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In the 1980s, Japan made it illegal to own a firearm, though there was a large interest in them. Because of this interest, manufacturers started to produce spring-powered replicas of real guns. The earliest companies producing airsoft guns were generally Japanese however today with further demand in the west and around the world, new airsoft manufacturing companies have spawned with most operating factories in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Manufacturer Country Details
Academy South Korea South Korean company best known for their DPMS Kittycat, L85, and A-15 rifles.
ACTION Hong Kong Hong Kong Based company, manufacturer of many airsoft accessories including but not limited to complete gearboxes, optics, rail systems and a manufacturer of high end full metal guns, namely AK-47 variants.
ActionSportGames A/S Denmark Danish based company specialized in worldwide exclusive licensing agreements authorized by famous original firearms and accessories manufactures to replicate their firearms, components and accessories into realistic 1/1 scale replicas.
Aftermath United States This airsoft company is located in Miami, Florida, in the United States. Rebrander of Chinese-produced replicas.
AGM People's Republic of China Entered the market with its surprising accurate and powerful spring rifle, the MP001 a.k.a. VSR (since it is a visual replica of the TM VSR10). Their MP007 (MP40) was an instant hit as an alternative to other expensive and fault-prone rifles; featured a Version 3 all-metal gearbox and reinforced gears and piston. They have recently released several metal-bodied M4s, including the HK416. In addition, they have recently released a line of Gas Blow Back rifles
AIM Republic of China
Airsoft Surgeon Sells external and internal modifications for airsoft weapons.
A&K People's Republic of China AEGs of A&K came into the market with big hits such as the M4 S-System with metal RIS (rail interface system) and have become great winners in a market saturated with Armalites. The S-System was followed by other rifles from the M16 family: M16A4, M4, M933 and M4A1 CQB, and an M249 clone was released in mid August 2007. The A&K M249 clone is far cheaper than the original CA Version; It retails in the United States for $300–400USD and retains nearly all of the high quality and features offered by the CA version, including the PGC 8 mm-bearing gearbox capable of quick swap springs. Their new releases for 2008 includes the M16A4, SPR MOD 1, SPR MOD 0, SR25, SR-25K and the LR300, all of whom retails up to and over $200. A&K's place as one of the best Chinese airsoft companies was further cemented in late 2008, when first photos of its M60 and MK-43 replicas were published in airsoft media. Most professional airsofters say it is better looking, durable and more reliable than Galaxy and AGM.
ARES [1] Hong Kong A Hong Kong based manufacturer, Ares was an earlier subcontractor of STAR. Presently though, it is an independent, fast growing manufacturer making high quality replicas. Much of their product line is similar to that of STAR, however, they have become popular since the release of the Cheytac M200 replica, as well as the first Tavor TAR-21 AEG.
Asahi Firearms Japan Pioneering Japanese airsoft company producing High end bolt-action airsoft rifles replicas.
AZR Machine & Tool Co. Customized builders of airsoft accessories, replica wood rifle stocks for the M1 Garand, Thompson, Mauser 98k, FAL, and AKM. Also manufactures drop-in gearboxes for AEGs and conversion kits for Rifles. This company offers a wide range of customized services for their clients that wish to have their own designs to their replica rifles.
BB King People's Republic of China Manufacturer of airsoft bb bullets in China Mainland. It is the major BB making company in China and is famous for offering high quality BBs with better price compared with the same industry companies.
BELL People's Republic of China Released a G3SG1 replica, which was unsuccessful for its low velocity and quality. Also the first Chinese manufacturer to release a quite good quality gas pistol replicas: a full-metal Beretta M9 model based on the semi-only version of HFC's M190 pistol, a M10 shell-loaded revolver and a Colt M1911 replica based on Tokyo Marui design, with full trademarks and unique serial numbers (available both in plastic and full-metal version).
Black Viper United Kingdom UK based rebrander of Low end airsoft.
