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Previous Members

Representative Years in Office Party Congressional Sessions
Ernest R. Ackerman 1919-1932 Republican 66th-72nd
Hugh J. Addonizio 1949-1962 Democrat 81st-87th
Garnett B. Adrain 1857-1860 Democrat 35th-36th
Henry C. Allen 1905-1906 Republican 59th
Stewart H. Appleby 1925-1926 Republican 69th
Theodore F. Appleby 1921-1922 Republican 67th
James C. Auchincloss 1943-1964 Republican 78th-88th
Oscar L. Auf Der Heide 1925-1934 Democrat 69th-73rd
John Bancker Aycrigg 1837-1838/1841-1842 Whig 25th,27th
Isaac Bacharach 1915-1936 Republican 64th-74th
Ezra Baker 1815-1816 Republican 14th
Jacob T. Baker 1913-1914 Democrat 63rd
Ephraim Bateman 1815-1822 Republican 14th-17th
John Beatty 1793-1794 Pro-Administration 3rd
Charles D. Beckwith 1889-1890 Republican 51st
Benjamin Bennet 1815-1816 Republican 14th
Allan Benny 1903-1904 Democrat 58th
Christopher A. Bergen 1889-1892 Republican 51st-52nd
Thomas Bines 1813-1814 Republican 13th
William F. Birch 1917-1918 Republican 65th
John T. Bird 1869-1872 Democrat 41st-42nd
James Bishop 1855-1856 Opposition Party 34th
John L. Blake 1879-1880 Republican 46th
Joseph Bloomfield 1817-1820 Republican 15th-16th
Elias Boudinot 1789-1794 Pro-Administration 1st-3rd
Adam Boyd 1803-1812 Republican 8th-12th
Robert G. Bremner 1913-1914 Democrat 63rd
John H. Brewer 1881-1884 Republican 47th-48th
Lewis A. Brigham 1879-1880 Republican 46th
George H. Brown 1851-1852 Whig 32nd
Charles Browne 1923-1924 Democrat 68th
William J. Browning 1912-1920 Republican 62nd-66th
James Buchanan 1885-1892 Republican 49th-52nd
Cornelius A. Cadmus 1891-1894 Democrat 52nd-53rd
Lambert Cadwalader 1789-1790 / 1793-1794 Pro-Administration 1st,3rd
William T. Cahill 1959-1970 Republican 86th-91st
Gordon Canfield 1941-1960 Republican 77th-86th
John Henry Capstick 1915-1918 Republican 64th-65th
Clifford P. Case 1945-1954 Republican 79th-83rd
George Cassedy 1821-1826 Republican/Jacksonian 17th-19th
Peter A. Cavicchia 1931-1936 Republican 72nd-74th
William Chetwood 1835-1836 Whig 24th
Abraham Clark 1791-1794 Pro-Administration 2nd-3rd
Alvah A. Clark 1877-1880 Democrat 45th-46th
Amos Clark, Jr. 1873-1874 Republican 43rd
Isaiah D. Clawson 1855-1858 Opposition/Republican 34th-35th
Orestes Cleveland 1869-1870 Democrat 41st
George T. Cobb 1861-1862 Democrat 37th
Lewis Condict 1811-1816/1821-1832 Republican/Adams/Anti-Jacksonian 12th-14th/17th-22nd
John Condit 1799-1802/1819-1820 Democratic-Republican 6th-7th/16th
Silas Condit 1831-1832 Anti-Jacksonian 22nd
Richard M. Cooper 1829-1832 Anti-Jacksonian 21st-22nd
William R. Cooper 1839-1840 Democrat 26th
Johnston Cornish 1893-1894 Democrat 53rd
James A. Courter 1979-1990 Republican 96th-101st
James Cox 1809-1810 Republican 11th
William Coxe, Jr. 1813-1814 Federalist 13th
Augustus W. Cutler 1875-1878 Democrat 44th-45th
William D. Daly 1899-1900 Democrat 56th
Dominick V. Daniels 1959-1976 Democrat 86th-94th
Ezra Darby 1805-1808 Republican 9th-10th
Franklin Davenport 1799-1800 Federalist 6th
Jonathan Dayton 1791-1798 Federalist 2nd-5th
