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The Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place centers on the fictional characters of the Russo family, which includes Alex (Selena Gomez), her older brother Justin (David Henrie) and their younger brother Max (Jake T. Austin). The three Russo siblings are wizards in training and live with their Italian-American father Jerry (David DeLuise), a former wizard, and their Mexican-American mother, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) who is a mortal. Alex's best friend Harper (Jennifer Stone) also found out about the Russos' wizard powers in season 2. The siblings have to keep their secret safe while living in the mortal world. When they become adults, the three siblings will have a wizard competition to decide who will become the family wizard of their generation and keep his or her wizard powers.


Alex Russo

Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo[1] is a fictional character on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez.[2] A Tomboy who becomes very feminine as the series progress, she is the only female out of the three Russo siblings. She is sly, outgoing, and usually underachieves when it comes to regular high school because she never tries. She often gets into trouble because of her constant schemes (usually involving magic). Alex is the middle child of the Russo children. Alex is part Mexican and part Italian much like Selena Gomez is in real life. Even though she is infamously known for doing the worst in wizard studies and school, she relentlessly torments her older brother Justin Russo by making jokes about how he is so extremely serious and uptight. But once Justin learns 5,000 spells, ending his wizard studies, Alex starts to become worried that Justin will win the wizard competition, thus she starts to study spells so that she can catch up to Justin, managing to learn a good, even impressive amount of spells in that one episode. Alex is best friends with Harper Finkle, who she tells in the episode "Harper Knows" that she is a wizard. At first Harper isn't used to it but eventually becomes familiar with having a wizard for a best friend. Alex has a deep hatred for Gigi, a long life enemy that when they were younger made everyone believe that Alex wet herself, but at the end of the episode "Crazy Ten Minute Sale", the old lady that Gigi paid to block people from getting into the store before Gigi ends up spilling her Iced Tea on Gigi. Gigi's "clones" abandon her and Alex reveals that Gigi's real name is Gertrude. Alex sings and can play the drums as seen in "Make It Happen". In "Doll House", Alex shows her caring side when she asks her parents if Harper can move in with the them, since she finds out Harper's family is moving. Alex's parents agreed.

Justin Russo

Justin Vincenze Pepe Russo
Wizards of Waverly Place character
First appearance "Crazy Minute Sale" (broadcast order),
"You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" (production order)
Created by Karim Jrab
Portrayed by David Henrie
Nickname(s) J-Man by himself
Gender Male
Occupation Waiter (at the Waverly Sub Station)
10th grade student (season 1)
11th grade student (season 2)
12th grade student (season 3)
Family Jerry Russo (father)
Theresa Russo (mother)
Alex Russo (younger sister)
Max Russo (younger brother)
Megan Russo (Aunt)
Kelbo Russo (Uncle)
Frankengirl (creation)
Significant other(s) Juliet Van Heusen (Season 2-Season 3, Episode 9)

Justin Vincenze Pepe Russo[3] is a fictional character on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by David Henrie. He is typically the erudite and mature older brother[2] who gets straight "A"s. He often tries to stop his younger sister Alex's crazy schemes (that often involve magic) from becoming complete disasters, and sometimes unwittingly gets involved in these schemes because of Alex's sneaky conniving manipulation tactics all in good fun. Justin is often the subject of sarcastic remarks made by Alex, due to his intelligence, his love of science fiction and other quirks, and a frequent victim of Alex's pranks.



Justin, like his brother and sister, is part-Hispanic, part-Italian.[1] He is sometimes seen as very close to his mother. One time when he complained about not having a friend that was a girl and still just a friend, Alex (Selena Gomez) replied "Oh relax, you still have Mom!" and in some episodes he is overprotected by Theresa, his mom (Maria Canals Barrera).

Justin is, out of the three, the most responsible[4] He is very critical and highly intelligent,[5] and is, in many respects, the polar opposite of the rebellious and mischievous Alex. He shows awareness of being the most advanced wizard student, and often acts modest because of it, but flaunts it to Alex's face in a show of good older brother humor, and quite a bit of good-natured cockiness towards her. He also desperately tries to look cool, especially in front of girls, but it almost always comically ends up with the girl he's interested in actually liking things he thought would have made them think of him as a nerd, and at school he is known as everybody's friend, including the teachers and his parents. He likes opera, drinks tea, thin crust pizza, take baths with only candles lit, but loves comics and action figures, or as Alex calls it, his "Doll collection."[6] Justin can also be quite defensive over his hobbies. He is allergic to cinnamon, tears, and nuts.[7]

Justin truly cares about his siblings; this is seen when he risks losing his own powers just to save Alex's in season one's "Report Card".[8] He hates breaking rules and only on one occasion has he used magic without permission, with Alex convincing him, but one other peculiar case was with when he cast a spell on Frankie, a creature he created to guard his room from Alex yet still having her manage to slip through his defenses by natural cunning, to be Alex's best friend to get back at her for managing to shut it down, and then again for Frankie to also like cheerleading and force Alex to join, which succeeds. Though without permission, it seems that his parents didn't mind, especially when Alex finally got an extracurricular (cheerleading) in the end.[4] He will also sometimes use magic for more simplistic, though utterly useless things, such as reading books in the dark or adding an extra "five minutes" to his twenty minute break. Justin's urge for efficiency also has him over-complicating some special tasks he has, to which he tends to overlook important details that Alex always has to point out to him, unconsciously showing him her hidden intelligence and keen observance with her hidden sense of responsibility that only came up when Justin himself slipped up under all that reckless behavior that most failed to see when she used it as cunning and ways of manipulation, sometimes making him feel insecure, an explanation given in Wizards Of Waverly Place the Movie.[9] Although he had dated a pretty goth girl named Miranda (Lucy Hale) during the first season,[10] this appears to have ended as he tries to impress other girls later in the series.[4][6][11][12] Miranda may return in a Season 3 episode.

In "Future Harper" it is revealed that he possibly killed Max's lizard when Alex tries to tell Max his lizard didn't run away and Justin coughs to cut her off. In the episode Tasty Bites, he holds a candelabra. In "Smarty Pants" it is revealed that Justin has a blog, which in the show is alluded to as and beloved outlet for informing the world of events that he considers important in his life.

