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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch has hosted a wide array of characters and guests over its series run.

Sabrina and Salem are the only two characters to remain on the show throughout all consecutive seven seasons and all three made-for-TV movies.


Main characters


Sabrina Spellman (1996–2003)

Sabrina Spellman's story takes place in the fictional town of Westbridge, Massachusetts, where she grew up with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, and their talking cat, Salem Saberhagen. Her father, a warlock, is named Edward Spellman, and her mother's name is Diana. Diana is a mortal, which prevents Sabrina from seeing her or she will turn into a ball of wax. Her father has at the least four sisters: Vesta, seen only once in the first-season episode "Third Aunt from the Sun" (played by Raquel Welch) but mentioned many times, Hilda and Zelda, both of whom Sabrina lives with, and Sophia, a witch who lived in Rome and looked identical to Sabrina. Sabrina's evil twin Katrina is not considered one of Sabrina's sisters as an evil twin has different parents than the good twin. Her stepmother, also a witch, is named Gail Kippling Spellman. Sabrina was an only child, but had one evil twin (by different parents) and a stepbrother. Sabrina's evil twin's name is Katrina Spellman (also a witch) and her younger stepbrother's name is Donald (a warlock and the son of Sabrina's stepmother). Her grandmother, who is nice to Sabrina but overbearing to her aunts, visited once or twice, as did her great-aunt Irma, the Spellman family matriarch. Though not evil, Irma is domineeringly powerful (much more powerful than Sabrina, Zelda, or Hilda). Sabrina also has many other relatives such as Cousin Larry, Aunt Beulah, Cousin Zsa Zsa, Aunt Vesta,Marigold, and Marigold's daughter Amanda. Amanda is known to torment Sabrina throughout the show.

Sabrina was the protagonist of the series. On her sixteenth birthday, she learned that she was a half-witch (through her father's side) and had magical powers. She also learned that her two aunts were witches themselves and that their black cat Salem was a warlock who had been turned into a talking household pet as a punishment for attempting worldwide domination. At Westbridge High, she befriended Jenny Kelly (and later Valerie Birkhead in future seasons) and had an on-again, off-again relationship with Harvey Kinkle. She also had to deal with the snobby and headstrong cheerleader Libby Chessler, who became Sabrina's rival for school activities as well as Harvey's affections. In later seasons, Sabrina was enrolled at the fictional Adams College in Boston. After getting her degree in journalism she moved back to her aunts' house with Morgan and Roxie. She took a job with the fictitious SchorchMagazine, a music theme magazine where she interviewed famous artists. Later on, she met a man named Aaron, who also worked in the music industry and the two began dating. Before long, Aaron proposed and in the finale, the two were set to wed when unforeseen events take place. She started to suspect that Aaron was not the one and after Sabrina had tried to connect her soul stone with his, she was sure of it. While it mostly fit, it was not a perfect fit. She tried to ignore it, but followed her heart and canceled the marriage at the altar. When she ran out of the church, she found Harvey waiting for her outside on his motorcycle, holding his soul stone that Amanda, her cousin, had left him. After both Harvey and Sabrina's soul stones were tossed to the side and fit together perfectly, it proved that those two are destined to be together and they rode off together into the distance in true finale fashion.

For most of the series, Sabrina would regularly cast a spell that landed her in trouble, and she had to turn to her aunts for help. In Season Five, after moving out of her aunts' house, Sabrina started thinking she was independent, and whenever something went wrong, she would try to solve the problem herself. However, she couldn't help but get herself into a situation that was beyond her control (like in the episode "Heart of the Matter" when she used a dating spell to force herself to say yes when a boy asked her out. The spell went wrong and Sabrina's head became misaligned as a result of her head and heart becoming conflicted. She was forced to go to Zelda for help).

During her time at Adams College, as revealed in the episode "The Whole Ball of Wax", Sabrina was finally able to meet her mother. However, it is revealed that the Witches' Council set a decree that if the two were ever to meet face-to-face, her mother would turn into a ball of wax. While the decree was never repealed, Sabrina accidentally her mother by crying into the ball of wax. However, they could never see each other face-to-face again, until Sabrina's wedding where her mother tends to be confused by all the magic.

Hilda Spellman (1996–2002, 2003)

Hildegarde Antoinette "Hilda Spellman" (played by Sherry Miller in the 1996 movie, then Caroline Rhea in the series) is one of Sabrina's aunts, a 642-year-old European witch who is Zelda's younger sister both of whom moved at some point to America. She is often portrayed as the less pragmatic of the two aunts, and constantly worries about things that could be considered superficial. Hilda was also the more outgoing and fun-loving aunt. She was formerly engaged to Drell, head of the Witches Council (played by Penn Jillette), and they were set to marry, but Drell jilted Hilda, and their engagement was called off. During the college seasons, she became the owner of the coffee shop where Sabrina and Josh worked, and where many of the show's scenes took place. At one point, Hilda tried to help Salem Saberhagen in his quest to conquer the mortal realm, but, when he was caught, convicted and transformed into a cat, Hilda was punished with the job of keeping him worm-free (a job Sabrina took on when Hilda left the series). However, she was pardoned in the final episode of season five, though she decided to keep custody of Salem anyway. It is also claimed by her sister that she caused the American Revolution.

