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Ships of the
United States Navy

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Aircraft carriers
Amphibious warfare ships
Destroyer escorts
Escort carriers
Mine warfare vessels
Patrol vessels
Sailing frigates
Steam frigates
Steam gunboats
Ships of the line
Sloops of war
Torpedo boats
USS Shenandoah

List of airships of the United State Navy identifies the airships of the United States Navy by type, identification, and class.

USS Akron, November, 1931.


Rigid airships

  • ZMC-2, a metalclad-airship built by the Aircraft Development Corp - 1929-41 {scrapped}
  • (ZR-1) Shenandoah - 1923-25 (crash in a storm)
  • (ZR-2) R38 (see below) - 1921 (crashed)
In the background, ZR-3, in front of it, (l to r) J-3 or 4, K-1, ZMC-2, in front of them, "Caquot" observation balloon, and in foreground free balloons used for training. US Navy airships and balloons, 1931

ZR-2 was bought from Britain where construction had been started on it as the R38 before cancellation. It was bought in October 1919, but crashed in 1921 before the US Navy could take delivery of it and did not officially receive its US designation, though it was painted in accordance of its planned Navy designation.

Semi-rigid airships

Blimps (non-rigid airships)

Post Cold War blimps

  • MZ-3A, first Navy airship in 40 years


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