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Representative Party District Years District home Note
A. Herr Smith Republican
A. Mitchell Palmer Democratic
Aaron Lyle Democratic-Republican
Aaron S. Kreider Republican
Abner Lacock Democratic-Republican
Abraham A. Barker Republican
Abraham L. Keister Republican
Abraham R. McIlvaine Whig
Adam J. Glossbrenner Democratic
Adam King Jacksonian
Adam M. Wyant Republican
Adam Seybert Democratic-Republican
Adamson Tannehill Democratic-Republican
Alan Wood, Jr. Republican
Albert C. Hopkins Republican
Albert C. Vaughn Republican
Albert G. Egbert Democratic
Albert G. Rutherford Republican
Albert Gallatin Marchand Democratic
Albert Gallatin Democratic-Republican
Albert W. Johnson Republican
Alem Marr Jacksonian
Alexander Billmeyer Democratic
Alexander C. White Republican
Alexander G. Cochran Democratic
Alexander H. Coffroth Democratic
Alexander Irvin Whig
Alexander K. Craig Democratic
Alexander McDowell Republican
Alexander Ogle Democratic-Republican
Alexander Ramsey Whig
Alexander Thomson Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Alexander W. Taylor Republican
Alfred B. Garner Republican
Alfred C. Harmer Republican
Alfred Gilmore Democratic
Alfred M. Waldron Republican
Allen E. Ertel Democratic
Allen F. Cooper Republican
Allison White Democratic
Allyson Schwartz Democratic
Almon H. Read Democratic
Alvin Bush Republican
Alvin Evans Republican
Amos Gustine Democratic
Amos Myers Republican
Amos Slaymaker Federalist
Anderson H. Walters Republican
Andrew Beaumont Jacksonian
Andrew Boden Democratic-Republican
Andrew Buchanan Jacksonian
Andrew G. Curtin Democratic
Andrew Gregg Anti-Administration
Andrew Gregg Democratic-Republican
Andrew J. Barchfeld Republican
Andrew J. Ogle Whig
Andrew Parker Democratic
Andrew R. Brodbeck Democratic
Andrew Stewart Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Andrew Stewart Anti-Masonic
Andrew Stewart Democratic-Republican
Andrew Stewart Whig
Andrew Stewart Republican
Anthony Cavalcante Democratic
Anthony E. Roberts Independent Whig
Anthony E. Roberts Republican
Archibald McAllister Democratic
Arnold Plumer Democratic
Arthur G. Dewalt Democratic
Arthur L. Bates Republican
Arthur R. Rupley Republican
Asa Packer Democratic
Athelston Gaston Democratic
Augustine B. Kelley Democratic
Augustus Drum Democratic
Austin J. Murphy Democratic
Benjamin A. Bidlack Democratic
Benjamin F. James Republican
Benjamin F. Junkin Republican
Benjamin F. Meyers Democratic
Benjamin Jarrett Republican
Benjamin K. Focht Republican
Benjamin M. Boyer Democratic
Benjamin M. Golder Republican
Benjamin Say Democratic-Republican
Bill Shuster Republican
Blair McClenachan Democratic-Republican
Bruce F. Sterling Democratic
Bud Shuster Republican
C. Frederick Pracht Republican
C. Murray Turpin Republican
C. William Beales Republican
Caleb N. Taylor Republican
Calvin W. Gilfillan Republican
Carl H. Hoffman Republican
Carlton B. Curtis Republican
Carlton B. Curtis Democratic
Carroll D. Kearns Republican
Chaka Fattah Democratic
Chapin Hall Republican
Chapman Freeman Republican
Charles Albright Republican
Charles Augustus Barnitz Anti-Masonic
Charles Brown Democratic
Charles C. Bowman Republican
Charles C. Pratt Republican
Charles C. Townsend Republican
Charles Denison Democratic
Charlie Dent Republican
Charles E. Boyle Democratic
Charles E. Dietrich Democratic
Charles E. Patton Republican
Charles F. Barclay Republican
Charles F. Dougherty Republican
Charles F. Wright Republican
Charles H. Dickerman Democratic
Charles H. Rowland Republican
Charles I. Faddis Democratic
Charles J. Biddle Democratic
Charles J. Esterly Republican
Charles J. Ingersoll Democratic-Republican
Charles J. Ingersoll Democratic
Charles L. Gerlach Republican