Alex's best friend Harper (Jennifer Stone) has a huge (and often obsessive) crush on him, gets very nervous around him, and often mentions doing odd things like watching him sleep. Although in one episode, Harper and Justin share a love of silent movies, and they bond over it, but then Alex ruins it out of jealousy as she wanted her best friend back, but ultimately tries to fix it in the end to only end with more disaster, until Harper and Justin get revenge on her by being chased around by her in a silent movie of their own through magic, making her feel at peace in the end by believing that made up for everything by their laughter and cheer caused by the silent movie they were in, telling them that since it was finally over, she would take a nap after proclaiming her back hurt.[10] A running gag in the show is that Justin dates strange or supernatural girls (e.g. a centaur and a werewolf).[13] In season one's "The Supernatural", he used magic to impress Kari Landsdorf (Chelsea Staub), a pretty, yet not-very-bright girl—who only dated baseball players and apparently also only liked movies about cats—by making himself look like a gifted baseball player, a plan which backfired when Jerry discovered this (Justin was manipulated by Alex to do the spell in order to make the baseball team win in order to make it seem that she is the good luck charm for her then-crush Riley) and again after Justin and Alex both used the "Tomnoonan kenesis" spell (a spell used to magically move objects) on the baseball.[4] In the end, despite Justin and Jerry's attempts, magical or not, Alex still got her way in the end like the cunning and naturally gifted wizard she was (despite how reckless and lacking in theory-wise she was at magic). Jerry and Justin got their way in the end by not letting her go with Riley as his date, and this is one of the very few episodes Justin's parent or both parents reprimand him for using magic without supervision, under Alex's manipulation or not. He's left-handed yet plays Guitar right-handed which is also due to his actor (David Henrie)

In the season one episode "Credit Check", he also harbored a crush on Millie (Sara Paxton), a new Sub Station employee (who was hired after Alex accepted a job as an intern at a fashion design company), and Justin sets up what he thinks is a date with her, but really turns out to be her going out on a date with her boyfriend and him staying at her apartment and baby-sitting her younger cousin Benji.[12] In the season two four-parter "Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place", Justin has fallen in love with a vampire named Juliet Van Heusen (Bridgit Mendler), whose parents (Anne Ramsay and JD Cullum) own a very successful sandwich shop called "The Late Nite Bite" four blocks down from the Waverly Sub Station. Justin is also very muscular which is one of the things Justin inherits from his actor David Henrie.

It is shown sometimes that Justin can be protective of Alex. When she first started liking Dean and later dating him, he was worried about her well being. At the end of "Racing" when Alex announces to him she's officially dating Dean, he says that he always thought that if a boy ever did anything to her, he'd be able to beat him up.

Alex often refers to Justin as a dork, geek, nerd, or dweeb because he is very highly intelligent and extremely organized. She also criticizes that Justin is the only one in the family who still takes a bath instead of a shower. He is also now known that he is a sockless person like Harper because he wanted to play barefoot in a band as shown in the season two episode "Make It Happen". It was revealed in "Movies" that Justin is taking advanced chemistry in school. In season two, he has grown very close to another gifted student, Zeke Rosenblatt. Being so mature (minus his geeky, and sometimes weird love for alien language and robots, along with his amusing way of playing with his action figures that showed his immature side), most of his friends are adults and he has a close bond with all of his teachers. He is also a fan of a heavy metal rock band called T.O.B. (Tears of Blood) and has a crush on the weather lady from Channel 9.

In Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, Justin and Alex go on a journey together to find the "Stone of Dreams" in order to reverse a spell Alex caused that made it as though their parents have never met. During their journey, Justin admits that he is jealous of how things come so easy to Alex, which is why he struggles so hard to be perfect with all his studying, and can't help but flaunt over things at Alex's face, and spout random facts about magic when she goes and does something so overly complicated with no effort at all in magic, the one thing he cares about the most and never wants to lose. In return, Alex admits that she is jealous of how smart and nice Justin is and secretly wants to be like him. One of the major -if not the biggest- reasons why she pretends that she doesn't care and teases him mercilessly, acting like that because Russo pride they both inherited was just too big to ignore and outright try to act like him, which is the same for Justin.

In Season 3, Justin completes his basic wizard training, after learning five-thousand spells, and moves on to independent studies, in which he chooses the Monster Hunting course. This puts Justin so far ahead in his destiny to become the family wizard that it forces Alex into actually studying in order to catch up out of insecurity. It is also revealed by Harper in the episode "Monster Hunter" that Justin constantly studies using various activities to remember spells, such as texting spells and sending them to himself to memorize. The monster hunting, however, puts his vampire girlfriend, Juliet in danger when Justin accidentally reports her and her parents to the Monster Hunter Council but it was resolved. Later, when Justin takes Juliet with him on a mission to capture a mummy at the Museum of Natural History, they both get stuck in the exhibit which had a skylight, which Juliet would be killed from the upcoming sunrise. Justin then makes the sacrifice to let her become the mummy's minion in order to save her life.

As seen in "Wizards vs. Werewolves", Justin appears to have some martial arts skills, being able to physically hold his own against Mason in his full-werewolf form.

Justin's love interests:

  • Miranda (Lucy Hale): They dated in the episode "First Kiss" but eventually they broke up.
  • Isabella (Sarah Ramos): Justin dated her in the episode "Beware Wolf" but ran away from her because she turned him into a werewolf because she kissed him so they broke up. (In "Wizards vs. Werewolves" Mason kisses Alex when he is a werewolf but, it is said that she can't turn into a werewolf because he is a pure-bred while Isabella was a mutt).
  • Kari Landsdorf (Chelsea Staub): In "The Supernatural" he dates her and eventually broke up because she only dates baseball players and only watches movies with cats, which freaked him out.
  • Juliet Van Heusen: In "Wizards vs. Vampires", Justin goes over a new sandwich shop for spying the restaurant taking away his family's business' customers called The Late Nite Bite and finds this beautiful Vampire named Juliet who is the daughter of Alucard and Cindy Van Heusen. Justin ends up falling in love with her and her the same. She is played by Bridgit Claire Mendler. In "Wizards vs. Werewolves", Mason, Alex's werewolf boyfriend, scratches Juliet and loses her vampire powers and reveals her real age which is 2, 193 years old. They end up breaking up and Justin said that he would keep her in his heart forever. Alex, in the wrecked state only a broken heart could use, then asked him to promise her that they would find normal people to fall in love with next time, as her boyfriend Mason was the werewolf who scratched Juliet and Juliet bit him, turning him into a wolf forever and making it too late to continue their relationship when she found out Mason really was in love with her using the true love necklace. Justin never promised her that though, telling her softly yet honestly in their brother-sister moment that they themselves weren't normal people, implying that normalcy was impossible in their lives, so let alone find it in relationships.

