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This is a list of books in the field of religious apologetics.



  • Dharmasiri, Gunapala. 1988. A Buddhist Critique of the Christian Concept of God. Golden Leaves Publishing, Antioch, California.
  • De Silva, A. L. 1994. Beyond Belief: A Buddhist Critique of Fundamentalist Christianity. Three Gem Publications, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia.
  • Thelle, Notto R. 1987. Buddhism and Christianity in Japan: From Conflict to Dialogue, 1854-1899. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.
  • Young, Richard Fox., and G.P.V. Somaratna. 1996. Vain Debates. The Buddhist-Christian Controversies of Nineteenth-Century Ceylon. Publications of the De Nobili Research Library, Vienna, Austria.




  • Bucaille, Maurice, 1993. The Bible, The Qur'an and Science: The Holy Scriptures examined in the Light of Modern Knowledge. Taj Publications, Delhi, India.
  • Leirvik, Oddbjørn. 2001. "History as a Literary Weapon: The Gospel of Barnabas in Muslim-Christian Polemics." Studia Theologica 54: 4-26.
  • Watt, William Montgomery. 1991. Muslim-Christian Encounters: Perceptions and Misperceptions. Routledge, London & New York.
  • Westerlund, David. 2003. "Ahmed Deedat's Theology of Religion: Apologetics Through Polemics." Journal of Religion in Africa 33 (3):263-278.


  • DiZerega, Gus. 2001. Pagans and Christians: The Personal Spiritual Experience. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota.


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