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Baseball nicknames have become an integral part of the sport's culture: "In no sport are nicknames more pervasive than baseball."[1] This is a list of nicknames of Major League Baseball teams and players. It includes a complete list of nicknames of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, a list of nicknames of current players, nicknames of popular players who have played for each major league team, and lists of nicknames grouped into particular categories (e.g., ethnic nicknames, personality trait nicknames etc.). It also includes a list of nicknames of current Major League teams. Sports journalists, broadcasters and fans commonly refer to teams by a wide variety of nicknames. Many of the names are so established that newspapers routinely use the names in headlines.


Player nicknames

Hall of Fame player nicknames

  • Hank Aaron, Henry Louis Aaron (1954-76): "Hammer," “Hammerin’ Hank” or "Bad Henry"[2]
  • Grover Cleveland Alexander (1911-30): "Old Pete"[2]
  • Walter Alston (manager, 1954-76): “Smokey[2]
  • Sparky Anderson, George Lee Anderson (manager, 1970-95): "Sparky" or "Captain Hook"[2]
  • Cap Anson, Adrian Constantine Anson (1871-97): "Cap", “Pop”, "Uncle" or "Captain"[2]
  • Luis Aparicio, Luis Ernesto (Montiel) Aparicio (1956-73): "Little Louie"[2]
  • Luke Appling, Lucius Benjamin Appling (1930-50): "Old Aches & Pains",[2] "Luscious Luke",[2] "Fumblefoot"[3] or "Kid Boots"[3]
  • Richie Ashburn, Don Richard Ashburn (1948-62): "Putt-Putt" or "Whitey"[2]
  • Earl Averill, Howard Earl Averill (1929-41): "Rock" or "Earl of Snohomish"[2]
  • Home Run Baker, John Franklin Baker (1908-22): “Home Run[2]
  • Dave Bancroft, David James Bancroft (1915-30): “Beauty[2]
  • Ernie Banks, Ernest Banks (1953-71): “Mr. Cub[2]
  • Jake Beckley, Jacob Peter Beckley (1888-1907): “Eagle Eye[2]
  • Cool Papa Bell, James Thomas Bell (Negro Leagues): “Cool Papa[2]
  • Johnny Bench, Johnny Lee Bench (1967-83): “Little General[2]
  • Chief Bender, Charles Albert Bender (1903-25): “Chief[2]
  • Yogi Berra, Lawrence Peter Berra (1946-65): "Yogi"[2]
  • Wade Boggs, Wade Anthony Boggs (1982-99): "Chicken Man"[4]
  • Jim Bottomley, James Leroy Bottomley (1922-37): “Sunny Jim[2]
  • Roger Bresnahan, Roger Philip Bresnahan (1897-1915): “The Duke of Tralee[2]
  • Lou Brock, Louis Clark Brock (1961-79): “The Franchise[5]
  • Dan Brouthers, Dennis Joseph Brouthers (1879-96): "Big Dan"[2] or "Alderman"
  • Mordecai Brown, Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown (1903-16): "Three Finger" or "Miner"[2]
  • Jesse Burkett, Jesse Cail Burkett (1890-1905): “Crab
  • Roy Campanella (1948-57): “Campy
  • Max Carey, Max George Carey (1910-29): “Scoops
  • Steve Carlton, Steven Norman Carlton (1965-88): “Lefty
  • Gary Carter, Gary Edmund Carter (1974-92): “The Kid
  • Orlando Cepeda, Orlando Manuel (Penne) Cepeda (1958-74): “Baby Bull” or “Cha Cha
  • Frank Chance, Frank Leroy Chance (1898-1914): “Husk,” “The Peerless Leader” and part of “Tinker to Evers to Chance
  • Happy Chandler, Albert Benjamin Chandler (executive): “Happy
  • Jack Chesbro, John Dwight Chesbro (1899-1909): “Happy Jack
  • Fred Clarke, Fred Clifford Clarke (manager, 1897-1915): “Cap
  • Roberto Clemente, Roberto Clemente Walker (1955-72): “Arriba” or “Bob
  • Ty Cobb, Tyrus Raymond Cobb (1905-28): "The Georgia Peach"
