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The Patterson Office Tower.

The University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky is home to many notable structures, including three high-rises. Major construction projects are underway or are being planned that includes a new hospital, School of Pharmacy building, and several new college structures.

By floor count, the tallest buildings are the 23 story Kirwan Tower and Blanding Tower, part of the Kirwan-Blanding Residence Hall complex. The 18 floor Patterson Office Tower sits on one of the highest points of the university, and so its top reaches a higher altitude. All three high-rises were built in the mid-1960s.


New developments

Recently constructed is a new parking structure for the Albert B. Chandler Hospital at South Limestone between Conn Terrace Transcript Avenue. The 1,600 space garage will be connected to the lobby of the new patient care facility via a skyway. The existing parking garage for the hospital has since been demolished to make way for the new patient care facility.

In the future, a new medical campus for the University of Kentucky will be constructed west of South Limestone. The 20-year, $2.5 billion plan is projected to "accelerate growth in research and health education" and will include additional research structures, a new shared Health Sciences Learning Center, and new structures for the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Nursing, College of Health Sciences, and College of Public Health.[1] The first of this to be constructed was the Biomedical Biological Science Research Building.


Building Campus Floors Year completed/projected Status
Main Building Central 5 February 15, 1882 [2] Completed
White Hall [3] Central 1882 Demolished in 1967
Neville Hall [4] Central 1890 Destroyed by fire in 1961
Mechanical Hall [5] Central 1892 Demolished in 1964
Gillis Building [6] Central 1892 Completed
Miller Hall Central 3 + B 1898 Completed
Alumni Hall (Barker Hall & Buell Armory) Central 3 + B + Bell Tower 1901, 1937 Completed
Patterson Hall North 3 + B 1904 Completed
Scovell Hall South 1905 Completed
Education Building (Frazee Hall) Central 1907 Completed
Mining Laboratory (Engineering Annex) Central 1907 Completed
Carnegie Library [7] Central 1909 Demolished in 1967
Pence Hall Central 3 + B 1909 Completed
Kastle Hall Central 3 + B 1909, 1926 Completed
Norwood Hall [8] Central 1910 Destroyed by fire 1948
Boyd Hall North 4 1920s? Completed
Alumni Gymnasium North 1924[3] Completed
McLean Stadium North 1924[3] Demolished in 1974
McVey Hall Central 3 + B 1928 Completed
Memorial Hall Central 2 1929[3] Completed
Margaret I. King Library Central 3 1931 Completed
Lafferty Hall Central 1936 Completed
Student Union (Student Center) North 1937, 1962 Completed
Jewell Hall North 4 1938 Completed
Funkhouser Building Central 7 + B + B1 1942 Completed
Memorial Coliseum North 3 1950 Completed
The Grehan Building Central 2+B 1951 Completed
Keeneland Hall North 4 + B 1952? Completed
Holmes Hall North 4 + B 1956 Completed
Donovan Hall Central 5 1960s Completed
Haggin Hall Central 4 1960s Completed
Gatton Business and Economics Building Central 4 1960s, 1992 Completed
Albert B. Chandler Hospital Medical 1962 Completed
Helen G. King Alumni House Central 2 1963[4] Completed
Margaret I. King Library (South) Central 3 1963 Completed
Law Building Central 2 + B 1965 Completed
Anderson Tower Central: Engineering Quadrangle 7 + B 1966 Completed
Blazer Hall North 4 1966? Completed
Blanding Tower South 23 1967 Completed
Blanding I South 3 1967 Completed
Blanding II South 3 1967 Completed
Blanding III South 3 1967 Completed
Blanding IV South 3 1967 Completed
Kirwan Tower South 23 1967 Completed
Kirwan I South 3 1967 Completed
Kirwan II South 3 1967 Completed
Kirwan III South 3 1967 Completed
Kirwan IV South 3 1967 Completed
Patterson Office Tower Central 18 1969[3] Completed
Cliff Hagan Stadium South N/A 1969, 2002 Completed
White Hall Classroom Building Central 3 + B 1969 Completed
Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Medical 4 1972 Completed
Commonwealth Stadium South N/A (two decks) 1973 Completed
Margaret I. King Library (North) Central 2 + B 1974 Completed
University of Kentucky Children's Hospital Medical Completed
Kentucky Clinic Medical 5 Completed
Singletary Center for the Arts Central 1979[3] Completed
Greg Page Apartments South 25 buildings, 2 floors each 1979[5] Completed
Markey Cancer Center Medical 1985[3] Completed
Boone Faculty Center Central 1 1986 Completed
Student Center Addition North 1987 Completed
Lancaster Aquatic Center South 1989 Completed
ASTeCC Building Central 1994 Completed
William T. Young Library Central 6 + B 1998 Completed
CRMS Building Central 5 + B Completed
Oliver H. Raymond Civil Engineering Building Central 3 + B 1998 Completed
Ralph G. Anderson Building Central 3 + B 2002 Completed
Bernard M. Johnson Student Recreation Center South January 2003 Completed
Charles T. Wethington, Jr. Building Medical 6 February 2003 Completed
Gill Heart Institute Medical 5 April 2004 Completed
Biomedical Biological Science Research Building Medical 5 April 2005 Completed
Baldwin Hall (Dale E. Baldwin Residence Hall) South 3 August 2005 Completed
Ingels Hall (Margaret Ingels Residence Hall) South 3 August 2005 Completed
New North Hall North 4 + Maintenance Level August 2005 Completed
Smith Hall (John T. Smith Residence Hall) South 3 August 2005 Completed
Joe Craft Center (basketball practice facility) North 2 January 2007 Completed
Chemistry Physics Building Central 4 1960's Completed
Patient Care Facility Parking Garage Medical 7 July 2008 Completed
Student Health Facility Medical 4 July 2008 Completed
Albert B. Chandler Hospital Medical 14 Projected January 2011 Construction
Law Building Central 3 2009 (projected) Design
Gatton College of Business and Economics Building North Design
Biological Pharmaceutical Complex Building Medical Design


