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This is a list of current and past rides and attractions at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort in Darien, New York.




Roller Coasters

Ride Name Opened Status Type Manufacturer / Model Height / Drop Length Speed Comments
Boomerang: Coast to Coaster 1998 Operating Shuttle roller coaster Vekoma Boomerang 116.5 ft (35.5 m) 935 ft (285 m) 47 mph (76 km/h)
Brain Teaser 1981 Operating Steel roller coaster Zierer 10.8 ft (3.3 m) 197.5 ft (60.2 m) 16 mph (26 km/h) The park's only kiddie coaster. Formerly called "Ladybug" and "Nessie the Dreamy Dragon" when it became a part of "Adventure Land for Kids" in 1988. Now a part of the "Tiny Trio", three original kiddie rides located separate of the enclosed kiddie area, "Adventure Isle."
The Mind Eraser 1997 Operating Inverted roller coaster Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster 109 ft (33 m) / 87 ft (27 m) 2,260.5 ft (689.0 m) 49.7 mph (80.0 km/h) The only Vekoma SLC in New York State at one time there was the former Serial Thriller from Six Flags AstroWorld in storage at The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, but it was later moved to La Ronde.
Nightmare at Phantom Cave 1996 Relocated: 1999 Enclosed roller coaster Schwarzkopf Jet Star 44 ft (13 m) 1,765 ft (538 m) 31 mph (50 km/h) Relocated to Darien Lake from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (Starchaser) in 1996. Relocated to The Great Escape in 1999 as Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon. It is currently SBNO.
Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster 2008 Operating Launched roller coaster Zamperla Motocoaster 44 ft (13 m)[1] 1,198 ft (365 m) 38 mph (61 km/h)[1] Prototype coaster disassembled and moved from Zamperla factory, the first Zamperla Motocoaster in the US.[2]
The Predator 1990 Operating Wooden roller coaster Summers-Dinn 95 ft (29 m) / 83 ft (25 m) 3,400 ft (1,000 m) 50 mph (80 km/h) New York State's largest wooden roller coaster
Ride of Steel 1999 Operating Hypercoaster Intamin AG Megacoaster 208 ft (63 m) / 205 ft (62 m) 5,400 ft (1,600 m) 73 mph (117 km/h) Formerly known as Superman: Ride of Steel, Intamin AG's first hypercoaster.
The Viper 1982 Operating Steel Looping Coaster Arrow Dynamics & HUSS Maschinenfabrik 121 ft (37 m) / 75 ft (23 m) 3,100 ft (940 m) 50 mph (80 km/h) The park's first major roller coaster, also the first in the world with 5 inversions. Originally painted all black.
Unknown --- In Storage Stand-up roller coaster Intamin AG 90 ft (27 m) / 85 ft (26 m) 2,300 ft (700 m)  mph Formerly located at Six Flags Astroworld as Batman: The Escape. Moved to Darien Lake in the 2005/2006 off-season for storage. Jill Schmelzer, the PR manager of Darien Lake, confirmed that the stand-up roller coaster is in storage, but as of this season (2009), there are no current plans to install it.

Water Attractions

Barracuda Bay is the name of the central location of the water park, and encompasses multiple slides.
All water attractions are included with price of admission.