  • Mickey Cochrane, Gordon Stanley Cochrane (1925-37): “Black Mike” or “Mickey
  • Eddie Collins, Edward Trowbridge Collins Sr. (1906-30): "Cocky"
  • Earle Combs, Earle Bryan Combs (1924-35): “The Kentucky Colonel
  • Charlie Comiskey, Charles Albert Comiskey (1882-94): “Commy” or “The Old Roman
  • Jocko Conlan, John Bertrand Conlan (umpire): “Jocko
  • Stan Coveleski, Stanley Anthony Coveleski (1912-28): “Covey
  • Sam Crawford, Samuel Earl Crawford (1899-1917): “Wahoo Sam
  • Candy Cummings, William Arthur Cummings (1872-77): “Candy
  • Kiki Cuyler, Hazen Shirley Cuyler (1921-38): “Kiki” or “Cuy
  • Dizzy Dean, Jay Hanna Dean (1930-41): “Diz” or “Dizzy” or “The Great Man
  • Ed Delahanty, Edward James Delahanty (1888-1903): “Big Ed
  • Joe DiMaggio, Joseph Paul DiMaggio Jr. (1936-51): “The Yankee Clipper” or “Joltin Joe"
  • Don Drysdale, Donald Scott Drysdale (1956-69): “Big D
  • Hugh Duffy (1888-1906): “Sir Hugh
  • Leo Durocher, Leo Ernest Durocher (player & manager 1925-73): “The Lip” or “Lippy
  • Dennis Eckersley, Dennis Lee Eckersley (1975-98): “The Eck
  • Johnny Evers, John Joseph Evers (1902-29): “The Crab” “Trojan” and part of “Tinker to Evers to Chance
  • Buck Ewing, William Ewing (1880-97): “Buck
  • Red Faber, Urban Clarence Faber (1914-33): “Red
  • Bob Feller, Robert William Andrew Feller (1936-56): “Rapid Robert” or “The Heater From Van Meter
  • Rollie Fingers, Roland Glen Fingers (1968-85): “Rollie
  • Carlton Fisk, Carlton Ernest Fisk (1969-93): "Pudge"
  • Whitey Ford, Edward Charles Ford (1950-67): "Whitey," "The Chairman of the Board," or "Slick""
  • Rube Foster, Andrew Foster (manager): “Rube
  • Nellie Fox, Jacob Nelson Fox (1947-65): "Nellie," "Little Nel," or "The Mighty Mite"'
  • Jimmie Foxx, James Emory Foxx (1925-45): “Beast” or “Double X
  • Frankie Frisch, Frank Francis Frisch (1919-37): “The Fordham Flash
  • Pud Galvin, James Francis Galvin (1875-92): “Pud,” “Gentle Jeems,” or “The Little Steam Engine
  • Lou Gehrig, Henry Louis Gehrig (1923-39): "The Iron Horse or “Buster” or "Biscuit Pants"
  • Charlie Gehringer, Charles Leonard Gehringer (1924-42): “The Mechanical Man” and one of Detroit's "G-Men"
  • Bob Gibson, Robert Gibson (1959-75): “Hoot” or “Gibby
  • Lefty Gomez, Vernon Louis Gomez (1930-43): “Lefty” or “Goofy
  • Goose Goslin, Leon Allen Goslin (1921-38): "Goose" and one of Detroit's "G-Men"
  • Hank Greenberg, Henry Benjamin Greenberg (1930-47): “Hammerin’ Hank” and one of Detroit's "G-Men"
  • Clark Griffith, Clark Calvin Griffith (manager, 1901-20): “The Old Fox
  • Burleigh Grimes, Burleigh Arland Grimes (1916-34): “Ol' Stubblebeard
  • Lefty Grove, Robert Moses Grove (1925-41): “Lefty
  • Tony Gwynn, Anthony Keith Gwynn (1982-2001): "Captain Video"
  • Chick Hafey, Charles James Hafey (1924-37): “Chick
  • Jesse Haines, Jesse Joseph Haines (1918-37): “Pop
  • Billy Hamilton, William Robert Hamilton (1888-1901): “Sliding Billy
  • Ned Hanlon, Edward Hugh Hanlon (player & manager, 1880-1907): “Ned
  • Bucky Harris, Stanley Raymond Harris (player & manager, 1919-56): “Bucky
  • Gabby Hartnett, Charles Leo Hartnett (1922-41): “Gabby” or “Old Tomato Face
  • Harry Heilmann, Harry Edwin Heilmann (1914-32): “Slug
  • Harry Hooper, Harry Bartholomew Hooper (1909-25): “Hoop
  • Rogers Hornsby (1915-37): “Rajah
  • Waite Hoyt, Waite Charles Hoyt (1918-38): “Schoolboy
  • Carl Hubbell, Carl Owen Hubbell (1928-43): “King Carl” or “The Meal Ticket
