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WWE Hall of Famer Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, posing for the crowd in Washington, D.C..

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut.[1] Former employees in WWE consist of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, announcers, interviewers, referees, trainers, script writers, executives and board of directors.

WWE talents' contracts range from developmental contracts to multi-year deals.[2] They primarily appeared on WWE television programming, pay-per-view and live events and talent with developmental contracts appeared at Florida Championship Wrestling or they appeared at WWE's former training facilities: Deep South Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association, International Wrestling Association, Memphis Championship Wrestling or Ohio Valley Wrestling. When talent is released of their contract it could be for a budget cut, the individual asking for their release, for personal reasons, time off from an injury or retirement. In some cases, talent has died while they were contracted, such as Brian Pillman, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit.

Those who made appearances without a contract and those who were released but are currently employed are not included.


Lists of alumni

The lists of alumni are sorted by the first letter of their family name:

  • List of World Wrestling Entertainment alumni: A–C
  • List of World Wrestling Entertainment alumni: D–H
  • List of World Wrestling Entertainment alumni: I–M
  • List of World Wrestling Entertainment alumni: N–R
  • List of World Wrestling Entertainment alumni: S–Z


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Simple English

This is a list of professional wrestlers, managers and other workers that were employed in World Wrestling Entertainment from:

  • 1952–1963 (as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation)
  • 1963–1979 (as the World Wide Wrestling Federation)
  • 1979–2002 (as the World Wrestling Federation)
  • 2002–present time (as World Wrestling Entertainment)


Early years

Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
1960 Maurice Catarcio The Matador
[needs proof]
1960 Edward Gossett Eddie Graham
[needs proof]
1963 Antonino Rocca Antonino Rocca
[needs proof]
1963 Herman C. Rohde, Jr. "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers
[needs proof]
1969 Ed Farhat The Sheik
[needs proof]
1970 Edward McDaniel Wahoo McDaniel
[needs proof]
1972 Karl Istaz Karl Gotch
[needs proof]
1972 Camille Tourville Tarzan Tyler
[needs proof]
1974 Fred Blassie "Classy" Freddie Blassie Retired from wrestling to focus on being a manager. [needs proof]
1974 Miguel Feliciano Miguel Feliciano
[needs proof]
1975 James Dudley James Dudley
[needs proof]
1976 Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan
[needs proof]
1977 Wladek Kowalski Killer Kowalski
[needs proof]
1978 Charles Kalani, Jr. Professor Toru Tanaka
[needs proof]
1978 George Stipich Stan "The Man" Stasiak
[needs proof]
1979 Scott Irwin Yukon Eric
[needs proof]
1979 James Parris Ivan Koloff
[needs proof]
1979 Vincent J. McMahon Vincent J. McMahon Retired as owner of the WWWF and sold it to his son, Vincent K. McMahon. [needs proof]
1979 Jimmy Valen Jimmy Valiant
[needs proof]

World Wrestling Federation era


Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
1980 Ernie Ladd "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd [needs proof]
1980 Bill White Wild Bill White
[needs proof]
1981 Lawrence Whistler Larry Zbyszko
[needs proof]
1981 Ed White Moondog King
[needs proof]
1982 Eddie Gilbert "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
[needs proof]
1982 Lanny Kean Moondog Cujo
[needs proof]
1982 Paul McWight Moondog Rover
[needs proof]
1983 Tatsumi Fujinami Tatsumi Fujinami
[needs proof]
1983 Masa Saito Masa Saito
[needs proof]
1983 Bill Smithson Moondog Spike
[needs proof]
1984 Stan Hansen Stan Hansen
[needs proof]
1984 Houston Harris Bobo Brazil
[needs proof]
1984 Bruce Woyan "Bulldog" Buzz Sawyer
[needs proof]
1984 Mikel Scicluna "Baron" Mikel Scicluna
[needs proof]
1984 Ray Stevens Ray Stevens
[needs proof]
1985 Mad Maxine Mad Maxine
[needs proof]
1985 Dick Murdoch Dick Murdoch
[needs proof]
1985 Dewey Robertson The Missing Link
[needs proof]
1985 Johnny Rodz Johnny Rodz
[needs proof]
1985 Buddy Rose "Playboy" Buddy Rose
[needs proof]
1985 Wendy Savinovich Wendi Richter
[needs proof]
1985 David Schultz "Dr. D" David Schultz Released after incident with reporter John Stossel. [needs proof]
1985 Cyndi Lauper Cyndi Lauper Left because it became an increasing distraction to her musical ambitions.
1986 Dory Funk, Jr. Hoss Funk
[needs proof]
1986 Stan Frazier Uncle Elmer
[needs proof]
1987 Takeshi Akabane Little Tokyo
[needs proof]
1987 Josef Bednarski Ivan Putski
[needs proof]
1987 Randy Colley Moondog Rex
[needs proof]
March 31,1987 Lionel Giroux Little Beaver Ended career after he suffered a back injury in a match with King Kong Bundy. [needs proof]
1987 Raymond Kessler The Haiti Kid
[needs proof]
1987 Michael Kirchner Corporal Kirchner He failed a drug test and was suspended. Afterwards, Kirchner decided not to return. [1]
1987 Larry Latham Moondog Spot
[needs proof]
1987 Pedro Morales Pedro Morales He took a job as part of WWF's Spanish announce team before retiring. [2]
1987 Barry Orton Barry O
[needs proof]
1987 Debbie Szestecki Debbie Combs
[needs proof]
1987 Eric Tovey Lord Littlebrook
[needs proof]
1987 Robert Windham Blackjack Mulligan
[needs proof]
June 1987 Tom Zenk Tom Zenk Contract dispute. [needs proof]
July 4, 1987 Keith Franke Adrian Adonis
[needs proof]
1988 Sika Anoa'i Sika
[needs proof]
1988 Tom Billington Dynamite Kid
[needs proof]
1988 Craig Minervini Craig DeGeorge
[needs proof]
July 21, 1988 Brian Blair B. Brian Blair Left due to unfulfilled promises to win the Tag Team titles never came to fruition. [needs proof]
September 22, 1988 Conrad Efraim S.D. Jones
[needs proof]
1988 Sam Fatu Tama, The Tonga Kid
[needs proof]
1988 William Haynes, Jr. Billy Jack Haynes
[needs proof]
1988 John Sutton Oliver Humperdink
[needs proof]
1988 Reginald Lisowski The Crusher
[needs proof]
1988 Velvet Mykietowich Velvet McIntyre
[needs proof]
1988 Paul Orndorff "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
[needs proof]
1988 Ken Patera Ken Patera
[needs proof]
1988 James Raschke The Baron
[needs proof]
1988 Sylvester Ritter Junkyard Dog, JYD
[needs proof]
1988 Bruno Sammartino Bruno Sammartino
[needs proof]
1988 David Sammartino David Sammartino
[needs proof]
1988 Patricia Karisma-Schroeder Leilani Kai
[needs proof]
1988 Michael Smith Sam Houston
[needs proof]
1988 Eldridge Wayne Coleman "Superstar" Billy Graham
[needs proof]
1988 Peter Stilsbury Outback Jack
[needs proof]
1988 Noriyo Tateno Noriyo Tateno
[needs proof]
April 1988 Bruce Reed "The Natural" Butch Reed
[needs proof]
August 1988 Don Muraco Magnificent Don Muraco, Rock Don Muraco
[needs proof]
1989 Tully Blanchard Tully Blanchard Was fired after failing a random drug test. [needs proof]
1989 Scott Casey Scott Casey
[needs proof]
1989 Jean Gagné Frenchy Martin
[needs proof]
1989 Ronald Herd "Outlaw" Ron Bass
[needs proof]
1989 Melissa Hiatt Missy Hyatt
[needs proof]
1989 John Minton Big John Studd
[needs proof]
1989 Masashi Ozawa Killer Kahn
[needs proof]
1989 Harley Race Harley Race
[needs proof]
1989 Robin Smith Rockin' Robin
[needs proof]
1989 Max Taogaga Siva Afi
[needs proof]
December 1989 Tom Lister, Jr. Zeus
[needs proof]


Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
1990 Roger Barnes Ronnie Garvin
[needs proof]
1990 Allen Coage Bad News Brown Left due to claims that Vince McMahon failed to live up to promises. [needs proof]
1990 Bill Eadie Ax, Super Machine Health problems. [needs proof]
1990 George Gray One Man Gang, Akeem
[needs proof]
1990 Hector Guerrero Gobbledy Gooker Gimmick Failed [needs proof]
1990 James Janos Jesse Ventura Left to pursue other interests. [needs proof]
1990 Al Perez Al Perez
[needs proof]
1990 Juanita Wright Sapphire Storyline ended, was no longer needed [needs proof]
1990 Roy Wayne Farris The Honky Tonk Man Released after mutual decision. Lawsuit with McMahon followed regarding owning the HTM name/gimmick. [needs proof]
1991 Brady Boone Battle Kat, Brady Boone
[needs proof]
1991 Nick Busick Big Bully Busick Retired from wrestling. [needs proof]
1991 Anthony White Tony Atlas, Saba Simba
[needs proof]
1991 Paul Centopani Paul Roma
[needs proof]
1991 Carly Colón, Sr. Carlos Colón Retired from wrestling. [needs proof]
1991 Jim Barrell Boris Zhukov
[needs proof]
1991 Pete Doherty The Duke of Dorchester
[needs proof]
1991 Rick Harris Black Bart
[needs proof]
1991 Genichiro Tenryu Tenryu
[needs proof]
1991 Koji Kitao Kitao
[needs proof]
1991 André Rousimoff André the Giant, The Giant Machine Retired because he was too ill to continue wrestling. [needs proof]
1991 John Tolos The Coach
[needs proof]
1992 Kerry Adkisson Texas Tornado, Kerry Von Erich Fired after failing random drug test. [needs proof]
1992 Ray Fernandez Hercules, Hercules Hernandez
[needs proof]
1992 Elizabeth Hulette Miss Elizabeth Left the WWF shortly after her divorce from Randy Savage. [needs proof]
1992 Adnan El Kassey General Adnan, Billy White Wolf
[needs proof]
1992 Andy Kindler Jamison
[needs proof]
1992 Mike McGuirk Mike McGuirk
[needs proof]
1992 James Reiher "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
[needs proof]
1992 Terry Szopinski The Warlord
[needs proof]
1992 Pat Tanaka Tanaka
[needs proof]
1992 John Wisniski, Jr. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
[needs proof]
January 1992 Adolfo Bresciano Dino Bravo Retired from wrestling. [needs proof]
December 1992 Kevin Wacholz Nailz Reportedly released after he attacked Vince McMahon over a dispute over money. [needs proof]
1993 Charles Ashenoff Max Moon Konnan left the WWF following a disagreement with WWF owner Vince McMahon, believing that he was being discriminated against and resenting McMahon's refusal to give him a guaranteed contract [needs proof]
1993 Rob Bartlett Rob Bartlett
[needs proof]
1993 Wayne Bloom Beau Beverly
[needs proof]
1993 Tom Boric Paul Diamond, Kato, Max Moon
[needs proof]
1993 James Brunzell "Jumpin'" Jim Brunzell
[needs proof]
1993 Barry Darsow Smash, Repo Man
[needs proof]
1993 Mike Enos Blake Beverly
[needs proof]
1993 Jorge Gonzáles Giant Gonzales
[needs proof]
1993 Jimmy Hart Jimmy Hart Left after McMahon wanted him to take a 50% pay cut. [needs proof]
1993 Raymond Heenan Bobby Heenan Left after McMahon wanted him to take a 50% pay cut. [needs proof]
1993 Steve James Lance Cassidy
[needs proof]
1993 Ken Johnson Slick, Reverend Slick Left to concentrate on preaching in his church. [needs proof]
1993 Ed Leslie Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake Left to go to WCW. [needs proof]
1993 Sean Mooney Sean Mooney
[needs proof]
1993 John Nord The Berzerker, The Viking
[needs proof]
1993 Matt Osborne Doink the Clown (#1), Matt Borne
[needs proof]
1993 Lanny Poffo The Genius, "Leaping" Lanny Poffo
[needs proof]
1993 Sherri Russell "Sensational" Sherri Martel
[needs proof]
1993 Jerome Saganovich Jerry Sags Left with partner for WCW. [needs proof]
1993 Merced Solis Tito Santana, El Matador
[needs proof]
1993 Phil Theis Damien Demento
[needs proof]
1993 Brian Yandrisovitz Brian Knobbs Left with partner for WCW. [needs proof]
1994 Tony Halme Ludvig Borga Retired due to injury [needs proof]