The Big Kahuna water slide ride.
Aerial view of the Tornado.
Name Type Opened Status Comments
Big Kahuna Water Slide 2006 Operating ProSlide "Mammoth" Family sized tube slide relocated from Six Flags AstroWorld.
Cascade Canyon Water Slide 1982 Removed: 2001 Mat Water Slide complex on the east side of Barracuda Bay. Removed to make room for Shipwreck Falls
Crocodile Isle Wave Pool 1997 Operating Large family wave pool, located past Hook's Lagoon.
'Cuda Falls Water Slide 1994 Operating Four White Water West "tube slides" (two enclosed, two open). Replaced the old Rainbow Falls slide complex on the north side of Barracuda Bay.
Floodgate Falls Water Slide SBNO: 2008 Cascading Lazy River in Barracuda Bay.
Grizzly Run Water Ride 1989 Operating River Rafting Ride
Hook's Lagoon Water Playground 1996 Operating Five story tall water playground with slides, stands where Adventure Land for Kids used to be.
Hydro Force Water Slide 1977 Removed: 1999 Darien Lake's first water slides and the first attraction based item in the original campgrounds. Originally located over Darien Lake, moved in 1990 to the back side of Barracuda Bay
Pipeline Plunge Water Slide Removed: 1999 Water slide located in Barracuda Bay.
Rainbow Falls Water Slide Removed: 1994 A set of 4 mat slides in Barracuda Bay, replaced by 'Cuda Falls.
Riptide Run Water Slide Removed: 1999 Water Slide located in Barracuda Bay.
Shipwreck Falls Water Ride 2002 Operating Soaking plunge ride. It generates a 20 ft (6.1 m) wave. Located where Cascade Canyon used to stand.
Tadpole Island Water Playground 1991 Removed: 1995 Small kids water area. Located in Adventure Land for Kids, where Hook's Lagoon now stands.
Thunder Rapids Water Ride 1981 Operating Log flume attraction. Renamed "Poland Springs Plunge" for a few years during Six Flags ownership.
Tornado Water Slide 2005 Operating ProSlide Tornado. Sends riders on tubes through a giant funnel. Located behind Crocodile Isle
Torpedo Rapids Water Slide Removed: 1999 Water slide located in Barracuda Bay.

Flat Rides

Many of the rides manufactured by HUSS Maschinenfabrik were installed as part of a deal with Huss to use Darien Lake as a North American showcase for Huss's new rides in the early 1980s.

A view of the UFO ride at nightime.
A view of the Silver Bullet ride at Darien Lake.
A view of the Rodeo Round-Up ride.
Name Opened Status Type Manufacturer Comments
Bear Valley Bumper Buggies [Between 1978 and 1981] Operating Bumper Cars DUCE Ride Manufacturers
Crazy Quilt 1981 Removed: 1999 Calypso Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co Lasso moved to Crazy Quilt's location to make way for the Looney Tunes Emporium. Named "Sidewinder" in its later years.
Giant Wheel 1983 Operating Ferris wheel Vekoma The icon of the park until the mid-1990s. The second largest in North America at 165 feet (50 m) tall, was the largest when installed. Purchased from the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville.
Grande Carousel 1977 Operating Carousel International Amusement Devices
Haymaker 1985 Operating Twister Heintz Fahtze The only one of its kind.[1] The term "Twister" is not related to a twist style ride or the Twister.
Lasso 1980 Operating Wave Swinger Zierer Basic Wave Swinger ride.
Pirate [Between 1978 and 1981] Operating Pirate Ship HUSS Maschinenfabrik Installed as part of the HUSS showcase.
Raging Seas 1977 Operating Seesturmbahn Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co Formerly called "Sea Storm"
Ranger 1982 Operating Ranger HUSS Maschinenfabrik An original Huss Ranger, the first of its kind in North America. The only one now operating. Installed as part of the HUSS showcase deal in the 1980s.
Rodeo Roundup 1985 Operating Swing Around HUSS Maschinenfabrik An original Huss Swing Around. Part of the Huss showcase. Formerly called "Corn Popper"
Scrambler 1977 Operating Grasscutter Twist Eli Bridge
Silver Bullet 1983 Operating Enterprise Heintz Fahtze The only Enterprise by HF in operation. [2]
Sleighride 1977 Operating Petersburger Schlittenfahrt Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co Foremerly named "Petersburg"
Thrillbilly 1979 Removed: 1984 Troika Huss Maschinenfabrik Located where the Predator now stands.
Tin Lizzies 1977 Operating Antique Car ride Arrow Huss
Twister 2000 Operating Top Spin HUSS Maschinenfabrik Painted to look like it is made of wood.
UFO 1979 Operating UFO HUSS Maschinenfabrik Original Huss UFO, installed as part of the HUSS showcase.