Both Elephant (BE) People's Republic of China BE's early releases (the XM8, Steyr AUG, G36K and SL8) were available in two variants each, with plastic and metal gearbox. Later releases include MP7 PDW, Howa Type 89 rifle (copied from Tokyo Marui design) and gas-driven shotguns available in both 6 mm and 8 mm caliber BBs. In late 2008, some of Both Elephant's products were introduced under the brand name "Tercel".
BOYI/D-Boys People's Republic of China They gained their fame when they manufactured their first AR-15 line(BIM4). Their latest line is branded as KALASH, manufacturing AK-74s and AKS-74Us. Many of their MPEGs consist of many metal parts, and metal bodies most MPEGs do not have. Also, the majority of their internals are metal. They also made a cheap but fair quality World War II rifle, the KAR98K which features ejecting shells.
CELCIUS TECHNOLOGY [2] Hong Kong Hong Kong based company, manufacturer of advanced high performance CTW - Celcius Training Weapon. Since their first release in early 2008, the CTW has been shaped by many different professional users, all sharing the common passion for power and performance. CELCIUS CTW today enjoys a good reputation for high quality, performance, style, and engineering.
Classic Army [3] Hong Kong A Hong Kong based company start from 1997, the first manufacture produce high-end AEGs featuring all metal bodies, which become a tremendous hit. Most of their replicas have authentic markings. The lastest model is LWRC Blowback system. Moreover, they are now also the maker of low-end AEGs. They often seem to be the Leader of Airsoft Industry.
Crosman [4] United States primarily an airgun manufacturer, but has also made a few airsoft guns which are known to be very low quality. Crosman also has a line of low quality, budget BBs.
Cybergun[5] France A French company that produces mid-range airsoft for the US and European markets.
CYMA People's Republic of China Earlier models include the CM027 MP5J and CM028 AK47. Their release for 2006 includes the CM031 which is externally a CA SLR-105 clone but internally similar to its version of the AK47 with a different hop up chamber and inner barrel. Until the CM027, CYMA was known for making inexpensive and relatively low durability airsoft guns. Their latest model is the CM0121 which is a full auto Desert Eagle AEP. In 2008 CYMA launched a new range of full metal and wood AEGs and have improved their overall quality, reliability and performance. Some CYMA models nearly equal the quality of high-end manufacturers. More recently, CYMA produced Electric Blow Back versions of popular AEGs such as the Mp5 and AK rifles. The blowback system is a piston driven system and not a clone of the G&G/TopTech pneumatic blowback system. Among the more notable releases of CYMA are the M14, two Thompson models and a series of AK rifles with steel bodies and real wood construction. Oddly enough, CYMA does not produce any AR variant clones.
Deep Fire [6] United States Known for their Titanium pistons for AEG rifles, grenade launcher (M72A2 LAW), and distraction devices.
Double Eagle (DE) People's Republic of China The company that revolutionized LPEGs with its famous M83. Double Eagle has been proven to make exact copies of Tokyo Marui's weapons. Their version of the AK47 and Spetsnaz were met with lukewarm enthusiasm as most other Chinese companies were able to produce better performing AEGs. Their M50 spring rifle was quite popular and easily "upgradeable" to 400 ft/s (120 m/s) by simply wrapping the inner barrel and hop up chamber area with teflon tape to seal air leaks. In early 2007, Double Eagle released a version of M4 S-System (the M88) and G&G-based UMP (the M89). Their latest release is a copy of Tokyo Marui "tri-barrel" Benelli M3 shotgun.
Echo 1 USA[7] United States A US-Based rebrander of airsoft guns. Even though generally a JG rebrand they maintain higher quality control standards than the direct manufacturer and replace defective parts before shipping. They carry a wide range of airsoft guns including M4s, M16s, G36s, AK models, P90s, SCARs and numerous others. Echo 1 does not manufacture any of their own products, they only rebrand from other companies, such as Jing Gong and CYMA. E1 checks for defective guns, sometimes downgrades the stock spring for increased longevity, as well as adding a 30 day Warranty.