1994 Jim Harris Kamala
[needs proof]
1994 Bruce Hart Bruce Hart Retired [needs proof]
1994 Keith Hart Keith Hart Retired [needs proof]
1994 Heidi Lee Morgan Heidi Lee Morgan
[needs proof]
1994 Fred Ottman Typhoon, Tugboat
[needs proof]
1994 Robert Rechsteiner Rick Steiner Left after Vince didn't follow through with his promises. [needs proof]
1994 Mike Shaw Bastion Booger, Friar Ferguson
[needs proof]
1994 James Ware Koko B. Ware
[needs proof]
November 1994 Randy Poffo "Macho Man" Randy Savage Left to go to WCW [needs proof]
1995 Afa Anoa'i Afa
[needs proof]
1995 Samula Anoa'i Samu Left due to excessive travel schedule. [needs proof]
1995 Lou Albano "Captain" Lou Albano
[needs proof]
1995 Scott Bigelow Bam Bam Bigelow Left due to problems with the Clique. [needs proof]
1995 Jeff Bradley Charlie Hunter
[needs proof]
1995 Steve Doll Steven Dunn
[needs proof]
1995 Claude Giroux Dink, Tiger Jackson
[needs proof]
1995 Alfred Hayes Lord Alfred Hayes Left after getting in a car accident which resulted in him contracting gangrene and being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. [needs proof]
1995 Robert Horne Mo
[needs proof]
1995 Mike Jones Virgil
[needs proof]
1995 Stan Lane Stan Lane
[needs proof]
1995 Ray Liccachelli Doink the Clown (#2)
[needs proof]
1995 Dan Marsh Dan Marsh, Danny Davis
[needs proof]
1995 Troy Martin Dean Douglas, Shane Douglas Quit after backstage problems with The Clique. [needs proof]
1995 Debra Miceli Alundra Blayze Released after talking to WCW under contract. [needs proof]
1995 Chris Pallies King Kong Bundy Left after feeling his return wasn't as successful as his first WWF run. [needs proof]
1995 Josip Peruzović Nikolai Volkoff Went into semi-retirement. [needs proof]
1995 Darryl Peterson Man Mountain Rock, Maxx Payne
[needs proof]
1995 James Richland Jimmy Del Ray
[needs proof]
1995 Gary Sabaugh The Italian Stallion
[needs proof]
1995 Akio Sato Sato, Shinja
[needs proof]
1995 Joe Scarpa Chief Jay Strongbow
[needs proof]
1995 Dan Spivey Waylon Mercy, Danny Spivey Retired after being injured in a match with Kevin Nash. [needs proof]
1995 Jack Tunney Jack Tunney
[needs proof]
1995 Sione Vailahi The Barbarian, Sionne
[needs proof]
1995 Richard Vigneault "The Model" Rick Martel
[needs proof]
1995 Bill Watts Bill Watts Had many conflicts with Vince McMahon. [needs proof]
1995 Timothy A. Smith Timothy Well
[needs proof]
September 1, 1995 Lawrence Pfohl Lex Luger, The Narcissist Signed with WCW, breaking his promise to Vince McMahon that he would stay. [needs proof]
January 1996 William Ansor Buddy Landel Left after an injury sustained in a match with Bret Hart. date=October 2007
1996 Chris Candido Skip Didn't like his gimmick. He quit. [needs proof]
1996 Wayne Cowan Uncle Zebekiah
[needs proof]
1996 Mike Droese Duke "The Dumpster" Droese
[needs proof]
1996 Chad Fortune Travis
[needs proof]
1996 Harry Fujiwara Mr. Fuji Left due to excessive travel schedule and knee problems. [needs proof]
1996 Terry Gordy Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy, The Executioner
[needs proof]
1996 Robert Miller Bushwhacker Butch Released from contract. [needs proof]
1996 Louis Mucciolo Rad Radford, Louie Spicolli
[needs proof]
1996 Kensuke Shinzaki Hakushi
[needs proof]
1996 The Ultimate Warrior The Ultimate Warrior Contract was terminated after several no-shows. [needs proof]
1996 Erik Watts Troy
[needs proof]
1996 Brian Wickens Bushwhacker Luke Released from contract. [needs proof]
1997 Tony Anthony TL Hopper, Uncle Cletus
[needs proof]
1997 Robert Bedard Rene Goulet
[needs proof]
1997 Scott Bednarski Scott Putski
[needs proof]
1997 Rick Bogner Fake Razor Ramon Gimmick failed. [needs proof]
1997 Jamie Crookshanks J.C. Ice
[needs proof]
1997 Sid Eudy Sycho Sid, Sid Justice
[needs proof]
1997 Roy Wayne Farris The Honky Tonk Man Released after mutual agreement with the WWF. Wanted to pursue Indy bookings. [needs proof]
1997 Doug Furnas Doug Furnas