Children's Rides: Adventure Isle & The Tiny Trio

Adventure Land for Kids contained all kiddie rides from 1988 through 1995. In 1996, it was replaced by Adventure Isle (previously called Popeye's Seaport and Looney Tunes Seaport) with all new rides, exclusively from Zamperla. The Tiny Trio is a set of older junior rides from Adventure Land located near the Mind Eraser. The Isle is located on an "island" surrounded by the midway originally formed by Treasure Island Mini-Golf.

Name Opened Status Description Comments
Barrels of Fun 1996 Operating Zamperla "Sun & Moon" (mini Ferris wheel) Formerly called Michigan J Frog's Ferris wheel
BMX Motocross 1988 Operating Hampton Rides Motorcycles Circular children's ride featuring BMX style bikes which "jump" over humps as they circle. Original ride of Adventure Land, moved to Tiny Trio in 1996.
Darien Lake Express 1996 Operating Zamperla "Rio Grande" (Train ride) Formerly called Rabbit Transit
Dipsy Diver 1996 Operating Zamperla "Crazy Bus" Formerly called Daffy's Divers
Dodgems 1991 Operating Junior Bumper Cars Added to Adventure Land in 1991. Moved to the Tiny Trio in 1996.
Earth Orbiter Removed: 1996 Zierer Panoramic Wheel Adventure Land ride.
Funtime Junction 1991 Removed: 1997 Chance Rides C.P. Huntington Train Ridable miniature railway located around Elk Lake in Adventure Land for Kids.
Monty's Moon Walk Removed Ball Pit Adventure Land, Replaced by the SS Looney Tunes in the Seaport.
Monster Trucks 1996 Operating Zamperla "Convoy" Formerly called Foghorn's Coastal Delivery
Raft Adventure 1996 Operating Zamperla "Mini Jet" Formerly called Pepe's Rafts of Romance
Runaway Railway 1996 Operating Zamperla Miniature train engines for very small children. Formerly called Elmer Fudd's Tiny Tooter Railroad
SS Looney Tunes 1996 Removed 2003 Jungle Gym style attraction Themed as a ship. Boat structure still stands and is used for birthday parties and a seating area. The boat is now named The Swashbuckler to fit with Blake Daring's Storybook Adventure.
Twisty Tubs 1996 Operating Zamperla "Mini Tea Cup" Teacup style ride themed as open aluminum spinach cans. Formerly called Bug's Carrot Cans and Popeye's Spinach Cans
Weather Balloons 1996 Operating Zamperla "Samba Balloon" A Samba Balloon Ride. Formerly called Seaport Weather Balloons
Whirlwind 1996 Operating Zamperla "Mini Swings" A mini swing ride that was formerly named Taz Twister.

Upcharge Attractions

These attractions are not included in the admission price. Cost varies from ride to ride.

A view of the Slingshot ride at nightime.
Name Opened Status Comments
Boat Docks Operating Rent a paddle boat. Currently located on Fun Lake near the Giant Wheel. Former locations also include Willow Lake.
Boat Tag 1996 Removed: 1999 Tank-like boats in a big tank in the middle of the Midway. Located were the Rockville Park Midway Gazebo Stage now stands.
Mountain View Golf 1996 Operating Miniature Golf Course, located underneath areas of the Viper. Replaced Treasure Island Golf.
Sky Coaster 1995 Operating An intense tethered skydiving like attraction. Hoists riders to 180 feet (55 m) over Fun Lake, and releases them in a swinging motion.
Slingshot 2002 Operating First demoed in mid-2001 at the park with a mobile Reverse Bungee version, replaced in the off season with a permanent Funtime "Slingshot" model.
Treasure Island Golf Removed: 1996 Located where Adventure Isle now resides. Replaced by Mountain View Golf
Turbobungy 2002 Removed: 2007 Trampoline where riders are attached to bungy cords while jumping. Located in the vicinity of the Mind Eraser bridge and the Tiny Trio.
Watkins Glen Road Rally 1987 Operating Go-Karts. Opened in 1987 as the Grand Prix Speedway. Was named Superhero Speedway in 2003.


All show venues listed here are included with price of admission.