Escort Produces highly realistic gas blowback rifles such as their M4 and MP5 series, usually hard to find and available mostly in Asia. Best known for their blowback M60 series.
Galaxy People's Republic of China Known for their PDWs (MP5K, MP5 PDW and MP7A1), Galaxy produces good-quality compact AEGs at an affordable price. Before Galaxy made the mp5k, they produced low quality "backyard" springers, but also medium quality metal springers such as the colt .25, which was considered one of the most economical metal spring pistol on the market.
Gamma People's Republic of China Known for their clone of the Supercell-developed airsoft claymore mine.
G&G (Guay Guay Gunshop)[8] United States Formed in 1986. Specializes in internal and external upgrades and accessories. G&G manufactures high end guns as well as a mid-range "sportline". G&G is also the first high-end AEG manufacturer that created a line of airsoft guns for the Canadian airsoft market. These AEGs have a transparent part of the receiver which contains the serial number on the real steel firearm, which the Canada Border Service Agency deems acceptable for importation. A lot of misinformation has risen by certain retailers labeling these "Canadian Legal" making one think all other airsoft guns without the transparent receiver as "illegal" when this is in fact wrong. It only holds value for importation but to the end user it means nothing and is just the same as a full-black airsoft gun. .
G&P [9] Hong Kong A Hong Kong-based company that specializes in aftermarket upgrades and external accessories, they also make a variety of high quality AR-15 series AEGs along with M14 variants, support weapons such as the M249 LMG, and others such as their Gas-blowback Dragunov Sniper Rifle. Their AR-15 Series is viewed as one of the highest quality series of AEG on the market in terms of external and internal details, though their earlier generations had less than flattering internal rumors.
GTI (Grudge Tactical Inc.) United States Located in Kansas and just starting out in the field of airsoft, designing and manufacturing entirely within the United States. Their first product launch is scheduled the first week of November 2008 with Blammo Kill-Marker. A first in airsoft, Blammos are a marker bb designed exclusively for airsoft and featuring a unique "coating" of pigment mixed with a system for dry lubrication. Beta testing ran from mid-April to August and showed the product to be quite promising in the field of airsoft. Future products include further expansion of the Blammo market with higher weights and biodegradables, an upgrade kit called Assembly H and a rumored gear box set for 2009 that will be a clean break from the current engineering designs on the market.
HFC (Ho Feng Corporation) Republic of China Manufacturer of spring and gas-powered guns; made famous for their semi-automatic HFC M190 gas blowback model, a replica of the Beretta 92FS with the addition of an RIS system.
Hudson Produces high-end, theater quality, gas-operated airsoft guns; mostly World War II replicas.
ICS (I Chih Shivan) [10] Republic of China Manufactures M4 Carbines, MP5s and an AK-74M replica. In addition they have also come out with the split gearbox design for their M4 series in which the upper gearbox (which includes the cylinder and spring assembly) disconnects from the lower gearbox (which houses the gear assembly) for easier repair and upgrades.
Inokatsu [11] Republic of China High-end manufacturer known for Full Metal M60 Machine guns, AK-series guns and bran new GBBR line, which are known for their high quality.
ICS (I Chih Shivan) [12] Republic of China Founded in 1983. Manufactures a wide range of replicas, such as the British SA-80 and Swiss Sig552. In addition they have also come out with the split gearbox design for their M4 series in which the upper gearbox (which includes the cylinder and spring assembly) disconnects from the lower gearbox (which houses the gear assembly) for easier repair and upgrades.
Japan Arms Collection (JAC) Japan Japan Arms Collection, more commonly JAC, was one of the early pioneers of the airsoft industry. This era of guns is commonly referred to as classic airsoft. In the beginning they worked in conjunction with the Asahi Firearms company, but ultimately branched out to make many of their own products.
JLS People's Republic of China producer of the airsoft SCAR, two full-metal HK33 variants(copied from relatively obscure KSC hybrid AEG/springer design) and the first FN F2000 replica. Also the biggest producer of the "cheap" EBB's (Electric Blow Back) pistols, which have a high failure rate but one of best sellers for their fun.