Maximillian Russo

Max Russo
Wizards of Waverly Place character
First appearance "Crazy Ten Minute Sale" (broadcast order)
Created by Todd J. Greenwald
Portrayed by Jake T. Austin
Nickname(s) Maxie (by various people)
Gender Male
Occupation Waiter (at the Waverly Sub Station)
6th grader (season 1)
7th grader (season 2)
8th grader (season 3)
Family Jerry Russo (father)
Theresa Russo (mother)
Justin Russo (older brother)
Alex Russo (older sister)
Megan Russo (Aunt)
Kelbo Russo (Uncle)

Maximillian "Max" Russo is a fictional character on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Jake T. Austin. The youngest of the three Russo siblings, he is the naïve younger brother,[2] who at the beginning of the series is an underachiever (when it comes to wizard school), being far behind his siblings in his magic lessons (as seen in "Potion Commotion"). Even though his full name, Maximillian, is stated by his grandma, he mentions his name is Maximum in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie


Max, like his brother and sister, is half-Mexican (on his Mother's side), half-Italian (on his Father's side),[1] and both their Spanish side and their Italian side come into play on many occasions.

Max is a generally cute, witty, cheeky boy with a very imaginative and out-going personality. Like Alex, Max is often depicted as a slacker and is been known to use magic mischievously. He is very naive and has a short-attention span. His mother, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) sometimes treats him like the baby of the family (examples: the episodes "Movies" and "Alex Does Good"). He sometimes assists his sister Alex (Selena Gomez) in pulling pranks on their brother, Justin (David Henrie).[14] His catchphrase is "sweet" and "that's bunk".

Now at 15 born in 1994, he is the youngest of the family, which puts him at a disadvantage when being compared to his siblings, who have a head-start on him in their wizard training. To make matters worse, Max generally acts very carelessly, mainly because of his lack of real intelligence, though seems to be able to seem smart in his own unusual way that seems to work for him, a bit of Alex being seen in him because though Alex is a slacker with poor grades and known for her reckless use of magic, she secretly possesses strong intelligence that she prefers to keep hidden so as to be different from her brother Justin, a brainiac, and Max a skill of getting out the truth of others through randomness, a skill rarely used unless being asked for advice or being needed for a specific situation, showing that all three children hold a different type of intelligence that made them unique, with Max his knack for getting out the truth, Alex with her natural skill at magic that can best her siblings, and Justin his wide range of knowledge over many things that may seem like things no one else cares about as Alex makes it out to be, yet hold significance in varying levels, with how he argues with his sister, saying in one episode, 'if you want it to hurt, you gotta be accurate!' and up to knowledge over the Stone of Dreams. As a result he is unsuccessful at magic most of the time. Because of this, in preparing for the contest to keep their powers as a wizard, Justin and Alex focus on each other while discounting Max, believing that he couldn't possibly win. However, it is sometimes seen that Max may pull an upset, and be the one to keep his powers. He is shown to have a "C" in Wizard Class which makes his average[8] (much better compared to Alex who has an "F" for her poor effort and focus in wizard class, and she never tries). In the season one episode "Potion Commotion", when he gets his full powers, Max is able to cause snow to fall in the restaurant and to transport the loft the Russos live in to China and Hawaii. He later gains more control of his powers so they don't go haywire. Max is a fun wizard and sometimes uses magic irresponsibly but on the whole he prefers to cause havoc without magic. He is quite mischievous and quick to use magic in a situation, like his sister, and it often leads to disaster. However, in the end he makes things right with his abilities and help from his siblings. Max is dependent on magical aids such as his wand and brother and sister. The only spell he can do without such being levitation as seen in the movie. He uses an "E Wand" (similar to a Wii Remote) and has been known to break his wands by accident when put in his pocket.

Another disadvantage to being the youngest is he is constantly babied by his mother. In "Movies" she began babying him because she realized both Justin and Alex were growing up very fast. She doesn't like him dating. In the movie, Max says his mom pinches his cheeks.

Max's self-confidence and impulsive behavior also makes himself entirely devoid of fear (as noticed in "Wizards and Vampires vs. Zombies", where he wasn't afraid to stand up to the real zombies at the Zombie Prom). He is always willing to try new things and make new goals. He sometimes has little regard towards safety. Max usually likes to be his own person and often keeps his mind open for finding new things to do; some of which are considered career choices (considering the idea that he might not become a full wizard as an adult),[15] though Max usually takes action without thinking about the details (he once decided to become a pilot by only going to flight school for two days).[16] Max also has a few strange habits, such as putting marshmallows with asparagus or using his mom's dress as a Darth Vader cape.[8] Max is very easily amused and often thinks differently from others ('he thinks microwave popcorn is magic'). In fact, this unusual way of thinking allowed him to outsmart (or as Alex said "out-dumb") a genie into undoing her twisted wishes,[17] and managed to get Juliet Van Heusen to say how she feels about Justin by saying something "random" in conversation.[18] He has also been known to "twist" certain scenarios for his own advantage.

Though Max is usually comfortable with himself most of the time, it has been shown that he somewhat craves attention and support from his family. In "Helping Hand", when Justin creates his original 'helping hand' spell, in which Jerry (David DeLuise) takes notice, Max tries several attempts to make his own magical project in order to gain the same attention from his father. This also may show that Max secretly wishes he can live up to expectations of his older brother. In the episode "Retest", it is said that Max is a lot like Uncle Kelbo.

In the season two episode "Future Harper", it is said that sometime in the future all the mortal humans know about wizards and it was most likely because Max revealed the secret. Even though Future Harper (Rachel Dratch) did not say that person's name, Max guiltily points out himself that he may have likely been the one to have spilled the secret. In the trio episode in season 3, Max accidentally separates his conscience (Moises Arias) from himself, whom he names 'Roy'. Just as always, Max ignores everything Roy tells him and continues to sabotage Justin from becoming the family wizard, which ends in chaos. Tension is created between Max and his conscience when Max starts to do his schoolwork and chores, and Theresa neglects him by giving all the credit to Conscience. Later, Alex starts to notice Max's improvement and sabotages him by getting Conscience to go somewhere with Harper, which causes not only Max to do everything wrong, but puts Conscience in the process of becoming his own person. Alex then gets Conscience to come back and then uses a spell to put him back into Max. In part one of monsters hunters max says a spell that releases an evil mummy (Among Many other monsters) who later takes Juliet. It is later said that this gets all the monster hunters killed.

In "Marathon Helper", Harper reminds Max that he's not allowed to play with candles anymore and Max responds "Or a blender so shut up about it."

In the same episode Jerry says Max's name, Max thinking it was a spelling bee problem spelt his name "M-A-C-K-S".