Charles M. Reed Whig
Charles Matthews Republican
Charles McClure Democratic
Charles Miner Jacksonian
Charles N. Brumm Republican
Charles N. Brumm GB
Charles N. Crosby Democratic
Charles Naylor Whig
Charles O'Neill Republican
Charles Ogle Anti-Masonic
Charles R. Buckalew Democratic
Charles R. Connell Republican
Charles R. Eckert Democratic
Charles V. Culver Republican
Charles W. Pitman Whig
Charles W. Stone Republican
Chauncey Forward Jacksonian
Chester H. Gross Republican
Chester P. Butler Whig
Christian Lower Democratic-Republican
Christian M. Straub Democratic
Christian Tarr Democratic-Republican
Christopher Carney Democratic
Clare G. Fenerty Republican
Clarence D. Coughlin Republican
Constantine J. Erdman Democratic
Cornelius C. Jadwin Republican
Cornelius Darragh Whig
Curt Weldon Republican
Curtis H. Gregg Democratic
Cyrus M. Palmer Republican
D. Emmert Brumbaugh Republican
Daniel B. Heiner Republican
Daniel Ermentrout Democratic
Daniel Ermentrout Democratic
Daniel F. Lafean Republican
Daniel H. Miller Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Daniel H. Miller Jacksonian
Daniel Hiester Democratic-Republican
Daniel Hiester Anti-Administration
Daniel Hiester Democratic-Republican
Daniel J. Flood Democratic
Daniel J. Morrell Republican
Daniel K. Hoch Democratic
Daniel M. Van Auken Democratic
Daniel Montgomery, Jr. Democratic-Republican
Daniel Sheffer Democratic
Daniel Udree Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Daniel Udree Democratic-Republican
Daniel W. Connolly Democratic
Darwin A. Finney Republican
Darwin Phelps Republican
David B. Brunner Democratic
David Barclay Democratic
David Bard Democratic-Republican
David D. Wagener Democratic
David D. Wagener Jacksonian
David F. Robison Opposition
David Fullerton Democratic-Republican
David Marchand Democratic-Republican
David Petrikin Democratic
David Potts, Jr. Anti-Masonic
David Ritchie Opposition
David Ritchie Republican
David Ritchie Whig
David Scott Democratic-Republican
David Wilmot Democratic
Davis Dimock, Jr. Democratic
Denis J. Driscoll Democratic
Don Gingery Democratic
Don Sherwood Republican
Donald A. Bailey Democratic
Don Ritter Republican
Doug Walgren Democratic
Douglas H. Elliott Republican
E. Wallace Chadwick Republican
Earl Chudoff Democratic
Earl H. Beshlin Democratic
Ebenezer McJunkin Republican
Edgar R. Kiess Republican
Edgar R. Kiess Republican
Edmund F. Erk Republican
Edmund N. Carpenter Republican
Edmund W. Samuel Republican
Edward Burd Hubley Democratic
Edward Burd Hubley Jacksonian
Edward Crouch Democratic-Republican
Edward D. Ziegler Democratic
Edward Darlington Anti-Masonic
Edward Davies Anti-Masonic
Edward Davies Anti-Masonic
Edward de Veaux Morrell Republican
Edward E. Robbins Republican
Edward G. Biester, Jr. Republican
Edward J. Bonin Republican
Edward J. Morris Whig
Edward L. Sittler, Jr. Republican
Edward L. Stokes Republican
Edward M. Beers Republican
Edward McPherson Republican
Edward Overton, Jr. Republican
Edward S. Brooks Republican
Edward Scull Republican
Edwin D. Eshleman Republican
Edwin Hallowell Democratic
Edwin J. Jorden Republican
Edwin S. Osborne Republican
Elias Deemer Republican
Elijah Babbitt Republican
Elmer J. Holland Democratic
Enos Hook Democratic
Ephraim L. Acker Democratic
Ephraim M. Woomer Republican
Ernest F. Acheson Republican
Espy Van Horne Jacksonian
Eugene Atkinson Democratic
Eugene P. Gillespie Democratic
Evan J. Jones Republican
Everett Kent Democratic
Francis D. Collins Democratic
Francis E. Walter Democratic
Francis J. Harper Democratic
Francis J. Myers Democratic
Francis James Anti-Masonic
Francis James Whig
Francis R. Smith Democratic
Frank Buchanan Democratic
Frank C. Bunnell Republican
Frank C. Sites Democratic
Frank E. Beltzhoover Democratic