Jing Gong People's Republic of China (JG, also known as Golden Bow): Manufactures low to mid priced airsoft guns. They usually have ABS bodies, but some are now made with metal. They are the prime choice for players with less experience because they require low amounts of maintenance. In 2008, JG released new and improved AEGs, most of the new 2008 upgrade version shoot well over 350 ft/s (110 m/s) with improved internals. Their 2009 model, shot over 420 ft/s stock out of box. Current new models are a full metal SVD, full metal MP5 RAS, full metal and wood AK-47s, full metal M4 S-System, full metal M733 and the HK416 in 3 variants. JG is best known for cloning Tokyo Marui guns like the M4A1 and BAR 10 (VSR 10).
Jin Peng People's Republic of China Known for producing the first ever clone of the Tokyo Marui FAMAS F1 with a metal gearbox or a hybrid gear box, which had a plastic casing but metal gearing.
Kart/New Star People's Republic of China This low-end/economy-priced company, commonly linked to A&K, has débuted with releasing an M14 copy soon after the Tokyo Marui model appeared. Other models include the M14 SOCOM rifle, M40 and the now discontinued Steyr AUG.
King Arms Hong Kong A Hong Kong based manufacturer, best known for their variety of optics, scopes, and after market parts. King Arms also manufactures high end AEGs, including the FN FAL, numerous AR-15 variants, the Galil, and the Sig556. All of their AEGs, except for the AR-15s, feature electric blow back functions.
KHC Famous for their Maverick Bullpup and spring pistols.
KJW (Kuan Ju Works) [13] Republic of China Manufacturer of high-powered metal-constructed replicas. Their most popular model is the replica Beretta 92FS pistol.
KSC Japan Located in Japan; specializing in handguns. Their gas blowback pistols are of high reliability and accuracy, having gained themselves a reputation for 'practical' skirmishing sidearms. KSC manufactures an HK33 AEG line that features manual cocking in the event of a dead battery however is quite hard to find and usually is only available in Asia and upgrade parts for it are very uncommon. Their popular Glock gas pistol series has recently been discontinued because of legal troubles from Glock.
KWA [14] Republic of China United States One of the OEM manufacturers for KSC's Gas Blowback pistols, KWA AEGs are widely regarded as some of the best "stock" AEG's available capable of 400 ft/s (120 m/s) out of the box. KWA manufactures M16, and M4 variants as well as a G36c. Their AEGs are becoming popular for their strong internals (2GX Gearbox) and Li-Poly ready capabilities. KWA is also known for their high end Gas-Blowback pistols and SMG which provide high quality and reliability, although they are not compatible with Tokyo Marui Gas-Blowback parts. The USA branch office is the Marketing, Master Distributor North and South America, Service Center for US territory. Located in City of Industry, California.
KWC (Kien Well Corporation)[15] Republic of China Known for its CO2-powered Mini UZI, M16 gas rifles and spring-powered guns retaining fully licensed trademarks.
Mad Bull Airsoft[16] Republic of ChinaUnited States Formed in 2004. Makers of a variety of Airsoft products including grenades, grenade launchers, tight-bore barrels, triggers, mines, BB, handguard rails and are famous for licensed accessories. They are also elected to be the most innovative company in 2007 and 2008.
Marushin Japan Known for their 8 mm BB-firing guns as well as their extremely realistic M1 Garand.
Maruzen [17] Japan One of the very first airsoft companies, Maruzen is well known for its APS series of sniper rifles. The APS-2 and APS-2 Type 96 are among the most popular and best-selling airsoft sniper rifles on the market.
Massada Customs United States Is a new custom gun company in Los Angles, California. They create limited edition guns that are extremely realistic. They also create custom guns specially designed for a customer's needs. They can also recreate the design for others as well. Their most famous models include their Mp5, Mp7,and M4 customs.
