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This is a list of Wings in the United States Air Force, focusing on AFCON wings.


AFCON versus MAJCOM Wings

This page currently focuses on one of the two historical categories of USAF wings -'AFCON' (Headquarters (US) Air Force CONtrolled) units or 'permanent' units, which during the Cold War period were readily distinguished by having one, two or three digit designations, such as the 1st Fighter Wing, 60th Military Airlift Wing, 355th Fighter Wing, and could go through a series of inactivations and activations and still retain their lineage.

There were also MAJCOM (major air command controlled) wings, such as the Strategic Wings of the 50s and 60s, which, under the USAF organization and lineage system, are four-digit units, for example, the 4137th Strategic Wing, and whose lineage (histories, awards, and battle honors) ended with their discontinuance and could never be revived. MAJCOM wings are fundamentally 'temporary', though many stayed in existence for a very long time, and then were revived with a different name but the same number. But under the USAF lineage system they cannot carry on the histories of the previous unit.

When the B-52 dispersal began in the fifties, the new Strategic Air Command units created to support this program were MAJCOM wings and given four-digit designations. Headquarters SAC was well aware of the historical significance of records and accomplishments of the strategic wings and the need to perpetuate this lineage as well as the lineage of many illustrious units that were no longer active.

In order to retain the lineage of the combat units and to perpetuate the lineage of many currently inactive units with illustrious World War II records, Headquarters SAC received authority from Headquarters USAF to discontinue its strategic wings that were equipped with combat aircraft and to activated AFCON units, most of which were inactive at the time.

The reorganization process, which took place from January to September 1963, was applied to 22 B-52 strategic wings, three air-refueling wings, and the 4321st Strategic Wing at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. "These units were discontinued and two and three-digit AFCON units were activated. In most cases, the bombardment squadron that had been assigned to the strategic wings were inactivated and bombardment squadrons that had previously been assigned to the newly-activated wings were activated. While these actions were almost tantamount to redesignation, they were not official redesignation. Therefore, the records, awards and achievements of the strategic wing could not be inherited by the bomb wings." [1]

During the Gulf War of 1990-91 MAJCOM wings, such as the 7440th Composite Wing (Prov) at Incirlik AB, Turkey, served alongside Provisional Wings such as the 801st Bomb Wing (Provisional) at Morón Air Base, Spain, and other AFCON wings.

In the 1990s MAJCOM wings were mostly inactivated and replaced with AFCON wings. Perhaps the most well known example was the 4404th Wing in Saudi Arabia which was replaced by a three-digit AFCON wing, the 363d Air Expeditionary Wing. It is not clear whether any MAJCOM wings still exist, or whether the system is still in use.

