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Utah was admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896, and elects senators to Class I and Class III. Its current senators are Orrin Hatch and Robert Bennett.


Class I

Senator Party Took office Left office Reason Other offices/Notes
Frank J. Cannon Frank J Cannon.jpg Republican January 22, 1896 March 4, 1899 Lost re-election Utah's Territorial Delegate (1895–1896)
Thomas Kearns Thomas Kearns.jpg Republican January 23, 1901 March 4, 1905 Retired Member, Utah Constitutional Convention (1895)
George Sutherland Senator George Sutherland 2.jpg Republican March 4, 1905 March 4, 1917 Lost re-election Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1922–1938)
U.S. Representative (1901–1903)
William H. King WilliamHKing.jpg Democratic March 4, 1917 January 3, 1941 Lost renomination President pro tempore (1940–1941)
U.S. Representative (1897–1899; 1900–1901)
Justice, Utah Terr. Supreme Court (1894–1896)
Abe Murdock Orrice Abram, Jr. Murdock.jpg Democratic January 3, 1941 January 3, 1947 lost re-election U.S. Representative (1933–1941)
Arthur V. Watkins Arthur Vivian Watkins.jpg Republican January 3, 1947 January 3, 1959 Lost re-election
Frank E. Moss Frank Moss.jpg Democratic January 3, 1959 January 3, 1977 Lost re-election
Orrin Hatch Orrin Hatch, official 110th Congress photo.jpg Republican January 3, 1977 Present Incumbent

Class III

Senator Party Took office Left office Reason Other offices/Notes
Arthur Brown Senator Arthur Brown.jpg Republican January 22, 1896 March 4, 1897 Retired
Joseph L. Rawlins Joseph Lafayette Rawlins.jpg Democratic March 4, 1897 March 4, 1903 U.S. Representative (1893–1895) Lost renomination
Reed Smoot Reed Smoot, bw photo portrait, Bain News Service.jpg Republican March 4, 1903 March 4, 1933 Lost re-election Co-authored Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act (1930)
Elbert D. Thomas Elbert Thomas.jpg Democratic March 4, 1933 January 3, 1951 Lost re-election High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (1951–1953)
Wallace F. Bennett Wallace Bennett.jpg Republican January 3, 1951 December 20, 1974 Resigned[1]
Jake Garn Jake Garn.jpg Republican December 21, 1974 January 3, 1993 Retired
Bob Bennett Bob Bennett official portrait, 2009.jpg Republican January 3, 1993 Present Incumbent

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  1. ^ Wallace Bennett was not a candidate for re-election in 1974, and resigned early presumably to allow his successor to gain seniority over others elected in 1974.


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