For the first three seasons, Hilda played a violin, but was clearly not very good at it as she failed at every audition: In one episode, the violin came flying through the patio doors, and the bow went right through it like an arrow through a heart. At the start of Season 4, Hilda gave up on her violin, and blew it up with a stick of dynamite. She bought a clock shop which had a magical Lost in Time clock in the back room; whenever famous people in the past centuries made a mistake at some point in their lives, they would become lost in time, and Hilda and Zelda had to try to figure out what went wrong. By the start of Season 5, though, the clock shop was out of business, and Hilda bought the coffee shop much to Sabrina's annoyance as she had just moved out of her aunt's house, and was now living with Roxie, Morgan, and Miles.

Hilda often made a great fuss over the silliest things: For example, in one episode, Hilda ran for office after a politician publicly stated that her coffee was too expensive. She lost the election without a single vote (the one vote she did receive was disqualified because it was signed with a pawprint rather than a signature, indicating that Salem was the voter in question).

As Sabrina's time in college came to an end, Hilda met her soul mate, a train conductor on the Halloween Express, and impulsively married him. However, it almost did not happen after Zelda and Sabrina meddled for what they thought were the right reasons. Hilda later came back in Season 7 to attend Sabrina's wedding.

Zelda Spellman (1996-2002)

Zelda Spellman (played in the 1996 movie by Charlene Fernetz, then Beth Broderick in the series) is Sabrina's brainy aunt who is always engaging in new scientific experiments. She is often referred to as a quantum physicist. Zelda is a 659-year-old European witch who at some point moved along with her sister to America. She sometimes teaches at Westbridge High, and (in later seasons) Adams College. In one episode she says she has been accredited with discovering 17 moons. Zelda often plays the role of the mature, logical one, to bring Sabrina and sometimes Hilda back to earth after they attempt some zany scheme or otherwise get into trouble. Towards the end of Sabrina's time in college, Zelda gave up her adult years to bring a broken Sabrina back to life. As a child again, Zelda left Sabrina to run her own life, upon Sabrina's request. Young Zelda in the first episode of season 7 was played by Alexandra Hart-Gilliams (who played Ally in season 3). Zelda came back with Hilda, during Sabrina's wedding in Season 7, only this time as a candle. Zelda was volunteered by Hilda to become a candle for the duration of Sabrina's wedding so that Sabrina's mother could attend the wedding and not become a ball of wax, per her Witches' Council curse. Zelda is more strict than Hilda.

Harvey Kinkle (1996–2003)

Harvey Kinkle (played in the 1996 movie by Tobias Mehler, then Nate Richert in the series) was a mortal boy whose full name was Harvey Dwight Kinkle. As revealed in episode 62 (season 3), he has some Slavic ancestry. He was close friends with Sabrina, Salem, Roxie, Morgan, Jenny, Valerie and Brad Alcerro. Harvey was Sabrina's boyfriend until the 4th season, when he discovered that she was a witch in the season finale. The reason for this was that Sabrina had cast too many spells on him over the years and when the limit was reached his memory was no longer erased after each spell was reversed. After this, Harvey left the show.

Harvey made a few brief appearances during Season Five. In "Do You See What I See?", Harvey called Sabrina and apologized for the way he acted after learning she was a witch. Harvey returned to the show full-time in Season Six. Sabrina's Great Aunt Irma (played by Barbara Eden) later discovered Harvey knew Sabrina was a witch, and put him on trial to make sure he was trustworthy. Harvey was first attached to a lie detector which wasn't even plugged in, strapped to a spit and cooked, and even put on the torture rack, but he finally convinced Irma that Sabrina's secret was safe with him, and she let him go.

Harvey became Morgan's boyfriend for a time, but had developed feelings for Sabrina again, even coming to her rescue a couple of times. In "A Fish Tale", Harvey has also shown himself to be unselfish; when Aunt Irma turned Aaron into a goldfish, Sabrina tried unsuccessfully to reverse the spell, so she gave up her magic; Harvey harnessed Sabrina's magic, and changed Aaron back. When Sabrina talked to Aunt Irma, she found out that Harvey was able to undo her spell because he wanted to make Sabrina happy (which, in Irma's opinion was a more powerful motive). Sabrina went to Harvey's apartment, only to find him gone; she found only a cardboard box with the vase that contained Sabrina's magic, a picture of them together, and a good luck note. In the series finale, Sabrina realized that she and Harvey were soul mates, and she abandoned her wedding and rode off with him, her first and true love.

Salem Saberhagen (1996–2003)

Salem Saberhagen (voiced by Nick Bakay) is a 500-year-old wizard who was a criminal of the Other Realm and was sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat as punishment for attempting to take over the world. He was sent to live with Hilda who was punished with keeping Salem worm-free. Despite his megalomaniacal desires for world domination (which he attempts periodically throughout the series), he is generally portrayed as having a good heart and being a loyal friend to Sabrina. In the series he would generally serve two roles: one as a mentor for Sabrina, as she found it easier to go to him with her messier problems, or the trouble-maker, such as finding another illicit way to become human without being punished or convincing Sabrina to use magic to solve her problems, both of which generally ended up putting Sabrina in even more trouble. When Sabrina's aunts left for the Other Realm, Salem stayed with Sabrina, and continued his attempts to become human. Salem became good pals with Harvey after he returned to the series, and would generally attempt to abuse this friendship to get some more power to take over the world. Salem also went on vacations with Sabrina in the made-for-television movies.