Frank G. Harrison Democratic
Frank J.G. Dorsey Democratic
Frank M. Clark Democratic
Frank Mascara Democratic
Franklin Bound Republican
Franklin H. Lichtenwalter Republican
Franklin J. Maloney Republican
Franklin L. Dershem Democratic
Franklin Menges Republican
Fred B. Gernerd Republican
Fred B. Rooney Democratic
Fred C. Gartner Republican
Fred C. Leonard Republican
Fred E. Lewis Republican
Frederick A. Muhlenberg Republican
Frederick Conrad Democratic-Republican
Frederick Halterman Republican
Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg Pro-Administration
Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg Anti-Administration
Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg Democratic-Republican
Frederick W. Magrady Republican
G. Robert Watkins Republican
G. Robert Watkins Republican
Galusha A. Grow Republican
Galusha A. Grow Democratic
Gary A. Myers Republican
George A. Castor Republican
George A. Jenks Democratic
George A. Post Democratic
George A. Welsh Republican
George Atlee Goodling Republican
George Burd National Republican
George Chambers Anti-Masonic
George Clymer Pro-Administration
George D. McCreary Republican
George Denison Democratic-Republican
George Ege Federalist
George F. Brumm Republican
George F. Huff Republican
George F. Kribbs Democratic
George F. Miller Republican 14 1865-69
George Fuller Democratic
George G. Leiper Jacksonian
George Gekas Republican
George Howell Democratic
George J. Benner Democratic
George Kremer Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
George Kremer Jacksonian
George M. Keim Democratic
George M. Rhodes Democratic
George M. Wertz Republican
George McCulloch Democratic
George N. Eckert Whig
George P. Darrow Republican
George Plumer Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
George R. Patterson Republican
George S. Graham Republican
George Shiras III Independent Republican
George Smith Democratic-Republican
George V.E. Lawrence Republican
George W. Edmonds Republican
George W. Fleeger Republican
George W. Kipp Democratic
George W. Sarbacher, Jr. Republican
George W. Scranton Republican
George W. Shonk Republican
George W. Woodward Democratic
George Washington Toland Whig
George Wolf Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Glenni W. Scofield Republican
Grant Furlong Democratic
Gus Yatron Democratic
Gustav A. Schneebeli Republican
Guy E. Campbell Republican
Guy E. Campbell Democratic
Guy J. Swope Democratic
Guy L. Moser Democratic
H. John Heinz III Republican
Hardie Scott Republican
Harmar D. Denny, Jr. Republican
Harmar Denny Anti-Masonic
Harris J. Bixler Republican
Harry A. Estep Republican
Harry C. Ransley Republican
Harry C. Ransley Republican
Harry J. Davenport Democratic
Harry L. Haines Democratic
Harry P. O'Neill Democratic
Harry White Republican
Harve Tibbott Republican
Hendrick B. Wright Democratic
Hendrick B. Wright GB
Henry A. Clark Republican
Henry A. Muhlenberg Democratic
Henry A. P. Muhlenberg Democratic
Henry A. P. Muhlenberg Jacksonian
Henry B. Cassel Republican
Henry Baldwin Democratic-Republican
Henry Black Whig
Henry Burk Republican
Henry C. Longnecker Republican
Henry C. McCormick Republican
Henry Chapman Democratic
Henry D. Foster Democratic
Henry D. Green Democratic
Henry D. Moore Whig
Henry Ellenbogen Democratic
Henry Frick Whig
Henry H. Bingham Republican
Henry Horn Jacksonian
Henry J. Steele Democratic
Henry K. Porter Independent Republican
Henry King Jacksonian
Henry L. Cake Republican
Henry Logan Democratic
Henry Logan Jacksonian
Henry M. Brackenridge Whig
Henry M. Fuller Opposition
Henry M. Fuller Whig
Henry M. Phillips Democratic
Henry Nes Independent Democrat
Henry Nes Whig
Henry Sherwood Democratic
Henry W. Palmer Republican
Henry W. Temple Prog.