Vincent J. Dellay 1957-1958 Republican 85th
Philemon Dickerson 1833-1836/1839-1840 Jacksonian/Democrat 23rd-24th/26th
Samuel A. Dobbins 1873-1876 Republican 43rd-44th
Dow H. Drukker 1913-1918 Republican 63rd-65th
John T. Dunn 1893-1894 Democrat 53rd
Bernard J. Dwyer 1981-1992 Democrat 97th-102nd
Florence P. Dwyer 1957-1972 Republican 85th-92nd
John J. Eagan 1913-1920/1923-1924 Democrat 63rd-66th/68th
Charles A. Eaton 1926-1952 Republican 69th-82nd
Joseph E. Edsall 1845-1848 Democrat 29th-30th
Ebenezer Elmer 1801-1806 Republican 7th-9th
Lucius Q.C. Elmer 1843-1844 Democrat 28th
Thomas D. English 1891-1894 Democrat 52nd-53rd
Isaac G. Farlee 1843-1844 Democrat 28th
Millicent H. Fenwick 1975-1982 Republican 94th-97th
Michael A. Ferguson 2001-2009 Republican 107th-110th
Thomas M. Ferrell 1883-1884 Democrat 48th
William H.F. Fiedler 1883-1884 Democrat 48th
George B. Fielder 1893-1894 Democrat 53rd
De Witt C. Flanagan 1901-1902 Democrat 57th
James J. Florio 1975-1990 Democrat 94th-101st
Samuel C. Forker 1871-1872 Democrat 42nd
Edwin B. Forsythe 1969-1984 Republican 91st-98th
Franklin W. Fort 1925-1930 Republican 69th-71st
Charles N. Fowler 1895-1910 Republican 54th-61st
Samuel Fowler 1833-1836 Jacksonian 23rd-24th
Samuel Fowler 1889-1892 Democrat 51st-52nd
Robert D. Franks 1993-2000 Republican 103rd-106th
Peter Hood Ballantine Frelinghuysen, Jr. 1953-1974 Republican 83rd-93rd
Cornelius E. Gallagher 1959-1972 Democrat 86th-92nd
Dean A. Gallo 1985-1994 Republican 99th-103rd
John J. Gardner 1893-1912 Republican 53rd-62nd
Daniel Garrison 1823-1826 Jacksonian Republican / Jacksonian 18th-19th
Jacob A. Geissenhainer 1889-1894 Democrat 51st-53rd
Elmer H. Geran 1923-1924 Democrat 68th
Milton W. Glenn 1957-1964 Republican 85th-88th
Edward W. Gray 1915-1918 Republican 64th-65th
Robert S. Green 1885-1886 Democrat 49th
Dudley S. Gregory 1847-1848 Whig 30th
Frank J. Guarini, Jr. 1979-1992 Democrat 96th-102nd
Charles Haight 1867-1870 Democrat 40th-41st
George A. Halsey 1867-1868/1871-1872 Republican 40th,42nd
William Halstead 1837-1838/1841-1842 Whig 25th,27th
James A. Hamill 1907-1920 Democrat 60th-66th
Robert Hamilton 1873-1876 Democrat 43rd-44th
James G. Hampton 1873-1876 Whig 43rd-44th
Thomas M. Hand 1945-1956 Republican 79th-84th
Augustus A. Hardenbergh 1875-1878/1881-1882 Democrat 44th-45th,47th
Henry S. Harris 1881-1882 Democrat 47th
Archibald C. Hart 1911-1912/1915-1916 Democrat 62nd,64th
Edward J. Hart 1935-1954 Democrat 74th-82nd
Fred A. Hartley, Jr. 1929-1948 Republican 71st-80th
Andrew K. Hay 1849-1850 Whig 31st
John W. Hazelton 1871-1874 Republican 42nd-43rd
William Helms 1801-1810 Republican 7th-11th
Henry Helstoski 1965-1976 Democrat 89th-94th
Thomas Henderson 1795-1796 Federalist 4th
John Hill 1867-1872/1881-1882 Republican 40th-42nd,47th
George Hires 1885-1888 Republican 49th-50th
Harold G. Hoffman 1927-1930 Republican 70th-71st
George Holcombe 1821-1828 Republican/Jacksonian Republican/Jacksonian 17th-20th
Harold C. Hollenbeck 1977-1982 Republican 95th-97th
James J. Howard 1965-1988 Democrat 89th-100th