Salem has a grown-up daughter named Annabelle.

Salem was seen in human form a couple of times in flashbacks (as a teenager and adult), but his face was always obstructed from view, although Nick Bakay did make a cameo appearance in "A Girl And Her Cat" as a man who tries to kiss Zelda when Sabrina and her aunts were knocking on doors, looking for Salem.

Jennifer "Jenny" Kelly (1996–1997)

Jenny is a mortal character, Sabrina's best friend in the first season until the actress who played her (Michelle Beaudoin) left the show. Her disappearance is never mentioned or explained. Jenny had a powerful social conscience.

Libby Chessler (1996–1999)

Played by Jenna Leigh Green, Libby was Sabrina's primary antagonist during the early seasons. A snobby, rich, spoiled cheerleader, Libby delighted in tormenting Sabrina and her friends. She often referred to Sabrina as a "freak", and, while ignorant of the fact that Sabrina was a witch, she suspected that Sabrina was different. Libby's major conflict with Sabrina revolved around the girls' competition for the affection of Harvey Kinkle, who clearly preferred Sabrina. Only a few personal details are known about Libby. She was once dubbed "pure evil" but simply took this as a compliment. She apparently comes from extreme wealth, and lives in a step-family arrangement of some sort. Her mother appeared in the episode "Five Easy Pieces of Libby" and is played by Cristine Rose; the mother is much like the daughter—snobby and mean-spirited. She has a stepbrother, Russell, who is seen in the episode "Sabrina Claus", and is played by Richard Taylor Olson; he and Libby have a combative relationship. In one episode, Sabrina accidentally turned her into a puzzle, so Sabrina had to learn more about her. She found out that Libby is bad in math, she takes after her mother in that she is rude and snobby, and that her grandma is very close to her heart. Her appearances generally involve her being mean to Sabrina and others, and getting poetic justice at the end of the episode. Libby just wants Sabrina to be normal. At the start of season 4, Libby was sent off to boarding school and was never seen again.

Valerie Birkhead (1997–1999)

The mortal girl Valerie had two best friends, Sabrina Spellman and Harvey Kinkle. She was also despised by headstrong cheerleader Libby, who rivals both her and Sabrina for much of the show. Valerie remains Sabrina's best friend in high school until she moves to Anchorage, Alaska in 1999. She is a shy and often awkward girl who looks up to Sabrina despite being quite bright herself, but is also know to be friends with Libby. Valerie often expresses her wish to be in the "cool crowd" even trying her hand at cheerleading in season 3. At the start of Season 4, she moved to Alaska with her family. Valerie Birkhead is played by American actress Lindsay Sloane.

Mr. Willard Kraft (1997–2000)

"Mr. Kraft", as he is often addressed on the show, is portrayed by Martin Mull. He is an administrator at Westbridge High School and regularly issues detentions at the drop of a hat (sometimes literally). He also expresses a personal dislike for Sabrina, Harvey, and Valerie (particularly Sabrina), and occasionally gives them detentions simply because he doesn't like them. He started out as Vice Principal in the second and third seasons before becoming principal in Season 4. He is known to have one brother and one sister. Mr. Kraft dated both Hilda and Zelda during the show, causing complications for Sabrina. Mr. Kraft is a mortal, but in one of the episodes where Sabrina and Hilda try to separate Zelda and Mr. Kraft, they find out that he was once married to a witch (named Lucy, played by actress Julia Duffy) who tried using her magic to trick Mr. Kraft as revenge for leaving her. At the end of season 4, Zelda breaks up with Mr. Kraft, who is then hit by a car, thanks to joyriding Hilda, and again by a joyriding Salem, and is never seen again.

Dreama (1999–2000)

Dreama was a young witch who was inexperienced with her magic. During Season Four she enrolls at Sabrina's high school, where Sabrina must tutor her. Dreama pulls on her earlobe to use magic (Sabrina uses her finger). In one occurrence Dreama is turned into a mouse by Brad when she is under a spell and is oblivious to the world. She is turned back though. She is last seen knocking on a bathroom door to see if Sabrina was okay. Her disappearance is never explained. She was played by China Shavers.

Josh (1999–2002)

Josh is a mortal guy who works with Sabrina at her aunt's coffee shop during the show's college seasons. Technically, Josh is her manager, although the relationship is somewhat different due to the fact that Sabrina's aunt Hilda later owns the shop. Josh is interested in photography, and manages to sell one of his photographs for $1000 (with Sabrina's magical help). He was attracted to Sabrina in the fourth season, but at that time she was dating Harvey. In the fifth season he dated Morgan, and then in the sixth season he dated Sabrina. In this season Sabrina is willing to tell Josh she is a witch, so that she can tell him she loves him, but in the end she doesn't have to and he never figures it out. He later accepted a job in Prague, and he was never seen again. There is a chance Sabrina was in love with him, because she breaks when he leaves, but it turns out she is meant to be with Harvey. He was played by David Lascher, formerly of the Nickelodeon series Hey Dude.