Henry W. Temple Republican
Henry W. Tracy Independent Republican
Henry Winfield Watson Republican
Henry White Beeson Democratic
Henry Wilson Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Henry Wilson Jacksonian
Henry Woods Federalist
Henry Wynkoop Pro-Administration
Herbert J. McGlinchey Democratic
Herbert W. Cummings Democratic
Herman P. Eberharter Democratic
Herman T. Schneebeli Republican
Herman Toll Democratic
Hiester Clymer Democratic
Hiram L. Richmond Republican
Horace B. Packer Republican
Horace Binney National Republican
Horatio G. Fisher Republican
Howard E. Campbell Republican
Howard Mutchler Democratic
Howard W. Stull Republican
Hugh Glasgow Democratic-Republican
Hugh Scott Republican
Hugh Scott Republican
I. Clinton Kline Republican
Innis Green Jacksonian
Ira W. Drew Democratic
Irving P. Wanger Republican
Irving P. Wanger Republican
Isaac Anderson Democratic-Republican
Isaac Darlington Federalist
Isaac E. Hiester Whig
Isaac Griffin Democratic-Republican
Isaac H. Doutrich Republican
Isaac Leet Democratic
Isaac N. Evans Republican
Isaac Smith Democratic-Republican
Isaac Van Horne Democratic-Republican
Isaac Wayne Jackson Federalisteralist
Israel Jacobs Pro-Administration
Ivor D. Fenton Republican
J. Banks Kurtz Republican
J. Buell Snyder Democratic
J. Buell Snyder Democratic
J. Burrwood Daly Democratic
J. Davis Brodhead Democratic
J. Glancy Jones Democratic
J. Hampton Moore Republican
J. Harold Flannery Democratic
J. Howard Swick Republican
J. Irving Whalley Republican
J. Mitchell Chase Republican
J. Roland Kinzer Republican
J. Russell Leech Republican
J. Twing Brooks Democratic
J. Washington Logue Democratic
J. William Ditter Republican
J. N. Langham Republican
Jacob Broom Know-Nothing
Jacob Erdman Democratic
Jacob Fry, Jr. Jacksonian
Jacob Fry, Jr. Democratic
Jacob Hibshman Democratic-Republican
Jacob Hostetter Democratic-Republican
Jacob K. McKenty Democratic
Jacob Krebs Jacksonian
Jacob M. Campbell Republican
Jacob Richards Democratic-Republican
Jacob S. Yost Democratic
Jacob Spangler Democratic-Republican
Jacob Turney Democratic
James A. Byrne Democratic
James A. Gallagher Republican
James A. Stahle Republican
James A. Wright Democratic
James Allison, Jr. Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
James Armstrong Pro-Administration
James B. Everhart Republican
James B. Reilly Democratic
James Black Jacksonian
James Black Democratic
James Buchanan Jackson Federalisteralist
James Buchanan Jacksonian
Samuel Edwards Jacksonian
James C. Greenwood Republican
James Cooper Whig
James D. Strawbridge Republican
James D. Weaver Republican
James Duncan Democratic-Republican
James E. Van Zandt Republican
James F. Burke Republican
James F. Lind Democratic
James Ford Jacksonian
James G. Fulton Republican
James Gamble Democratic
James Gerry Democratic
James H. Campbell Opposition
James H. Codding Republican
James H. Gildea Democratic
James H. Hopkins Democratic
James H. Osmer Republican
James Harper National Republican
James Irvin Whig
James J. Connolly Republican
James K. Coyne III Republican
James K. Moorhead Republican
James K.P. Hall Democratic
James Kelly Federalist
James Kerr Democratic
James L. Getz Democratic
James L. Gillis Democratic
James L. Nelligan Republican
James L. Quinn Democratic
James Landy Democratic
James M. Beck Republican
James M. Hazlett Republican
James M. Magee Republican
James M. Quigley Democratic
James M. Wallace Democratic-Republican
James McPherson Russell Whig
James McSherry Federalist
James Milnor Federalist
James Mosgrove GB
James P. McGranery Democratic
James P. Scoblick Republican
James Pollock Whig
James R. Young Republican
James S. Biery Republican
James S. Mitchell Democratic-Republican
James S. Negley Republican
James S. Stevenson
James Sheakley Democratic
James T. Hale Republican
James T. Hale Independent Republican
James T. Maffett Republican
James Thompson Democratic
James W. Brown Independent Republican
James W. Ryan Democratic
James Whitehill Democratic-Republican
James Wilson Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
James Wilson Jacksonian
James Wolfenden Republican
James X. McLanahan Democratic
Jared Irwin Democratic-Republican
