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This is a list of currently active autonomist and secessionist movements around the world.

Entries on this list meet two criteria: they are active movements with living, active members, and they are seeking greater autonomy or self-determination for a geographic region (as opposed to personal autonomy). What is and is not considered an autonomy or secession movement is, of course, contentious.

Under each region listed is one or more of the following:

  • Proposed state (proposed name for the seceding state)
  • De facto state (for regions with de facto autonomy from the government; also replaces proposed state unless both are of different names, such as Taiwan)
  • Proposed autonomous region (for movements toward greater autonomy but not outright secession; can be used alongside the above fields for the same region)
  • Government-in-exile (if a government with or without control is based outside of the region in question)
  • Political party/ies (for organizations involved in a political system to push for autonomy or secession)
  • Rebel organization(s) (for armed organizations; may also be used for political parties that have taken up arms, such as Hamas)
  • Pressure group(s) (for non-belligerent non-politically participatory entities)



Algeria Algeria

Angola Angola

Cameroon Cameroon

Comoros Comoros

  • Anjouan Anjouan
    • Political parties: Anjouan People's Movement, Mouvement Populaire Anjouanais, Mawana[5]
  • Flag of Mohéli.svg Mohéli
    • Proposed state: Democratic Republic of Mwali[6]

Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo-Kinshasa

Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire

Egypt Egypt

  • Copts
    • Proposed state: Coptic Pharaonic Republic
    • Pressure group: Coptic Christians living abroad[11]

Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea

Ethiopia Ethiopia

France France (Africa)

  • Drapo nasion.jpg Réunion
    • Ethnic Group: Reunion people
    • Political party: Lorganizasion Popilèr po Libèr nout Péi - Lplp - Popular Front for National Liberation - comprising: Nasion Rénioné, Mar, Drapo rouz, Patriot rénioné and Mir.
  • Mayotte continues to have autonomist movements despite the island being projected to be France's 101st departement in 2011[13].

Kenya Kenya

Mauritius Mauritius

Morocco Morocco

Namibia Namibia

Niger Niger

Nigeria Nigeria

Rwanda Rwanda

Senegal Senegal

Somalia Somalia

South Africa South Africa

Spain Spain (Africa)

  • Mpaiac.PNG Canary Islands
    • Political party: Congreso Nacional de Canarias (MPAIAC party), Alternativa Nacionalista Canaria, Unidad del Pueblo
    • Youth movement: Inekaren, Azarug
    • Trade union: Intersindical Canaria, Frente Sindical Obrero de Canarias
    • Terrorist organization: MPAIAC (defunct)
    • Proposed State: Canary Islands

Sudan Sudan

Tanzania Tanzania

Zambia Zambia


Afghanistan Afghanistan

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Bangladesh Bangladesh

People's Republic of China People's Republic of China

Secessionist movements
Autonomist movements

Georgia (country) Georgia

India India

See also: Insurgent groups in Northeast India

See also under Bodoland, Dimasaland, Kamtapur, Karbi below.

Indonesia Indonesia

Japan Japan

Laos Laos

Burma Myanmar (Burma)

Pakistan Pakistan

Philippines Philippines

Russia Russian Federation (Asia)

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Republic of China Republic of China (Taiwan)

Tajikistan Tajikistan

Thailand Thailand

Turkey Turkey (Asia)

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

  • Group: Free Karakalpakstan National Revival Party (obscure: possibly only exists on the Internet)[44]

Vietnam Vietnam

The Middle East

Iran Iran

  • Status: Formal groups not identified, but pressure for independence of Baloch people[47]
  • Jundallah
  • Proposed state: To be a part of Azerbaijan (supported only by a small minority)[49]

Iraq Iraq

Israel Israel

Syria Syria

Yemen Yemen


Various ethnic groups in Europe are seeking greater autonomy or independence. In the European Union, several of these groups are members of the European Free Alliance. In some cases, the group seeks union with a neighboring country.

Flag of Albania.svg Albania

Belgium Belgium

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Flag of Herzeg-Bosnia.svg Herceg Bosna
    • Political party: Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian Democratic Union 1990, Croatian Party of Rights, Croatian Christian Democratic Union

Croatia Croatia

Cyprus Cyprus

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Denmark Denmark

Finland Finland

France France (Europe)

Some of the claimed nations - 1. Brittagne (Breton/Brita), 2. Francia (excluding Flanders/ Nord-Pas de Calais) along with Nourmand (Normandy), 3. Occitania (also known as Ossitia or the Languedoc, but includes Savoie/Arpitia and Provence), 4. Lorraine which is sometimes part of..., 5. Elsass (Alsatie/Alsatche), 6. Euskala/Euskara (les Provinces du Pays Basque), 7. Catalune (Catalunya or Catalonia) and 8. Corsica (Corse)


Germany Germany

Italy Italy

Kosovo Kosovo

Republic of Macedonia Macedonia

Moldova Moldova

Netherlands Netherlands (Europe)

  • Frisian flag.svg Frisia
  • All Frisian flag (Scandinavial model).png Frisia
    • Political party: Frisian Alliance
    • Status: Democratic and cultural movement seeking independence for Frisian-speaking people in Fryslân, including areas now part of Germany, in addition to the Netherlands[60]

Norway Norway

Poland Poland

Romania Romania

Russia Russian Federation (Europe)

Serbia Serbia

Spain Spain (Europe)

Sweden Sweden

Switzerland Switzerland

  • Flag of Canton of Geneva.svg Canton of Geneva "Le Republique du Geneve" or "Free State of Geneva".
    • Pressure Group: Genevan politicians and activists.[citation needed]
  • Flag of Canton of Jura.svg Jura
    • Political party: Mouvement Indépendantiste Jurassien (Jurassian Independentist Movement), Mouvement Autonomiste Jurassien (Jurassian Autonomist Movement), Groupe Bélier (Youth activists movement),
  • Flag of Canton of Tessin.svg Ticino

Ukraine Ukraine

United Kingdom United Kingdom and associated territories (Europe)

Secessionist & irredentist movements

Autonomist movements

North America

Canada Canada

Secessionist movements

Autonomist movements

Denmark Denmark (North America)

Mexico Mexico

United Kingdom United Kingdom (North America)

United States United States (North America)

Central America and Caribbean

Nicaragua Nicaragua

Saint Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

United Kingdom United Kingdom (Caribbean)

United States United States (Caribbean)

Puerto Rico

Secessionist movements
Autonomist movements

U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands

  • Political party: Caribbean Virgin Islands Independence Party and the Union of Virgin Islands Party

South America

Argentina Argentina

Brazil Brazil

Chile Chile

Peru Peru

Venezuela Venezuela


Australia Australia

Chile Chile

Fiji Fiji

France France (Oceania)

Kiribati Kiribati

New Zealand New Zealand

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea

United States United States (Oceania)

Vanuatu Vanuatu

  • Malekula
    • Proposed state: N'Makiaute
  • Northern islands
    • Proposed state: Federation Na Griamel

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