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This is a list of animals by number of neurons in their whole nervous system and the number of neurons in their brain (for those which have a brain). These numbers are estimations derived by multiplying the density of neurons in a particular animal by the average weight or mass of the animal's brain.



Neurons are the cells which transmit information in the nervous system of an animal so that it can sense stimuli coming from its environment and behave accordingly. Not all animals have neurons; Trichoplax and sponges lack nerve cells altogether.

Neurons may be packed to form structures such as the brain of vertebrates or the neural ganglions of insects.

The number of neurons and their relative abundance in different parts of the brain is a determinant of neural function and, consequently, of behavior.

Sortable list

Name Neurons in the brain/whole nervous system Details Image Source
Ant 10,000 Varies per species, in reality:10,000-100,000
Ant head closeup.jpg
Caenorhabditis elegans (worm fish) 302
Adult Caenorhabditis elegans.jpg
Cat 300,000,000 (cerebral cortex)
Cat mouth closed.jpg
Cockroach 1,000,000
Chimpanzee 6,200,000,000 (cerebral cortex)
Lightmatter chimp.jpg
Dog 160,000,000 (cerebral cortex)
Greyhound portrait.jpg
Elephants 200,000,000,000
Frog 16,000,000
Caerulea3 crop.jpg
Fruit fly 100,000
Drosophila melanogaster - side (aka).jpg
Honey Bee 850,000
Bees Collecting Pollen 2004-08-14.jpg
Human 100,000,000,000 total
11,000,000,000 (cerebral cortex)
For average adult
Mouse 4,000,000 (cerebral cortex)
Octopus 300,000,000
Pond snail 11,000
Common snail.jpg
Rat 15,000,000 (cerebral cortex)
Rat diabetic.jpg
Sea slug 7,000
Spanish shawl.JPG
Sponge 0
Trichoplax (worm sponge) 0
Trichoplax mic.jpg
Whales 200,000,000,000
Humpback stellwagen edit.jpg
Zebrafish (embryonic) 10,000

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