Jason Altmire Democratic
Jasper E. Brady Whig
Jeremiah Brown Whig
Jesse C. Dickey Whig
Jesse L. Hartman Republican
Jesse Lazear Democratic
Jesse Miller Jacksonian
Jim Gerlach Republican
Job Mann Jacksonian
Job Mann Democratic
Job R. Tyson Whig
Joe Sestak Democratic
Joel B. Danner Democratic
Joel Barlow Sutherland Jacksonian
Joel Cook Republican
Joel K. Mann Jacksonian
John A. Ahl Democratic
John A. Hiestand Republican
John A. Lafore, Jr. Republican
John A. Magee Democratic
John A. Morrison Democratic
John A. Swope Democratic
John Allison Opposition
John Allison Whig
John Andre Hanna Democratic-Republican
John B. Packer Republican
John B. Robinson Republican
John B. Storm Democratic
John Banks Anti-Masonic
John Baptiste Charles Lucas Democratic-Republican
John Benton Sterigere Jacksonian
John Blanchard Whig
John Brisbin Democratic
John Brown Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
John Brown Democratic-Republican
John C. Bucher Jacksonian
John C. Kunkel Republican
John C. Sturtevant Republican
John Cadwalader Democratic
John Cessna Republican
John Chapman Federalist
John Christian Kunkel Republican
John Christian Kunkel Whig
John Conard Democratic-Republican
John Covode Opposition
John Covode Republican
John D. Patton Democratic
John D. Stiles Democratic
John Dalzell Republican
John Davis Democratic
John Dick Opposition
John Dick Republican
John Dick Whig
John Dickey Whig
John E. Peterson Republican
John E. Reyburn Republican
John E. Sheridan Democratic
John Edwards Anti-Masonic
John Edwards Whig
John Findlay Democratic-Republican
John Freedley Whig
John G. McHenry Democratic
John G. Montgomery Democratic
John G. Watmough National Republican
John Galbraith Jacksonian
John Galbraith Democratic
John Gilmore Jacksonian
John Gloninger Federalist
John H. Dent Democratic
John H. Ewing Whig
John H. Rothermel Democratic
John H. Ware III Republican
John H. Wilson Democratic
John Hahn Democratic-Republican
John Hamilton Democratic-Republican
John Hickman Anti-Lecompton Democrat
John Hickman Republican
John Hickman Democratic
John Hiester Democratic-Republican
John Hoge Democratic-Republican
John H. Campbell Know-Nothing
John I. Mitchell Republican
John J. Casey Democratic
John J. Pearce Opposition
John James Pearson National Republican
John K. Tener Republican
John Klingensmith, Jr. Jacksonian
John L. Dawson Democratic
John Laporte Jacksonian
John Leisenring Republican
John Lynch Democratic
John M. Broomall Republican
John M. Hyneman Democratic-Republican
John M. Morin Republican
John M. Reynolds Republican
John M. Rose Republican
John M. Thompson Republican
John McCulloch Whig
John McDowell Republican
John McNair Democratic
John Mitchell Jacksonian
John Moffet Democratic
John Murray Democratic-Republican
John P. Murtha Democratic
John P. Saylor Republican
John P. Verree Republican
John Patton Republican
John Phillips Federalist
John Porter Democratic-Republican
John Pugh Democratic-Republican
John R. Edie Republican
John R. Farr Republican
John R. Reading Democratic
John R.K. Scott Republican
John Rea Democratic-Republican
John Reber Republican
John Reilly Democratic
John Richards Federalist
John Ritter Democratic
John Robbins Democratic
John Ross Democratic-Republican
John Schwartz Anti-Lecompton Democrat
John Scott Jacksonian
John Sergeant Adams
John Sergeant Whig
John Smilie Anti-Administration
John Snyder Democratic
John Stewart Democratic-Republican
John Strohm Whig
John Swanwick Democratic-Republican
John T. Lenahan Democratic
John T. Smith Democratic
John Tod Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
John Tod Democratic-Republican
John V. Creely Independent Republican
John V. Lesher Democratic
John W. Farrelly Whig
John W. Howe FS
John W. Howe Whig
John W. Killinger Republican
John W. Kittera Pro-Administration
John W. Kittera Federalist
John W. Murphy Democratic
John W. Rife Republican
John W. Ryon Democratic
John W. Wallace Republican
John Westbrook Democratic
John Whitehill Democratic-Republican
John Whiteside Democratic-Republican
John Wood Republican
John Woods Federalist
John Wurts Jacksonian
Jon D. Fox Republican
Jonathan Knight Opposition
