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This is a list of fictional characters from the Japanese science fiction anime television metaseries Gall Force.[1]


First Story Characters

  • Rabby
The central character of First Story Arc and next in line after Eluza in the chain of command. Rabby is loyal to her shipmates above all other things. It is that loyalty which causes her to spare the first example of the "third race", dut to it looking so much like Patty. When she finally understands the way her shipmates have been used and discarded, her disillusionment causes her to make a choice which determines the fate of all intelligent life. Her Rhea/Earth Chapter reincarnation, "Sandy Newman" is still the central character, driven by a desire to make up for her father's role in creating the NME.
  • Eluza/Elza
The eldest and highest ranking of the major characters. With the captain of the Star Leaf crew in a meeting on the fleet flagship, Eluza is the next highest officer and second in command when the Paranoids attack the fleet. Her will is very strong and it is her inflexibility which leads to her final fate. Her Rhea/Earth Chapter reincarnation, "Fortin" demonstrates a similar difficulty in letting go of old enmities, even when the alternative is death.
  • Patty
A follower, not a leader, Patty's distinguishing characteristic is her tendency to go into trance-like moments of distraction. This trait may be related to why she does not reject the experiment the way Eluza did.
  • Rumy
The youngest of the shipmates, she is the least capable and hardened of the soldiers and fills in the anime mascot cliché role. Rabby acts as a big sister to her, scolding and shielding her. She dislikes Lufy. Her R/EC reincarnation "Mitty" is even younger, but has street-urchin survival instincts that let her survive in an apocalyptic wasteland even before Soundy comes along to protect her.
  • Lufy
Technically not even a member of the Star Leaf crew, Lufy crash-lands in a crippled Bain-class fighter just before the Star Leaf jumps into hyperspace. She is a cocky ace fighter pilot who pretends not to take dangerous situations seriously and does not follow orders very well. Lufy has a reputation for being the sole survivor from her flight groups and becomes the main character in Destruction and Stardust War. If she is aware that Rumy does not like her, she does not seem to care. Her Rhea/Earth Chapter reincarnation has the same reckless daring.
  • Pony
The shy and easily frightened computer expert of the crew, Pony gets along much better with artificial intelligences than she does with any of the organic crew members. Her closest friends are Catty and the ship's computer, OX-11.
  • Catty
A soft-seeming and idealistic crew member, she is really an android copy created by the Solnoid intelligence chief, Catty Nebulart, to monitor the development of the "third race", which are the Terrans. She is determined to see the plan come to fruition, and is the only character who survived from the Solnoid-Paranoid War into the human age.

Rhea Earth Chapter Characters

The Earth Chapter reincarnations of the Star Leaf Crew.
  • Sandy Newman
The main character of Earth Chapter Arc, and reincarnation of Rabby. Being the daughter of Dr. Grey Newman, the discoverer of the ruins on the Moon, she feels responsible for the destruction caused by the MME. A gentle woman by nature, the stuggle for survival has hardened her. Rather than give in to cynicism, Sandy chooses to stick with her idealism. She fights with firm resolve and by the beginning of the story has risen to the level of a minor officer in the resistance movement. Is is her destiny to show the leader of the MME the truth.
  • Dr. Grey Newman
Father of Sandy and the creator of the NME. He lead of the research team that discovered the alien ruins on the Moon. After the discovery, he urged the nations to only use the newfound technology for peaceful purposes, but in the rush to war he was ignored.
  • Fortin
A sergeant in the resistance movement who has become hardend during the war. After losing her family in the human fighting before the NME’s arrival, she became cynical. Unable to trust people, she becomes isolated. However, after meeting Sandy she soon relaxes and learns to trust people again.
  • Mitty
A vagabond who searched remains of destroyed cities for food. After Sandy found her, she began following Sandy’s band of resistance fighters. Mitty is young and full of optimism, but tough enough to keep up with everyone and survive. Her knowledge of the sewer systems of some areas are very essential to the group.
  • Score
An informal, laid-back person, but a capable soldier. After meeting Sandy, she percieves her as a natural leader decides to fight alongside her group. Despite being sarcastic at times, she fights alongside Sandy right to the very end and never lets her friends down.
  • Lamidia McKenzie
Lamidia is a major in the Mars armed forces. She urges the general to send reinforcements to assist the resistance fighters on Earth. When she learns of the military conspiracy to destroy the Earth, she takes her subordinates and hijacks a spaceship to stand in the Hecatoncheir’s way. In the final battle, she succeeds in persuading the leaders on Mars to hold back their orbital bombardment and allow the resistance the time they need to remove the MME.

Varji is the captain of the Hecatoncheir, a massive plasma weapon-equipped spaceship sent from Mars. Varji is unwavering in her resolve to destroy the MME at any cost. When the Hecatoncheir is destroyed she lands on Earth and joins the resistance with her crew.

New Era Characters




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