successful, killing Gubira.


First Appearance: Episode 25 "Rogue Comet Cyphon"

Gigas (or Gigass) was 39 meters tall and weighed 15,000 tons, with a design and character very similar to that of the legendary yeti. Gigas was a natural creature who lived in the mountains of Japan until the comet Cyphon (Tsuiphon) pass close towards Earth's orbit, causing the giant to reveal himself.

At the same time and location, the Science Patrol were searching for six missing nuclear weapons that could accidentally go off. After being chased by Gigas, they then encountered the comet's own native monster Dorako. The two monsters soon met with one another and fought for hours until a third beast, the violent Red King, who unfortunately has also eaten the said missing bombs, appears and easily defeats them both. After Red King kills Dorako by tearing off his wings, Gigas fled the scene, only to be destroyed soon afterwards by a new weapon developed by the Science Patrol.

Woo, a monster who appears in a later episode, is also a yeti-like mountain dweller.


Red King II

Sunflan II

First Appearance: Episode 26 "The Prince of Monsters, Part 1"




Goldon (ゴルドン Gorudon) - A gold-colored monster from the Ultraman television series, Goldon was the proverbial "monster of the mine" (the name of the episode in English). Other than being able to terrorize and impede gold mining operations, Goldon was a rather unremarkable quadruped with a sauropod resemblance. The creature was so pathetic in combat that Ultraman was able to wrap its own tail about its neck, and for several seconds, the creature proceeded to strangle itself. Ultraman put Goldon out of its misery with a simple Specium Ray shot.




The Giant Fuji

Kemur II

Alien Zarab II

Alien Baltan III

Alien Mephilas


First Appearance: Episode 34 "A Gift From The Sky"

An unbelievably heavy space monster with a bloated Ankylosaurus-like appearance, Skydon fell to Earth and quickly became an incredible nuisance by going on brief rampages before going into narcoleptic-type naps. After a disastrous battle with Ultraman, the Science Patrol commit a series of attempts to send Skydon back into space. These too prove disastrous until they succeed by filling Skydon up with helium through his tail. Unfortunately, the Japanese air force mistakes the floating Skydon for a target balloon and shoot the gas out of him. As Skydon falls back down, Hayata, who at this point of the story has had enough, transforms into Ultraman, and then simply blows up the troublesome beast while in midair.

Skydon is very similar to two other offbeat monsters from the series, Gabadon and Seabone, but unlike those two sympathetic characters, Skydon is a purely comical creation who weighed a shocking 200,000 tons, easily making him one of the heaviest monsters in kaiju history. He was also 196 feet in length.



First Appearance: Episode 36 "Arashi, Don't Shoot!"





First Appearance: Episode 37 "The Littlest Hero"



First Appearance: Episode 38 "The Spaceship Rescue Command"

While searching the planet of Kodon for life, a robotic camera came upon a huge eye that released a bright light into the lens. The people watching were blinded for a few minutes and soon after wards, the Science Patrol went to Kodon to see what had caused it. After fixing the crew of the space station that was orbiting the planet that was also hit by the flash, they decided to land on the planet where they witnessed a battle between Kiyla and Saigo. After being hit by Saigo's mist, Kiyla unleashed his blinding flashes which made Saigo flee for safety. Saigo approached the Science Patrol's vehicle but before any damage could be dealt to them, they managed to blow up Saigo with one of their weapons.

Alien Zetton



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