Roxie King (2000–2003)

Roxie, a mortal, was introduced to the show in season five as Sabrina's college roommate. At first she disliked Sabrina, but they later became best friends. Roxie was environmentally conscious and sometimes staged protests. She was a cynical character who put up the front that she despised the thought that her housemate Miles had romantic interests in her. However, in "You Can't Twin", it was revealed she had a dream about Miles and many episodes hinted a romantic future for the two of them. In a Valentine's Day episode, Sabrina cast a spell on Roxie to make her see the good points of Miles, bringing out an exaggeration of her possible true feelings for him. During the seventh season, Roxie became one of the leading characters in the absence of Sabrina's aunts. She was played by Soleil Moon Frye, formerly of NBC's Punky Brewster from 1984 until 1988, and the cartoon spinoff It's Punky Brewster in 1985.

Morgan Cavanaugh (2000–2003)

Morgan, a mortal, was introduced in season five as one of Sabrina's college housemates and resident adviser. When she was first introduced, she spoke with a normal tone (much how Elisa Donovan, the actress who played Morgan speaks), but as the series progressed she developed, and spoke in, a more high-pitched tone. She is very shallow, superficial, and over-assertive, but she became one of Sabrina's best friends. She dated both Josh and Harvey (among many others). In a Christmas episode, Morgan invites Sabrina to spend the holidays with her family, since she finds dealing with them alone quite daunting. In the seventh season, Morgan's supporting role becomes a leading one in the absence of Sabrina's aunts.

Miles Goodman (2000–2002)

Miles is a mortal character that was introduced in the fifth season as one of Sabrina's college housemates. His behavior was endearingly abnormal and he was a conspiracy theorist, something his family did not exactly approve of. Miles had romantic interests in Roxie, but she did not outwardly reciprocate. However, in a Valentine's Day storyline, Sabrina cast a spell on Roxie to soften her feelings towards an initially frightened Miles. In another episode it was revealed that he is a huge fan of Adrienne Barbeau. It is hinted in many episodes that Miles and Roxie become a couple in the future, even to the stage of getting married and having children. In the episode "I Fall To Pieces", Miles finally began to notice the unusual behavior of Sabrina's warlock-turned-cat Salem. Unfortunately, Miles was never seen again and his disappearance was never explained on-screen, although in one of the season 7 episodes the reporter on the tv can be heard saying "Goodman was shot today" possibly implying he has died. Miles was played by Trevor Lissauer.

Aaron Jacobs (2003)

Aaron is Sabrina's last mortal boyfriend, who appears in the seventh season and whom Sabrina chose to be her groom. In the last episode, after ignoring the love she felt for Harvey, Sabrina realizes that the wedding may be a mistake, since she and Aaron were not the perfect fitting "soul mates", and she cancels it, with Aaron's consent. Aaron was played by Dylan Neal.

Brad Alcerro (1999–2000)

Brad was Harvey's best friend from Texas. He wasn't very nice to Sabrina. Sabrina later learned that Brad had a rare witch-hunting gene that made those who have it want to ferret out witches, which explained why he didn't like Sabrina; because he sensed the magic in her and it made him suspicious. Should a witch reveal herself to a witch-hunter, she is condemned to spend the next century as a mouse. Unfortunately, Dreama just happened to do this, and she became a mouse. The only way to restore her without waiting 100 years was to remove Brad's witch-hunting gene (which was literally a tiny pair of blue jeans) within 1 hour before the mouse form becomes permanent. Brad's departure was never explained. Brad was played by Jon Huertas.

Mr. Eugene Pool (1996–1997)

Mr. Pool is mortal. He is Sabrina's favorite teacher who teaches Biology until the actor who played him (Paul Feig) left the show after season 1. He was sometimes bitter and sarcastic, but always interesting and usually lively. In one episode, Sabrina casts a spell that endows him with the knowledge of changing lead to gold, but is later forced to retract the knowledge due to the potential economic difficulties it would have caused. Mr. Pool, who had benefited greatly from the knowledge, was very unhappy when he lost it. In the episode "As Westbridge Turns", he reveals that Sabrina is one of his best students. In that same episode, he also plans to marry the school nurse, who ends up running away with the new janitor. Mr. Pool's response to that situation was a calm, "Meh. I got farther than I thought I would."

Mrs. Quick (1997–2000)

Mrs. Quick is mortal. She was played by Mary Gross and appeared in 16 episodes. She was very timid and not confident. In the episode "Finger Flu", Sabrina had finger-flu epidemic and accidentally sneezed her magic into Mrs. Quick. With the magic, Mrs. Quick turned Mr. Kraft into a chimp. Mrs. Quick has several allergies.

Albert the Quizmaster (1997–1998)

Albert is Sabrina's quizmaster in season 2 with the job of teaching her how to use magic rightfully so that she can receive her witches' license after a year of witch training. Throughout the year, he was only known as Quizmaster; however, his name is revealed at the final episodes of season 2. It turns out to be "Albert", but they decide to stick with Quizmaster instead.

Though Sabrina likes to work with him, she often finds him annoying.

The actor who played him (Alimi Ballard) left the show after the second season, as Sabrina receives her witches' license, giving the character no further role in the series.


Throughout the series, Sabrina met members of her family who were also witches. Throughout Season Three, relatives would come to the Spellman house for a visit, and at the end of their visit, they would give Sabrina a clue to the family secret. Sabrina did not solve it until the Season Three finale: "Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin". Here are some of Sabrina's relatives.