  • Catfish Hunter, James Augustus Hunter (1965-79): “Catfish
  • Monte Irvin, Montford Merrill Irvin (1949-56): “Mr. Murder
  • Reggie Jackson, Reginald Martinez Jackson (1967-87): “Mr. October
  • Travis Jackson, Travis Calvin Jackson (1922-36): “Stonewall
  • Ferguson Jenkins, Ferguson Arthur Jenkins (1965-83): “Fly” or “Fergie
  • Hughie Jennings, Hugh Ambrose Jennings (player & manager, 1891-1924): “Ee-Yah
  • Ban Johnson, Byron Bancroft Johnson (executive): “Ban
  • Walter Johnson, Walter Perry Johnson (1907-27): “The Big Train” or "Barney"
  • Al Kaline, Albert William Kaline (1953-74): “Salty" "Line" or “Mr. Tiger
  • Tim Keefe, Timothy John Keefe (1880-93): “Smiling Tim” or “Sir Timothy
  • Willie Keeler, William Henry Keeler (1892-1910): “Wee Willie” or “Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t
  • George Kelly, George Lange Kelly (1915-32): “Highpockets
  • King Kelly, Michael Joseph Kelly (1878-93): “Honest Joe” or ”King
  • Harmon Killebrew, Harmon Clayton Killebrew (1954-75): “Killer
  • Chuck Klein, Charles Herbert Klein (1928-44): “The Hoosier Hammerer
  • Nap Lajoie, Napoleon Lajoie (1896-1916): “Larry” or “Poli” or “Nap
  • Tony Lazzeri, Anthony Michael Lazzeri (1926-39): "Poosh 'Em Up Tony"
  • Buck Leonard, Walter Fenner Leonard (Negro Leagues): “Buck
  • Freddie Lindstrom, Frederick Charles Lindstrom (1924-36): “Lindy
  • Pop Lloyd, John Henry Lloyd (Negro Leagues): “Pop
  • Ernie Lombardi, Ernesto Natali Lombardi (1931-47): “Bocci” or “Schnozz
  • Ted Lyons, Theodore Amar Lyons (1923-46): "Sunday Teddy"
  • Connie Mack, Cornelius Alexander Mack (manager, 1894-1950): “Connie” or “The Tall Tactician
  • Mickey Mantle, Mickey Charles Mantle (1951-68): "The Mick," "The Commerce Comet," or "Muscles"
  • Heinie Manush, Henry Emmett Manush (1923-39): "Heinie"
  • Rabbit Maranville, Walter James Vincent Maranville (1912-35): “Rabbit
  • Juan Marichal, Juan Antonio Marichal Sánchez (1960-75): “Manito” “Dominican Dandy,” or “Mar
  • Rube Marquard, Richard William Marquard (1908-25): “Rube
  • Christy Mathewson, Christopher Mathewson (1900-16): “Big Six,” “Matty,” or “The Christian Gentleman
  • Willie Mays, Willie Howard Mays Jr. (1951-73): “The Say Hey Kid
  • Bill Mazeroski, William Stanley Mazeroski (1956-72): “Maz
  • Joe McCarthy, Joseph Vincent McCarthy (manager, 1926-50): “Marse Joe
  • Willie McCovey, Willie Lee McCovey (1959-80): “Stretch,” “Mac,” or “Big Mac
  • Joe McGinnity, Joseph Jerome McGinnity (1899-1908): “Iron Man
  • Bill McGowan, William Aloysius McGowan (umpire): “Little Joe Chest
  • John McGraw, John Joseph McGraw (manager, 1899-1932): “Little Napoleon” or “Mugsy
  • Bid McPhee, John Alexander McPhee (1882-99): “Bid
  • Joe Medwick, Joseph Michael Medwick (1932-48): “Ducky” or “Ducky Wucky
  • Johnny Mize, John Robert Mize (1936-53): "The Big Cat"
  • Paul Molitor, Paul Leo Molitor (1978-98): “The Ignitor” or “Molly
  • Eddie Murray, Eddie Clarence Murray (1977-97): “Steady Eddie
  • Stan Musial, Stanley Frank Musial (1941-63): “Stan the Man
  • Hal Newhouser, Harold Newhouser (1939-55): “Prince Hal
  • Kid Nichols, Charles Augustus Nichols (1890-1906): “Kid
  • Phil Niekro, Philip Henry Niekro (1964-87): “Knucksie
  • Jim O'Rourke, James Henry O'Rourke (1872-1904): “Orator Jim
  • Mel Ott, Melvin Thomas Ott (1926-47): “Master Melvin
  • Satchel Paige, Leroy Robert Paige (1948-53): “Satchel
  • Jim Palmer, James Alvin Palmer (1965-84): “Cakes