Active USAF Wings

Wing Shield Location MAJCOM/DRU Weapon Systems
1st Fighter Wing (FW)
1st Fighter Wing.png
Langley AFB, Virginia ACC F-15C F-22A
1st Special Operations Wing (SOW)
1st Special Operations Wing.png
Hurlburt Field, Florida AFSOC MH-53, AC-130, MC-130
2d Bomb Wing (BW)
2d Bomb Wing.png
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana AFGSC B-52
3d Wing (WG)
3d Wing.png
Elmendorf AFB, Alaska PACAF F-15C F-22A C-17 E-3
4th Fighter Wing (FW)
4th Fighter Wing.png
Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina ACC F-15E
5th Bomb Wing
5th Bomb Wing.png
Minot AFB, North Dakota AFGSC B-52
6th Air Mobility Wing (AMW)
6th Air Mobility Wing.png
MacDill AFB, Florida AMC KC-135
7th Bomb Wing
7th Bomb Wing.png
Dyess AFB, Texas ACC B-1
8th Fighter Wing
8th Fighter Wing.png
Kunsan Air Base, Korea PACAF F-16
9th Reconnaissance Wing
9th Reconnaissance Wing.png
Beale AFB, California ACC U-2 Dragon Lady, RQ-4
10th Air Base Wing (ABW)
10th Air Base Wing.png
U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado USAFA
11th Wing
11th Wing.png
Bolling AFB, Washington D.C. AFDW USAF Honor Guard
12th Flying Training Wing
12th Flying Training Wing.png
Randolph AFB, Texas AETC T-6A Texan II, T-37 Tweet, T-38 Talon, T-43
14th Flying Training Wing
14th Flying Training Wing.jpg
Columbus AFB, Mississippi AETC T-6, T-37, T-38
15th Airlift Wing
15th Airlift Wing.png
Hickam AFB, Hawaii PACAF C-130, C-17
17th Training Wing (TRW)
17th Training Wing.png
Goodfellow AFB, Texas AETC
18th Wing
18th Wing.jpg
Kadena Air Base, Japan PACAF F-15C, KC-135, E-3
19th Airlift Wing
19th Air Refueling Group.png
Little Rock AFB, Arkansas AMC C-130
20th Fighter Wing
20th Fighter Wing.png
Shaw AFB, South Carolina ACC F-16CJ
21st Space Wing (SW)
21st Space Wing.png
Peterson AFB, Colorado AFSPC Satellites
22d Air Refueling Wing (AMW)
22d Air Refueling Wing.png
McConnell AFB, Kansas AMC KC-135
23d Wing
23d Wing.jpg
Moody AFB, Georgia ACC A-10 HH-60 Pave Hawk MC-130
27th Special Operations Wing
27th Special Operations Wing.png
Cannon AFB, New Mexico AFSOC MC-130W, PC-12
28th Bomb Wing
28th Bomb Wing.png
Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota ACC B-1
30th Space Wing
30th Space Wing.png
Vandenberg AFB, California AFSPC
31st Fighter Wing
31st Fighter Wing.png
Aviano Air Base, Italy USAFE F-16
33d Fighter Wing
33d Fighter Wing.png
Eglin AFB, Florida ACC F-15C
35th Fighter Wing
35th Fighter Wing.png
Misawa Air Base, Japan PACAF F-16
36th Wing
36th Wing.png
Andersen AFB, Guam PACAF
37th Training Wing
37th Training Wing.png
Lackland AFB, Texas AETC Enlisted Training
39th Air Base Wing
39th Air Base Wing.png
Incirlik AB, Turkey USAFE
42d Air Base Wing
42d Air Base Wing.png
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama AETC
43d Airlift Wing
43d Airlift Wing.svg
Pope AFB, North Carolina AMC C-130
45th Space Wing
45th Space Wing.png
Patrick AFB, Florida AFSPC
46th Test Wing
46th Test Wing.png
Eglin AFB, Florida AFMC F-15C F-15E F-16 A-10 AC-130 MH-53 UH-1
47th Flying Training Wing
47th Flying Training Wing.png
Laughlin AFB, Texas AETC T-6, T-37, T-38
48th Fighter Wing
48th Fighter Wing.png
RAF Lakenheath, England USAFE F-15C F-15E
49th Fighter Wing
49th Fighter Wing.png
Holloman AFB, New Mexico ACC F-22
50th Space Wing
50th Space Wing.png
51st Fighter Wing
51st Fighter Wing.png
Osan Air Base, Korea PACAF F-16 A-10 C-12J
52d Fighter Wing
52d Fighter Wing.png
Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany USAFE A-10 F-16
53d Wing
53d Wing.png
Eglin AFB, Florida ACC F-15C F-15E F-16 A-10 F-22A QF-4 RQ-1
55th Wing
55th Wing.png
Offutt AFB, Nebraska ACC RC-135 EC-130 E-4
56th Fighter Wing
56th Fighter Wing.svg
Luke AFB, Arizona AETC F-16
57th Wing
57th Wing.jpg
Nellis AFB, Nevada ACC F-15C F-15E F-16 A-10 HH-60
58th Special Operations Wing
58th Special Operations Wing.jpg
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico AETC MH-53 MC-130 CV-22
59th Medical Wing
59th Medical Wing.png
Lackland AFB, Texas AETC
60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW)
60th Air Mobility Wing.png
Travis AFB, California AMC C-5 KC-10 C-17
