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Alaska was admitted to the Union on January 3, 1959. Alaska's senators belong to Class II and Class III. Its current senators are Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich.

Class II

Senator Party Took office Left office Reason Notes/other offices
Bob Bartlett Edward Lewis Bartlett.jpg Democratic January 3, 1959 December 11, 1968 Died Alaska Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives (1945–1959)
Ted Stevens Ted Stevens.jpg Republican December 24, 1968 January 3, 2009 Lost re-election President pro tempore (2003–2007)
Alaska Representative (1965–1968)
Alaska House Majority Leader (1966–1968)
U.S. Attorney for the Alaska Terr. (1953–56)
Mark Begich Mark Begich, official Senate photo portrait, 2009.jpg Democratic January 3, 2009 Incumbent Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska

Class III

Senator Party Took office Left office Reason Notes/other offices
Ernest Gruening Ernest Gruening (D-AK).jpg Democratic January 3, 1959 January 3, 1969 Lost renomination Governor of the Alaska Territory (1939–1953)
Mike Gravel Mikegravel.jpg Democratic January 3, 1969 January 3, 1981 Lost renomination Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives (1965–1967)
Frank Murkowski Frank Murkowski, 105th Congress photo.jpg Republican January 3, 1981 December 4, 2002 Resigned Governor of Alaska (2002–2006)
Lisa Murkowski Lisa Murkowski 1.jpg Republican December 20, 2002 Incumbent Alaska Representative (1999–2002)

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