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This is a list of James Bond characters in the 2001 video game James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire


Recurring Characters

Zoe Nightshade

Zoe Nightshade is a character from the James Bond video games: principally Agent Under Fire, but also a guest appearance in Nightfire.



Zoe Nightshade is an undercover CIA agent who is skilled in a variety of firearms and is also a world-class driver. From years of field work in Asia, she has become fluent in Mandarin. In Agent Under Fire Zoe assists James Bond in his mission to find out what the international conglomerates Identicon and Malprave Industries are up to.

Introduction and Death

Agent Nightshade was kidnapped while on assignment in Hong Kong by Nigel Bloch, CEO of Identicon, which coincidentally is a subsidiary of Malprave Industries. Nightshade was attempting to retrieve vials of an unknown substance from Identicon when she was captured. She was taken to the Identicon factory for interrogation. After refusing to cooperate with Bloch, Zoe was tied to a pole on a submarine. Just as Bond found her, the sub was activated to start its descent into shark infested waters. Bond rescued her, and they retrieved the secret vials that Zoe was looking for. They were subsequently chased in Zoe's BMW by Identicon employees, but they managed to escape. Bond and Nightshade then met with R on the shipping yard so Bond could pick up equipment and a new car, but their successful mission was halted suddenly when a limousine pulled up. Carla the Jackal, an assassin, emerged from the limo and fired a rocket at Bond, R and Nightshade. Zoe was killed and Carla stole the vials retrieved from the factory. Bond chased her down, and retrieved the vials, but noticed that Carla wasn't in the armored van.

The Real Zoe

Later in the game, Bond finds Zoe in a submarine inside the secret Poesidon base. Bond is shocked to see her alive and well after having previously witnessed her death. She explains that Nigel Bloch had kidnapped her and cloned her. The clone was part of an elaborate set-up to allow Identicon to infiltrate MI6, as well as the CIA. Zoe elaborates that the plan was for the clone to kill James, and that the rocket was meant for him. In the final level, Zoe rescues Bond while she is piloting a jet, and Bond kills Bloch, and Malprave.

Zoe in Nightfire

Months later, Zoe appeared in AUF's sequel, Nightfire. She played a minor part of the story, posing as a party guest in Raphael Drake's castle. Bond rescues her, which marks the last time she is seen in the series.

Adrian Malprave

Adrian Malprave is a sinister industrialist who has come to the attention of MI6. Starting with a small shipping company 25 years ago, Malprave has expanded Malprave Industries into one of the world's largest multinational corporations. Malprave Industries is actively involved in oil, shipping, and emerging fields such as bio-technology. Malprave has recently been photographed with known underworld figures such as Carla the Jackal, and an investigation has revealed that some connected subsidiaries have no apparent corporate function or income at all. The pictures with Carla are photographs that MI6 has studied. It seems the two are close friends,and both are very dangerous, yet also brilliant. Two of Malprave's employees, Bella and Bebe, are identical twins who have long criminal records and are considered experts in martial arts and firearms. Though they are very pleasing to the eye, they should both be viewed with caution. They are close friends to Malprave herself. Malprave also created an underwater base in the South China Sea called "Poseidon". It is hidden underneath a large oil rig, and guarded by Nigel Bloch.

It turns out the whole setup is simply Malprave's plot for world domination. She kidnaps the leaders of the G8, and plans to clone them, kill the originals, and force the clone leaders to hand her control over the world.


Adrian Malprave takes the kidnapped world leaders to Malprave Industries in Switzerland where she holds them hostage and is about to kill them, when Bond arrives, and allows the world leaders to escape captivity. Malprave sends her henchman Nigel Bloch to kill Bond. He and Bond fight for a while, before Bloch escapes into a pipe which leads to Malprave's office. Bond picks up a rocket launcher and blows Bloch out the window. Bond jumps out and lands in his jet as Malprave dies in her exploding factory.

Nigel Bloch

Nigel Bloch is a fictional character in the James Bond video game Agent Under Fire. He is the final 'boss' character.


Bloch is CEO of Identicon Corporation, a subsidiary of Malprave Industries that has come out under suspicion during the MI6 inquiry. A brilliant engineer and shrewd businessman, Bloch has, until now, only a brief dossier in MI6 files.

Twenty-one years ago, he was convicted of security fraud and falsifying data related to a patent application. Since securing his release from Whitmoor Prison, he has apparently led a clean life with a number of professional successes and citations in the field of bio-technology research. However, his association with Adrian Malprave leads MI6 to believe that Bloch has returned to criminal activities. MI6 also thinks the Bloch and Malprave are lovers.


