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Royal New Zealand Air Force
Ensign of the RNZAF
Aircraft and Squadrons
List of aircraft of the RNZAF and RNZN
List of squadrons of the RNZAF
RNZAF Base Auckland
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Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum

This is a list of aircraft of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and Royal New Zealand Navy.


List of aircraft alphabetically by manufacturer

(manufacturer, number owned or operated by New Zealand forces, model name, any airframes surviving, serial numbers, dates, notes).



Aermacchi  Italy

AESL  New Zealand

Agusta  Italy

Aichi  Japan

  • 1 Aichi E13A "Jake" (captured aircraft flown in theatre).

Airco  United Kingdom see de Havilland below.

Airspeed  United Kingdom

Avro  United Kingdom

  • 31 Avro 504K & L (survivor) D6243, E3142,E4153,E4237,E4242,E9424,E9427,E9429, E9432,F9745,H1952,H1958,H1964,H1965,H1966,H1968, H1970,H2986,H2987,H2988 H2989,H2990,H5240,H5241, A.201-206. 1920-1931, ("A." series were new purchases in 1925. Others were Imperial gift aircraft, loaned to private companies 1920-1923 or 24. Some lost in accidents while on loan).
  • 4 Avro Prefect626 (survivor) NZ201-204 1935-1943
  • 25 Avro Anson (survivor) NZ401-423 PH599, PH600 1942-1952
  • (RAF)Avro Lancaster 75 Squadron(survivor) 1943-1945
  • (RAF)Avro Lincoln 75 Squadron 1945

Auster  United Kingdom


The British Klemm Aeroplane Co Ltd United Kingdom/ Nazi Germany

British Aerospace  United Kingdom see Hawker Siddeley, British Aircraft Corporation and English Electric.

In 2007, this Strikemaster was still wearing the colours of No. 14 Squadron RNZAF.

British Aircraft Corporation  United Kingdom

Beechcraft  United States

Bell Aircraft  United States

  • 13 Bell 47Sioux NZ3701-3713 1965-
  • 17 Bell Iroquois current (H), survivor (D) NZ3800-3816 1966- (plus an unknown number of aircraft leased for UN work in the Sinai. 3800 is a UH-1H donated for display at the Wigram museum, and never saw service, the UH-1Ds were converted to UH-1H standard. A partial fuselage is on display at the QEII Army Museum in Waiouru).

Blackburn Aircraft  United Kingdom

Blériot  France

  • 2 Bleriot XI-2 (a replica is displayed in the Wigram Museum)

Boeing  United States Boeing PB2B-1 Catalina see Consolidated Aircraft

  • 3 Boeing 727 (survivor) NZ7271-7273 1981-2003 (survivors)
  • 2 Boeing 757 (current) NZ7571-7572 2003-

Brewster Aeronautical Corporation  United States

Bristol Aeroplane Company  United Kingdom


An RNZAF Catalina, on beaching gear at Mechanics Bay, post war.

Chance-Vought  United States see Vought

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation  Australia

Cessna  United States

  • 3 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (survivor) NZ7940-7942 1981-1991

Consolidated Aircraft  United States

Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States

  • 301 Curtiss KittyhawkP40E,K,L,M,N (including 4 lost on delivery) (survivor) NZ3001-3293 1942-1948


de Havilland and Airco United Kingdom

14 Squadron Vampire on permanent gate duty at Ohakea
  • 63 de Havilland Vampire DH100 (survivor) NZ5701-5711, NZ5721-5738, NZ5750-5778, INST166, INST167, INST170, INST171, WZ516 (+ an unknown number of aircraft loaned by RAF to No. 14 Squadron RNZAF in Cyprus) 1951-1972
  • 30 de Havilland Devon DH104 (survivor) NZ1801-1830 1948-1981
  • 48 de Havilland Venom (survivor) 1955-1958 (aircraft successively loaned to 14 Squadron by RAF - strength of 16 maintained in action during Malayan Emergency)

de Havilland Canada  Canada

Douglas Aircraft Company  United States

  • 3 Douglas DC-6 (survivor) NZ3631-3633 1961-1968
  • (RAF)Douglas Boston 487(NZ) Squadron ?1942-?1943
  • 49 Douglas Dakota C47 (survivor) NZ3501-3506, NZ3516-3558 1943-1977
  • 69 Douglas Dauntless SBD3,4&5 (including 1 lost on delivery). (survivor) NZ205-NZ222, later renumbered NZ5001-5018, NZ5019-5068 + 1 lost on delivery 1943-1944
  • 24 Douglas Skyhawk 1969-2001, NZ6201-NZ6218, NZ6251-NZ6256, (plus a further 2 not used; all 26 identical to the McDonnell Douglas A4k Skyhawk) (survivor)