Benjamin F. Howell 1895-1910 Republican 54th-61st
Charles R. Howell 1949-1954 Democrat 81st-83rd
Benjamin F. Howey 1883-1884 Republican 48th
Jacob Hufty 1809-1814 Federalist 11th-13th
Thomas H. Hughes 1829-1832 Anti-Jacksonian 21st-22nd
William Hughes 1903-1904/1907-1912 Democrat 58th,60th-62nd
William J. Hughes 1975-1994 Democrat 94th-103rd
John E. Hunt 1967-1974 Republican 90th-93rd
Elijah C. Hutchinson 1915-1922 Republican 64th-67th
John Huyler 1857-1858 Democrat 35th
James H. Imlay 1797-1800 Federalist 5th-6th
Walter S. Jeffries 1939-1940 Republican 76th
Charles S. Joelson 1961-1970 Democrat 87th-91st
Phineas Jones 1881-1882 Republican 47th
John Kean 1883-1884/1887-1888 Republican 48th,50th
Robert W. Kean 1939-1958 Republican 76th-85th
Edward A. Kenney 1933-1938 Democrat 73rd-75th
Joseph Kille 1839-1840 Democrat 26th
James G. King 1849-1850 Whig 31st
Eugene F. Kinkead 1909-1914 Democrat 61st-63rd
Charles Kinsey 1817-1820 Republican 15th-16th
Littleton Kirkpatrick 1843-1844 Democrat 28th
Aaron Kitchell 1791-1796/1799-1800 Democratic-Republican 2nd-4th,6th
Herbert Klein 1993-1994 Democrat 103rd
Paul J. Krebs 1965-1966 Democrat 89th
John Lambert 1805-1808 Democratic-Republican 9th-10th
William M. Lanning 1903-1904 Republican 58th
Eugene W. Leake 1907-1908 Democrat 60th
Thomas Lee 1833-1836 Jacksonian 23rd-24th
Joseph A. LeFante 1977-1978 Democrat 95th
Frederick R. Lehlbach 1915-1936 Republican 64th-74th
Herman Lehlbach 1885-1890 Republican 49th-51st
Samuel Lilly 1853-1854 Democrat 33rd
James Linn 1799-1800 Republican 6th
John Linn 1817-1820 Republican 15th-16th
Henry C. Loudenslager 1893-1912 Republican 53rd-62nd
Gene A. Maguire 1975-1980 Democrat 94th-96th
Joseph J. Maraziti 1973-1974 Republican 93rd
Lewis J. Martin 1913-1914 Democrat 63rd
William J. Martini 1995-1996 Republican 104th
Frank A. Mathews, Jr. 1945-1948 Republican 79th-80th
James Matlack 1821-1824 Republican/Adams-Clay Republican 17th-18th
George C. Maxwell 1811-1812 Republican 12th
John P. B. Maxwell 1837-1838/1841-1842 Whig 25th,27th
William McAdoo 1883-1890 Democrat 48th-51st
Walter I. McCoy 1911-1914 Democrat 62nd-63rd
Allan L. McDermott 1899-1906 Democrat 56th-59th
Edward F. McDonald 1891-1892 Democrat 52nd
Thomas McEwan, Jr. 1895-1898 Republican 54th-55th
Cornelius A. McGlennon 1919-1920 Democrat 66th
Thomas C. McGrath, Jr. 1965-1966 Democrat 89th
Donald H. McLean 1933-1944 Republican 73rd-78th
Frank J. McNulty 1923-1924 Democrat 68th
Helen S. Meyner 1975-1978 Democrat 94th-95th
George Middleton 1863-1864 Democrat 38th
Daniel F. Minahan 1919-1920/1923-1924 Democrat 66th,68th
Joseph G. Minish 1963-1984 Democrat 88th-98th
Paul J. Moore 1927-1928 Democrat 70th
William Moore 1867-1870 Republican 40th-41st
James Morgan 1811-1812 Republican 12th
James Mott 1801-1804 Republican 7th-8th
Thomas Newbold 1807-1812 Republican 10th-12th
William A. Newell 1847-1850/1865-1866 Whig/Republican 30th-31st,39th
John T. Nixon 1859-1862 Republican 36th-37th
Mary T. Norton 1925-1950 Democrat 69th-81st
Charles F. X. O'Brien 1921-1924 Democrat 67th-68th