In the first mission, Bloch holds CIA agent Zoe Nightshade hostage in Identicon Corporation's base in Hong Kong because she was sent to get vials from the corporation. Bond goes to save her and finds her tied to the pole of a submarine being smacked by Bloch. He leaves and the sub is about to take off. He saves her and they escape in Zoe's green BMW 750iL.

Bloch sends forces to kill them, but the forces fail. He sends a terrorist friend Carla the Jackal to kill Bond. Her rocket hits Zoe's 750i, and ends up killing Zoe and taking the vials back. In revenge, Bond gets the vials and the next time he meets up with Bloch at an oil rig in the South China Sea. Their fight leads them all the way to the underwater base of where the entrance to poseidon is located. Bond eventually gets the upper hand and sends Bloch hurling towards a pool of lava less leaving Bond to destroy Poseidon.


Later, Bond meets up with Zoe Nightshade. She was actually cloned and the clone was the one killed. In the last level, Bond fights the real Nigel Bloch and shoots him out a window with a rocket launcher, killing him and Bond leaps out, landing in Zoe's plane and Adrian Malprave is killed in the blast.

Carla the Jackal

Carla the Jackal is a fictional character in the James Bond video game Agent Under Fire.


Her real name is not given in the video game; her nom de guerre is obviously inspired by real-life mercenary Carlos the Jackal. Described as drifting in and out of the shadows of international terrorism, she has been seen in Paris, Jakarta, Lisbon, Tripoli, and Miami where she was photographed with Adrian Malprave in Hong Kong. The character was given a background as an extraordinarily talented thief. In the game, Carla is hired by the evil Adrian Malprave to eliminate James Bond. She then joins forces with Bloch so they can kill Bond before he tries to stop them.

She leads a terrorist group to attack Romania in the game. She had taken over the British Embassy in Bucharest to keep hostages, and hold Dr. Natalya Damescu, a scientist and former Malprave employee, hostage also. Bond was sent to keep her alive and retrieve a stolen data chip.


Depending on how the player fights the Jackal, the player can either: knock her into a fan using a crane-like device, the fan cutting her to shreads killing her instantly. Or the player can choose to stay for the whole gunfight, where she doesn’t die.

It is thought that the Carla that the player fights, is actually just another one of Malprave's clones. It is possible that the original Carla was the one that tried to escape in van holding the vials, and the one that killed the clone of Zoey.

Reginald Griffin

Reginald Griffin is a fictional character from the James Bond game Agent Under Fire. He is a minor character, but his appearance serves as the catalyst for Bond's investigation of Adrian Malprave.


Griffin is a British diplomat who operates at the British Embassy to Bucharest, Romania. He is of African descent. He came to MI6's attention after Bond found a case full of blood samples from the world leaders. Griffin's blood sample was among them, prompting Bond to confront him in his Embassy office.


When Bond arrives at Griffin's office, he finds Griffin's body lying lifelessly in his chair after he was apparently tortured to death. Suddenly, another man who is identical to Griffin aims a gun at Bond from the other side of the office, much to Bond's shock and confusion. Bond subdues Griffin's double, and he is apparently captured off-screen by MI6 and undergoes genetic tests. It was through these tests that MI6 discovered that Griffin's double was a clone, and with evidence that Adrian Malprave was involved in these cloning activities, Bond goes to Switzerland to investigate.

It is possible that Griffin was merely a test subject for Malprave's advanced cloning techniques, as the real Griffin was not known to be an active participant in her plans and would have had little to contribute for her outside of these presumed tests.

Natalya Damescu

Natalya Damescu is a fictional character in the James Bond video game Agent Under Fire.


Natalya Damescu is a world-renowned scientist with vast expertise in the fields of genetics and cloning. She used to be a leading employee of Malprave Industries, which was heavily involved in the advancement of human cloning. Dr. Damescu protested Malprave's intent on cloning humans in order to further her goals of world domination, prompting her to abandon her boss and to go to the authorities with her knowledge of Malprave's plans. Upon enlisting the help of MI6, Dr. Damescu offered to give them a datadisk titled "Damaged Goods", which contained data on Maplrave's Poseidon facility, in exchange for her protection. MI6 agreed and Damescu took refuge at the British Embassy in Bucharest. Unfortunately, Malprave learned of this and sent her forces to capture Damescu.

Malprave's men stormed the British Embassy and took several employees hostage, forcing Bond to intervene. Once he liberated the embassy, Bond found Natalya hiding in a hidden elevator shaft. She was safe, but the datadisk was stolen. Dr. Damescu was eventually sent to a safe location, and once Bond recovered the datadisk, she provided them with badly-needed intelligence on Poseidon.

Her name is a possible reference to Natalya Simonova, the Bond Girl from GoldenEye


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