Jonathan Roberts Democratic-Republican
Jonathan Williams Democratic-Republican
Joseph A. McArdle Democratic
Joseph A. Scranton Republican
Joseph B. Donley Republican
Joseph B. Showalter Republican
Joseph Bailey Democratic
Joseph Biles Anthony Jacksonian
Joseph Buffington Whig
Joseph C. Sibley Republican
Joseph C. Sibley Democratic
Joseph Casey Whig
Joseph Clay Democratic-Republican
Joseph E. Thropp Republican
Joseph F. Biddle Republican
Joseph F. Smith Democratic
Joseph Fornance Democratic
Joseph Fry, Jr. Jacksonian
Joseph G. Beale Republican
Joseph Gray Democratic
Joseph H. Kuhns Whig
Joseph H. Shull Democratic
Joseph Hemphill Jackson Federalist
Joseph Hemphill Jacksonian
Joseph Henderson Jacksonian
Joseph Hiester Democratic-Republican
Joseph Hopkinson Federalist
Joseph J. Hart Democratic
Joseph L. Carrigg Republican
Joseph Lawrence Jacksonian
Joseph Lawrence Whig
Joseph Lefever Democratic-Republican
Joseph M. Gaydos Democratic
Joseph M. Hoeffel Democratic
Joseph M. McDade Republican
Joseph M. Pratt Republican
Joseph McLaughlin Republican
Joseph P. Kolter Democratic
Joseph P. Vigorito Democratic
Joseph Powell Democratic
Joseph R. Chandler Whig
Joseph R. Ingersoll National Republican
Joseph R. Ingersoll Whig
Joseph R. Pitts Republican
Joseph S. Ammerman Democratic
Joseph W. Ray Republican
Joshua Eilberg Democratic
Joshua Evans, Jr. Jacksonian
Joshua W. Swartz Republican
Josiah D. Hicks Republican
Karl C. King Republican
Kathryn E. Granahan Democratic
Laird H. Barber Democratic
Laurence H. Watres Republican
Lawrence G. Williams Republican
Lazarus D. Shoemaker Republican
Lemuel Amerman Democratic
Lemuel Paynter Democratic
Lemuel Todd Republican
Leon H. Gavin Republican
Leon Sacks Democratic
Leonard Myers Republican
Levi A. Mackey Democratic
Levi Maish Democratic
Levi Pawling Federalist
Lewis C. Levin Know-Nothing
Lewis Dewart Jacksonian
Lewis F. Watson Republican
Louis E. Atkinson Republican
Louis E. Graham Republican
Louis T. McFadden Republican
Lucien E. Blackwell Democratic
Ludwig Worman Federalist
Luther Reily Democratic
M. Clyde Kelly Prog.
M. Clyde Kelly Republican
Mahlon M. Garland Republican
Marc L. Marks Republican
Marcus C.L. Kline Democratic
Marjorie Margolies- Mezvinsky Democratic
Marlin E. Olmsted Republican
Marriott Brosius Republican
Martin R. Thayer Republican
Mathias Morris National Republican
Mathias Morris Whig
Matthew A. Dunn Democratic
Matthew Griswold Republican
Matthias Richards Democratic-Republican
Melissa Hart Republican
Mial E. Lilley Republican
Michael C. Trout Democratic
Michael Donohoe Democratic
Michael F. Doyle Democratic
Michael H. Jenks Whig
Michael J. Bradley Democratic
Michael J. Muldowney Republican
Michael J. Myers Democratic
Michael J. Stack Democratic
Michael Leib Democratic-Republican
Michael Liebel, Jr. Democratic
Michael W. Ash Jacksonian
Michael Fitzpatrick Republican
Milo M. Dimmick Democratic
Milton W. Shreve Republican
Milton W. Shreve Independent Republican
Mitchell Jenkins Republican
Monroe H. Kulp Republican
Morgan B. Williams Republican
Morgan R. Wise Democratic
Mortimer F. Elliott Democratic
Moses Hampton Whig
Moses McClean Democratic
Myer Strouse Democratic
Myron B. Wright Republican
Nathan L. Strong Republican
Nathaniel N. Craley, Jr. Democratic
Nelson P. Wheeler Republican
Ner Middleswarth Whig
Norman Hall Democratic
Norton L. Litchtenwalner Democratic
Oliver J. Dickey Republican
Oliver W. Frey Democratic
Orrin D. Bleakley Republican
Oscar L. Jackson Republican
Owen D. Leib Democratic
Owen Jones Democratic
Patrick Farrelly Democratic-Republican
Patrick J. Boland Democratic
Patrick J. Sullivan Republican
Patrick J. Toomey Republican
Patrick McLane Democratic
Patrick Murphy Democratic
Paul A. Stephens Democratic
Paul B. Dague Republican
Paul E. Kanjorski Democratic
Paul F. McHale, Jr. Democratic
Paul Leidy Democratic
Peter E. Costello Republican
Peter H. Kostmayer Democratic
Peter Ihrie, Jr. Jacksonian
Peter J. De Muth Democratic
Peter M. Speer Republican
Peter G. Muhlenberg Democratic-Republican
Peter Newhard Democratic
Phil English Republican
Philander Stephens Jacksonian
Philip Johnson Democratic
Philip Swenk Markley Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