Edward L. O'Neill 1937-1938 Democrat 75th
Archibald E. Olpp 1921-1922 Republican 67th
Frank C. Osmers, Jr. 1939-1942/1951-1964 Republican 76th-77th,82nd-88th
Michael J. Pappas 1997-1998 Republican 105th
James Parker 1833-1836 Jacksonian 23rd-24th
Richard W. Parker 1895-1922 Republican 54th-67th
Edward J. Patten 1963-1980 Democrat 88th-96th
Francis F. Patterson, Jr. 1919-1926 Republican 66th-69th
Thomas B. Peddie 1877-1878 Republican 45th
Alexander C. M. Pennington 1853-1856 Whig/Opposition Party 33rd-34th
William Pennington 1859-1860 Republican 36th
Randolph Perkins 1921-1936 Republican 67th-74th
Nehemiah Perry 1861-1864 Democrat 37th-38th
James N. Pidcock 1873-1874/1885-1888 Republican 43rd,48th-50th
Isaac Pierson 1827-1830 Adams/Anti-Jacksonian 20th-21st
Mahlon Pitney 1895-1898 Republican 54th-55th
David L. Powers 1933-1946 Republican 73rd-79th
Le Gage Pratt 1907-1908 Democrat 60th
Rodman M. Price 1851-1852 Democrat 32nd
John H. Pugh 1877-1878 Republican 45th
Amos H. Radcliffe 1919-1922 Republican 66th-67th
John R. Ramsey 1917-1920 Republican 65th-66th
James F. Randolph 1827-1832 Adams/Anti-Jacksonian 20th-22nd
Joseph F. Randolph 1837-1842 Whig 25th-27th
Jetur R. Riggs 1859-1860 Anti-Lecompton Democrat 36th
Matthew J. Rinaldo 1973-1992 Republican 93rd-102nd
George R. Robbins 1855-1858 Opposition Party/Republican 34th-35th
George M. Robeson 1879-1882 Republican 46th-47th
Peter W. Rodino, Jr. 1949-1988 Democrat 81st-100th
Robert A. Roe 1969-1992 Democrat 91st-102nd
Andrew J. Rogers 1863-1866 Democrat 38th-39th
Miles Ross 1875-1882 Democrat 44th-47th
Marge Roukema 1981-2002 Republican 97th-107th
John Runk 1845-1846 Whig 29th
Daniel B. Ryall 1839-1840 Democrat 26th
Joshua S. Salmon 1899-1902 Democrat 56th-57th
Charles W. Sandman, Jr. 1967-1974 Republican 90th-93rd
Hugh James Saxton 1984-2009 Republican 98th-110th
Ferdinand S. Schenck 1833-1834 Jacksonian 23rd-24th
James Schureman 1789-1790/1797-1798/1813-1814 Federalist 1st,5th,13th
Isaac W. Scudder 1873-1874 Republican 43rd
John A. Scudder 1809-1810 Republican 11th
Thomas J. Scully 1911-1920 Democrat 62nd-66th
George N. Seger 1923-1940 Republican 68th-76th
William N. Shinn 1833-1836 Jacksonian 23rd-24th
Alfred D. Sieminski 1951-1958 Democrat 82nd-85th
Clement H. Sinnickson 1875-1878 Republican 44th-45th
Thomas Sinnickson 1789-1790/1797-1798 Pro-Administration/Federalist 1st,5th
Thomas Sinnickson 1827-1828 Adams 20th
Charles Sitgreaves 1865-1868 Democrat 39th-40th
Charles Skelton 1851-1854 Democrat 32nd-33rd
James Sloan 1803-1808 Republican 8th-10th
Bernard Smith 1819-1820 Republican 16th
Hezekiah B. Smith 1879-1880 Democrat 46th
Issac Smith 1795-1796 Federalist 4th
Henry Southard 1801-1810/1815-1820 Republican 7th-11th,14th-16th
Issac Southard 1831-1832 Anti-Jacksonian 22nd
John F. Starr 1863-1866 Republican 38th-39th
William G. Steele 1861-1864 Democrat 37th-38th
James F. Stewart 1895-1902 Republican 54th-57th
Percy H. Stewart 1931-1932 Democrat 72nd
Richard Stockton 1813-1814 Federalist 13th
Charles C. Stratton 1837-1838/1841-1842 Whig 25th,27th
John L. N. Stratton 1859-1862 Republican 36th-37th