Matrix United States An airsoft brand based at in California. Matrix manufactures and specializes in a full range of assorted products along the line of weapon accesories and tactical apparel/gear.
Meister People's Republic of China KA new company from Hong Kong and just entered airsoft market in 2007/2008. Their famous model is Glock 17(third version, with illuminated front and rear sights). Meister Glock 17 is an exact clone of the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 but it has a metal slide as opposed to the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 which comes with an ABS slide. Many airsoft professionals say that its parts are 99% similar to Tokyo Marui. Its parts are even exchangeable with Tokyo Marui. Many airsoft players buy the Meister Glock 17 just to take its spare parts (especially for its metal slide or magazine) for their Tokyo Marui Glock 17. Many users also say that Meister Glock 17 is very sturdy and reliable. It can fall down nine feet to the ground, slide for fifteen feet on a concrete, and although its body suffers a lot of scratches, it can still be used without any problem. Meister Glock 17 bears a complete and well-made Glock marking. Meister Glock 17 also comes with two variants, black and two tone (polished metal slide and black ABS lower frame).
Modify [18] Republic of China Specializes in designing and manufacturing internal airsoft upgrade parts.
Olympic Arms [19] United States Manufactures ICS replicas with trademarks.
Omega Japan Famous for their Beretta 93R.
RealSword [20] Hong Kong A Hong Kong-based company manufacturing replicas of Chinese assault rifles, their guns are highly realistic and very close to the real steel; however, their guns aren't the best for beginners because of their high cost and gearboxes that are not Tokyo Mauri compatible. Although having offices in Hong Kong, RealSword is a Chinese-based company. Their releases, Type 56 and Type 97 rifle replicas, are built to real-steel dimensions, with gearboxes specially designed to fit the shape and dimensions of real gun. Contrary to most other Chinese manufacturers, RealSword maintains an official website for their products, complete with information about new releases. Realsword is known for the best AK-47 type rifle on the airsoft market.
Right Hook Fabrication[21] United States Located in California, Right Hook Fabrication creates high end, high powered Airsoft sniper systems such as the $2,200 Mantis sniper system. RHF uses high quality, custom made 6.01 high precision barrels from EdGi.
SOCOMGEAR [22] United States Brother company of MadBull. Famous for its Li-Po Battery, rifle and pistol lines. SOCOMGEAR manufactures a fully licensed Barett M82. They have also released customized 1911 GBB pistols, including the MEU, Novak NEXT, and Wilson Combat CQB Elite, all fully licensed. SOCOMGEAR is also known for their extremely high quality RIS systems, which are mostly copies of Daniel Defense Rail Systems. Although copies, they are fully licensed by Daniel Defense.
STAR [23] Hong Kong Found in 2002. Specializes in more expensive, highly realistic, easy-to-disassemble airsoft guns, but they discourage beginners because of their complex internals. Also the designer of the new polycarbonate gearbox, used in STAR's L85 series, which is claimed to be more durable and reliable than a full metal gearbox.
Stunt Studios [24] United States A separate division of the Aftermath company, products are endorsed by famous stuntman Kyle Woods.
Sheriff Japan Full Metal custom pistols using Western Arms-based components as well as Maruzen-based bolt action rifles. Manufacturer of the discontinued Highlander Magnum.
Sunproject Japan Known for their M203s and gas blowback M16s.
Supercell Development, Inc [25] United States Creators of the spring-powered airsoft claymore.
SRC (Star Rainbow Company) Republic of China Manufactures M-Series, G36 series, and AK-47 replicas including full metal versions that shoot over 400 feet per second (120 m/s). Also the original manufacturer of the XM8 and manufacturer of the HK416 in 3 barrel lengths.