Max's love interests

  • Gertrude "Gigi" Hollingsworth (Skyler Samuels) –- Max has a crush on Gigi, as seen in "Graphic Novel" (which Gigi, obviously, does not return).
  • Jennette Brocolleti (Kathryn Foley) –- Max asked out Jennette in "Alex Does Good". Justin chaperoned the date at the their family's restaurant, where Max tried to impress Jennette by acting like a big shot, therefore, treating Justin unfairly. When Justin retaliated by embarrassing Max in front of Jennette, Max attempted to use magic to turn Justin into a clown, but it backfired. Justin and Max laughed about it later, but Jennette left, feeling repulsed by Max's humor (and disturbed by his clown look). It's unknown if Max ever made things up with Jennette later.
  • London Tipton (Brenda Song) -- Max flirted with her in Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana (crossover episode Double-Crossed). She thought he was strange but was impressed with his treatment of her. She kissed him at the end of the episode.
  • The Hotdog Vendor Lady (Amanda Tepe) -- As revealed in "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date", Max has a special relationship with the hotdog vendor on Waverly Place, whereas he is a repeated costumer and she gives him his usual with mustard. They go through a small "relationship bump" until Max resolves it by wearing a hotdog suit and handing out fliers for her.

Episodes Max Russo was absent in

  • "New Employee" – Episode 4
  • "Fashion Week" – Episode 34

Jerry Russo

Jerome "Jerry" Russo
First appearance "Crazy Ten Minute Sale" (broadcast order),
"You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" (production order)
Created by Todd J. Greenwald
Portrayed by David DeLuise
Gender Male
Occupation Cook, waiter
Title Co-owner of Waverly Sub Station
Spouse(s) Theresa Russo
Children Justin Russo (eldest son),
Alex Russo (daughter/middle child),
Max Russo (youngest son)

Jerome "Jerry" Russo[2] is a fictional character on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, played by David DeLuise. Jerry is the father of Alex, Justin and Max Russo and co-owner of the Waverly Sub Station, with his wife Theresa (whom he accidentally insults on occasion). He is also a former wizard, who chose to give up his powers to marry his wife Theresa, a mortal, due to a rule forbidding wizards to marry mortals. Jerry is Italian American.[1]


Jerry Russo is the average father. He is stern, protective and is annoyed by Alex and Max constantly, and even by Justin occasionally. Unlike his children, he does not have powers any more; nonetheless, his children inherited their powers from him, with Max having a fascination of the magic normal humans can do such as microwave popcorn, Alex being a natural at magic yet using it recklessly, and Justin continually trying to improve his magic through knowledge. Jerry lives on Waverly Place, a street in downtown Manhattan with his mortal wife Theresa Russo (Maria Canals Barrera) and his children: middle daughter Alex Russo (Selena Gomez), eldest son Justin Russo (David Henrie), and youngest child Max Russo (Jake T. Austin). He owns a sandwich shop called the Waverly Sub Station with Theresa, where his children work, and, in the season one episode "New Employee" so did Alex's best friend Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone), although they only did it so they could be together more often. It is mentioned in the season two episode "Make It Happen", that Jerry's original career plan was to be a bull rider. His most popular catchphrase is "But-he-you-she-ALEX!"

Jerry is the typical overprotective father towards his daughter. It was first shown in season one's "First Kiss" when Alex claimed to have had her first kiss. He said "No! She's my little girl! What's his name? I'll make him cry!" (it is almost immediately revealed that Alex lied about having had her first kiss, and when Justin teased her for it, she kissed the first random boy she deemed good enough to kiss in school the next day, who was Matt, giving him a kiss that lasted a few seconds long and catching him off guard by her blunt, surprising way -she had slammed his locker shut when he was using it, right before pulling him by the shirt to direct his face towards hers to be able to kiss- and when he finally recovered from it, he turned around and ran in the direction of Alex, calling out her name to presumably ask her on a date), and continued in "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" from that same season, when he didn't want to teach her how to ride the carpet because he was afraid she would grow up and leave home. He also was seen putting babyish wallpaper on her walls. He normally isn't OK with her dating, in season one's "Potion Comotion" when Alex said "That's my new boyfriend!" about her crush Brad Sherwood (Shane Lyons), he said "I'll pick your new boyfriend!" But later on when Brad complimented Jerry, he said "I like your new boyfriend!" When Alex began dating Dean (Daniel Samonas), he liked him at first until Alex revealed Dean wanted to kiss her in season two's "Alex's Brother, Maximan". Jerry said "I never cared for that boy!," when he had just said the other day he liked Dean. When Alex pointed that out he said "That's before I knew he wanted to kiss you! He was using me to get to you! And I fell for it!"In "Alex Charms a Boy" Jerry is no longer overprotective because when he saw Alex and Mason kiss he smiled instead of freaking out, because he knew it was an honest and true relationship. He can be somewhat of a cheapskate; for example, in "Taxi Dance", he is unable to remember the number of the hospital room where Justin was born when he remembers his own lottery ticket number from that same day, and being so cheap that his antics resulted in Theresa giving birth to Alex in a taxicab instead of in a hospital. Notably, before this, Theresa told the kids that Jerry had tried to make her walk to the hospital while she was pregnant, to which Jerry replied, "Hey, I offered to push you in a shopping cart!"

Jerry is proud of his magical ancestry and teaches his children about the proper uses of magic in "Wizard Training Class" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the lair magically disguised as a food locker in the restaurant. However, his children often disobey his magic rules (Alex, most often being the case), and he has to punish them. He wants his kids to be great wizards, but also wants them to be able to live a life without using their powers since they may not have them in the future, as only one of them will get to keep his/her powers as an adult. Jerry has an older brother named Kelbo (Jeff Garlin), who is seen in the season one episode "Alex in the Middle", who is the wizard in Jerry's family — supposedly winning the family wizard competition out of the two brothers (,but he has a sister who holds a grudge against them who not revealed until season 2). Jerry's children consider him to be more fun than Jerry, and Alex even decides to have Kelbo be her magic teacher, and is revealed to be irresponsible with magic (almost as much as Alex is sometimes) as is shown when Kelbo fails to stop a package of sea chimps that spouts a huge gush of water eventually flooding the wizard lair and turning Kelbo and Alex into sea chimps. Jerry ends up being the one who saves them both, and he reveals a secret that he has kept from Alex, Max and Justin: that he gave up his powers in order to marry Theresa, due to a rule forbidding wizards and mortals from marrying, thus relinquishing his powers to Kelbo in order to marry her. In "Retest" it is revealed that Jerry and Kelbo have a sister, Megan. Megan holds a grudge against Jerry for giving Kelbo his powers instead of her. She lives in an art studio in Paris where she paints pictures. She is similar to Alex because she, like Alex, loves Art and hates hard work. Jerry also is a fan of the New York Mets and New York Jets. In several episodes of the series (more so in season one, than in other seasons), Jerry often makes a remark that accidentally insults Theresa, and quickly tries to correct his statement. Such an example is in season one's "Movies", in which Theresa tells Alex that no matter how old she gets that she is not too old to spend time with her family, Jerry responds "Exactly, just look at your mother". Alex then points out that Jerry accidentally called Theresa "old", and he attempts and fails to change the subject. In the movie, Jerry gives Justin the family wand in the movie and the spell book which Alex steals accidentally wishing her parents never met or fell in love, but it was resolved -ironically by Alex herself, the reckless one out of his three children, who also surprisingly won the Premature Family Wizard competition against Justin, as Justin was the favorite out of the three to win it but lost to Alex even though he was of age to take it and she wasn't yet.