[needs proof]
1997 James Hines Bobby Fulton
[needs proof]
1997 Barry Horowitz Barry Horowitz
[needs proof]
1997 Barney Irwin The Goon
[needs proof]
1997 Phil Lafleur Phil Lafon
[needs proof]
1997 Herman Stevens Clarence Mason
[needs proof]
1997 Masanori Murakawa The Great Sasuke
[needs proof]
1997 Todd Pettengill Todd Pettengill
[needs proof]
1997 Alex Porteau Alex "The Pug" Porteau
[needs proof]
1997 Aurelian Smith, Jr. Jake "The Snake" Roberts Released after failing drug tests. [needs proof]
1997 Richard Rood "Ravishing" Rick Rude Left for WCW. [needs proof]
1997 * Unknown The Commandant
[needs proof]
1997 Khosrow Vaziri Iron Sheik, Col. Mustafa
[needs proof]
1997 Kelly Wolfe Wolfie D
[needs proof]
January 1997 Guadalupe Robledo Jose Lothario
[needs proof]
November 1997 Bret Hart Bret "The Hitman" Hart Left after the incident at Survivor Series 1997 known as the Montreal Screwjob. [3]
December 1997 Jim Neidhart Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart, Who Left WWF a month after the Montreal Screwjob. [needs proof]
1998 Achim Albrecht Brakkus
[needs proof]
1998 Rodney Anoa'i Yokozuna He was unable to pass a physical required for professional wrestlers and was released. [needs proof]
1998 Tom Brandi Salvatore Sincere, Tom Brandi
[needs proof]
1998 Joseph Bruce Violent J
[needs proof]
1998 Don Callis The Jackyl
[needs proof]
1998 Robert Fuller Tennessee Lee
[needs proof]
1998 Mike Hallick Mantaur, Tank
[needs proof]
1998 Michael Hegstrand Hawk Left after a strong dislike to his current storyline. [needs proof]
1998 Brian Lee Chainz, (Evil) Undertaker Released from contract. [needs proof]
1998 Pablo Marquez Babu
[needs proof]
1998 Anthony Norris Ahmed Johnson Released after his wrestling style had begun to cause injury to his opponents. [needs proof]
1998 Takeo Otsuka Mens Teioh
[needs proof]
1998 Luc Poirier Sniper
[needs proof]
1998 Juan Rivera Savio Vega, Kwang Released from contract. [needs proof]
1998 Shigeki Sato Dick Togo
[needs proof]
1998 Joseph Utsler Shaggy 2 Dope
[needs proof]
1998 Wally Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-San
[needs proof]
May 1998 Tammy Lynn Sytch Sunny, Tamara Murphy Left the WWF for ECW. [needs proof]
July 1998 Ricky Morton Ricky Morton
[needs proof]
August 1998 Del Wilkes The Patriot
[needs proof]
September 1998 Shian-Li Tsang Mrs. Yamaguchi-San
[needs proof]
October 1998 Jesus Castillo, Jr. Jesus Castillo
[needs proof]
October 1998 Jose Estrada, Jr. Jose Estrada, Jr.
[needs proof]
October 1998 Miguel Pérez, Jr. Miguel Perez
[needs proof]
October 25, 1998 Leon White Vader Left after contract expired. [needs proof]
1999 Christopher Daniels Conquistador Dos
[needs proof]
1999 Michael Durham Johnny Grunge
[needs proof]
1999 Paul Ellering Paul Ellering Retired [needs proof]
1999 James Myers George "The Animal" Steele
[needs proof]
1999 Ted Petty "Flyboy" Rocco Rock
[needs proof]
1999 Mike Polchlopek Bart Gunn, Bodacious Bart
[needs proof]
1999 Alicia Webb Ryan Shamrock
[needs proof]
February 1999 John Tenta Earthquake, Golga
[needs proof]
April 1999 Don Harris Don Harris, Jared Grimm, Jacob Blu, 8-Ball
[needs proof]
April 1999 Ron Harris Ron Harris, Jason Grimm, Eli Blu, Skull
[needs proof]
April 1999 Dan Severn Dan "The Beast" Severn
[needs proof]
May 1999 Marcus Merowitz Marc Mero
[needs proof]
July 19, 1999 Nicole Bass Nicole Bass Left after claiming she was sexually harassed. [needs proof]
September 1999 Marianna Komlos Marianna, Mrs. Cleavage
[needs proof]
September 1999 Paulo da Silva Giant Silva
[needs proof]
October 5, 1999 Vince Russo Vince Russo Left after having a falling out with Vince McMahon over the increased workload placed upon him. [needs proof]
October 16, 1999 Jeff Jarrett Jeff Jarrett Contract expired. Mr. McMahon forgot to renew it. [needs proof]
November 1999 Robert Maillet Kurrgan, The Interrogator
[needs proof]
November 1999 Ken Shamrock Ken Shamrock Left to resume his MMA career. [needs proof]