Cousin Amanda Wiccan: Amanda (played by Emily Hart) appeared several times throughout the series. She appears once in Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, but appeared numerous times in Season 7. She is mischievous and typically causes trouble with her magic. In her first appearance, she is shown to have the habit of shrinking people she doesn't like into jars. In another appearance, she turns Sabrina into a doll before being outsmarted and changed into a doll herself. In another appearance, she develops a crush on Harvey, before being shown that she doesn't want to grow up. In another appearance, she was visited by Sabrina in Witchright Hall, a school for maladjusted young witches. This episode was a pilot for a spin-off featuring Amanda, although the series wasn't picked up. Amanda's character slowly grew into a slightly more caring and respectable person, often helping Sabrina when possible. Such was the case when she appeared in the series finale "Soul Mates", where she gives Harvey his soul stone, which matches Sabrina's. Amanda eventually became taller than Sabrina.

Cousin Ally Wiccan: Ally is Amanda's little sister. She appeared in the season 3 episode The Matchmaker. (Amanda and Ally where played by Melissa Joan Hart's real life sisters Emily Hart and Alexandra.)

Grandma Lydia: Lydia (played by Shirley Jones of The Partridge Family fame) appeared in only one episode ("Little Orphan Hilda" in Season 4). She is shrill and overbearing and is the mother of Vesta, Zelda, Hilda, Ted and Sophia. When Zelda and Hilda were little, the envious Vesta turned Lydia and her husband into pigs due to the attention that Hilda and Zelda had. Lydia spent 200 years of violin lessons on Hilda, and literally exploded when she learned Hilda had given up her violin to buy her clock shop. Lydia has three sisters: Irma (older), Beulah (younger) and Dorma (youngest).

Cousin Zsa Zsa Goowhiggie: Zsa Zsa (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph) appeared in only one episode ("What Price Harvey?" in Season Three). She was a notorious prankster who sold a line of "Ambition" products. Salem pinched some concealer from her make-up bag to try to hide some bags under his eyes, but he used too much, and made himself invisible, and she also gave Hilda and Zelda some Walk-a-Mile moccasins which switched their personalities. Sabrina sought Zsa Zsa's help when Harvey told her he wasn't going to college, so she sold her the whole line of Ambition products. Unfortunately, they turned Harvey into a ruthless businessman. Zsa Zsa was forced to import some perspective which came in the form of an eyeball which Sabrina used to make Harvey normal again. At the end of her visit, Zsa Zsa gave Sabrina her clue to the family secret: a snake.

Aunt Dorma: Dorma (Voiced by Rosalind Ayres) is (quite literally) the black sheep of the Spellman family. She appeared in "The Big Sleep". She sleeps for ten years at a time, and to wake her would be a huge mistake. When Sabrina woke her up to ask her about the family secret, Dorma took her revenge by sending Other Realm poppies to the Spellman house which put both Hilda and Zelda to sleep, but they had a different effect on Sabrina as she was half-mortal; they only made her drowsy. Sabrina eventually dealt with the poppies by causing it to snow in her house (just like in The Wizard of Oz). Aunt Dorma appeared at the end of the episode to apologize, and she thanked Sabrina for waking her up as she had left her oven on, then gave her a clue to family secret; she conjured up several birds (quite possibly the aviary clue). She is one of Lydia's sisters.

Cousin Pele: Pele (portrayed by Kellye Nakahara) is a Hawaiian goddess of fire who appeared in the last episode of Season Three. She gave Sabrina the final clue to the family secret: a ball of twine. When she first meets Sabrina, she also introduces herself as Sabrina's cousin. She also gives Sabrina her official witches license at the end of the episode.

Uncle Nicholas: Santa Claus is revealed to be a Spellman in Season Three (in episode 61, "Christmas Amnesia"). In an episode in one of the earlier seasons, however, it is said that Santa Claus's name is Bob. His clue to the family secret was a picture of Robert E. Lee.

Aunt Vesta: Sabrina's Aunt Vesta (played by Raquel Welch) appeared in the season one episode "Third Aunt From the Sun". She lives in the Pleasure Dome in the Other Realm. She appeared disguised as a substitute teacher after she gave Mr. Pool a twenty-four-hour bug—which turns out to be a real giant bug that terrorizes Mr. Pool. After class, she introduced herself to Sabrina, and took her on a shopping spree. In Paris, Vesta told Sabrina that while Hilda and Zelda enjoyed living on Earth, she herself could not stand mortals for too long. She is later mentioned in the second season finale as taking her mother shopping, bringing Hilda and Zelda to the conclusion that Vesta was their mother's favorite daughter.

Cousin Susie: Susie's appearance made Sabrina uncomfortable; she had green skin and warts. To teach Sabrina a lesson about caring about looks, she cast a spell on Harvey which turned him into a furry beast. However, once Sabrina had learned her lesson, the spell was lifted, and Susie gave Sabrina her clue to the family secret; a whip. She gave Sabrina another clue, telling her "We all have good and bad parts", possibly referring to the answer to the family secret. Despite her hideous appearance, she has a good heart, at times taking time to heal the sick or feed homeless witches. It is mentioned by Hilda that she is illegitimate.