61st Air Base Wing
61st Air Base Wing.png
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC
62d Airlift Wing (AW)
62d Airlift Wing.png
McChord AFB, Washington AMC C-17
65th Air Base Wing
65th Air Base Wing.png
Lajes Field, Azores USAFE Enroute transient aircraft support
66th Air Base Wing
66th Air Base Wing.png
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AFMC Support element for Electronic Systems Center operations and Air Force GSUs in New England
67th Network Warfare Wing
67th Network Warfare Wing.png
Lackland AFB, Texas AFSPC
70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
70th Intelligence Wing.png
Fort Meade, Maryland AFISRA
71st Flying Training Wing
71st Flying Training Wing.png
Vance AFB, Oklahoma AETC
72d Air Base Wing
72d Air Base Wing.png
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFMC
75th Air Base Wing
75th Air Base Wing.png
Hill AFB, Utah AFMC
76th Maintenance Wing
76th Maintenance Wing.png
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFMC
77th Aeronautical Systems Wing
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC Aeronautical Systems Center, (ASC)
78th Air Base Wing
78 ABW.jpg
Robins AFB, Georgia AFMC
79th Medical Wing
79th Medical Wing.png
Andrews AFB, Maryland AFDW
80th Flying Training Wing
80th Flying Training Wing.jpg
Sheppard AFB, Texas AETC T-6 T-37 T-38
81st Training Wing
81st Training Wing.png
Keesler AFB, Mississippi AETC Technical Training
82d Training Wing
82d Training Wing.png
Sheppard AFB, Texas AETC Technical Training
84th Combat Sustainment Wing
84th Combat Sustainment Wing.png
Hill AFB, Utah AFMC
86th Airlift Wing
86th Airlift Wing.png
Ramstein Air Base, Germany USAFE C-21 C-130
87th Air Base Wing McGuire AFB, New Jersey AMC
88th Air Base Wing
88th Air Base Wing.png
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC
89th Airlift Wing
89th Airlift Wing.png
Andrews AFB, Maryland AMC C-32 C-37 C-40
90th Missile Wing
90th Space Wing.png
F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming AFGSC Minuteman III
91st Missile Wing
91st Space Wing.png
Minot AFB, North Dakota AFGSC Minuteman III
92d Air Refueling Wing
92d Air Refueling Wing.png
Fairchild AFB, Washington AMC KC-135
93d Air-Ground Operations Wing 93d Air Control Wing.png Moody AFB Georgia ACC
94th Airlift Wing
94th Airlift Wing.png
Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia AFRC C-130
95th Air Base Wing
95 ABW.jpg
Edwards AFB, California AFMC
96th Air Base Wing
96th Air Base Wing.png
Eglin AFB, Florida AFMC
97th Air Mobility Wing
97th Air Mobility Wing.jpg
Altus AFB, Oklahoma AETC C-5 C-17 KC-135
98th Range Wing
98 RANW.jpg
Nellis AFB, Nevada ACC
99th Air Base Wing
99th Air Base Wing.png
Nellis AFB, Nevada ACC
100th Air Refueling Wing
100th Air Refueling Wing.png
RAF Mildenhall, England USAFE KC-135 Stratotanker
301st Fighter Wing
301 FW.jpg
NAS Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas AFRC F-16C
302d Airlift Wing
302d Airlift Wing.png
Peterson AFB, Colorado AFRC C-130
303d Aeronautical Systems Wing
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC Aeronautical Systems Center, (ASC)
305th Air Mobility Wing
305th Air Mobility Wing.png
McGuire AFB, New Jersey AMC KC-10 C-17
308th Armament Systems Wing
308th Armament Systems Wing.png
Eglin AFB, Florida AFMC Air Armament Center, (AAC)
309th Maintenance Wing
309 MXW.jpg
Hill AFB, Utah AFMC
310th Space Wing
310th Space Wing.png
Schriever AFB, Colorado AFRC
311th Human Systems Wing
311th Human Systems Wing.png
Brooks City-Base, Texas AFMC
312th Aeronautical Systems Wing
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC
314th Airlift Wing
314th Airlift Wing.png
Little Rock AFB. Arkansas AETC C-130
315th Airlift Wing
315th Airlift Wing.png
Charleston AFB, South Carolina AFRC C-17
316th Wing
316th Wing.png
Andrews AFB, Maryland AFDW UH-1
319th Air Refueling Wing
319th Air Refueling WIng.jpg
Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota AMC KC-135
325th Fighter Wing
325th Fighter Wing.png
Tyndall AFB, Florida AETC F-15C F-22A
326th Aeronautical Systems Wing Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC Aeronautical Systems Center, (ASC)