  • Herb Pennock, Herbert Jefferis Pennock (1912-34): “The Knight of Kennett Square
  • Kirby Puckett (1984-95): "Puck"
  • Charles Radbourn, Charles Gardner Radbourn (1881-91): “Old Hoss
  • Pee Wee Reese, Harold Henry Reese (1940-58): “Pee Wee” or “The Little Colonel
  • Branch Rickey, Wesley Branch Rickey (player, 1905-07, manager, 1913-25): “The Mahatma
  • Cal Ripken, Jr, Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr. (1981-2001): “Iron Man
  • Eppa Rixey (1912-33): “Jeptha
  • Phil Rizzuto, Philip Francis Rizzuto (1941-56): “Scooter
  • Brooks Robinson, Brooks Calbert Robinson Jr. (1955-77): “Hoover” or “The Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bullet Rogan, Wilber Rogan (Negro Leagues): “Bullet
  • Red Ruffing, Charles Herbert Ruffing (1924-47): “Red
  • Amos Rusie, Amos Wilson Rusie (1889-1901): “The Hoosier Thunderbolt
  • Babe Ruth, George Herman Ruth (1914-35): “Babe,” “The Bambino,” “Sultan of Swat” or "Colossus of Clout"[2]
  • Nolan Ryan, Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr. (1966-93): “The Ryan Express
  • Ryne Sandberg, Ryne Dee Sandberg (1981-97): “Ryno
  • Ray Schalk, Raymond William Schalk (1912-29): “Cracker
  • Mike Schmidt, Michael Jack Schmidt (1972-89): "Schmidty"
  • Tom Seaver, George Thomas Seaver (1967-86): “Tom Terrific” or “The Franchise
  • Al Simmons, Aloysius Harry Simmons (1924-44): “Bucketfoot Al
  • George Sisler, George Harold Sisler (1915-30): “Gorgeous George
  • Enos Slaughter, Enos Bradsher Slaughter (1938-59): "Country"
  • Ozzie Smith, Osborne Earl Smith (1978-96): “The Wizard of Oz” or “The Wizard
  • Duke Snider, Edwin Donald Snider (1947-64): “The Silver Fox” of "Duke"
  • Tris Speaker, Tristram E Speaker (1907-28): “Tris,” “The Grey Eagle” or “Spoke
  • Willie Stargell, Wilver Dornel Stargell (1962-82): “Pops
  • Turkey Stearnes, Norman Thomas Stearnes (Negro Leagues): “Turkey'”
  • Casey Stengel, Charles Dillon Stengel (player, 1912-25; manager, 1934-65): “Casey” and “The Old Perfessor
  • Don Sutton, Donald Howard Sutton (1966-88): “Black & Decker
  • Bill Terry, William Harold Terry (1923-36): “Memphis Bill
  • Sam Thompson, Samuel Luther Thompson (1885-98): "Big Sam
  • Pie Traynor, Harold Joseph Traynor (1920-37): “Pie
  • Dazzy Vance, Clarence Arthur Vance 1915-35): “Dazzy
  • Arky Vaughan, Joseph Floyd Vaughan (1932-48): “Arky
  • Rube Waddell, George Edward Waddell (1897-1910): “Rube
  • Honus Wagner, John Peter Wagner (1897-1917): “The Flying Dutchman” or “Honus
  • Lloyd Waner, Lloyd James Waner (1927-45): “Little Poison
  • Paul Waner, Paul Glee Waner (1926-45): “Big Poison"
  • Earl Weaver, Earl Sidney Weaver (manager, 1968-86): “Doodles
  • Willie Wells, Willie James Wells (Negro Leagues): “Devil
  • Zack Wheat, Zachary Davis Wheat (1909-27): “Buck
  • Billy Williams, Billy Leo Williams (1959-76): “Sweet Swingin' Billy from Whistler
  • Hack Wilson, Lewis Robert Wilson (1923-34): “Hack
  • Joe Williams, Joseph Williams (Negro Leagues): “Smokey Joe” or “Cyclone
  • Ted Williams, Theodore Samuel Williams (1939-60): “The Splendid Splinter,” “Teddy Ballgame,” “Thumper,” or “Kid
  • Early Wynn, Early Wynn Jr. (1939-63): "Gus"
  • Carl Yastrzemski, Carl Michael Yastrzemski (1961-83): “Yaz
  • Cy Young, Denton True Young (1890-1911): “Cy” or “Cyclone
  • Ross Youngs, Royce Middlebrook Youngs (1917-26): “Pep
  • Robin Yount, Robin R Yount (1974-93): “The Kid

