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Coat of arms of the Archbishopric of Cologne.


Bishops and Archbishops of Cologne


Bishops of Colonia Agrippina, 88–784

All names before Maternus ('II') are to be approached with considerable scepticism since no contemporary evidence is available. Maternus was present at a council in Rome in 313. The bishops between Severinus and Charentius are also apocryphal. Domitianus was bishop of Maastricht (Mosa Traiectum). The given dates of office before bishop Gunther are also conjectural at best.

  • Maternus I c. 88-128
  • Paulinus
  • Marcellinus ?
  • Aquilinus
  • Levoldus ? c. 248-285
  • Maternus II c. 285-315
  • Euphrates c. 315-348
  • Severinus c. 348-403
  • Ebergisil I ? c. 403-440
  • Solatius c. 440-470
  • Sunnovaeus c. 470-500
  • Domitianus fl. c. 535
  • Charentinus fl. c. 570
  • Eberigisil II ? c. 580-600 ?
  • Remedius c. 600 ? -611 ?
  • Solatius c. 611 ? -622
  • Cunibert c. 623-663
  • Bodatus c. 663-674
  • Stephen 674-680
  • Adelwin 680-695
  • Giso 695-708
  • Anno I 708-710
  • Faramund 710-713
  • Agilolf 713-717
  • Reginfried 718-747
  • Hidegar 747-753
  • Bertholm 753-763
  • Rikulf 763-784

Archbishops of Cologne, 784-1238

Saint Engelbert II of Berg, Archbishop of Cologne

Archbishop-Electors of Cologne, 1238–1803

Image Name From To Notes
Konrad von Hochstaden 1238 1261
Engelbert II von Falkenstein 1261 1274
Siegfried II of Westerburg 1274 1297
Wikbold I von Holte 1297 1304
Heinrich II von Virneburg 1304 1332
Walram von Jülich 1332 1349
Wilhelm von Gennep 1349 1362 First Elector of Cologne under the Golden Bull of 1356
Adolf II von der Marck 1363 1363
Engelbert III von der Marck 1364 1369
Kuno von Falkenstein 1370 1371
Friedrich III von Saarwerden 1372 1414
Dietrich II von Mors 1414 1463
Rupprecht of the Palatinate 1463 1480
Hermann IV of Hesse 1480 1508
Philipp von Daun.jpg Philipp II von Daun-Oberstein 1508 1515
Hermann-von-Wied.jpg Hermann V von Wied 1515 1546 Sought to reform religious practice in the Electorate; converted to Protestantism; deposed and excommunicated.
Adolf III von Schauenburg 1546 1556
Anton von Schauenburg 1556 1558
Gebhard I von Mansfeld-Vorderort 1558 1562 A founding member of the Schmalkaldic League
Friedrich IV von Wied 1562 1567
Prince Salentin v Isenburg Grenzau.jpg Salentin von Isenburg-Grenzau 1567 1577 Upon the deaths of his younger and older brothers, there were no more brothers to carry on the family name; he left Church administration in 1577, married, had two sons, and conducted a successful military career. He died in 1610.
Gebhard von Waldburg.jpg Gebhard II Truchsess von Waldburg 1577 1583 Converted to Calvinism in 1582; married Agnes von Mansfeld-Eisleben (cousin once removed of the archbishop and Prince-Elector Gebhard I von Mansfeld-Vorderort); Competing archbishop elected;Cologne War war decides the outcome.
Ernst von Bayern Köln MATEO.jpg Ernest of Bavaria 1583 1612 Brother of William V, Duke of Bavaria; Papal Nunciate established permanently in Cologne.
Ferdinand von Bayern MATEO.jpg Ferdinand of Bavaria 1612 1650 Brother of Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, nephew of Ernest of Bavaria. Principle of Secundogeniture.
Maximilian Heinrich von Bayern.jpg Maximilian Henry of Bavaria 1650 1688 First cousin of Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria
Joseph Clemes von Bayern.jpg Joseph Clemens of Bavaria 1688 1723 Brother of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria. Put under Imperial ban for siding with France in the War of the Spanish Succession.
Klemens August Bavaria 1700 1751 Bishop Cologne.jpg Clemens Augustus I of Bavaria 1723 1761 Brother of Charles, Elector of Bavaria and Emperor. Last Wittelsbach to hold the office.
Kurfürst Max Friedrich von Königsegg-Rothenfels.jpg Maximilian Frederick of Königsegg-Rothenfels 1761 1784
Maximilian Franz Austria 1756 1801 portrait.jpg Maximilian Francis of Austria 1784 1801 Electorate "secularized" in German Mediatization

Modern Archbishops of Cologne, 1824 to date

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