327th Aircraft Sustainment Wing
327 ASW.jpg
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFMC
328th Armament Systems Wing
328th Armament Systems Wing.png
Eglin AFB, Florida AFMC Air Armament Center, (AAC)
330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing
Robins AFB, Georgia AFMC
341st Missile Wing
341st Space Wing.png
Malmstrom AFB, Montana AFGSC Minuteman III
349th Air Mobility Wing
349 AMW.jpg
Travis AFB, California AFRC KC-10 C-5 C-17
350th Electronic Systems Wing
350th Electronic Systems Wing.png
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AFMC Electronic Systems Center
354th Fighter Wing
354th Fighter Wing.png
Eielson AFB, Alaska PACAF A-10 F-16
355th Fighter Wing
355 FW.jpg
Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC A-10
366th Fighter Wing
366th Fighter Wing.png
Mountain Home AFB, Idaho ACC F-15C F-15E Strike Eagle
374th Airlift Wing
374th Airlift Wing.jpg
Yokota Air Base, Japan PACAF C-21 C-130
375th Airlift Wing
375 AW.jpg
Scott AFB, Illinois AMC C-21
377th Air Base Wing
377th Air Base Wing.png
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico AFMC
388th Fighter Wing
388th Fighter Wing.jpg
Hill AFB, Utah ACC F-16C
402d Maintenance Wing
402d Maintenance Wing.png
Robins AFB, Georgia AFMC
403d Wing
403d Wing.png
Keesler AFB, Mississippi AFRC WC-130
412th Test Wing
412th Test Wing.png
Edwards AFB, California AFMC
419th Fighter Wing
419th Fighter Wing.png
Hill AFB, Utah AFRC F-16
433d Airlift Wing
433 AW.jpg
Lackland AFB, Texas AFRC C-5
434th Air Refueling Wing
434 ARW.jpg
Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana AFRC KC-135
435th Air Ground Operations Wing
435th Air Base Wing.png
Ramstein Air Base, Germany USAFE
436th Airlift Wing
436th Airlift Wing.png
Dover AFB, Delaware AMC C-5 C-17
437th Airlift Wing
437th Airlift Wing.png
Charleston AFB, South Carolina AMC C-17
439th Airlift Wing
439th Airlift Wing.jpg
Westover Air Reserve Base. Chicopee, MA AFRC C-5
440th Airlift Wing
440th Airlift Wing.png
Pope AFB, North Carolina AFRC C-130
442d Fighter Wing
442d Fighter Wing.png
Whiteman AFB, Missouri AFRC A-10
445th Airlift Wing
445th Airlift Wing.png
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFRC C-5
446th Airlift Wing
446th Airlift Wing.png
McChord AFB, Washington AFRC C-17
448th Supply Chain Management Wing
448 CSW.jpg
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFMC
450th Electronic Warfare Wing
450th Bombardment Wing.PNG
Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona ACC
452d Air Mobility Wing
452d Air Mobility Wing.png
March Air Reserve Base, California AFRC KC-135 C-17
459th Air Refueling Wing
459th Air Refueling Wing.png
Andrews AFB, Maryland AFRC KC-135
460th Space Wing
460th Space Wing.png
Buckley AFB, Colorado AFSPC
478th Aeronautical Systems Wing
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC
480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
480th Intelligence Wing.png
Langley AFB, Virginia ACC
482d Fighter Wing
482d Fighter Wing.png
Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida AFRC F-16
498th Armament Systems Wing
498th Armament Systems Wing.png
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico AFMC
501st Combat Support Wing
501st Combat Support Wing.png
RAF Alconbury, England USAFE GSU advocacy and support
502d Air Base Wing Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB & Fort Sam Houston, Texas AETC Joint Basing Host Wing
505th Command and Control Wing
505th Command and Control Wing.png
Hurlburt Field, Florida ACC Operational-level C2
507th Air Refueling Wing
507 ARW.jpg
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma AFRC KC-135
508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing
508 ASW.jpg
Hill AFB, Utah AFMC
509th Bomb Wing
509th Bomb Wing.png
Whiteman AFB, Missouri AFGSC B-2
512th Airlift Wing
512th Airlift Wing.png
Dover AFB, Delaware AFRC C-5
514th Air Mobility Wing
514 AMW.jpg
McGuire AFB, New Jersey AFRC KC-10 C-17
515th Air Mobility Operations Wing Hickam AFB, Hawaii AMC