Recent player nicknames

Player nicknames by team

Arizona Diamondbacks Players Nicknames

Atlanta Braves Players Nicknames

Baltimore Orioles Players Nicknames

  • Jerry Adair, Kenneth Jerry Adair (1958-70): "Casper the Friendly Ghost"
  • Brady Anderson, Brady Kevin Anderson (1988-2002): "Brady Bunch Anderson" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Luis Aparicio, Luis Ernesto (Montiel) Aparicio (1956-73): "Little Louie"
  • Harold Baines, Harold Douglas Baines "Harold Growing Baines" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Mark Belanger, Mark Henry Belanger (1965-82): "The Blade"
  • Paul Blair, Paul L D Blair (1964-80): "Motormouth"
  • Curt Blefary, Curtis Le Roy Blefary (1965-72): "Clank"
  • Jackie Brandt, John George Brandt Jr. (1956-67): "Flakey," "Flakes" or "Flake" or "Jackie"
  • Hal Brown, Hector Harold Brown (1951-64): "Skinny"
  • Al Bumbry, Alonza Benjamin Bumbry (1972-85): "Bumblebee" or "Bee"
  • Jeff Conine, Jeffrey Guy Conine (1990-2007): "Nine," "Niner," "Conine the Barbarian", or "Mr. Marlin"
  • Storm Davis, George Earl Davis (1982-94): "Storm"
  • Rick Dempsey, John Rikard Dempsey (1969-92): "Dipper"
  • Mike Devereaux, Michael Devereaux (1987-98): "Devo"
  • Mike Flanagan, Michael Kendall Flanagan (1975-92): "Killer Bee"
  • Jim Gentile, James Edward Gentile (1957-66): "Diamond Jim"
  • Bobby Grich, Robert Anthony Grich (1970-86): "Bird"
  • Chris Hoiles, Christopher Allen Hoiles 1989-98): "Tractor Mechanic"
  • Dennis Martinez, Jose Dennis (Emilia) Martinez (1976-98): "El Presidente"
  • Tippy Martinez, Felix Anthony Martinez (1974-88): "Tippy"
  • Eddie Murray, Eddie Clarence Murray (1977-97): "Steady Eddie"
  • Mike Mussina, Michael Cole Mussina (1991-2007): "Moose"
  • Jim Palmer, James Alvin Palmer (1965-84): "Cakes"
  • Rafael Palmeiro, Rafael (Corrales) Palmeiro (1986-2005): "Raffy"
  • Milt Pappas, Miltiades Sergios Pappas (1957-73): "Gimpy"
  • Sidney Ponson 1998- ): "Sir Shrek" or "Sir Sidney"
  • Boog Powell, John Wesley Powell (1961-77): "Boog"
  • Brian Roberts, Brian Michael Roberts (2001- ): "B-Rob"
  • Brooks Robinson, Brooks Calbert Robinson Jr. (1955-77): "B-Rob", "The Vacuum Cleaner," "The Human Vacuum Cleaner", or "Hoover"
  • Frank Robinson (1956-76): "Robby", "F. Robby", or "The Judge"
  • Luke Scott: "Luke" or "Some Dude"
  • Don Stanhouse, Donald Joseph Stanhouse (1972-1982): "Stan the Man Unusual"
  • B. J. Surhoff, William James Surhoff (1987-2005): "B.J."
  • Miguel Tejada, Miguel Odalis (Martinez) Tejada (1997- ): "The Bus" or "Miggy"

