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This is a list of the candidates for the offices of President of the United States and Vice President of the United States of the modern Democratic Party of the United States.

Election year Result Nominees
President Vice President
1828 won Former Tennessee Senator
Andrew Jackson
Vice President
John C. Calhoun[1][2]
1832 won Secretary of State
Martin Van Buren
1836 won Vice President
Martin Van Buren
Kentucky Congressman
Richard Mentor Johnson[3]
1840 lost
1844 won Tennessee Governor
James K. Polk
Former Pennsylvania Senator
George M. Dallas
1848 lost Michigan Senator
Lewis Cass
Former Kentucky Congressman
William O. Butler
1852 won Former New Hampshire Senator
Franklin Pierce
Alabama Senator
William R. King[4]
1856 won Former Secretary of State
James Buchanan
Former Kentucky Congressman
John C. Breckinridge
1860 lost Illinois Senator
Stephen A. Douglas[5]
Former Georgia Governor
Herschel Vespasian Johnson[5]
lost Vice President
John C. Breckinridge[5]
Oregon Senator
Joseph Lane[5]
1864 lost General
George B. McClellan
Ohio Congressman
George H. Pendleton
1868 lost Former New York Governor
Horatio Seymour
Former Missouri Congressman
Francis Preston Blair, Jr.
1872 lost Former New York Congressman
Horace Greeley[6]
Missouri Governor
Benjamin Gratz Brown
1876 lost[7] New York Governor
Samuel J. Tilden
Indiana Governor
Thomas A. Hendricks
1880 lost General
Winfield Scott Hancock
Former Indiana Congressman
William Hayden English
1884 won New York Governor
Grover Cleveland
Former Indiana Governor
Thomas A. Hendricks[4]
1888 lost[7] Former Ohio Senator
Allen G. Thurman
1892 won Former Illinois Congressman
Adlai E. Stevenson I
1896 lost Former Nebraska Congressman
William Jennings Bryan
Arthur Sewall
1900 lost Former Vice President
Adlai E. Stevenson I
1904 lost Judge
Alton B. Parker
Former West Virginia Senator
Henry G. Davis
1908 lost Former Nebraska Congressman
William Jennings Bryan
Former Indiana Senator
John W. Kern
1912 won New Jersey Governor
Woodrow Wilson
Indiana Governor
Thomas R. Marshall
1916 won
1920 lost Ohio Governor
James M. Cox
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Franklin D. Roosevelt
1924 lost Former West Virginia Congressman
John W. Davis
Nebraska Governor
Charles W. Bryan
1928 lost New York Governor
Al Smith
Arkansas Senator
Joseph Taylor Robinson
1932 won New York Governor
Franklin D. Roosevelt[4]
House Speaker
John Nance Garner
1936 won
1940 won Secretary of Agriculture
Henry A. Wallace
1944 won Missouri Senator
Harry S. Truman
1948 won President
Harry S. Truman
Kentucky Senator
Alben W. Barkley
1952 lost Illinois Governor
Adlai Stevenson
Alabama Senator
John Sparkman
1956 lost Tennessee Senator
Estes Kefauver
1960 won Massachusetts Senator
John F. Kennedy[8]
Texas Senator
Lyndon B. Johnson
1964 won President
Lyndon B. Johnson
Minnesota Senator
Hubert Humphrey
1968 lost Vice President
Hubert Humphrey
Maine Senator
Edmund Muskie
1972 lost South Dakota Senator
George McGovern
Former Ambassador
Sargent Shriver[9]
1976 won Former Georgia Governor
Jimmy Carter
Minnesota Senator
Walter Mondale
1980 lost
1984 lost Former Vice President
Walter Mondale
New York Congresswoman
Geraldine A. Ferraro
1988 lost Massachusetts Governor
Michael Dukakis
Texas Senator
Lloyd Bentsen
1992 won Arkansas Governor
Bill Clinton
Tennessee Senator
Al Gore
1996 won
2000 lost[7] Vice President
Al Gore
Connecticut Senator
Joe Lieberman
2004 lost Massachusetts Senator
John Kerry
North Carolina Senator
John Edwards
2008 won Illinois Senator
Barack Obama
Delaware Senator
Joe Biden


  1. ^ a b No national nominating convention was held by the party until 1832; the candidates were nominated by state legislatures and state conventions for the election of 1828.
  2. ^ Resigned from office.
  3. ^ The national nominating convention made no nomination in 1840. Most Van Buren electors voted for the incumbent Richard Mentor Johnson of Kentucky for the vice presidency; others voted for Littleton Waller Tazewell of Virginia and James K. Polk of Tennessee in the election of 1840.
  4. ^ a b c Died in office (natural causes).
  5. ^ a b c d Douglas and Herschel Vespasian Johnson were chosen as the candidates of the national nominating convention after most of the Southern delegations walked out. The convention bolters soon formed their own separate national nominating convention where Breckinridge and Lane were nominated.
  6. ^ The Greeley/Brown ticket was nominated by the Liberal Republican Party and then by the Democrats. Greeley died shortly after the election, before the electoral vote was cast.
  7. ^ a b c Lost the election in the electoral college, but had the most popular votes.
  8. ^ Died in office (assassination).
  9. ^ Thomas Eagleton was nominated by the national convention but withdrew his candidacy shortly afterwards.

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