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Since the onset of the Sri Lankan Civil War in 1983, militant and paramilitary groups have assassinated many public figures on suspicion of being sympathizers or informants, in retaliation for killings and attacks, to eliminate competition from rival groups, or to stifle dissent.[1]

The following is a list of notable assassinations of the Sri Lankan Civil War, attributed by various self-admissions, NGOs, United Nations agencies, foreign governments, and the state-owned media of Sri Lanka.



The Sri Lankan Civil War is an ongoing conflict on the island-nation of Sri Lanka. Since the year 1983, there has been an intermittent civil war, predominantly between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a separatist militant organization who fight for the creation of an independent state named Tamil Eelam in the North and East of the island. It is estimated that =68,000 people have been killed in the fighting since 1983[2] and it has caused significant harm to the population and economy of the country, as well as leading to the ban of the LTTE as a terrorist organization in 32 countries including the United States, Australia, the countries of the European Union and Canada. The possibility of a lasting peace were raised when a cease-fire was declared in December 2001, and a ceasefire agreement was signed with international mediation in 2002.[3] However hostilities renewed in late 2005 and the conflict has continued to escalate, resulting in the deaths of over 4,000 people since November 2005.[4] Numerous human rights violations have been committed by both the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE, including the assassination of individuals by both sides.



Heads of state and government

Victim Position Date Location Method Perpetrator(s)
Ranasinghe Premadasa President of Sri Lanka May 1, 1993 Suicide bombing The LTTE is blamed,[5][6][7] but denies responsibility[8]
Rajiv Gandhi Former Prime Minister of India May 21, 1991 Suicide bombing The Indian government attributes the assassination to the LTTE,[9] which in 2006 "expressed regret" over the bombing, but did not claim responsibility.[10][11]


Victim Position Date Location Method Perpetrator(s)
Jeyaraj Fernandopulle Minister of Highways and Road Development and SLFP MP April 6, 2008 Suicide bombing[12] Government accused the LTTE for carrying out the bombing[13]
D. M. Dassanayake Nation Building Minister and SLFP MP January 8, 2008 Roadside bombing Government blames LTTE; LTTE refuses comment
Lakshman Kadirgamar Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka and SLFP MP August 12, 2005 Sniper The LTTE is blamed by the European Union and the Sri Lankan government[14][15][16] but denies involvement[8]
C.V.Gunaratne Minister of Industrial Development and SLFP MP June 8, 2000 Suicide bombing LTTE.[17]
Gamini Dissanayake Former cabinet minister and opposition UNP presidential candidate October 24, 1994 Grandpass, Colombo Suicide bombing The LTTE is blamed,[7][18][19] But later they denied responsibility.[8]
Weerasinghe Mallimarachchi Former cabinet minister and UNP MP October 24, 1994 Grandpass, Colombo Suicide bombing[20][21][22]
G.M. Premachandra Former cabinet minister and UNP MP October 24, 1994 Grandpass, Colombo Suicide bombing[20][21][22]
Lalith Athulathmudali Former cabinet minister and DUNF (formerly UNP) MP April 23, 1993 Shot Government blamed the LTTE [23]
Ranjan Wijeratne Minister of State for Defense and UNP MP March 2, 1991 Car bomb LTTE is alleged [24] but denies responsibility[8]