R. Lawrence Coughlin Republican
Raymond F. Lederer Democratic
Reuben K. Bachman Democratic
Reuben O. Moon Republican
Richard Biddle Anti-Masonic
Richard Brodhead Democratic
Richard Coulter Jacksonian
Richard J. Haldeman Democratic
Richard M. Simpson Republican
Richard S. Schweiker Republican
Richard T. Schulze Republican
Richard Thomas Federalist
Richard Vaux Democratic
Rick Santorum Republican
Robert A. Borski, Jr. Democratic
Robert A. Brady Democratic
Robert Adams, Jr. Republican
Robert Allison Anti-Masonic
Robert Brown Democratic-Republican
Robert D. Heaton Republican
Robert E. Difenderfer Democratic
Robert E. Lee Democratic
Robert F. Hopwood Republican
Robert F. Rich Republican
Robert G. Allen Democratic
Robert G. Bushong Republican
Robert H. Foerderer Republican
Robert Hanna Hammond Democratic
Robert Harris Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Robert J. Corbett Republican
Robert J. Lewis Republican
Robert J.C. Walker Republican
Robert Jenkins Federalist
Robert Klotz Democratic
Robert L. Coffey, Jr. Democratic
Robert L. Davis Republican
Robert L. Rodgers Republican
Robert L. Rodgers Republican
Robert M. Speer Democratic
Robert M. Yardley Republican
Robert McCoy Jacksonian
Robert McKnight Republican
Robert Moore Democratic-Republican
Robert N. McGarvey Republican
Robert N.C. Nix Democratic
Robert Orr, Jr.
Robert Philson Democratic-Republican
Robert R. Reed Whig
Robert Ramsey Jacksonian
Robert Ramsey Whig
Robert S. Walker Republican
Robert W. Edgar Democratic
Robert Waln Federalist
Robert Whitehill Democratic-Republican
Roger Davis Democratic-Republican
Roger Davis Democratic-Republican
Ronald Klink Democratic
Rufus K. Polk Democratic
Russell Errett Republican
S. Newton Pettis Republican
S. Walter Stauffer Republican
Samuel A. Bridges Democratic
Samuel A. Craig Republican
Samuel A. Davenport Republican
Samuel A. Kendall Republican
Samuel A. Purviance Opposition
Samuel A. Purviance Republican
Samuel A. Smith Jacksonian
Samuel A. Weiss Democratic
Samuel Anderson Jacksonian
Samuel B. Dick Republican
Samuel Breck Adams Federalist
Samuel C. Bradshaw Opposition
Samuel Calvin Whig
Samuel D. Ingham Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Samuel D. Ingham Democratic-Republican
Samuel Edwards Jackson Federalisteralist
Samuel Edwards Federalist
Samuel F. Barr Republican
Samuel F. Glatfelter Democratic
Samuel Griffith Democratic
Samuel Gross Democratic-Republican
Samuel H. Miller Republican
Samuel Hays Democratic
Samuel Henderson Federalist
Samuel J. Randall Democratic
Samuel K. McConnell, Jr. Republican
Samuel L. Russell Whig
Samuel M. Brainerd Republican
Samuel Maclay Democratic-Republican
Samuel McKean Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Samuel McKean Jacksonian
Samuel Moore Democratic-Republican
Samuel S. Blair Republican
Samuel Sitgreaves Federalist
Samuel Smith Democratic-Republican
Samuel Smith Harrison Jacksonian
Samuel Wells Morris Democratic
Seth H. Yocum GB
Simon P. Wolverton Democratic
Smedley Darlington Republican
Sobieski Ross Republican
Solomon R. Dresser Republican
Solomon T. North Republican
Stanley A. Prokop Democratic
Stanley W. Davenport Democratic
Stephen Barlow Jacksonian
Stephen G. Porter Republican
Summers M. Jack Republican
Sydenham E. Ancona Democratic
Thaddeus M. Mahon Republican
Thaddeus Stevens Republican
Thaddeus Stevens Whig
Theodore L. Moritz Democratic
Thomas B. Cooper Democratic
Thomas B. Florence Democratic
Thomas B. Miller Republican
Thomas Boude Federalist
Thomas Burnside Democratic-Republican
Thomas C. Cochran Republican
Thomas D. Nicholls Independent Democrat
Thomas E. Morgan Democratic
Thomas E. Scanlon Democratic
Thomas Fitzsimons Pro-Administration
Thomas Forrest Federalist
Thomas Grubb McCullough Federalist
Thomas H. Dale Republican
Thomas Hale Sill National Republican
Thomas Hartley Crawford Jacksonian
Thomas Hartley Pro-Administration
Thomas Hartley Federalist
Thomas Henry Anti-Masonic
Thomas Irwin Jacksonian
Thomas Jones Rogers Democratic-Republican
Thomas Kittera Jacksonian
Thomas M. Bayne Republican
Thomas M. Bibighaus Whig
Thomas M. Foglietta Democratic
Thomas M. Howe Whig
Thomas M. T. McKennan Anti-Masonic