Systema Engineering Japan Specializes in high-end professional training weapons (PTWs) that are very close to the real steel, nearly indistinguishable between real or fake, as well as internal and external upgrades that are known for their high quality and durability. Systema makes six different PTWs: The M4 Carbine, M4A1, the M4A1 CQB, the M16A2, the M16A3 and the MP5. Their PTWs use color-coded cylinders that can be swaped quickly for ft/s change. The red cylinder is the strongest, allowing the gun shoot around 500 ft/s (150 m/s), and the black cylinder, the weakest, shoots at around 270 ft/s (82 m/s). Systema is also known for their "drop in Gearboxes" which are direct replacment gearboxes for your AEG, ranging from $200-$500USD. Their new PTW Super Max M4 may reach up to 600 ft/s (~190m/s) with the new power motor and grey M170 cylinder.
TECHPRO Republic of China Specializes in manufacturing innovative parts to give AEGs more power.
Top Tech Works very close with G&G producing rifles that are fitted with a blowback system that is not operated by gas, but by electricity and are modified to have the bolt and piston attached together so they move when the gun is being fired. Not available in many places since they have recently started production. These models can be found among many Canadian retailers with the transparent receivers. Upon introduction to the market they were found to be less than stellar and operated on a proprietary mechbox system with little aftermarket support.
Tanaka Works Japan Specializes in high-powered gas gun revolvers and rifles. Known for having high end gas shotguns and revolvers.
Tanio Koba Japan Produces high-end gas-powered pistols that are made in Japan.
Tokyo Marui Japan Most commonly renowned as the very pinnacle of airsoft technology, reliability, and durability. Created the first automatic electric gun

(AEG) - the FAMAS F1 - and was responsible for the invention of the 'Hop Up' System (which, by means of an adjustable rubber pad in the barrel, creates a spin on the fired BB, greatly increasing range). Marui has manufactured a wide variety of AEGs, smaller AEPs (Automatic Electric Pistols), along with gas and spring powered weapons. They have also been responsible for other great advancements in airsoft. Tokyo Marui is the largest airsoft manufacturer worldwide, and is seen as the Airsoft "standard" for which nearly all after market products are tailored.

TOP Japan Specializes with manufacturing light and heavy machine gun airsoft replicas.
TSD United States An airsoft gun rebrander. This company takes guns from other low end manufacturers and outfits them with a better, more durable gearbox. This manufacturer's rebranded guns are very durable and can last quite a long time.
Unicorn People's Republic of China Known for their primary products the AK-74 series, full steel and wood AEGs and conversion kits.
Unicorn Hobby Company (UHC) Republic of China Offering very reliable, yet economical alternatives to higher-end companies including the MP5 SD3, the M1911A1, M92FS, as well as the Super 9.
UTG (Under The Gun) UTG is a brand by Leapers, Inc. which manufactures scopes and red-dot sights. UTG has been known to rebrand lower priced Airsoft Guns from WELL, Double Eagle and other chinese manufactures. One of their most popular sniper rifle is the MK96 which is a rebrand from WELL/Warrior I MB01 L96 clone of the Maruzen Type 96 sniper rifle.
WELL/WELLFIRE/Warrior 1 People's Republic of China A low-end airsoft manufacturer. Its gearbox and motor proved to be surprisingly durable although guns suffer from air compression problems. They later released the R7 or M4A1 with full stock and R8(G3 SAS) which surprised many with its robustness and accuracy. WELL is the first company to release the TM clone of MP7(R-4) and Vz.61 Skorpion(R-2).
Western Arms Japan Largely specializing on the 1911 .45 and its derivatives as well as Beretta, S&W and SV. High-end pistols without customization. They have also released a M4A1 that is gas powered with a blowback function.
'WE Taiwan (Wei-E Tech) Republic of China Fast growing manufacturer due to their new line of Gas Blowback assalut rifles such as an M4A1 and FN SCAR. Also known for their line of full size metal-bodied Colt M1911; Luger, Beretta and Hi-Capa pistols.
VFC/GB TECH (Vega Force Company) Republic of China Highly realistic replicas. So far the guns this company manufactures are the M60 series, HK416 series, the AK series, BARs, Squad Automatic Weapons (SAWs), SCAR series, and a few sniper rifles including the Barret M82.




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