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This is a list of Groups in the United States Air Force that do not belong to a host wing.

The last level of independent operation is the group level. When an organization is not part of the primary mission of the base it will be made an independent group. They may report to a wing or they may be completely independent (the 317th Airlift Group at Dyess Air Force Base). They may also be organized as an expeditionary unit, independent but too small to warrant a wing designation. The organization of the independent group is usually similar to the operations group, but with a few squadrons or flight from the support side added to make the organization more self-sufficient, but not large enough to become a wing.

Group Shield Location MAJCOM/DRU Weapons System
1st Air Support Operations Group
1st Air Support Operations Group.PNG
Fort Lewis, Washington PACAF
1st Weather Group (WXG) [1] Offutt AFB, Nebraska AFWA
2d Weather Group Offutt AFB, Nebraska AFWA
3d Air Support Operations Group Fort Hood, Texas ACC
3d Combat Communications Group (CCG) Tinker AFB, Oklahoma ACC
4th Air Support Operations Group Campbell Barracks, Germany USAFE
5th Combat Communications Group [2] Robins AFB, Georgia ACC
18th Air Support Operations Group Pope AFB, North Carolina ACC
23d Fighter Group Moody AFB, Georgia ACC A-10
44th Fighter Group Holloman AFB, New Mexico AFRC F-22
55th Electronic Combat Group Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC EC-130
64th Air Expeditionary Group Saudi Arabia ACC
162d Combat Communications Group
162d Combat Communications Group.PNG
North Highlands ANGS, California ACC/ANG
170th Group Offutt AFB, Nebraska ACC/ANG
201st Combat Communications Group
201st Combat Communications Group.PNG
Hickam AFB, Hawaii ACC/ANG
214th Reconnaissance Group Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC/ANG
226th Combat Communications Group
226th Combat Communications Group.PNG
Abston ANGS, Alabama ACC/ANG
252d Combat Communications Group Camp Murray, Washington ACC/ANG
253d Combat Communications Group
253d Combat Communications Group.PNG
Otis ANGB, Massachusetts ACC/ANG
254th Combat Communications Group
254th Combat Communications Group.PNG
Garland ANGS, Texas ACC/ANG
281st Combat Communications Group
281st Combat Communications Group.PNG
Coventry, Rhode Island ACC/ANG
306th Flying Training Group USAF Academy, Colorado USAFA (DRU)
317th Airlift Group Dyess AFB, Texas AMC C-130
336th Training Group Fairchild AFB, Washington AETC UH-1
340th Flying Training Group Randolph AFB, Texas AFRC T-1A T-6 T-37 T-38
352d Special Operations Group RAF Mildenhall, UK AFSOC MC-130 MH-53
353d Special Operations Group Kadena AB, Japan AFSOC MC-130 MH-53
360th USAF Recruiting Group Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AETC
363d Training Group United Arab Emirates ACC
367th USAF Recruiting Group Robins AFB, Georgia AETC
369th USAF Recruiting Group Lackland AFB, Texas AETC
370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group Iraq ACC
372d USAF Recruiting Group Hill AFB, Utah AETC
381st Training Group Vandenberg AFB, California AETC Minuteman III
387th Air Expeditionary Group Kuwait ACC
404th Air Expeditionary Group Ramstein AB, Germany USAFE C-130
413th Flight Test Group Robins AFB, Georgia AFRC
420th Air Base Group RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, England USAFE
422d Air Base Group RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire, England USAFE
423d Air Base Group RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, England USAFE
407th Air Expeditionary Group Iraq ACC
438th Air Expeditionary Group Iraq ACC
447th Air Expeditionary Group Baghdad International Airport, Iraq ACC
449th Air Expeditionary Group Djibouti ACC
451st Air Expeditionary Group Afghanistan ACC
463d Airlift Group Little Rock AFB, Arkansas AMC C-130
474th Operations Group Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC
476th Fighter Group Moody AFB, Georgia AFRC A-10
477th Fighter Group Elmendorf AFB, Alaska AFRC F-22
504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group Bagram AB, Afghanistan ACC
506th Air Expeditionary Group Iraq ACC
513th Air Control Group Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFRC E-3
526th ICBM Systems Group Hill AFB, Utah AFMC
563d Rescue Group Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC HH-60/HC-130
586th Air Expeditionary Group Iraq ACC
595th Space Group Schriever AFB, Colorado AFSPC
605th Air Operations Group Yokota AB, Japan PACAF
611th Air Operations Group Elmendorf AFB, Alaska PACAF
611th Air Support Group Elmendorf AFB, Alaska PACAF
615th Air Mobility Operations Group Travis AFB, California AMC
621st Air Mobility Operations Group McGuire AFB, New Jersey AMC
715th Air Mobility Operations Group Hickam AFB, Hawaii AMC
720th Special Tactics Group Hurlburt Field, Florida AFSOC
721st Air Mobility Operations Group Ramstein AB, Germany AMC
732d Air Expeditionary Group Iraq ACC
755th Air Expeditionary Group Afghanistan ACC
820th Security Forces Group Moody AFB, Georgia ACC
821st Air Base Group [3] Thule AB, Greenland AFSPC
844th Communications Group Bolling AFB, DC AFDW
926th Group Nellis AFB, Nevada AFRC
931st Air Refueling Group McConnell AFB, Kansas AFRC KC-135
943d Rescue Group Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona AFRC HH-60
Squadron Shield Location Note
4402d Tactical Training Group Shaw AFB TAC Aircraft
4450th Tactical Group AFB TAC Aircraft
6594th Test Group AFB AFSC Aircraft
6937th Communications Group Peshawar Air Station, Pakistan Aircraft
AFB Command Aircraft
7375th Combat Support Group RAF Sculthorpe, UK Command Aircraft
7499th Support Group Wiesbaden, Germany USAFE Aircraft
7575th Operations Group AFB Command Aircraft
AFB Command Aircraft
AFB Command Aircraft


USAF Historical Research Agency list of current Groups and Wings.



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