Boston Red Sox Players Nicknames

Chicago Cubs Players Nicknames

Chicago White Sox Players Nicknames

Cincinnati Reds Players Nicknames

Cleveland Indians Players Nicknames

  • Earl Averill, Howard Earl Averill (1929-41): “Rock” or “Earl of Snohomish
  • Bobby Avila, Roberto Francisco (Gonzales) Avila (1949-59): "Beto"
  • Jim Bagby, Sr., James Charles Jacob Bagby, Sr. (1912-23): "Sarge"
  • Buddy Bell, David Gus Bell (1972-89): "Buddy"
  • Gary Bell, Wilbur Gary Bell (1958-69): "Ding" or "Ding Dong" [40]
  • Albert Belle, Albert Jojuan Belle (1989-2000): "Joey", "Snapper", [41]" "Mr. Freeze", [42] or "Ring My Belle" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Bill Bernhard, William Henry Bernhard (1899-1907): "Strawberry Bill"
  • Lou Boudreau, Louis Boudreau (1938-52): "Old Shufflefoot" or "Handsome Lou" [43]
  • Ray Chapman, Raymond Johnson Chapman (1912-20): "Chappie"
  • Rocky Colavito, Rocco Domenico Colavito (1955-68): "Rocky"
  • Stan Coveleski, Stanley Anthony Coveleski (1912-28): “Covey
  • Bob Feller, Robert William Andrew Feller (1936-56): "Rapid Robert"
  • Julio Franco, Julio Cesar Franco (1982-2007): "Methuselah" or "The Ageless Wonder"
  • Tito Francona, John Patsy Francona (1956-70): "Tito"
  • Mike Garcia, Edward Miguel Garcia (1948-61): "The Big Bear"
  • Juan González, Juan Alberto (Vazquez) Gonzalez (1989-2005): "Juan Gone", "Gonzo", or "Igor"
  • Mudcat Grant, James Timothy Grant (1958-71): "Mudcat"
  • Vean Gregg, Sylveanus Augustus Gregg (1911-25): "Vean"
  • Odell Hale, Arvel Odell Hale (1931-41): "Bad News"
  • Mel Harder, Melvin Leroy Harder (1928-47): "Chief" or "Wimpy" [44]
  • Travis Hafner "Pronk" (combination of the words "Project" and "Donkey")
  • Mike Hargrove, Dudley Michael Hargrove (1974-85): "The Human Rain Delay" or "Grover" [45]
  • Toby Harrah, Colbert Dale Harrah (1969-86): "Toby," "Stone Fingers," or "Toby Last Harrah" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Jim Hegan, James Edward Hegan (1941-58): "Shanty" [46]
  • Orel Hershiser, Orel Leonard (IV) Hershiser (1983-2000): "Bulldog"
  • Willis Hudlin, George Willis Hudlin (1926-44): "Ace" or "Hud" [47]
  • Joe Jackson, Joseph Jefferson Jackson (1908-20): "Shoeless Joe"
  • Brook Jacoby, Brook Wallace Jacoby (1981-92): "Jake" or "Brook Jacoby Wan Kenobi" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Charlie Jamieson, Charles Devine Jamieson (1915-32): "Cuckoo," "Jamie," or "Hawk"
  • Addie Joss, Adrian Joss (1902-10): "Addie" or "The Maestro of Twirlology"
  • Ken Keltner, Kenneth Frederick Keltner (1937-50): "Butch"
  • Duane Kuiper, Duane Eugene Kuiper (1974-85): "Kuip" or "Smooth" [48]
  • Nap Lajoie, Napoleon Lajoie (1896-1916): “Larry,” “Poli,” “Nap” or "King"
  • Bob Lemon, Robert Granville Lemon (1946-58): "Lem"
  • Kenny Lofton, Kenneth Lofton (1991-2007): "Mayor of Cleveland"
  • Rick Manning, Richard Eugene Manning (1975-87): "Archie" [49]
  • Sam McDowell, Samuel Edward Thomas McDowell (1961-75): "Sudden Sam"
  • Al Milnar, Albert Joseph Milnar (1936-46): "Happy"
  • Minnie Miñoso, Saturnino Orestes Armas (Arrieta) Miñoso (1949-80): "Minnie" or "The Cuban Comet"
  • Earl Moore, Earl Alonzo Moore (1901-14): "Crossfire," "Big Ebbie," or "Steam Engine in Boots"
  • Guy Morton, Guy Morton Sr. (1914-24): "Alabama Blossom"
  • Don Mossi, Donald Louis Mossi (1954-65): "The Sphinx" or "Ears"
  • Satchel Paige, Leroy Robert Paige (1948-53): “Satchel
  • Dick Porter, Richard Twilley Porter (1929-34): "Wiggles" or "Twitches"
  • Manny Ramírez, Manuel Aristides (Onelcida) Ramirez (1993- ): "Man-Ram" or "Manny being Manny"
  • Bob Rhoads, Barton Emory Rhoads (1902-09): "Dusty"
  • Al Rosen, Albert Leonard Rosen (1947-56): "Flip"
  • Chico Salmon, Ruthford Eduardo Salmon (1954-72): "Chico"
  • Joe Shaute, Joseph Benjamin Shaute (1922-34): "Lefty"
  • Al Smith, Alphonse Eugene Smith (1953-64): "Fuzzy"
  • Tris Speaker, Tristram E Speaker (1907-28): “Tris”, “The Grey Eagle”, or “Spoke
  • George Stovall, George Thomas Stovall (1904-15): "Firebrand"
  • Rick Sutcliffe, Richard Lee Sutcliffe (1976-94): "Red Baron" or "Sut"
  • Pat Tabler, Patrick Sean Tabler (1981-90): "Pat Pick Up the Tabler" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Jim Thome, James Howard Thome (1991-2007): "Mr. High Socks" or "Jim Thome, Can You Hear Me" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Andre Thornton (1973-87): "Thunder"
  • Luis Tiant, Luis Clemente (Vega) Tiant (1964-82): "El Tiante"
  • Terry Turner, Terrence Lamont Turner (1901-19): "Cotton Top"
  • George Uhle, George Ernest Uhle (1919-36): "The Bull"
  • Omar Vizquel, Omar Enrique (Gonzalez) Vizquel (1980-2007): "Little O" or "Manos de Seda (Hands of Silk)"
  • Bill Wambsganss, William Adolph Wambsganss (1914-26): "Wamby"
  • Matt Williams, Matthew Derrick Williams (1987-2003): "Carson Crusher" or "Matty"
  • Early Wynn, Early Wynn Jr. (1939-63): "Gus"