Early 2000s

Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
2000 Bob Backlund Bob Backlund
[needs proof]
2000 Rebecca Budig Rebecca Budig
[needs proof]
2000 Duane Gill Gillberg
[needs proof]
2000 Glen Ruth Thrasher Retired [needs proof]
2000 Jason Traverse Jason Sensation
[needs proof]
January 2000 Carl Ouellet Jean Pierre LaFitte/Pierre
[needs proof]
January 2000 Jacques Rougeau The Mountie
[needs proof]
February 2000 Gertrude Vachon Luna Vachon Released from her contract due to allegedly taping the mouth of a producer shut. [needs proof]
March 2000 Curtis Hughes Mr. Hughes
[needs proof]
May 30, 2000 David Smith The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith Had prescription drug problems. [needs proof]
June 2000 Cathy Dingman Barbara Bush (B.B.)
[needs proof]
July 2000 Vic Grimes Key
[needs proof]
September 2000 Caryn Mower Muffy Mower
[needs proof]
October 2000 Dennis Knight Mideon, Phineas I. Godwinn, Dennis Knight
[needs proof]
November 3, 2000 Frostee Moore Mandy
[needs proof]
December 2000 Brian Gerard James Road Dogg, Jesse James, Roadie Released after showing up for a Raw show in an "unfit work state" due to drug use. [needs proof]
December 2000 Cynthia Lynch Bobcat Released from her contract. [needs proof]
2001 Sara Calaway Sara Storyline ended; made brief appearances for WWE later. [needs proof]
2001 Jim Dotson Jim Dotson Left to pursue other interest. [needs proof]
February 27, 2001 Stacy Carter The Kat, Miss Kitty Released for behavior problems backstage. [4]
June 2001 Jason Arhndt Joey Abs Released from contract. Later retired. [needs proof]
June 2001 Peter Gasperino Pete Gas Released from contract. Later retired. [needs proof]
June 2001 Ron Killings K-Kwik Mutually agreed on release due to lack of push. [needs proof]
June 2001 Rodney Leinhardt Rodney Released from contract. Later retired. [needs proof]
July 2001 Joseph Hitchen Just Joe
[needs proof]
July 9, 2001 Marcus Bagwell Buff Bagwell Released for unprofessional conduct. [needs proof]
August 2001 Charles Warrington Chaz, Mosh, Beaver Cleavage Released from his contract. [needs proof]
September 2001 Terri Poch Tori Was asked to train more but refused and was released. [needs proof]
September 2001 Jesús Guadalupe Delgado Seldaña Essa Rios Rumors say he refused to speak English. [needs proof]
September 24, 2001 Brian Adams Brian Adams, Crush Left WWF when he was asked to go to a developmental territory. [needs proof]
September 24, 2001 Bryan Clark Bryan Clark, Adam Bomb Left WWF when he was asked to go to a developmental territory. [needs proof]
November 30, 2001 Chyna Chyna Laurer sat out her contract after negotiations stalled around May 2001; her WWF contract ended November of that year. [needs proof]
2002 Raymond Rougeau Raymond Rougeau Left when they stopped producing French programming. [needs proof]
2002 Billy Silverman Billy Silverman Asked for release due to constant hazing. [needs proof]
April 2002 Takao Yoshida Taka Michinoku Left to go back to Japan after a serious shoulder injury. [needs proof]

World Wrestling Entertainment era


Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
2002 Tonga Fifita Haku, King Tonga, King Haku Retired [needs proof]
2002 Jerry Lynn Jerry Lynn Released. Went To TNA. [needs proof]
May 7, 2002 Scott Hall Scott Hall, Razor Ramon Released for obscene behavior on a plane trip and for drug and alcohol related issues. [needs proof]
May 8, 2002 Curt Hennig Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig Released after reportedly becoming intoxicated and getting into a fight with Brock Lesnar on a return flight from the United Kingdom. [needs proof]
July 2002 Gurjit Singh Tiger Ali Singh Released after a career-ending injury.Then attempted to sue the WWE. [needs proof]
August 25, 2002 Sean Waltman X-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid, The Kid, Syxx Left WWE in a mutual decision. [needs proof]
September 7, 2002 Michael Alfonso Mike Awesome Released from contract. [needs proof]
September 27, 2002 Sean Stipich Shawn Stasiak, Meat, Planet Stasiak Was fired after gimmick failed. [needs proof]
October 2002 Steve Blackman Steve Blackman Retired due to injury. [needs proof]
October 2002 David Fliehr David Flair Released from developmental contract. [needs proof]
November 24, 2002 Page Falkinburg Diamond Dallas Page Left after a neck injury suffered in a match with Hardcore Holly. [needs proof]
November 24, 2002 Perry Satullo Perry Saturn Retore his ACL in April. Was released before he could return. [needs proof]
December 5, 2002 Charles Wright The Godfather, The Goodfather, Kama Mustafa, Kama, Papa Shango Retired [needs proof]
January 2003 Barry Buchanan Bull Buchanan, Recon, B-2 Released from contract. [needs proof]
January 2003 Scott Levy Raven, Johnny Polo, Scotty Flamingo Left after a contract dispute. [needs proof]
February 14, 2003 Accie C. Connor D'Lo Brown Left to wrestle in Japan. [needs proof]
March 2003 Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly Left to pursue other ventures. [needs proof]
March 2003 Debra Marshall Debra Walked from WWE in 2002 following Stone Cold Steve Austin's departure, WWE did not announce this until 2003. [needs proof]
April 2003 Eric Angle Eric Angle Released from developmental contract. [needs proof]
May 2003 Wayde Bowles Rocky Johnson Released as a trainer for Ohio Valley Wrestling. [needs proof]
June 2003 Terry Taylor Terry Taylor, Red Rooster Released after problems with other employees. [needs proof]
July 2003 Terry Bollea Hulk Hogan, Hollywood Hogan, Mr. America Contract expired. Left to star in both TV and movies. [needs proof]
July 1, 2003 Mike Lockwood Crash Holly, Crash Released on suspicion that he was using drugs. [needs proof]
December 6, 2003 Nathan Jones Nathan Jones Requested release due to heavy travel schedule. [needs proof]
December 31, 2003 Kevin Nash Kevin Nash, Diesel, Vinnie Vegas, Steel, Oz Left after contract expired. [needs proof]


Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
February 4, 2004 Zach Gowen Zach Gowen Released due to alleged attitude problems. [needs proof]
February 9, 2004 Chris Klucsaritis Chris Kanyon Kanyon claims that he was released because he is a homosexual. [needs proof]
February 12, 2004 Ernest Miller Ernest "The Cat" Miller Retired [needs proof]
February 12, 2004 Desmond Thompson Lamont Was released when Ernest Miller retired [needs proof]
March 15, 2004 Bill Goldberg Goldberg Contract expired, declined to re-sign. [needs proof]
March 15, 2004 Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar Left to pursue career in the National Football League. [needs proof]
April 3, 2004 Sean O'Haire Sean O'Haire Released after he was involved in an altercation with a female and was charged with assault. [needs proof]
April 3, 2004 Terri Runnels Terri Runnels, Marlena Released due to budget cuts. She also claims it was time for her to retire. [needs proof]
April 15, 2004 Yoshihiro Asai Ultimo Dragon Asked for release to go back to Japan. [needs proof]
June 2004 Rue DeBona Rue DeBona Asked for release. [needs proof]
June 2004 Brian Lawler Grandmaster Sexay, Brian Christopher Released for allegedly using muscle relaxers. [needs proof]
June 2004 Jacqueline Moore Jacqueline, Ms. Jackie Moore Released due to budget cuts. [needs proof]
June 15, 2004 Chavo Guerrero Chavo Guerrero Sr., Chavo Classic Released for no-showing a SmackDown! house show two days earlier. [needs proof]
July 17, 2004 Solofa Fatu Rikishi, The Sultan, Fatu Released after refusing to lose weight. [needs proof]
August 5, 2004 Ryan Sakoda Sakoda Budget Cut [needs proof]
August 10, 2004 Rena Mero Sable Budget Cut [needs proof]
August 17 2004 Scott Rechsteiner Scott Steiner He & WWE agreed on his release. [needs proof]
October 26, 2004 Carmella DeCesare Carmella DeCesare Was no longer needed and released. [needs proof]
November 1, 2004 Matthew Bloom A-Train, Albert, Prince Albert Budget cut; released while he was injured with a torn rotator cuff. [needs proof]
November 1, 2004 Monty Sopp Billy Gunn, Mr. Ass, Billy G, RockaBilly Left after contract expired. [needs proof]
November 2, 2004 Rico Constantino Rico Budget Cut; Retired from wrestling. [needs proof]
November 3, 2004 Nidia Guenard Nidia Budget Cut [needs proof]
November 3, 2004 Gail Kim Gail Kim Budget Cut [needs proof]
November 4, 2004 John Hugger Johnny Stamboli Budget Cut [needs proof]
November 12, 2004 Linda Miles Linda Miles, Shaniqua Released because of attitude problems. [needs proof]
December 31, 2004 Dwayne Johnson The Rock, Rocky Maivia Retired from wrestling to focus on his movie career. [needs proof]
February 2005 Amy Weber Amy Weber Left after hazing from Randy Orton. [needs proof]
March 2005 Rochelle Loewen Rochelle Loewen Left because she felt she wasn't getting enough exposure. [needs proof]
April 11, 2005 Terry Gerin Rhyno Released for having a rather public argument with his wife in a hotel foyer, breaking a vase in the process. [needs proof]
April 11, 2005 William Moody Paul Bearer Contract was terminated. [needs proof]
April 12, 2005 Nora Greenwald Molly Holly, Mighty Molly Requested release for personal reasons. [5][6]
April 12, 2005 Aaron Aguilera Jesús Aguilera, Jesús, Uno Released from developmental contract. [needs proof]
April 18, 2005 Lance Evers Lance Storm Asked for his release due to the condition of his back. [needs proof]
May 11, 2005 Matt Wiese Luther Reigns Was released on good terms with Vince McMahon. [needs proof]
June 2005 Lauren Jones Lauren Jones Left to star in movies and TV shows, considers coming back. [needs proof]
June 30, 2005 Marc Lloyd Marc Lloyd One of the first releases in WWE's major budget cuts in late June/July 2005. [needs proof]
July 5, 2005 Maven Huffman Maven Budget Cut [7]
July 5, 2005 Matt Hyson Spike Dudley WWE decided not to renew his contract. Believed to be a cost-cutting measure by WWE. [7]
July 5, 2005 Peter Gruner Billy Kidman, Kidman Budget Cut [7]
July 5, 2005 Mark Jindrak Mark Jindrak Budget Cut [7]
July 6, 2005 Jackie Gayda Miss Jackie Budget Cut [7]
July 6, 2005 Joy Giovanni Joy Giovanni Budget Cut [7]
July 6, 2005 Devon Hughes D-Von Dudley, Reverend D-Von WWE decided not to renew his contract. [7]
July 6, 2005 Mark LoMonaco Bubba Ray Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Dudley WWE decided not to renew his contract. [7]
July 6, 2005 Matt Morgan Matt Morgan Budget Cut [7]
July 6, 2005 Dawn Marie Psaltis Dawn Marie Budget Cut; she was pregnant at the time. [7][8]
July 6, 2005 Hiroko Suzuki Hiroko Budget Cut [7]
July 6, 2005 Kenzo Suzuki Kenzo Suzuki Budget Cut [7]
July 8, 2005 Jim Cornette Jim Cornette Released after many backstage confrontations at OVW. [7]
July 18, 2005 Earl Hebner Earl Hebner Released for selling WWE merchandise without permission. [needs proof]
July 19, 2005 Dave Hebner Dave Hebner Released in connection with Earl Hebner incident. [needs proof]
July 22, 2005 Lisa Moretti Ivory WWE refused to renew her contract. [needs proof]
July 25, 2005 Brian Heffron The Blue Meanie Short-term contract expired [needs proof]
August 13, 2005 Frankie Kazarian Kaz Asked for his release after WWE wanted him to cut his hair. [needs proof]
September 11, 2005 Daniel Puder Daniel Puder Budget Cut; offered a lower salary but refused. [needs proof]
September 21, 2005 Mark Copani Muhammad Hassan Taken off TV at request of UPN over an angle. Quit shortly thereafter. [9]
October 29, 2005 Brian Hebner Brian Hebner Released, shortly after his father Earl Hebner and uncle Dave Hebner, for behavior problems. [needs proof]
October 31, 2005 Jason Reso Christian Contract expired. Decided to join TNA [needs proof]
December 5, 2005 Christy Hemme Christy Hemme Budget Cut [10]
December 8, 2005 Yoshihiro Tajiri Tajiri Asked for his release so he could go back to Japan. [11]


Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
2006 Terry Funk Terry Funk Was injured at One Night Stand and advised not to return. [needs proof]
January 2006 Elisabeth Rouffaer Elisabeth Rouffaer Left WWE because she didn't feel like wrestling was the right job for her. [needs proof]
January 6, 2006 Eduardo Aníbal González Hernández Juventud Guerrera, Juventud Released for poor behavior backstage. [needs proof]
January 17, 2006 Jon Heidenreich Heidenreich Released by WWE after taking time off for ear infection. [needs proof]
February 2006 Thea Vidale Momma Benjamin Gimmick had ended, and was no longer needed. [needs proof]
February 10, 2006 Tom Matera Antonio Was released along with his tag partner Romeo. [12]
February 10, 2006 John Roselli Romeo Was released along with his tag partner Antonio. [12]
February 13, 2006 "Cowboy" Bob Orton "Cowboy" Bob Orton Was no longer needed. [13]
February 22, 2006 John Toland James Dick Released due to alleged backstage incident with his tag team partner. [needs proof]
February 22, 2006 Chad Wicks Chad Dick Released due to alleged backstage incident with his tag team partner. [needs proof]
March 9, 2006 José Alvarado Nieves Super Porky Was released with entire Juniors Division. [14]
March 9, 2006 Unknown Octagoncito Was released with entire Juniors Division. [14]
March 9, 2006 Unknown Piratita Morgan Was released with entire Juniors Division. [14]
March 9, 2006 Unknown Tsuki Was released with entire Juniors Division. [14]
March 9, 2006 Mascarita Sagrada Mascarita Sagrada, Max Mini Was released with entire Juniors Division. [14]
March 9, 2006 Unknown Pequeño Violencia Was released with entire Juniors Division. [14]
March 21, 2006 Matt Anoa'i Rosey Mutual decision, both parties thought it was a good idea for him to take time off while he worked on his excessive weight situation. [needs proof]
April 4, 2006 Travis Tomko Tyson Tomko Asked for release due to lack of role and storylines. [needs proof]
April 27, 2006 Brian Mailhot Palmer Canon Requested release after alleged hazing by other superstars. [15]
May 26, 2006 Orlando Jordan Orlando Jordan He was allegedly released for having an unauthorized person with him on the road and backstage at events. [15]
June 6, 2006 Joseph Laurinaitis Road Warrior Animal, Animal, The Road Warrior Released after throwing a temper tantrum backstage because his character ideas were all turned down by management. [needs proof]
June 14, 2006 Dustin Rhodes Goldust, Dustin Runnels Released because he missed a RAW show while attending to family problems in court without informing WWE officials. [needs proof]
June 29, 2006 Joseph Dorgan Johnny Parisi Given release after only appearing on Heat. [needs proof]
July 2006 Stacy Keibler Stacy Keibler, Super Stacy Let contract expire to pursue a modeling career. [needs proof]
August 25, 2006 Kurt Angle Kurt Angle Granted an early release due to "personal reasons"/On the road a lot because of WWE House shows he was tired out because of the schedule, went to TNA [16]
September 17, 2006 Patricia Stratigias Trish Stratus Retired from wrestling. [needs proof]
September 27, 2006 David Cash Kid Kash Released due to "attitude problems" [17]
September 28, 2006 Peter Polaco Justin Credible, Aldo Montoya, P.J.Walker Released after no-showing an ECW taping and for failing to contact WWE management afterwards. [needs proof]
September 29, 2006 Marty Jannetty Marty Jannetty Fired for no-showing and not contacting the office afterwards. [needs proof]
October 12, 2006 Francine Fournier Francine Released from her contract. [15]
October 12, 2006 Brent Albright Gunner Scott Released from developmental contract [18]
October 26, 2006 Ted DiBiase "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase Budget cut. [19]
November 1, 2006 Dionicio Castellanos Psicosis He was released following an arrest for allegedly stealing a car in Mexico. [20]
November 26, 2006 Amy Dumas Lita Retired to focus on acting and music career. [21]
December 13, 2006 Amy Zidian Amy Zidian Released from her contract because of attitude problems, allegedly with Stephanie McMahon. [22]
December 15, 2006 Dan Morrison Danny Doring Released from his contract. [23]
2007 Paul Heyman Paul Heyman Removed from his position in ECW on December 4, 2006. Heyman has since quietly left the company. [24]
2007 Todd Romero Steve Romero Quietly left the company. [needs proof]
2007 Steve Williams Dr. Death Steve Williams Released from developmental duties
January 18, 2007 Chris Anderson C.W. Anderson, Christopher W. Anderson Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Doug Basham Doug Basham Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Carlene Begnaud Jazz Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Rodney Begnaud Rodney Mack Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 David Heath Gangrel Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Danny Holly Danny Basham Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Mike Shane Jake Gymini Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Todd Shane Jesse Gymini Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Charles John Spencer Tony Mamaluke Budget cut. [25]