In the next twenty years, substantial housing will need to be completed[5] due to increased freshman enrollment and the deteriorated conditions of surrounding neighborhoods. By 2010, the university is currently planning to achieve 33% undergraduate housing, requiring the construction of an additional 2,500 units. By 2020, due to fast undergraduate growth, the university wants to raise the undergraduate housing percentage to at least 40%, requiring the construction of at least 2,800 additional units. The ratio of graduate students to graduate units in Cooperstown and Greg Page Apartments would also need to be increased from 11% to 15%. The existing facilities would also need to be replaced. By 2010, 350 new units would need to be constructed, followed by an additional 250 units by 2020.

New residence halls are planned[5] for the College of Agriculture campus along University Drive and Nicholasville Road between Cooper Drive and Alumni Drive, the Medical Center campus along Transcript Avenue, near the Johnson Student Recreation Center at Cooper Drive, at Stoll Field next to the current Student Center, within the College Town district north of Euclid Avenue, along Washington Avenue (to be converted into a pedestrian-only facility) and along Scott Street.

In addition, several existing structures may be renovated to residence hall use.[5] Scovell Hall, constructed in 1905, will "most likely" be vacated and would be prime for residential redevelopment. Kinkead, Bradley, Bowman and Breckinridge halls, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Rose Street, were originally residence halls and may be repurposed back to that need.


  • Completed in 1979,[5] Greg Page Apartments was the newest residence facility until Baldwin Hall, Ingles Hall, New North Hall and Smith Hall opened in 2005. It was named after Greg Page, one of the first two African American football players at UK, who was paralyzed after a blow to the back in practice 1966 and died from the complications 38 days later.
  • Greg Page Apartments require constant maintenance.[5] The exterior wood siding necessitates continual repair or replacement at "extreme expense" and the wood frame construction has failed in at least one instance, causing significant damage to several units. The onset of problems due to cheap construction techniques and materials has resulted the Greg Page Apartments reaching the end of their usable life.


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