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Pedro of Castile's Palace in the Alcázar of Seville
Loarre Castle
the Alhambra as viewed from the Generalife

Castles in Spain were built mainly for defensive purposes. During the Middle Ages, northern christian kingdoms had to secure their borders with their muslim southern neighbours, thus forcing both christian and muslim kings to grant border fiefs to their liege noblemen so as to keep and maintain defensive fortresses. When the Reconquista advanced, those border castles lost their initial purpose, and, as it happened in the rest of medieval Europe, they were used also as noble residences and fief-keeps. However, due to the forever-at-war context, they kept their military purposes, for enemy invasions were common. In some parts, such as the Basque Country, fiefdoms did not exist as such, and noble families could not afford nor needed huge fortresses, thus appearing many tower houses. On the other hand, in muslim Spain many castle-palaces were built: the petty taifa kingdoms that arose after the fall of the Caliphate of Córdoba were military weak but culturally rich, and every emir or king had the like for those magnificent palaces of which the Alhambra of Granada is their best example. During the late Middle Ages, christian kingdoms had secured and enriched themselves well enough so as to support a more courtly lifestyle, thus some more residential castles being built: the Alcázar of Segovia was used as the main residence of the kings of Castile, whereas the Castle of Olite, built in a luxurious gothic style was the seat of the Kingdom of Navarre's royal court.

After the Conquest of Granada in 1492, the Catholic Monarchs ordered all the castles in their realms to be handed out to the Crown. Although the order was not very thoroughly carried out, the War of the Germanias, a rebellion against king Charles V in the early 16th century, forced the new spanish Habsburg dynasty to develop it further, many castles being demolished. Thus, except for a few, most of castles in Spain were abandoned and dismantled, spanish kings fearing noble and peasant revolts, specially in the newly conquered lands. Because of that, most of them stand nowadays in a stay of decay, and although some restoration work has been done, the amount of former castles is so big that Spanish government lacks both the resources and the will to restore them all.

This is a list of castles in Spain.



Alcazaba of Antequera


Castillo de Salas
Bellver Castle


Basque Country

Tower house of the Varona family



la Mota Castle

Castilla-La Mancha

Castilla y León

Peñafiel castle
Alcazar of Segovia



Castle of Trujillo


Castle of Andrade




Olite Castle

La Rioja


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