English Electric  United Kingdom


Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom

  • 3 Fairey IIIF F1131 = NZ631 = INST2, F1132 = NZ632, F1452 = S1805 = NZ631 [sic, duplication] = INST18.
  • 1 Fairey Battle
  • 1 Fairey Firefly
  • 41 Fairey Gordon (survivor) NZ601- NZ641, also used UK serials; K1161 = F.1305,K1715 = F.1414, K1757 = F.1456, K1765 = F.1464, K1767 = F.1466, K1770 = F.1469, K1772 = F.1471, K1775 = F.1474, K2620 = F.1601 = NZ613, K2633 = F.1614 = NZ615, K2636 = F.1617, K2694 = F.1766, K2706 = F.1778, K2709 = F.1781, K2715 = F.1787 NZ625, K2716 = F.1788, K2717 = F.1789, K2723 = F.1795, K2726 = F.1798, K2727 = F.1799, K2731 = F.1813, K2742 = F.1824, K2759 = F.1886 believed to be NZ629 = ZK-TLA, the sole survivor of the type, K2763 = F.1890 = NZ630, K2767 = F.1894, K3987 = F.1941, K3993 = F.1947, K3995 = F.1949, K3998 = F.1952, K3999 = F.1953, K4000 = F.1954, K4001 = F.1955, K4002 = F.1956 = NZ612, K4003 = F.1957, K4004 = F.1958, K4005 = F.1959 = NZ609, K4006 = F.1960 = NZ611, K4007 = F.1961, K4008 = F.1962, K4009 = F.1963.

Fokker  Netherlands

Foster Wikner Aircraft  United Kingdom


General Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom

General Dynamics  United States

  • 28 General Dynamics F-16 Falcon (Transaction cancelled before aircraft left USA) (survivor)

Gloster Aircraft Company  United Kingdom

  • 3 Gloster Grebe NZ501 = J7381 = INST1, NZ502 = J7394 = INST3, NZ503 = J7400. 1927 - 1938 (instructional airframes broken up 1943-44)
  • 3 Gloster Meteor NZ6001[sic duplication with DHC Beaver]=EE395, (FIII) WH206, WL400,(T.7) 1945-1957

Goodyear  United States FG-1D Corsair see Vought.

Grumman  United States

  • 48 Grumman AvengerTBF-1 (survivor) NZ2501-2548, NZ 5219 = INST182, NZ2527 = ZK-CBO,


A 40 Squadron Handley Page Hastings refuelling

Handley Page  United Kingdom

Hawker Siddeley  United Kingdom

Hawker Aviation  United Kingdom

  • 78 Hawker Hind (survivors) 63 actually received (NZ1501-1563), 15 lost at sea due to enemy action in 1940; K5431, K5502, K5504, K5550, K6629, K6764, K6774, K6785, K6809, K6817, K6710, K6815, K6821, K5433, L7187. 1940-1943
Hawker Hurricane night fighters of No. 486 Squadron RNZAF.


Kaman  United States

  • 14 Kaman Seasprite survivor (F) current (G) (5 purchased for use as instructional airframes only)


Lockheed  United States


McDonnell Douglas  United States

  • 24 McDonnell Douglas A4k Skyhawk 1969-2001, NZ6201-NZ6218, NZ6251-NZ6256, (plus a further 2 not used; all 26 identical to the McDonnell Douglas A4k Skyhawk) (survivor)

Messerschmitt  Nazi Germany

  • 1 Messerschmitt 109E4 1940-1944 (Captured in Europe, sent to NZ for fund raising purposes)

Miles Aircraft  United Kingdom

Mitsubishi  Japan


RNZAF Harvard

NHIndustries  Netherlands France Germany

  • 9 NH industries NH90 (on order) One airframe is being purchased as a "can-bird".