Members of Sri Lankan parliament

Victim Position Date Location Method Perpetrator(s)
Shan Punhihewa Former UNP MP and Vavuniya organizer October 6, 2008 Anuradhapura Suicide bombing
K. Sivanesan TNA MP (Jaffna) March 6, 2008 LTTE held territory Roadside bombing TNA and LTTE alleged that Sri Lankan Army LRRP planted the bomb, the Army has denied the allegation[25][26]
T. Maheshwaran UNP MP January 1, 2008 A Hindu temple The gunman is suspected to be an LTTE member according to a publication by Council on Foreign Relations[27] But UNP parliamentarians Johnston Fernando and Dayasiri Jayasekara accused the current government as responsible by saying that T. Maheswaran's plan to reveal Jaffna situation has led to his murder. The government has denied any responsibility.[28] To the accusation that Douglas Devananda a cabinet minister and leader of the EPDP political party was involved in his murder and had previously threatened T. Maheswaran, Douglas had denied any responsibility.[29]
Nadarajah Raviraj TNA/TULF MP (Jaffna) and former Mayor of Jaffna November 10, 2006 Colombo Shot The identity of the assailants is not definitively known.[30][31][32] R. Sampanthan, leader of the Tamil National Alliance, blamed the paramilitary TMVP and Sri Lankan security forces.[33] However, the Colombo-based International Center for Strategic Defense (ICSD) accused the LTTE of carrying out the assassination, concluding that they had the most to gain from Raviraj's killing.[34] Subsequent police investigations revealed that he had received threatening phone calls originating from the LTTE controlled Vanni region.[35]. However, a local human right organization, University Teachers for Human Rights, claimed that they were near certain that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, current Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defence of the Government of Sri Lanka, was involvement in the assassination.[36]
Joseph Pararajasingham TNA/TULF MP (Batticaloa) December 25, 2005 Batticaloa Shot The identity of the assailants is not definitively known. The Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE both trade accusations.[37][38] The Inter-Parliamentary Union speculated the TMVP was involved after examining details provided by the Government. It also concluded that the culprits could not have escaped without the complicity of the security forces, who were guarding the church at the time.[39]. UTHR, a local Human Rights organization claimed that TMVP and EPDP cadres were the assailants [38]
Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam TULF MP July 29, 1999 Colombo Suicide bombing LTTE [40]
Mohammed Maharoof MP July 20, 1997 Trincomalee
Saranabawan Shanmuganathan MP July 15, 1997 Vanni
A. Thangadurai MP July 5, 1997 Trincomalee
Dr Gamini Wijesekara UNP MP and Party Secretary October 24, 1994 Grandpass, Colombo Suicide bombing
Ossie Abeygunasekara UNP MP October 24, 1994 Grandpass, Colombo Suicide bombing
P. Kirubakaran MP July 15, 1990 Pottuvil
V.Yogasangari EPRLF MP 19 June 1990[2] Killed by the LTTE [41]
Sam Thambimuthu EPRLF MP 7 May 1990[3] Killed by the LTTE [42]
Appapillai Amirthalingam Leader of the TULF and MP July 13, 1989 Colombo Shot Killed by the LTTE [41]
Vettivelu Yogeswaran Former TULF MP (Jaffna) July 13, 1989 Colombo Shot LTTE[43]
Anura Daniel UNP MP (Kandy) June 25, 1989 Thalatuoya Shot
Lionel Jayatilake Minister & UNP MP September 26, 1988 Kuliyapitiya Shot
G.V.S. de Silva District Minister & UNP MP (Habaraduwa) May 1, 1988 Galle
Keerthi Abeywickrema UNP MP August 18, 1987 Parliament of Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Bombing
Jinadasa Weerasinghe UNP MP July 20, 1987 Angunakolapelessa Shot
K Alalasundaram MP September 2, 1985 shot Killed by the TELO
Visvanathan Dharmalingam MP (Manipay) September 2, 1985 shot [Killed by the TELO]

Provincial councillors

Victim Description Notes
Maj. General (Rtd) Janaka Perera Leader of the opposition of the North Central Provincial Council, UNP politician & former Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Army Killed along with his wife in a suicide bombing at the opening of the UNP party office in Anuradhapura on October 6, 2008. Government blamed the LTTE.[44]
Sunil Dissanayaka UNP provincial councilor; Anuradhapura, October 6, 2008 Killed along with General Janaka Perera in a suicide bombing
P.Ganeshalingam EPRLF provincial minister; 28 January 1990 LTTE[4]


Victim Description Notes
Chelian Perinpanayagam Former Mayor of Batticaloa, Writer, journalist[5] killed on September 10, 2000 Unknown
Pon Sivapalan TULF Mayor of Jaffna; killed in Jaffna on 11 September 1998 Killed by the LTTE [41]
Sarojini Yogeswaran TULF Mayor of Jaffna; killed in Jaffna on 17 May 1998 Responsibility taken by the Sankiliyan Force (Suspected to be a front organization for the LTTE)[45][46]
Alfred Duraiappah SLFP Mayor of Jaffna; killed in Jaffna on July 27, 1975 Killed by the LTTE [41][47]
Thomas Anton Deputy Mayor, Batticaloa;

Other politicians

Victim Description Notes
Dr John Pulle UNP member, Anuradhapura District organizer and former Sri Lankan Ambassador, killed along with his wife; Anuradhapura, October 6, 2008 Killed along with General Janaka Perera in a suicide bombing
Kumar Ponnambalam Leader of the ACTC and lawyer; killed on January 5, 2000 The previously unknown "National Front Against Terrorism" claimed responsibility for the killing.[48]
Maj. General (Rtd) Lakshman Algama UNP politician & former Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Army Killed by the in a suicide bombing at a political rally in Ja-Ela, Colombo on December 18, 1999. Government blamed the LTTE.[49]
Harsha Abeywardena Chairman, UNP; killed at Wellawatte on December 23, 1987
Nandalal Fernando General Secretary, UNP; was killed at Wellawatte on May 20, 1988
Sarath Nanyakkara UNP Organiser for the Akmeemana electorate; was shot dead at Habaraduwa on January 27, 1988
Lakshman Silva Member of the Colombo Municipal Council; was killed at Narahenpita on July 1, 1989
Sri Sabaratnam TELO leader; April/May, 1986 Killed by the LTTE [41]


