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The following is a list of attacks attributed to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Since 1964, the Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organization has been fighting the Colombian government, and is the oldest insurgent group in the Americas. FARC is considered a terrorist group by the Colombian government,[1] the United States Department of State,[2] Canada[3] and the European Union.[4] [5]



  • August 30: the FARC attacked the Las Delicias military base in the Putumayo department. The Colombian military lost about 54 dead, 15 wounded and 60 captured. A surprise attack had been carried out at night after extensive intelligence gathering, and 15 hours of fighting resulted in the complete destruction of one of the military's rural bases.[6]


  • In March 1998, some 700 FARC fighters ambushed the 52nd counterguerilla battalion of the Colombian Army's 3rd Mobile Brigade, stationed at El Billar, south of the Caqueta department. The battalion had entered the town of Peñas Coloradas with the objective of damaging the FARC's infrastructure in the lower Caguan river, in an area where FARC influence was deep among the population. The beginning of the FARC's attack took place between March 2-4, causing the battalion heavy casualties: some 62 were killed and 43 were taken prisoner, 105 casualties of a total of 154.
  • In August 1998 FARC fighters attacked and destroyed another military base in Miraflores in the southern Guaviare.
  • In November 1998 FARC launched a military raid against the Mitú department capital near the Brazilian border, which they briefly occupied for three days until Colombian reinforcements arrived after being given permission to use the nearest airbase, which was in Brazil.


  • In October 2000 FARC attacked and raided the town of Dabeida, killing 54 Colombian Army and Police. During a counteroffensive by the Colombian military, the town was retaken by the government's troops at the cost of one UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, killing all 22 soldiers on board, while another two had to land in nearby military bases due to heavy combat damage.


  • May 2: Bojayá massacre. In seizing the town of Bojayá, Chocó, FARC guerrillas killed 119 civilians.
  • August 8: Minutes before Alvaro Uribe is inaugurated as President of Colombia, mortar shells rain down on Bogota, killing at least 15 and injuring 40.[7]


  • February 7: El Nogal Club bombing kills 36.
  • February 15: A bomb blew up a house in Neiva, killing 17 people in what police said was a FARC plot to kill President Uribe. The exploded house was near the airport and under the flight path of the president's plane.[8]


  • June 16: La Gabarra Massacre leaves at least 34 peasants dead.[9]
  • August 4: A car bomb killed nine policemen in Andinápolis.[10]


  • February 1: FARC attacks the Iscuande marine base in Narino Department with gas cylinder bombs smuggled into the barracks with aid of Colombian Marines working with insurgents, killing 15 soldiers and injuring 25.[11]
  • February 3: A bridge was blown up in Putumayo Department, killing eight soldiers and a civilian.[12]
  • April 6: An ambush in Arauca state, near Venezuela, kills 17 soldiers. [13]
  • June 24: FARC attackes military positions in the location of Puerto Asís in the Putumayo department, killing 25 and wounding 20 in a single operation, one of the biggest attacks since 2000.[14]
  • December 17: FARC launches a massive attack in the remote village of San Marino in the Chocó department, killing at least six police officers along with the temporary abduction of some thirty, before they were released by the guerrillas on December 20 due to military pressure.[15]
  • December 28: FARC rebels ambused troops near Vista Hermosa, killing 28. [16]


  • February 26: FARC gunmen kill eight civilians on a bus near the town of Puerto Rico.[17]
  • October 19: Car bomb in the parking lot of Bogota's Nueva Granada military university injures 18 people.[18]


  • May 9: Nine police officers were killed by a FARC bomb in Santander province.[19]
  • May 10: Bomb kills 10 Colombian soldiers in Valle del Cauca province. [20]


  • November 21: Six people, including two children, were killed when the bus they were riding on was set aflame by a group of suspected FARC rebels. [21]


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