North American Aviation  United States


A CT4B at Whenuapai

Pacific Aerospace  New Zealand

  • 32 PAC CT/4 B and E Airtrainer current (E)NZ1985-1997 and survivor (B) NZ1930-1948, 1976-

Percival  United Kingdom

Porterfield  United States


Rearwin  United States

  • 4 Rearwin 9000 Sportster (survivor)


Short Stirling of 75 Squadron

Saunders Roe  United Kingdom

Short Brothers  United Kingdom

Sopwith  United Kingdom

  • 1 Sopwith Pup (RNZAF Museum replica of Pup flown by NZ pilot in World War I)
Supermarine Walrus of the RNZAFs seaplane training flight.

Supermarine  United Kingdom

  • 1 Supermarine SeafireMkXV 1945-?
  • (RAF) Supermarine Spitfire 485 Squadron (see also Seafire) 1941-1945 (survivor)
  • 10 Supermarine Walrus(+ 11 others used by the NZ division of the RN 1936-1945) NZ151-160, K5774, K5782, K5783, K8541, K8545, K8558, L2188, L2222, L2241, L2322, L2330 - all RN loan aircraft were either lost on service or returned to RN, RCAF, or RAAF).


Restored RNZAF Corsair

Vickers  United Kingdom

Vought  United States

  • 424 Vought CorsairF4U, FG-1D (survivor) NZ5201-5487, NZ5501-5577, NZ5601-5660 1944-1948


Waco Aircraft Company  United States

(an additional 2 Waco cabin biplanes with RAF serials were privately purchased by servicemen of the New Zealand Army in the Long Range Desert Group (a special forces type organization) for use behind enemy lines by that organization during the North African campaign, and flown with logo of a white kiwi on black background).

Westland Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom

  • 18 Westland Wasp (survivor) 9 flown NZ3901-3909 1966-1998, 10 acquired ex Royal Navy in 1989 as "can-birds" for spares, NZ3909 was later rebuilt to flying condition, others were never flown and received no NZ serials, (UK serials XS528 F.9544 XT428 F.9598 XS532 F.9559 XS536 F.9563 XV622 F.9717 XV634 F.9729 XS566 F.9577 XT432 F.9602 XT415 F.9585).

List of all aircraft alphabetically by model

(model name or number, number owned or operated by New Zealand forces, manufacturer, any airframes surviving).

485 Sqdrn Spitfires

List of Current Aircraft

17 Aermacchi MB-339 & 17 A-4 Skyhawks are in storage awaiting go ahead for a U.S. purchaser. (Aermacchis in flying condition).

Surviving RNZAF aircraft

Former RNZAF aircraft are preserved in private ownership with warbird collectors and in small numbers in museums throughout New Zealand, and places New Zealand aircraft have operated. The largest collections are at the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum in Christchurch and the Museum of Transport and Technology Auckland, (together they own more aircraft than the RNZAF itself). Some have been sold to other airforces, who continue to operate them. Some Bristol Freighters and CT4s are used commercially. On the list of all RNZAF aircraft, where the aircraft is still serving, (current) appears, with the exception of aircraft in the historic flight. Where an ex RNZAF aircraft is known to have survived substantially intact somewhere, or an identical machine is in a New Zealand Museum, (survivor) appears. Obviously in some cases (e.g. the Harvards and Tiger Moths), large numbers have survived and remain in regular use. A list of aircraft held by RNZAF Museum appears underneath.

List of RNZAF Museum Aircraft

Guided Missiles of the RNZAF, RNZN and New Zealand Army

Sea Cat launcher and GWS-21 director on HMNZS Wellington,


Aircraft which are known only by number (e.g. de Havilland DH4) - are listed by number, but not prefix, (i.e. under 4, not DH). The total number of aircraft of the type owned or operated by the NZPAF, RNZAF or RNZN are listed to the left. No numbers are given for RAF (NZ) squadrons, due to lack of information. No information is given about several aircraft captured by New Zealand forces, but not given a serial number, due to lack of information, (thus it is known a Mitsubishi Jake seaplane was captured and flown, but it is not listed). Unusual circumstances are noted in brackets (e.g. 4 Mosquitoes crashed on delivery flights, aircraft lost on delivery flight, 28 F-16s returned to vendor). Where aircraft have different names but are virtually identical they are retained under their names but the other name is mentioned in brackets. (The classic example is the Vildebeest and Vincent, as some New Zealand Vildebeest received the additional features of RAF Vincents prior to delivery, making the two types completely indistinguishable).


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