Victim Description Notes
Professor Stanley Wijesundera Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo ; shot at his office at College House, University of Colombo, Colombo, March 8, 1989 Unknown [50]


Victim Description Notes
Rajani Thiranagama University teacher – political activist - human rights activist; 25 September 1989 This killing is attributed to the LTTE and it has not denied responsibility[51]
Richard de Zoysa Author – Journalist; 18 February 1990 Abducted by members of the police, whose leader was identified by the victim's mother as Senior Superintendent of Police Ronnie Gunasinghe, found dead the next day.[52]
Fr. Mary Bastian Catholic priest – Human Rights activist; 6 January 1985 Sri Lankan security forces.[53]
Chandra Fernando Catholic priest – Human Rights activist; June, 1988 Unknown
George Jeyarajasingham Methodist priest – Human Rights activist Alleged SLA members in civilian clothing, along with his Sinhalese driver.[54]
Ketheesh Loganathan Co-founder, Centre for policy alternatives, Colombo and deputy leader, Government Peace Secretariat unknown
Ponniah Selvarajah Teacher, Village Officer, Kokuvil, Jaffna Shot and killed by two gunmen riding on a motorcycle in Poonari Madam, Kokuvil at around 10 a.m. on September 3, 1988.


Victim Description Notes
Most Ven. Kithalagama Sri Seelalankara Buddhist priest - Chief Incumbent (Priest) of Dimbulagala Temple, Polonnaruwa District; 26 May 1995 LTTE [55][56] :Aranthalawa Massacre
Ven. Selliah Parameswaran Kurukkal Hindu priest - Chief Priest of the Santhiveli Pilleyar Kovil, Batticaloa; 11 February 2007 Sri Lankan Army and LTTE trade blame.
Ven. Sivashri Kungaraja Kurukkal Hindu priest - Chief Priest of the Koneswaram Temple, Trincomalee; 21 September 2008 LTTE[57]
Ven. Hadungamuwe Nandarathene Buddhist priest - Chief Incumbent (Priest) of Sri Pabbattharamaya Temple, Mahadivulwewa-Stage 1, Morawewa; 14 May 2007 Anti-Rebel website, Asiantribute, alleged LTTE [58]
Fr. M.X.Karunaratnam BNorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR); 20 April 2008 Pro-Rebel website, Tamilnet, alleged SLA LRRP [59], however the Army has denied, allegations[60]

Civil servants

Victim Description Notes
C.E.Anandarajah St John's college School principal; 26 June 1985[6] EPDP alleged LTTE. LTTE claimed responsibility and provided reasons in a public notice
Kanapathy Rajadurai Central College, Jaffna Principal 12 October 2006[7] unknown
Pon. Ganeshamoorthy Literary Figure, Poet, General Manager People's Bank Unknown
T. Kailainathan Director of Vocational Qualification;4 April 2005 LTTE[61]
Herath Abeyweera Chief Secretary to the Eastern Province, July 16, 2007 LTTE[62][63]
N. Nanthakumar Assistant Government Agent, June 29, 2008 Pro-Rebel, Tamilnet, alleged SLA LRRP [64]
Natpudduminai Faleel Assistant Government Agent[8], Poet Unknown

Police officers

Victim Description Notes
DIG Terrance Perera Director, Counter Subversive Division ; shot dead on 12 December 1987 in Talangama
DIG Bennet Perera Director, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) ; shot dead on 1 May 1989 in Mount Lavinia
ASP Shahabdeen Security officer of Minister of Transport ; shot dead on 23 August 1989
DIG Charles Wijewardene Superintendent of Police, Jaffna ; abducted and killed in Jaffna on 5 August 2005 LTTE suspected [65]
DIG Upul Seneviratne Director of Training, Special Task Force ; killed in a roadside bombing on 7 August 2006 LTTE suspected [66]