Nathan T. Stratton 1851-1854 Democrat 32nd-33rd
Frank L. Sundstrom 1943-1948 Republican 78th-80th
William H. Sutphin 1931-1942 Democrat 72nd-77th
Samuel Swan 1821-1830 Republican/Jackson Republican/Adams/Anti-Jacksonian 17th-21st
George Sykes 1843-1846 Democrat 28th-29th
Herbert W. Taylor 1921-1922/1925-1926 Republican 67th,69th
Frederick H. Teese 1875-1876 Democrat 44th
John P. Thomas 1937-1950 Republican 75th-81st
Frank Thompson, Jr. 1955-1980 Democrat 84th-96th
Hedge Thompson 1827-1828 Unaffiliated 20th
Mark Thomson 1795-1798 Federalist 4th-5th
Robert G. Torricelli 1983-1996 Democrat 98th-104th
Henry L. Towe 1943-1952 Republican 78th-82nd
Frank W. Towey, Jr. 1937-1938 Democrat 75th
Edward W. Townsend 1911-1914 Democrat 62nd-63rd
Ebenezer Tucker 1825-1828 Unaffiliated 19th-20th
Thomas J. Tumulty 1955-1956 Democrat 84th
William E. Tuttle, Jr. 1911-1914 Democrat 62nd-63rd
George Vail 1853-1856 Democrat 33rd-34th
John Van Dyke 1847-1850 Whig 30th-31st
Marshall Van Winkle 1905-1906 Republican 59th
Charles H. Voorhis 1879-1880 Republican 46th
Albert L. Vreeland 1939-1942 Republican 76th-77th
Peter D. Vroom 1839-1840 Democrat 26th
George M. Wallhauser 1959-1964 Republican 86th-88th
Allan B. Walsh 1913-1914 Democrat 63rd
Marcus L. Ward 1873-1874 Republican 43rd
Thomas Ward 1813-1816 Republican 13th-14th
Elmer H. Wene 1937-1938/1941-1944 Democrat 75th,77th-78th
William B. Widnall 1949-1974 Republican 81st-93rd
Issac Wildrick 1849-1852 Democrat 31st-32nd
William H. Wiley 1903-1910 Republican 58th-59th,61st
Harrison A. Williams, Jr. 1953-1956 Democrat 83rd-84th
Charles A. Wolverton 1927-1958 Republican 70th-85th
Ira W. Wells 1903-1912 Republican 58th-62nd
Jacob R. Wortendyke 1857-1858 Democrat 35th
Edwin R. V. Wright 1865-1866 Democrat 39th
Samuel G. Wright 1845-1846 Whig 29th
William Wright 1843-1846 Whig 28th-29th
Thomas J. Yorke 1837-1838/1841-1842 Whig 25th,27th
Richard Zimmer 1991-1996 Republican 102nd-104th

Current members, listed by district

District Name Year Entered Congress
1st Robert E. Andrews 1989
2nd Frank LoBiondo 1995
3rd John Adler 2009
4th Chris Smith 1981
5th Scott Garrett 2003
6th Frank Pallone Jr. 1987
7th Leonard Lance 2009
8th Bill Pascrell Jr. 1997
9th Steven Rothman 1997
10th Donald M. Payne 1989
11th Rodney Frelinghuysen 1995
12th Rush D. Holt, Jr. 1999
13th Albio Sires 2006


Key to party COLORS and ABBREVIATIONS for Members of the U.S. Congress
American (Know-Nothing) (K-N)
Adams (A) /
Anti-Jacksonian (Anti-J) /
National Republican (NR)
Anti-Administration (Anti-Admin)
Anti-Masonic (Anti-M)
Democratic (D)
Democratic-Republican (D-R)
Farmer-Labor (FL)
Federalist (F)
Free Soil (FS)
Free Silver (FSv)
Greenback (GB)
Jacksonian (J)
Non-Partisan League (NPL)
Nullifier (N) /
States' rights (SR)
Dixicrat (Dix)
Opposition (O)
Populist (Pop)
Pro-Administration (Pro-Admin)
Progressive (Prog)
Prohibition (Proh)
Readjuster (Rea)
Republican (R)
Socialist (Soc)
Unionist (U)
Whig (W)
Independent /
Unaffiliated or
changed during term




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