Episodes Jerry Russo was absent in

  • "Alex's Choice" – Episode 7
  • "Alex's Spring Fling" – Episode 19
  • "Smarty Pants" – Episode 22
  • "Graphic Novel" – Episode 24
  • "Saving WizTech (2)" – Episode 28
  • "Future Harper" – Episode 37
  • "My Tutor, Tutor" – Episode 43
  • "Three Monsters"- Episode 55

Theresa Russo

Theresa Magdalena Margarita Russo
Wizards of Waverly Place character
First appearance

"Crazy Ten Minute Sale" (broadcast order),
"You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" (production order)

Created by Todd J. Greenwald
Portrayed by Maria Canals Barrera
Gender Female
Occupation Co-owner of Waverly Sub Station,
Spouse(s) Jerry Russo
Children Justin Russo (oldest son),
Alex Russo (daughter/middle child),
Max Russo (youngest son)

Theresa Magdalena Margarita Russo'[2] (née Larkin) is a fictional character on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, played by Maria Canals Barrera. Theresa is the mother of Alex, Justin and Max Russo and co-owner of the Waverly Sub Station, with her husband Jerry; and is also the slightly more serious one out the couple. Theresa is Mexican American.[14]


Theresa Russo is a typical mother. She's fussy, caring and can be pretty embarrassing. Unlike her children, she is a mortal. Theresa lives in Waverly in Manhattan with her husband (and former wizard) Jerry Russo (David DeLuise) and her children: middle daughter Alex Russo (Selena Gomez), eldest son Justin Russo (David Henrie), and youngest child Max Russo (Jake T. Austin). She owns a sandwich shop called the Waverly Sub Station with her husband, in which her children work. She is overprotective of Justin and Max, but Max especially babying him. She tries to relate with her kids, but it doesn't always work.

Theresa stated that she is a "Proud Latina" and tries to get her children to learn about her and their Mexican heritage. In season one's "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet", Theresa states that she once played guitar in an all-girl mariachi band when she was younger — though when Justin says "I didn't know you played the guitar", Jerry says "she doesn't" – implying that Theresa is not a very good guitar player.

At times, Theresa can be somewhat controlling of her kids and their lives; for example, in "Quinceañera", she completely takes control of the plans for Alex's Quinceañera, or fifteenth birthday party, turns it into the party that she wants, and refuses to listen to Alex's objections, all because she herself never got to have a Quinceañera of her own. This eventually gets so irritating to Alex that she casts a spell to switch bodies with Theresa, partially so Theresa would be able to have the Quinceañera that she never got to have. In the end, however, Theresa realizes her mistake and allows Alex to have the party that she wants.

Theresa is the reason why Jerry could not keep his wizard powers. Since wizards are not allowed to marry non-wizards, Jerry chose to give up his powers to his older brother Kelbo in order to marry Theresa, as was revealed in season one's "Alex in the Middle" – previously unbeknownst to Justin, Alex and Max, when it is revealed that in his family's wizard competition that Jerry was originally the one who got to keep his magic powers. However, Jerry says he does not regret marrying her.

It has been mentioned several times that Theresa hates magic. Being mortal, she finds it difficult to live in a house full of wizards, especially when her children (and sometimes, Jerry) misuse magic in the house, most notably when the boys of the family want to play indoors and either directly or indirectly end up destroying a prized lamp she owns, which always ends up repaired. An example of this is in season one's "Art Museum Piece", when a spell which causes Theresa to go through objects wears off—and she accidentally walks into the front door and she exclaims "I hate living with wizards!" She has also been shown to have very little concern for major issues in the magical world, which don't concern her since she isn't a wizard (including issues that involve her kids losing their powers). Despite this, when Alex and Justin's antics cause Max to fail the wand quiz in "My Tutor, Tutor", Theresa lends a sympathetic ear to his problem, and even told Alex to use her magic to make their haunted house scarier in "Halloween".

Though normally a kind and caring mother, Theresa has a prevalent selfish side. For example, in "Retest", when Alex, Max, and Justin were upset over the possibility of losing their powers, Theresa relished the thought of having a normal family, going so far as to suggest turning the wizard lair into a den. Similarly, in "Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place", Theresa openly refused to let Justin date Juliet at first and freely stated that she cared more about her business than her children's happiness, which even Alex was appalled and disgusted by.

Harper Finkle

Harper Finkle
Wizards of Waverly Place character
First appearance "Crazy Ten Minute Sale" (broadcast order),
"First Kiss" (production order)
Created by Todd J. Greenwald
Portrayed by

Jennifer Stone

Rachel Dratch
(older Harper) [in "Future Harper"]
Nickname(s) "What's Her Face" (by Dean Moriarty),
"Harpo" (by Madgalena Larkin),
"Finkle" (by Mr. Frenchy, in "Fashion Week" and Dean Moriarty in "Wizards VS. Vampires: Dream Date")
Aliases Alex Russo (her best friend's name, used in "Cast Away to Another Show")
Gender Female
Occupation Waitress,
Fashion designer's assistant
Chicken at a roller rink
Author(in "Future Harper")
Title 9th grade student (season 1)
10th grade student (season 2)
11th grade (season 3)
Family unnamed mother played by Kate Flannery
unnamed father
unnamed younger brother Franny (grandmom)
Significant other(s) Justin Russo (crush; season 1-present),
Zeke Rosenblatt (boyfriend; season 2-present)

Harper Finkle[19] is a fictional character on the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, played by Jennifer Stone. She is the best friend of the show's main character Alex Russo (and has an obsessive crush on Alex's older brother Justin), and is often known for her outrageous fashion ensembles that she designs herself, such as one outfit seen in the season one episode "Credit Check" which resembled a cupcake.

Jennifer Stone does not appear as Harper in "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" (which was actually the first episode produced, but the sixth episode broadcast—the episode was aired out of production order). It is likely that the character of Harper must have been added after the series was picked up by Disney Channel.

Harper's love interests

  • Justin Russo (David Henrie) – Harper's Love Interest for all seasons, though he doesn't return her feelings; except for episodes "Baby Cupid", due to getting shot with Cupid's Arrow. In season 3 it's clear that Harper is still interested in Justin, but since he is dating Juliet she tries to convince herself and others that her and Justin's relationship is off and on, and right now they're on a break so that's why he's with Juliet. It is unknown whether Harper likes Juliet or not, though it is noted in "Chronicles of Moises: Voice of Reason Part 1" that she, along with Alex, is friends with Juliet.
  • Zeke (Dan Benson, season 2-) – Harper revealed that she liked Zeke in the episode "Wizards & Vampires Vs Zombies",. Zeke returns her feelings, and they go to prom together. They hang out together and enjoy working on school projects together.