January 18, 2007 Sylvester Terkay Sylvester Terkay Budget cut. [25]
January 19, 2007 Chris Chavis Tatanka Budget cut. [26]
January 20, 2007 Bill DeMott Bill DeMott, Hugh Morrus Budget cut. Not following expectations of WWE staff. [26]
February 27, 2007 Andrew Martin Test Requested release following 30 day suspension. Also believed to have failed a drug test. [27]
March 22, 2007 Rebecca DiPietro Rebecca Requested Release. [28]
March 26, 2007 Adam Birch Joey Mercury Backstage Problems. Also had drug problems. [29]
May 11, 2007 Rob Conway Rob Conway Budget cut [30]
May 11, 2007 Charles Skaggs Flash Funk, 2 Cold Scorpio Budget cut
May 15, 2007 Vito LoGrasso Vito Budget cut [31]
May 15, 2007 Terry Brunk Sabu Backstage problems [32]
May 18, 2007 Shelly Martinez Ariel Released from contract after backstage fight with Batista [33]
May 18, 2007 Scott Garland Scotty 2 Hotty, Scott Taylor Budget Cut. [33]
May 18, 2007 Nick Mitchell Mitch Budget Cut. [33]
May 19, 2007 Mark Canterbury Henry O. Godwinn, Mark Canterbury Released from Developmental contract [34]
June 22, 2007 Stephanie Finochio Trinity Released from contract, was inactive. [35]
June 30, 2007 Robert Szatkowski Rob Van Dam Contract expired; taking sabbatical from wrestling. [needs proof]
July 11, 2007 Chris Kay Chris Kay Failed a drug test. [36]
July 26, 2007 René Goguen Rene Dupree Released due to drug related incident. [37]
August 5, 2007 Eric Bischoff Eric Bischoff Contract expired. [38]
August 6, 2007 Aaron Stevens Idol Stevens Requested release due to lack of storyline. [39]
August 13, 2007 Sylvain Grenier Sylvan, Sylvain Grenier Released due to an argument backstage over his canceled push. [40]
August 22, 2007 Daniel Rodimer Dan Rodman Released to pursue a separate career. [41]
August 31, 2007 Mike Bucci Simon Dean, Hollywood Nova Released due to his connection to an illegal pharmacy ring. [42]
September 1, 2007 Nick Dinsmore Eugene Released after failing to come up with papers concerning his prescription medicine. [43]
September 2, 2007 Jayson Paul JTG Released due to altercation at house show with referees. [44][41]
September 2, 2007 Shad Gaspard Shad Gaspard Released due to altercation at house show with referees. [44][41]
September 11, 2007 Jim Fullington The Sandman Requested early release
September 19, 2007 Monty Brown Marcus Cor Von Released due to personal reasons [45]
October 13, 2007 Ruben Cain Robert Gibson Released for not properly handling a heated confrontation between CM Punk and Tony Atlas.
October 16, 2007 Booker Huffman Booker T, King Booker Granted release from contract following 60-Day Suspension; later went to TNA [46]
October 16, 2007 Sharmell Sullivan Queen Sharmell, Sharmell Released along with her husband [46]
October 16, 2007 Shawn Daivari Daivari Granted release from contract. [47]
October 30, 2007 Kristal Marshall Kristal Rejected storyline to be Edge's girlfriend
November 1, 2007 Brooke Adams Brooke Released from contract [48]
November 8, 2007 Chris Mordetzky Chris Masters Released from contract while serving 60 Day Suspension [49]
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Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
January 2008 Anastasia Rose Anastasia Released from contract. [needs proof]
January 23, 2008 Franklin Lashley Bobby Lashley Left for reasons beyond his control. He had stated that he did not want to leave the WWE in a recent interview. He is looking into a potential career in mixed martial arts. [1][2]
February 4, 2008 Michael Depoli Roadkill, Antoni Porlanski Fired for selling un-authorized WWE merchandise. [3]
February 7, 2008 Josh Munro Kid Generate Was released on the heels of WWE ending their affiliation with New Roding Karate Club. Was under a wrestling trainer's contract. [needs proof]

Died while under contract

Date of Death Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes Reference
November 22, 1954 Roderick McMahon Jess McMahon He promoted until his death. [4]
June 11, 1976 Toots Mondt Toots Mondt Died after a long illness. [5]
July 4, 1994 Joey Marella Joey Marella Died after he fell asleep at the wheel of his vehicle and crashed. [6]
October 5, 1997 Brian Pillman Brian Pillman A previously undetected heart condition led to his death. [7]
May 23, 1999 Owen Hart Owen Hart, The Blue Blazer Fell to his death while being lowered to the ring from the catwalk of the Kemper Arena [8]
October 6, 1999 Robert Marella Gorilla Monsoon Died of heart failure after being ill. He was given lifetime employment. [9]
November 13, 2005 Eddie Guerrero Eddie Guerrero Died of an acute heart failure, caused by undiagnosed arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. [10]
June 25, 2007 Chris Benoit Chris Benoit Death ruled a double murder-suicide after he killed his wife and child. [11]
November 2 2007 Lillian Ellison Fabulous Moolah Cause of death not yet released. [12]


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