Great Aunt Irma: Irma (played by Barbara Eden) is the matriarch of the Spellman family, and, as Zelda described her, "Dreaded holy terror of the Other Realm". She first appeared in A Birthday Witch in Season Six where she tried Harvey to be sure he could keep the fact that Sabrina was a witch to himself. Harvey passed Irma's test, and she let him go, but she turned Hilda, Zelda and Salem into three pigs after Hilda called her "prune face" (it was easy to tell which pig Salem was as one of the pigs was all black). Sabrina bravely stood up to Aunt Irma (which nobody else has ever done), and Irma removed her spell. When her daughter, Phyllis told a mortal that she was a witch, Irma trapped her daughter in a snow globe. She appeared in two more episodes (Season Six's The Arrangement and Season Seven's A Fish Tale). The casting of Barbara Eden is a reference to her role of Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie.

Cousin Marigold: Marigold is Amanda's mother. She first appeared in Season One's A Halloween Story in which Salem learns from M'lady, Marigold's cat that Marigold is divorcing her husband. She later appeared in Season Three's Sabrina the Matchmaker where a romantic dinner with a mortal plumber named Emil was ruined by her two daughters, Amanda and Ally, and Marigold ended up revealing to Emil that she was a witch. Emil ran off, but later returned and kissed Marigold. Because she had revealed she was a witch to a mortal, Marigold lost her powers, but she told Sabrina that she had never been happy in all the years that she had had magic. She also gave Sabrina another clue to the family secret; a heart shaped card with rough edges. In her two appearances, Marigold was played by two different actresses (by Robin Riker in the first, and by Hallie Todd in the second).

Cousin Mortimer: Mortimer (played by the late Dom DeLuise) was a magician who appeared in Season Three's The Pom Pom Incident. When Valerie decided to try to become a cheerleader, Sabrina, fearing she may end up being as mean as Libby, sought Mortimer's help, and he gave her a coin that she had to just slip into Valerie's ear. It put Valerie off the idea, but not for long as she still expressed her wish to be a cheerleader, but, this time, Sabrina used her magic to convince Libby to give Valerie a second chance. Meanwhile, Mortimer put on a magic show for Harvey's little brother for his birthday, and, unfortunately, ended up sending him to Calcutta, India. Luckily, he managed to bring him back. At the end of his visit, Mortimer revealed he had hidden a clue to the family secret somewhere in the house. Sabrina found the clue under a cushion; a picture of a man in a Superman-type outfit with ABC on his chest (meaning "Spellman"). It was later suggested, by Aunt Hilda, that she and Mortimer were originally scheduled to sit next to each other at Sabrina's wedding, much to Hilda's dismay. Mortimer was never seen on-screen during this episode.

Kong: Kong was one of the last relatives to give Sabrina a clue to the family secret. Kong made a hand-only appearance at the end of Silent Movie. He had a blond woman (who was supposed to be Fay Wray) sitting on his palm. Hilda told Sabrina that Kong is a third cousin with a pituitary problem. Sabrina put the Fay Wray clue with a picture of herself and a picture of Robert E. Lee, and she then knew that the family secret was about the Spellman family.

Edward "Ted" Spellman: Ted is Sabrina's father. He and Sabrina's mother divorced when Sabrina was ten years old, and he later gained a new girlfriend named Gail Kipling. Ted was played by Robby Benson when he appeared in the pilot episode and Meeting Dad's Girlfriend (Season 1 episodes), but was played by Doug Sheehan of Knots Landing fame in his later appearances (Season Four's No Place Like Home and the series finale where he arrives to walk Sabrina down the aisle).

Diana Spellman: Diana is Sabrina's mother. After the divorce, she became an archaeologist in Peru. Diana is mortal, and therefore has no magic. Also, she is unable to be with her daughter because of a term set by the Witch's Council; if they lay eyes on each other, Diana will turn into a ball of wax. Diana appeared four times in the series; she first appeared (briefly) in "Meeting Dad's Girlfriend" when Sabrina used the Sneak-a-Peek magnifying glass, but the identity of the actress playing her is unknown as it was an aerial shot, although some have speculated that it is Melissa Joan Hart's mother, Paula. In her second appearance (in Season Two's "Mom vs Magic"), Diana actually got to see her daughter after Sabrina was forced to choose between her mother and her magic after she sent her a letter (she later discovered that this was a test), and the two had a heart-to-heart when Sabrina wasn't sure whom to choose between Harvey and Dashell (she was played by Pam Blair). In her next appearance (in Season Six's "The Whole Ball of Wax"), Diana was turned into a ball of wax, and though Sabrina was able to bring her back, she was told by her aunts that if her mother turned into a ball of wax again, nothing would bring her back. Diana did manage to attend Sabrina's wedding in the series finale, but at a price as Zelda was turned into a candle (in her last two appearances, Diana was played by Alley Mills).

Aunt Beulah: Beulah (played by Jo Anne Worley) is Sabrina's great aunt. She appeared in Season Three's "Good Will Haunting". She sent Hilda and Zelda invitations to her Halloween party over the centuries, but they always said they couldn't go for one reason or another (these excuses included the two World Wars and the Chicago fires), but they eventually ran short of excuses, so they would have to go. Sabrina convinced Zelda to let her stay home (because Valerie had invited Harvey and Justin round to Sabrina's house to watch scary movies (in the end, they ended up watching The Bridges of Madison County)), and Aunt Beulah sent Sabrina a Molly Dolly. Unfortunately, the doll had a life of its own, and while it terrorized Sabrina and her friends, sealing the doors and windows, Hilda and Zelda ended up trapped in what they thought was an insane asylum, and had their brains switched with those of two chickens. When Sabrina arrived to seek help, Hilda and Zelda learned that Aunt Beulah's parties were theme parties. Travelling to the Spellman household, Beulah stopped the Molly Dolly, who had unleashed a group of monsters, by singing in a high operatic voice. She is one of Lydia's sisters.