Episodes Harper Finkle was absent in

  • "Disenchanted Evening" – Episode 5
  • "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" – Episode 6
  • "Curb Your Dragon" – Episode 8
  • "Movies" – Episode 9
  • "Pop Me and We Both Go Down" – Episode 10
  • "Potion Commotion" – Episode 11
  • "Wizard School (1)" – Episode 13
  • "Wizard School (2)" – Episode 14
  • "Alex in the Middle" – Episode 16
  • "Beware Wolf" – Episode 23
  • "Saving WizTech (2)" – Episode 28
  • "Make It Happen" – Episode 32

Recurring characters

The following is a list of recurring characters in the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place.

  • Monotone Woman (Amanda Tepe) has played numerous characters during the show's first season, as well as one guest appearance in season two. She appears as a random character who speaks with a monotone. Jobs she has held include department store manager, waitress, frozen yogurt store manager, hotel maitre'd, dog show security guard, the information desk lady at Volcano Land, art museum security guard, and hot dog vendor. Being an employee at Volcano Land supports that she is possibly part of the magic world, seen as how Volcano Land is a location in the wizard world. Tepe's only appearance on the show during the second season is in the episode "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date" as the hot dog vendor person. Her name in "New Employee" is Amanda, according to her name tag, but in "Art Museum Piece", her name is Elaine according to blue boy.
  • Dean Moriarty (Daniel Samonas) is Alex's boyfriend in the second season. He makes temporary tattoos in the boy's bathroom and is interested in cars. In the episode "Racing", he charmed Alex's parents with his car skills and his nice attitude. It is said later in that episode that Dean did all that to make a nice impression, so he could date Alex. Dean is shown as a "bad boy", and Justin and Harper do not approve of him at first. And at one point, Jerry doesn't approve either. Alex's only doubts is that Dean is not very good at expressing his true feelings. He is in a woodshop class and often gives Alex wooden gifts, which are basically assignments. In "Saving WizTech", he finally gives Alex a wooden card that is not an assignment. Also in that episode, Alex realizes she loves Dean but does not tell him. Dean calls Alex "Russo", until he says in the letter that he should start calling her Alex. Salads are one of his favorite foods. Dean is never seen nor mentioned again after part two of the episode "Saving WizTech", until late in season two in the episode "Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date", part of the "Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place" saga, where it is revealed that he moved away. Alex continued to date Dean in his dreams using a "dream helmet". Dean came back to visit Alex in "Dream Date". Alex had doubts about their relationship because Dean wasn't acting as romantic as he was in his dreams Alex was controlling. When Alex said she wanted to break up, Dean agreed and then left, as if it didn't matter. Feeling confused and discouraged, Alex went into yet another dream, but let Dean control it this time. Dean then said the reason he acted that way was because he was hurt. They break up properly and Dean disappears in his dream.
  • Hugh Normous (birth name Hugh Fineman; Josh Sussman) is a human-size giant. Despite his size, he has been shown to believe he is a giant despite carrying miniature objects. He states in "Wizard School", that he is supplied by this so his self esteem isn't bruised. Some of the items he uses are: a tiny desk, a tiny wagon, clothes too small for him (including a pair of tiny underwear witch apparently "ride up") and he uses small doors in WizTech and wears tiny glasses. He seems to be Alex's only friend in WizTech and is also friends with Ronald Longcape, Jr. and Justin Russo. His name is a pun on the word hunormous when he introduces himself to Alex and she says, "Not really". In the season two episode "Hugh's Not Normous", we find out Hugh was actually adopted by his giant parents, who are featured in the show (though their faces cannot be seen, as they are too "giant".) Hugh found out he was not born with giant blood, he always know he was adopted but he assumed he was still a giant but was shocked to find that his maternal parents are just wizards. He once ran away from home, and lived with the Russos later in that same episode. His birth parents think he is a giant.
  • Professor Crumbs (Ian Abercrombie) is the headmaster of WizTech (a reference to Albus Dumbledore). His name possibly refers to his liking of blueberry muffins, as can be seen in the episode "Wizard School". Professor Crumbs is never seen without his incredibly long beard, even when he was turned into a guinea pig in the episode "Report Card". The only episode where he has been seen without his beard is in part two of season two's "Saving WizTech" when Ronald Longcape, Jr. (Chad Duell) stole the beard. After he was defeated, Crumbs took his beard back. Crumbs is shown how to socialize by Max in "Saving WizTech" and has done some childish things, such as spitting over the edge of the Tower of Evil. In season two's "Saving WizTech", he states that he is 850 years old. He speaks with a British accent, which Alex sometimes makes fun of.
  • Mr. Laritate (Bill Chott) is the principal of Tribeca Prep Sr. High School, which is shown when he calls Alex into the principal's office; humorously, it is shown in "Alex Does Good" that Alex is sent to the principal's office so often that the two have somewhat of a regular routine down, even pouring each other coffee. The last name, Laritate, is a pun of Larry Tate from Bewitched. He loves anything related to the Old West and decorated his office in that fashion he also wears a bolo tie. Laritate has an on-and-off relationship with Alex—in that he is disappointed in Alex's lack of work ethic and unwillingness to do well in school, but it is evident that he cares about her through his many efforts to reach out to her. Mr. Lartiate is also the adviser of several activities at the school including the World School Summit at the U.N., Happy Helpers Club and Quiz Bowl, and he teaches a History class and a Marriage and Family class. He once taught the art class. In season two's "Don't Rain on Justin's Parade", Mr. Laritate calls Alex an evil genius, much to Alex's pleasure. He does not have a college degree said in "Franken-Girl".
