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This is a list of areas of chaos terrain officially named by the International Astronomical Union on the planet Mars. Chaos terrain (or chaotic terrain) is an astrogeological term used to denote planetary surface areas where features such as ridges, cracks, and plains appear jumbled and enmeshed with one another. Coordinates are in planetocentric latitude with east longitude.

Areas of chaos terrain are usually named after a nearby albedo feature as in line with the IAU's rules on planetary nomenclature. Such an albedo feature must feature on the maps of Mars made by either Giovanni Schiaparelli or Eugène Michel Antoniadi and are listed at Classical albedo features on Mars.

In this mosaic taken by the Mars Global Surveyor, Aram Chaos lies in the upper left and Iani Chaos in the lower right.
Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km)
Aram Chaos 2.57 N 338.5 E 277.0
Aromatum Chaos 1.09 S 317.0 E 91.5
Arsinoes Chaos 7.61 S 332.0 E 230.0
Atlantis Chaos 34.4 S 182.4 E 162.0
Aureum Chaos 4.35 S 333.0 E 368.0
Aurorae Chaos 8.9 S 324.7 E 750.0
Baetis Chaos 0.24 S 299.47 E 55.0
Candor Chaos 6.92 S 287.4 E 97.0
Chryse Chaos 10.29 N 323.3 E 735.0
Echus Chaos 10.78 N 285.2 E 473.0
Eos Chaos 16.62 S 313.1 E 490.0
Erythraeum Chaos 21.86 S 347.62 E 149.0
Galaxias Chaos 33.8 N 146.4 E 234.0
Ganges Chaos 9.64 S 313.8 E 120.0
Gorgonum Chaos 37.19 S 189.1 E 149.0
Hellas Chaos 47.48 S 64.0 E 595.0
Hydaspis Chaos 3.16 N 332.9 E 355.0
Hydraotes Chaos 0.79 N 324.6 E 417.5
Iamuna Chaos 0.2 S 319.3 E 18.0
Iani Chaos 2.77 S 342.5 E 434.0
Ister Chaos 12.86 N 303.6 E 103.4
Margaritifer Chaos 8.6 S 338.4 E 390.0
Nilus Chaos 25.35 N 282.8 E 283.0
Oxia Chaos 0.2 N 320.1 E 26.5
Pyrrhae Chaos 10.38 S 331.5 E 189.0
Xanthe Chaos 11.74 N 317.75 E 34.0


This list was adapted from the public domain Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, courtesy of the United States Geological Survey.



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