Colorado Rockies Players Nicknames

Detroit Tigers Player Nicknames

Detroit Tigers 1990 to Present
Detroit Tigers 1960-1989
Detroit Tigers 1930-1959
Detroit Tigers 1901-1929
Detroit Wolverines Nicknames (1881-1888)
  • Lady Baldwin, Charles B. Baldwin (pitcher, 1885-1888): "Lady"
  • Fatty Briody, Charles F. Briody : "Fatty"
  • Dan Brouthers (1st base, 1886-1888): "Big Dan" and "Alderman" (Hall of Fame)
  • Count Campau, Charles Columbus Campau (outfield, 1888): "Count"
  • Chub Collins, Charles Augustus Collins (shortstop, 1885): "Chubb"
  • Ned Hanlon, Edward Hugh Hanlon (outfield, 1881-1888): "Ned"
  • Deacon McGuire James Thomas McGuire (catcher, 1885, 1888, 1902-1903, 1912): "Deacon"
  • Mox McQuery, William Thomas McQuery (1st base, 1885): "Mox"
  • Parson Nicholson, Thomas C. Nicholson (2nd base, 1888): "Parson" and "Deacon"
  • Hardy Richardson, Abram Harding Richardson (outfield, 2nd base 1886-1888): "Hardy" and "Old True Blue"
  • Yank Robinson, William H. Robinson (shortstop, 1882): "Yank"
  • Dupee Shaw, Frederick Lander Shaw (pitcher, 1883-1884): "Dupee"
  • Phenomenal Smith, John Francis Smith (pitcher, 1886): "Phenomenal"
  • Ecky Stearns, Daniel Eckford Stearns (shortstop, 1881): "Ecky"
  • Sam Thompson (outfield, 1885-1888): "Big Sam" (Hall of Fame)
  • Dasher Troy, John Joseph Troy (infield, 1881-1882): "Dasher"
  • Deacon White, James Laurie White (3rd base, 1886-1888): "Deacon"
  • Stump Wiedman, George Edward Wiedman (pitcher, 1881-1885, 1887): "Stump"
  • Chief Zimmer, Charles Louis Zimmer (catcher, outfield 1884): "Chief