  • Zeke Rosenblatt[20] (Dan Benson) is a friend of Justin's. Zeke is in the same grade as Justin. He attends Tribeca Prep and is in advanced chemistry along with Justin. He is also part of an "alien language" club; he and Justin often "speak alien" to each other. Zeke's first appearance was in "Smarty Pants". He is very impulsive and easygoing. He and Justin are also on the same Quiz Bowl team in "Smarty Pants". Zeke and Justin have tried out for several sports teams, but have apparently failed at all of them. In "Fashion Week", they somehow succeed at talking to models. Zeke got the role of Peter Pan in the school play in "Fairy Tale". In the episode "Wizard For a Day", he is upset when the real aliens do not understand his "alien speak". Zeke and Harper go to "Zombie Prom" together. He is also on the cheer squad, as revealed in "Positive Alex".
  • Juliet Van Heusen (Bridgit Mendler) is a teenage vampire who falls in love with Justin while he spies for his parents restaurant. The two fight their parents for their love (similar to Romeo and Juliet, but with a happier ending) and soon, are allowed to date despite the restaurant feud between their different families. When she was born, her parents let her have a soul so she could socialize in the mortal world, which makes her nice and down-to-earth, as opposed to most vampires, who are usually heartless and cunning. Being so young (approximately 2,000 years old, which is apparently vampire adolescence), Juliet is also very slow in her development as a vampire, as her fangs have just started to come in, and is unable to transform completely into a bat (she can only conjure up her wings), but later in season 3 she able to turn into a full bat. Though she is said to be two thousand years old, there are some indications that Juliet may be even older; for example, in "Night at the Lazerama", she tells Justin that she was alive during the times of ancient Egypt and was even acquainted with Nefertiti upon seeing a statue of her in the museum. She is very smart and health conscious. Juliet becomes friends with Alex in season 3. She reveals that she wears vanilla-scented perfume to hide her true vampire scent of death and decay. In "Night Lazerama", Juliet goes with Justin on his one monster hunt for a mummy, where they become trapped in the mummy exhibit with a glass roof in which Juliet couldn't be there because of the sunlight, which can kill a vampire (it is possible that Juliet recently inherited the weakness, since she was shown walking outside in broad daylight with no apparent ill effects several times during the "Wizards vs. Vampires" saga). Justin then makes an unselfish decision when he decides Juliet needs to become a mummy's slave in order to save her life, though he promises to track down the mummy and save her one day. The mummy takes Juliet to Transylvania, where, when he does not need her to do work for him, she is forcibly imprisoned in suspended animation behind a hieroglyphic, though she never gives up hope that Justin will find and save her. In "Wizards vs. Werewolves", this finally happens, and it is revealed that she once dated Mason, Alex's werewolf boyfriend, three hundred years ago. During a fight between the two, Juliet is scratched by Mason, which strips her of her vampire powers and rapidly ages her into a white-haired old hag (though this doesn't make much sense, as if she lost her powers of immortality, she should die). Because of this, Justin and Juliet are forced to break up for good.
  • Alucard and Cindy Van Heusen (JD Cullum and Anne Ramsay) are Juliet's full vampire parents and the owners of the competing sandwich shop on Waverly Place, the Late Nite Bite, appearing in the four-part "Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place" story arc at the end of season two. At first, they are opposed to the relationship between Juliet and Justin, but they eventually allow them to date each other. They didn't appear in the last 2 four-part episodes. Although they have been mentioned numerous times throughout the series (especially when Juliet is around) they are never seen in more than those two episodes. It is unknown if they will appear again, or if they know of their daughter's recent enslavement at the hands of a mummy. Running Gag: Alucard acts very mysterious like a stereotypical vampire while Cindy acts like a normal woman. Also of note the name Alucard is the reverse spelling of Dracula.
  • Mr. Stuffleby (Fred Willard) is somewhat of a career counselor for the wizarding world. He has a large and seemingly permanent smile on his face, a result of his one-fourth gargoyle heritage. In episodes where he makes an appearance, the Russos (mostly Alex) simply cannot help but make some sort of joke or remark about his smile, and at times he even makes a joke about it himself.
  • Mason Greyback (Gregg Sulkin) - Mason is a student in Alex's art class. They begin dating in the episode "Alex Charms A Boy." They both love to paint, but Mason loves painting pictures of dogs on human bodies. Alex puts a spell on him to make him obsessed with painting her. The spell is lifted though. He gives her a necklace that lights up when the wearer is in love with the person who put it on them. In Wizards vs. Werewolves it is revealed that he is in fact Werewolf. He doesn't turn Alex into a werewolf when they kiss since he is pure breed and only mutts turn the people they kiss to werewolves. He helps in the search for Juliet after picking up her scent from dental floss. He leads them to the mummy's tomb where they rescue her. He and Juliet used to date and he admits that he never stopped loving her, which breaks Alex's heart. She throws the heart necklace he gave her. He tries to prove his love for her by going back to the mummy's tomb to find the necklace. Justin, Max, and Juliet come to rescue Alex. Max likes Mason, but Justin hates him for breaking Alex's heart. When Justin tries to make Alex leave the tomb, Mason turns into a werewolf, and fights Justin and Juliet. He is attacking Justin when Juliet bites him, causing him to turn into a wolf permanently. Before the transformation, Alex puts the necklace on him and it lights up. Alex knows his true feelings but he leaves because as a wolf, he has no control. He leaves the mummy's tomb as he transforms into a wolf. His last name references to Harry Potter villain Fenrir Greyback, who ironically is a werewolf like himself. Mason is mentioned in the season two episode "Future Harper" when Future Harper tells Alex that she seems irritable and asks if she has broken up with Mason yet, implying that Alex's relationship with Mason has an impact on Alex's future.