Boyd, Racine, and Maw-Maw: (played by Gary Grubbs, Loni Anderson & Edie McClurg) Seen only in the episode "Witch Trash", husband and wife, Boyd and Racine, Hilda and Zelda's hillbilly cousins, upset that Hilda and Zelda were in possession of the magic book, sealed the windows and doors of the Spellman house. Sabrina later brought Boyd and Racine, along with Maw-Maw over from the Other Realm to talk things over, but to no avail. Later, when the hillbillies levitated her, Sabrina was ready to give them the book when Great Granny (Alice Ghostley) arrived to set the record straight. Great Granny told the hillbillies they chose her money while Hilda and Zelda chose the magic book. When the bickering of the two sides of the family got to her, she said the next person that interrupted her would go straight to the corner; that someone was Zelda who said "Let Great Grandmother talk", and she was levitated into the corner, facing the wall. Racine was then forced to unseal the house, and Great Granny sent them home. Zelda was still floating in the corner as the episode ended.

Great Granny: Granny (played by the late Alice Ghostley) appeared in only one episode, "Witch Trash". She is Hilda's and Zelda's grandmother and Sabrina's great-grandmother. She arrived to settle the feud among Hilda, Zelda and their hillbilly cousins. Granny owned the magic book but passed it down to Hilda and Zelda in one of her many wills.

Cousin Monty: Monty (played by Dana Gould) appeared in "A Girl And Her Cat", the first series' Christmas episode in which Zelda invited him to Christmas dinner. Monty arrived at the Spellman house with his familiar, Newt (a talking newt, voiced by Billy West), and a wheeled suitcase from which a circus performer named Lulu (played by Kerry Norton) emerged. Newt was one of Salem's underlings in his bid for global conquest, and Salem apparently promised him Denmark, and Monty told Hilda and Zelda Lulu was poor. However, an angry Sabrina left Salem in a dumpster after he stowed away in her bag and got her kicked out of the Slicery. Later, he was kidnapped by a little boy with a lisp who refused to give him up, but Sabrina managed to rescue him. In the end, after accepting Monty's marriage proposal, Lulu revealed she wasn't poor after all; she had a rich father.

Jezebelda: Jezebelda is Zelda's evil twin. Her Dolly Parton-style hair and Southern drawl make her distinguishable from Zelda. She shares a cell in the Other Realm Prison with Sabrina's twin, Katrina. Jezebelda appeared in two episodes ("You Can't Twin" and "Deliver Us From E-Mail"). She apparently caused the bubonic plague.

Katrina: Katrina is Sabrina's evil twin. Unlike Zelda and Jezebelda, Katrina is physically indistinguishable from Sabrina. She and Sabrina faced a series of tests to determine which of the two was the good one and the bad one. When Sabrina was dubbed the evil twin because she had cheated in solving the family secret, she was sentenced to be pushed into a volcano. Katrina pushed her in, but the judge then said that no good twin has ever had the heart to push her evil twin in, but he points out that Hilda almost did (Hilda's twin was never seen on-screen). This last test proved Katrina was the evil twin; Sabrina was saved from the volcano, and Katrina was sent to prison. In her next appearance (in Season Five's You Can't Twin), Katrina stole Sabrina's passport, and slipped into the mortal realm, determined to destroy Sabrina's life. Fortunately, Sabrina was able to get a message to her aunts, who rescued her, and Katrina was sent back to prison. She was last seen in Season Six's "Deliver Us From E-Mail". Sabrina sends Katrina a rude e-mail, fed up over her limericks about a witch from Helsinki who did something with her pinky. In return, Katrina, under the pseudonym "Nasty Girl" e-mailed Sabrina a computer virus which turned Sabrina into an idiot. Harvey noticed a change in Sabrina's behaviour and took her to her aunts to see if they could find what was wrong with her. Zelda confronted Katrina in the other realm prison, and had to give in to a bribe from her own twin, Jezebelda to get the information she wanted. With Harvey's help, Hilda and Zelda were able to return Sabrina to normal. In the end, Sabrina got her own back on Katrina by e-mailing her a "Kill Them With Kindness" spell. Katrina was last seen giving Jezebelda a pedecure, swearing revenge on Sabrina.

Aunt Sophia (also played by Melissa Joan Hart) was only seen in "Sabrina Goes to Rome", as it was revealed that Sophia was one of Edward's sisters, who was lost in time during an incident centuries ago. She is identical to her niece, Sabrina.

Uncle Noonie (unseen) is a Spellman uncle who is deaf and attended a Halloween celebration in the Other Realm during "A Halloween Story".

Uncle George (unseen) is a Spellman uncle who attended the Spellman Family Reunion in Hawaii with his fat second wife, Ruby (played by Lisa K. Wyatt).

Uncle Danny (played by David Alan Graf) is a Spellman uncle who attended the Spellman Family Reunion as well, who loves to drink after a celebration.

Aunt Bootsie (unseen) is a Spellman aunt who apparently has a moustache and loves to kiss everyone. She was mentioned in "The Good, The Bad and the Luau".