Florida Marlins Players Nicknames

Houston Astros Players Nicknames

Kansas City Royals Players Nicknames

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  • Johnnie Lee LeMaster: "Bones" or "The natural"or "the Kentucky Long Rifle" or "P-Nut" or "Johnnie Disaster"
  • Moisés Alou: "Mo"
  • Jesús Alou, Jesus Maria Rojas Alou (1963-79): "Jay"
  • Rod Beck, Rodney Roy Beck (1991-2004): "Shooter"
  • Todd Benzinger, Todd Eric Benzinger (1987-95): "Mercedes Benz"
  • Barry Bonds, Barry Lamar Bonds (1986-2007): "Big Barry" or "Home Run King" or "Bondsy" or "Barry U.S. Bonds" (bestowed by Chris Berman)
  • Tim Lincecum, Timothy LeRoy Lincecum (2006-Present) :"The Franchise," "The Freak," or "Tim The Enchanter,""Lord Lincecum"
  • Matt Cain, Matthew Thomas Cain (2005-Present): “Death Cain
  • Orlando Cepeda, Orlando Manuel (Penne) Cepeda (1958-74): “Baby Bull” or “Cha Cha
  • Jack Clark, Jack Anthony Clark (1975-92): "Jack The Ripper"
  • Will Clark, William Nuschler Clark Jr. (1986-2000): "Will The Thrill"
  • Chili Davis, Charles Theodore Davis (1981-99): "Chili"
  • Darrell Evans, Darrell Wayne Evans (1969-89): "Doody" or "Howdy Doody"
  • Tito Fuentes, Rigoberto (Peat) Fuentes (1965-78): "Tito"
  • Dave Henderson, David Lee Henderson (1981-94): "Hendu"
  • Dave Kingman, David Arthur Kingman (1971-86): "Kong or Sky King"
  • Jeffrey Leonard (1977-90): "Hackman"
  • Fred Lewis, "Thug Nasty", "Flew" or "E-7"
  • Candy Maldonado, Candido (Guadarrama) Maldonado (1981-95): "Candy"
  • Juan Marichal, Juan Antonio (Sanchez) Marichal (1960-75): “Manito” “Dominican Dandy,” or “Mar
  • Gary Matthews, Gary Nathaniel Matthews Sr. (1972-87): "Sarge"
  • Willie Mays, Willie Howard Mays Jr. (1951-73): “Say Hey
  • Willie McCovey, Willie Lee McCovey (1959-80): “Stretch,” “Mac,” or “Big Mac
  • Greg Minton, Gregory Brian Minton (1975-90): "Moonie" or "Moon-man"
  • John Montefusco, John Joseph Montefusco Jr. (1974-86): "The Count"
  • Rick Reuschel, Rickey Eugene Reuschel (1972-91): "Big Daddy"
  • Dave Righetti, David Allan Righetti (1979-95): "Rags"
  • Kirk Rueter, Kirk Wesley Rueter (1993-2005): "Woody"
  • Pablo Sandoval, Pablo E. Sandoval (2008-Present): "Kung Fu Panda" or"Fat Ichiro"
  • Hank Sauer, Henry John Sauer (1941-59): "The Honker"
  • Dick Schofield, John Richard Schofield (1953-66): "Ducky"
  • Daryl Spencer, Daryl Dean Spencer (1952-1963): "Dee or Big Dee"
  • Eugenio Velez, Eugenio Velez (2008-Present): "(MJ's) Thriller", "The Stickman" or "Pharaoh"
  • Matt Williams, Matthew Derrick Williams (1987-2003): "Carson Crusher" or "Matty"

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