Supporting characters

The following is a list of minor characters in the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place.

  • Miranda Hampson (Lucy Hale) she is Justin's girlfriend in two episodes. She is a new kid in school "Pop me and We Both Go Down" and starts dating Justin in that episode but in "First Kiss" which is before "Pop Me and We Both Go Down" she isn't new and is already dating Justin (this is due to episodes being broadcast out of order, though based on the production codes for both episodes, they were also produced out of order as well). She is hated by Harper (due to her crush on Justin) and dresses in a goth fashion. She likes the color black and hates Corporate America and "cool guys". It is said once that she's the new girl, but it is also said that in fifth grade she passed a note to someone saying she liked them. She may return in a new episode called, "First-Kiss Girl," and she was also mentioned in the second season.
  • Gertrude "Gigi" Hollingsworth (Skyler Samuels) is Alex's rival. She has tried to embarrass Alex ever since they were in kindergarten when Gigi spilled juice on Alex's mat during naptime and said Alex had an "accident", and will often go entirely out of her way to do so. Another one of Gigi's targets is Alex's best friend, Harper. Gigi invited Harper to her annual tea party with the purpose of crowning her as the biggest loser at the tea party. Gigi seems to have complete control over most of the student body: in one episode, all of the other kids immediately cleared the halls at her command. Gigi hangs out with two girls who Alex and Harper refer to as the "Wannabes". The girls dress similar to Gigi and underwent plastic surgery of their noses to look more like her. Typical episodes involving Gigi depict her trying to humiliate Alex and/or Harper, and receiving poetic justice. So far Gigi has appeared in the episodes "Crazy Ten Minute Sale" and "Alex's Choice" from season one and "Graphic Novel" from season two. She is yet to make an appearance in Season 3.
  • The Wannabes (Kelsey Sanders and Heather Trzyna) are called "the wannabes" because they want to be as pretty as Gigi. They usually have strange looks, but that is only because it is part of a process to make them look prettier, and to make them look more like Gigi. They appear as Gigi's posse. They are also not very bright. They have appeared in every episode Gigi is in.
  • Frankie (Paulie Litt) is Justin's rival. He scams Justin and fancies Alex. He has appeared in the season two episodes "New Employee" and "Curb Your Dragon". In the closing credits, he is referred to as "Joey". This cute little boy with a mighty strong New York accent has some tension with Justin, because Justin is "stealing his tutoring business".
  • Riley (Brian Kubach) is Alex's crush in "I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain" and "The Supernatural", and her boyfriend in "Alex's Spring Fling". He is on the baseball team, and obviously likes Alex just as much as she does him. He appears to be at Alex's level in most school subjects, such as Spanish. He also appears to be one of Justin's friends, and is on the baseball team with him.
  • T.J. Taylor (Daryl Sabara) is another teen wizard at Tribeca Prep Sr. High School who charmed his parents into letting him use his powers whenever he wants—hiding the charm spell in kugel. The Russos then uncharm his parents and T.J. gets in trouble. He appears again in season two with shorter hair, meaning he might have gone to boot camp. He now hates Alex (possible because she desdo his spell in his parents), and once dated Jenny Majorheely, who he turned into a middle-aged woman—Alex subsequently turned her back into a teenage girl.
  • Alfred (Andy Pessoa) is Max's best friend. He is known to be smarter than Max. He and Max started a dog business in "Beware Wolf". In another episode he and Max sell water and give away a puppy along with it. He seems to be not good at hiding secrets.
  • Conscience (Moises Arias) is Max's inner-thoughts of wrong and wrong brought into human form after a spell Max performed incorrectly. He claims to be what Max looks like to others and dresses like max except with a tie and his shirt buttoned up. Throughout the "Cronicles of Moises: Voice of Reason" saga, he and Max have a comical relationship which revolves around Max not being able to understand what Conscience is teaching him, which has led to incedences such as Max releasing Monsters into New York City. He tutors Max and gets him ahead in his wizard studies. Being an extension of Max, leaving him for too long would make Conscience become his own person and leave Max permanently, causing Max to do only the wrong thing (This nearly occurs when Alex tried to sabotage Max's progress in becoming the family wizard). He returns to Max's self-conscious in "Night at the Lazerama".

Minor characters

  • Susan (Tiffany Thornton) is another one of Justin's academic friends. Alex grows fond of Zeke and Susan and tries to be their friend, making Justin jealous because he was friends with them first. When Susan invites Alex to watch a movie with them, Alex finds out that she is under the age restriction and uses magic to get into the movie, literally.
  • Officer Lamp (Michael A. Shepperd) is a wizard police officer who parters with Goblin. He says Max is a cute kid and that nobody can pronounce Goblin's name.
  • Goblin (Brian Scolaro) is a goblin/wizard police officer. He is married but it is unknown if he has kids. His actual name cannot be pronounced said by Officer Lamp. He filed a complaint that poofing in with smoke causes health problems. In the season two episode "Harper Knows (A Wizard Outing)", he says he'll put a gold star in Alex's community service file if Alex helped at PopCon. He is once seen by Harper in that episode, so he pretends to be a kid from science class.
  • Nellie Rodriguez (Veronica Sixtos) is a student at Tribeca Prep Sr. High School and is of Cuban descent, and was on a Quiz Bowl team with Harper until Alex wired the buzzer wrong. Later in the episode it was said that she returned and "Team Maroon" won. She was first seen in the season one episode "Alex's Choice" where Alex describes her as a very positive, upbeat person with Alex saying "There's nothing worse than a 'Positive Nellie'."
  • Dr. Evilini (Octavia Spencer) was an evil teacher at WizTech. She got Justin to participate in the 12-Ball tournament (a wizard's version of ping pong), which could tell who is the most powerful young wizard. Her plan was to suck Justin's powers away at Volcano Land and take them for herself. Alex then found out about the plan from Evilini's messenger fish. Evilini's plan was later revealed after Alex used a truth spell on her.
  • Jerko Phoenix (J. Evan Bonifant) is Justin's rival at WizTech. He is a champion 12-Ball player at the school. It is unknown if Jerko still is at WizTech as he didn't appear in the two-part episode "Saving WizTech" from season two. He wears an eye patch, so he doesn't wear have to wear the Harry Potter-style glasses. His name is a parody of Draco Malfoy.
  • Joey (Zack Shada) is in Dean's posse. He is the only who talks in the posse besides Dean. He seems to be Dean's right-hand man. He has all of Dean's (temporary) tattoos on his arm for inventory, except he doesn't have the unicorn. He complained when Dean gave Harper the unicorn first. He sometimes repeats what Dean says. In one episode, Alex reads Dean's mind and he says that he has to get Joey a date.
  • Ronald Longcape Jr. (Chad Duell) is an evil kid at WizTech. He was a love interest for Alex in season two's "Saving WizTech", while Alex was still in a relationship with Dean. Ronald shape-shifted into Dean and broke up with Alex so he could convince Alex into coming to WizTech with him; he froze the real Dean inside gelatin. Ronald then used Alex as part of his evil plan, to become the most powerful evil wizard at WizTech. His plan was foiled by Alex's love for Dean. His father, Ronald Longcape Sr. (Maurice Godin) only pretends to be evil.
  • Jennifer "Jenny" Majorheely (Gilland Jones) is a 16-year-old girl. She once dated T.J. Taylor, but he turned her into a middle-aged woman (Heidi Swedberg). Alex turned her back into a teenager. She knows Alex's secret and has a weird squeal, which annoyed Harper. She is in the Happy Helper's Club. The characters last name is a pun on the I Dream of Jeannie character Major (Roger) Healey.
  • Kelbo Russo (Jeff Garlin) is Alex's, Justin's, and Max's uncle and Megan's and Jerry's brother. Unlike Jerry, he is very fun and carefree. Kelbo is a full wizard who often uses his powers very childishly, and often seems just as incompetent and irresponsible with them as Alex is with her own. He first appears in "Alex In the Middle", where temporarily becomes Alex's wizard tutor. Jerry gave him his powers so he could marry a mortal. He reappears in "Retest".
  • Frankie Stein (Perry Mattfeld) is a female monster Justin created to guard his room from Alex in the season 3 episode "Franken Girl". Her brain is the motherboard from Justin's laptop, which Alex then shuts down. Justin later uses magic on Frankie into wanting to be Alex's friend, and Frankie gets Alex to join the cheerleading squad with her. She is based on Frankenstein's monster. She reappears in "Three Monsters".
  • Chancellor Rudy Tootietooie (Andy Kindler) is the head of the Monster Hunter Council, who Justin has reported to in "Three Monsters". He sends Justin on a dangerous mission to capture a mind-controlling mummy in "Night of the Lazerama", after all the other monster hunters were killed in action.



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