Military officers

Victim Description Notes
Admiral W.W.E.Clancy Fernando Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy; killed on 16 November 1992 in Colombo by a suicide bomber LTTE[67]
Lt. General Denzil Kobbekaduwa General Officer Commanding, Northern Sector; killed on August 8, 1992 in Kayts by a land mine LTTE[68]
Lt. General Parami Kulatunga Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army; killed on June 26, 2006 in Colombo by a suicide bomber LTTE[69]
Maj. General Vijaya Wimalaratne Jaffna Brigade Commander; killed on August 8, 1992 in Kayts by a land mine LTTE[68]
Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha Commander Northern Naval Area; killed on August 8, 1992 in Kayts by a land mine LTTE[68].
Maj. General Larry Wijeratne Brigade commander, 51-4 Brigade; killed on May 14, 1998 in Jaffna by a suicide bomber LTTE[69]
Maj. General Ananda Hamangoda Brigade commander, 51-2 Brigade; killed on July 4, 1996 in Jaffna by a suicide bomber LTTE[69][70]
Colonel Tuan Nizam Muthaliff Commanding officer, 1st Battalion, Military Intelligence Corps; killed on May 31, 2005 in Colombo by gunmen LTTE suspected[71]


Victim Description Notes
Lasantha Wickramatunge Editor-in-chief of the The Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickramatunge, in a Posthumous Editorial, predicted his assassination and blamed the Sri Lankan Government .[72]
Balanadarajah Iyer Lead editor EPDP and founder of Thinamurasu newspaper[9] The Sri Lankan Government blames the LTTE for this murder [73]
Relangi Selvarajah TV announcer and freelance producer Unknown
Nadarajah Atputharajah Publisher Thinamurasu newspaper Unknown
Chandrabose Suthaharan Editor of "Nilam" magazine Killed in a government-held area, by killers who reportedly spoke both Sinhala and Tamil.[74]
I.Shanmugalingam Editor of Eelanaadu newspaper Unknown
Sinnathamby Sivamaharajah Editor of Namathu Eelanadu" (Our Eelam Nation)' newspaper Killed in his home, located in the Sri Lankan Army's High Security Zone.[75] The LTTE proxy organization TNA[76] (of which Mr Sivamaharajah was a member), accused the government of assassinating him.[75] The anti-rebel South Asian Terrorism Portal however reported that it was committed by suspected LTTE cadres.[77]
Subramaniyam Sugirdharajan Sudar Oli newspaper correspondent Unknown[78]
Mylvaganam Nimalarajan BBC reporter The EPDP is suspected, but denies involvement.[79][80]
Taraki Sivaram Editor of Tamilnet news portal The TMVP is suspected.[78]
Selvarajah Rajivarnam "Uthayan" Newspaper Reporter The EPDP are suspected.[78]
Aiyathurai Nadesan Reporter for Virakesari newspaper He was previously threatened by pro-government Tamil groups, therefore the TMVP are suspected to be behind this assassination. The Human Rights Watch also suspect the TVMP.[81]
K.S.Raja Reporter for Radio Ceylon Unknown Premakeerthi de Alwis
Premakeerthi de Alwis broadcaster; Killed July 31, 1989
Thevis Guruge Chairman of ITN & broadcaster for Radio Ceylon

Writers and poets

Victim Description Notes
Nihal de Silva Author; killed on May 27, 2006 by landmine in Wilpattu National Park LTTE blamed.
Chasy Krishnamoorthy Writer, Film Critic[10] Unknown
Thiagarajah Selvanithy Poet Killed by the LTTE [11]


Victim Description Notes
Uma Maheswaran PLOTE leader Unknown [82]
Oberoi Thevan TELA leader[12] Killed by the LTTE [83]
Subathiran Thambirajah Jaffna district leader of splinter group of EPRLF known as EPRLF-V; 14 June 2003[13] Killed by the LTTE [84]
P. Rajaratnam General Secretary of Indian based ENDLF in Sri Lanka[14] ENDLF blamed LTTE.[15]
Sonnyboy Occersz Alias Rangappa: Senior member of ENDLF and from the Portuguese Burgher community[16] LTTE
Vaithilingam Sornalingam Senior member of LTTE SLA LRRP[85][86]
E. Kousalyan LTTE political wing regional leader killed in an ambush TMVP[87]
Kandiah Ulaganathan Alias "Colonel Ramanan"; LTTE military leader for Batticaloa district killed on 21 May 2006 TMVP[88] / SLA[89]
Thambirasa Kuhasanthan Alias "Lt Colonel Nizam"; LTTE Military Intelligence Wing leader for the East SLA LRRP[85][86]
Gangai Amaran LTTE Deputy Leader Of Sea Tigers SLA LRRP[85]
Mano Alias "Major Mano"; LTTE Head of Eastern Communication SLA LRRP[85][90]
K. Padmanabha EPRLF General Secretary; mid 1990[17] Killed by the LTTE [41]

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