Name Recent Shows Comments
Adventure Stage Bob the Builder Live (2009- ), An Alarming Adventure (2008), Blake Daring's Storybook Adventure (2007), Bugs Bunny Goes Hollywood (2002, 2004-2006) Features shows specifically for children, Located in Adventure Isle.
The Galaxy Theatre Survivor Live! (2009- )Cirque Nouveau (2008), Le Grande Cirque (2007), Batman Thrill Spectacular (1999-2006), Building originally housed Nightmare at Phantom Cave, an indoor roller coaster. Called Gotham City Theatre while holding the Batman Thrill Spectacular, during the Six Flags era.
Wegman's Grande Theatre RockNation! (2009- ), Rhythmnicity (2008), The Magic of Cliff Hopkins & Kelly (2007), Totally Pop (2006), America: State of Rhythm (2005), American Pop (2004), Radioactive (2003), Broadway Rhythm (2002) Opened as the Jubilee Theatre in 1980, has also been named Tops Palace Theatre.
The Lakeside Amphitheatre LaserBlast! (1998- ), LaserLight Reality (1995-1997), LaserLight Fantasy (1992-1994) The Lakeside Amphitheatre used to be the home of major concerts and other events until 1993, when the Performing Arts Center opened. Beginning in 2009, it is once again a concert venue, holding free concerts occasionally through the summer.
Rockville Park Gazebo Stage Country Unleashed (2009- ), And The Answer Is! (2008), Keepin' the Beat (2007), Rockin' Country (2003-2006), Bahama Boys/Steet Pop (2002) Outdoor stage in the midway. Sometimes holds special events such as karaoke.

Past Entertainment

Former entertainment venues within the park.

  • Big Top Circus (Located in Adventure Land)
  • Cinema 2000 (Located where the Scrambler is)
  • 50's Bandstand (Located where the Queue line for Predator is)
  • Fun Lake (Splashmania, a water ski show)

Fright Fest

Fright Fest was an annual event held at the end of the operating season (Weekends in October, typically) from 1998 to 2006, which celebrated Halloween. Fright Fest added new areas to the park (Bloodstone Hollow, a free haunted graveyard and town; and Brutal Planet, an upcharge haunted house) and different shows than the regular season (Dead Man's Party in The Grande Theater and Laser Spooktacular at the Lakeside Amphitheatre.)

Fright Fest returned in 2008 similar elements to the former Six Flags Fright Fest, with additional new elements, including the Fright Night Field Trip, a bus ride through the haunted campgrounds and Crazy Cliff's Twisted Nightmare in The Grande Theater. The Haunted House and the Trick or Treat Trail also returned from previous years.

Fall Family Fun Fest

In 2007 the traditional Halloween event of years past was modified into a smaller subset of a new event called Fall Family Fun Fest. It brought a county fair concept to the park - free admission and pay-by-ride, as well as some other things you'd find at a fair, including the Haunted House (formerly Brutal Planet), and a hay maze.

Restaurants and eateries

Sit-down restaurants

  • Beaver Brother's Lakeside Cafe
  • Maria's Spaghetti House

Counter services

  • Busted Barrel Saloon
  • Chicken Ranch Cafe
  • Dogaroo
  • Fudge Shop
  • Main Street Creamery
  • Peg Leg Pete's
  • Perry's Ice Cream Parlour
  • Pioneer Pizza
  • Potato Works
  • Prospectors Pizza
  • Scallywag's
  • Subway- 3 Locations in the park
  • Timberidge Pizza
  • Tres Hombres Tacos

Shops & Retail Outlets

  • Look Out Point formerly attitudes
  • Chewy's Timber Trading Co.
  • The Darien Lake Trading Co.
  • The Darien Lake Emporium
  • General Store
  • Lakeview Gift Shop
  • Lone Buffalo Emporium
  • The Max Mehra Collection formerly NBtween
  • Sharky's On Tour Concert Shop
  • Orange County Chopper Retail Shop
  • Thrill Seekers formerly Pirates Cove
  • Ride Of Steel Photos/ Steel City Station
  • Viper Photos & Gifts
  • 5 Little Monkeys
  • Sugar Beans
  • Vi's Treasure Chest
  • Buckhorn & Hashidberry



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