516th Aeronautical Systems Wing Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC Aeronautical Systems Center, (ASC)
521st Air Mobility Operations Wing Ramstein AB, Germany AMC
542d Combat Sustainment Wing Robins AFB, Georgia AFMC
551st Electronic Systems Wing
551st Electronic Systems Wing.png
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AFMC Electronic Systems Center
552d Air Control Wing
552d Air Control Wing.png
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma ACC E-3 AWACS
554th Electronic Systems Wing
554th Electronic Systems Wing.png
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AFMC Electronic Systems Center
615th Contingency Response Wing
615th Contingency Response Wing.png
Travis AFB, California AMC
621st Contingency Response Wing
McGuire AFB, New Jersey AMC
628th Air Base Wing Charleston AFB, South Carolina AMC Joint Basing Host Wing
633d Air Base Wing
633d Air Base Wing.PNG
Langley AFB, Virginia ACC Joint Basing Host Wing
635th Supply Chain Management Wing Scott AFB, Illinois AFMC Global Logistics Support Center
653d Electronic Systems Wing
653d Electronic Systems Wing.png
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts AFMC Electronic Systems Center
673d Air Base Wing Elmendorf AFB, Alaska PACAF Joint Basing Host Wing
688th Information Operations Wing Lackland AFB, Texas AFSPC
689th Combat Communications Wing Scott AFB, Illinois AFSPC
711th Human Performance Wing
711th Human Performance Wing.jpg
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio AFMC
908th Airlift Wing
908th Airlift Wing.jpg
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama AFRC C-130
910th Airlift Wing
910th Airlift Wing.png
Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio AFRC C-130
911th Airlift Wing
911 AW.jpg
Pittsburgh Joint Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania AFRC C-130
914th Airlift Wing
914 AW.jpg
Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York AFRC C-130
916th Air Refueling Wing
916th Air Refueling Wing.png
Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina AFRC KC-135
917th Wing
917th Wing.png
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana AFRC A-10 B-52
919th Special Operations Wing
919th Special Operations Wing.png
Duke Field, Florida AFRC MC-130
920th Rescue Wing
920th Rescue Wing.jpg
Patrick AFB, Florida AFRC HC-130 HH-60
927th Air Refueling Wing
927th Air Refueling Wing.png
MacDill Air Force Base, Florida AFRC KC-135
932d Airlift Wing
932d Airlift Wing.png
Scott AFB, Illinois AFRC C-9 Nightingale C-40 Clipper
934th Airlift Wing
934th Airlift Wing.png
Minneapolis-St Paul Joint Air Reserve Station, Minnesota AFRC C-130
939th Air Refueling Wing
939th Air Refueling Wing.jpg
Portland International Airport, Portland, Oregon AFRC KC-135
940th Air Refueling Wing
940th Air Refueling Wing.png
Beale AFB, California AFRC KC-135
944th Fighter Wing
944th Fighter Wing.png
Luke AFB, Arizona AFRC F-16

Unnumbered Wings

These are typically non-combat wings and were formerly system program offices. [2][3]

Wing Shield Location MAJCOM Mission
Global Positioning Systems Wing
Global Positioning Systems Wing.png
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC Global Positioning System
Launch and Range Systems Wing
Launch and Range Systems Wing.png
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC Delta II, Atlas V
Military Satellite Communications Systems Wing
Military Satellite Communications Wing.png
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC MILSTAR, DSCS, AEF
Space-Based Infrared Systems Wing
Space-Based Infrared Systems Wing.png
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC Space-Based Infrared System
Space Development and Test Wing [1]
Space Development and Test Wing.png
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico AFSPC Operationally Responsive Space systems
Space Superiority Systems Wing [2]
Space Superiority Systems Wing.png
Los Angeles AFB, California AFSPC Offensive & Defensive Counterspace systems

Active Air National Guard Wings

Air Expeditionary Wings

Inactive USAF Wings


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