Thomas M. T. McKennan Whig
Thomas Murray, Jr. Democratic-Republican
Thomas Patterson Democratic-Republican
Thomas Ross Democratic
Thomas S. Butler Republican
Thomas S. Butler Independent Republican
Thomas S. Crago Republican
Thomas Scott Pro-Administration
Thomas Smith Federalist
Thomas W. Phillips, Jr. Republican
Thomas W. Phillips Republican
Thomas W. Templeton Republican
Thomas Williams Republican
Thomas Wilson Democratic-Republican
Tim Holden Democratic
Tim Murphy Republican
Todd Platts Republican
Tom Ridge Republican
Ulysses Mercur Republican
Vera Buchanan Democratic
Walter Forward Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
Walter Forward Democratic-Republican
Walter M. Mumma Republican
Warren W. Bailey Democratic
Washington Townsend Republican
Welty McCullogh Republican
Westbrook Hornbeck Whig
Willard S. Curtin Republican
William A. Barrett Democratic
William A. Duncan Democratic
William A. Sipe Democratic
William A. Stone Republican
William Addams Jacksonian
William Anderson Democratic-Republican
William B. Wilson Democratic
William Beatty Democratic
William C. Arnold Republican
William C. Culbertson Republican
William Clark Anti-Masonic
William Connell Republican
William Cox Ellis Jackson Federalisteralist
William Cox Ellis Democratic-Republican
William Crawford Democratic-Republican
William D. Kelley Republican
William D.B. Ainey Republican
William Darlington Democratic-Republican
William E. Lehman Democratic
William E. Richardson Democratic
William Everhart Whig
William F. Clinger, Jr. Republican
William F. Goodling Republican
William Findley Anti-Administration
William Findley Democratic-Republican
William Godshalk Republican
William H. Coleman Republican
William H. Dimmick Democratic
William H. Graham Republican
William H. Gray Democratic
William H. Hines Democratic
William H. Keim Republican
William H. Kirkpatrick Republican
William H. Koontz Republican
William H. Kurtz Democratic
William H. Miller Democratic 14 1863-65
William H. Milliken, Jr. Republican
William H. Sowden Democratic
William H. Stanton Democratic
William H. Wilson Republican
William H. Witte Democratic
William H. Armstrong Republican
William Hoge Democratic-Republican
William I. Swoope Republican
William I. Troutman Republican
William Irvine Anti-Administration
William J. Burke Republican
William J. Coyne Democratic
William J. Crow Republican
William J. Green, Jr. Democratic
William J. Green III Democratic
William Jack Democratic
William Jones Democratic-Republican
William L. Dewart Democratic
William L. Scott Democratic
William Lilly Republican
William M. Berlin Democratic
William M. Croll Democratic
William Maclay Democratic-Republican
William McAleer Independent Democrat
William McAleer Democratic
William McClelland Democratic
William McCreery Democratic
William Millward Opposition
William Millward Republican
William Milnor Federalist
William Montgomery Democratic
William Montgomery Anti-Administration
William M. Davis Republican
William Muhlenberg Hiester Anti-Masonic
William Mutchler Democratic
William O. Smith Republican
William Piper Democratic-Republican
William Plunkett Maclay Democratic-Republican
William R. Coyle Republican
William Ramsey Jacksonian
William Rodman Democratic-Republican
William S. Conover Republican
William S. Garvin Democratic
William S. Kirkpatrick Republican
William S. Moore Republican
William S. Moorhead Democratic
William S. Reyburn Republican
William S. Shallenberger Republican
William S. Stenger Democratic
William S. Vare Republican
William Scranton Republican
William Simonton Whig
William Sterrett Ramsey Democratic
William Stewart Republican
William Strong Democratic
William T. Granahan Democratic
William W. Brown Republican
William W. Foulkrod Republican
William W. Griest Republican
William W. Irwin Whig
William Ward Republican
William Wilkins Democratic
William Wilkins Jacksonian
William Wilson Democratic-Republican
William Wilson Potter Democratic
Willis J. Hulings Prog.
Willis J. Hulings Republican
Wilson D. Gillette Republican
Wilson Reilly Democratic
Winthrop W. Ketcham Republican
Wooda N. Carr Democratic
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