Uncle Clyde (unseen) is Sabrina's uncle, and Cousin Susie's father, mentioned only in "Sabrina and the Beast".

Cousin Stanislav (unseen) is Sabrina's cousin, mentioned in Sabrina, the Sandman. He gave Sabrina a clue to the family secret; a picture of Sabrina.

Other characters

Drell: Drell (played by Penn Jillette of the Penn and Teller fame) Head of the Witches Council in Season 1. Dated Hilda Spellman on and off and was once engaged to same, but left Hilda at the alter. Is known to send Hilda a pot roast when he's either going to be late to a date or calling it off. Was once stood up on a date by Hilda. Comic book version is Drella, who is female.

Skippy: Skippy (played by Teller of the Penn and Teller fame) Much like the actor who plays him, Skippy is silent and is only in two episodes: the pilot episode and Jenny's Non-Dream, goes into the Other Realm. Skippy is the assistant to Drell.

Duke: Duke (played by Dick Van Dyke) was one of Salem's underlings in his bid to take over the world. While Salem got the 100 year sentence for his crime, Duke and Salem's other underlings got shorter sentences. Upon finishing his sentence, Duke paid the Spellman house a visit. Unfortunately, Duke's magic was very rusty, and he ended up blowing up Hilda's clock shop. In an attempt to help Sabrina be a better dancer, he ended up giving her two right feet (literally), and he also cast a spell that made Harvey act like a little boy.

Annabelle Saberhagen: Annabelle (portrayed by Victoria Jackson) is Salem's daughter, whom he loves dearly. A rift developed between the two while Annabelle was growing up because Salem was always away, and Salem rarely contacted her due to his shame of being a cat. When an announcement was made that Annabelle was getting married to a man named Larid Prescott, Sabrina went to see Annabelle, and helped mend the rift between her and her father, and Salem performed all duties of father of the bride that he could in his furry state. Sabrina agreed to be Annabelle's maid of honour, but she soon discovered that an Other Realm wedding has strange traditions; the groom wears a suit of armour, the maid of honour wears cowboy boots and a Napoleon-style hat, has to carry a sapling down the aisle, blow up a balloon, and the father of the bride must wrestle the father of the groom for the permission of allowing his son to marry the bride. Because Salem was a cat, and in his own words "Protected by the humane society", Sabrina had to take on the father of the groom Xavier "The Avenger" Prescott (played by then-WWE wrestler, Billy Gunn). Thanks to interference by Salem, Sabrina pinned Prescott after a roll-up. Next, the bride and groom had to exchange ring fingers, and Sabrina had to kiss the bride. Annabelle was never seen again. Sabrina notes that Annabelle had inherited Salem's "cry."

Candy King: Roxie's mother (played by Kate Jackson of Charlie's Angels fame) appeared in It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas in Season Seven. A rift developed between her and her daughter because of her criminal past. Roxie was anything but pleased to see her. Later, when the condo that Roxie, Morgan, and Sabrina were staying in was robbed, Candy was accused. In the end, though, her boyfriend, Zack is revealed to be the true culprit. He tries to make a run for the door, but Sabrina quickly cast a spell so that when he opened the door, he found himself facing a group of Christmas Caroller's who were singing the line "We Won't Go Until We Get Some" from "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". With her reputation cleared, Candy patched things up with her daughter.

Louisa: Louisa is the woman in the portrait seen on the wall of the kitchen of the Spellman house. She spoke for the first time in Bundt Friday when Zelda was telling Sabrina about a secret cabinet where they kept some of their potions, and it turns out Louisa's portrait was hung on the cabinet door. Louisa spoke again in Dream Date after Sabrina hung up the phone after Harvey called asking her about their science homework, and when she realised Louisa had been listening, Sabrina stomped up the stairs while Louisa sang Salem's song, "Harvey and Sabrina". She spoke for the last time in the episode "In Sabrina We Trust", in which she informs Sabrina about the upcoming magical systems check to be performed on the house. Louisa's voice was originally provided by Caroline Rhea, but her voice was sped up electronically so her voice would not be recognized. Annie O'Donnell was the voice of Louisa the last time she spoke.

Juliette Jingleheimer: Juliette is Dreama's cat. A former prom queen, Juliette (voice of Bebe Neuwirth) was turned into a cat for attempting to take over the universe, but unlike Salem, Juliette has longer hair, and is white. Salem was looking for a date for a high-school reunion, so Sabrina and Dreama fixed him up with Juliette. Later, though, Salem was confronted by Billy Luto, a man who had bullied Salem as a teenager. When Juliette stood up to Billy, he tried to give both of them a wedgie, but Sabrina, who was close by, quickly hung Billy up by his "heenie" (just as he did to Salem).

Gordie: Gordie is Sabrina's nerdy friend in high school, played by Curtis Andersen. Gordie lacks the confident to stand up for himself, but has the heart of a loyal friend. He often hangs out with Sabrina, Valerie, and Harvey, and sometimes Libby. He and Valerie sometimes show sparks, but never really had a relationship.

Roland: (played by Phil Fondacaro) A troll who had a long-time crush on Sabrina and on several occasions tried to steal her heart or win a marriage with magic, but ended up failing. He is seen throughout the show performing many different jobs, such as being a professional finder. He calls Harvey "farm-boy".

Gwen: A British witch, played by Tara Strong (credited with her maiden name Charendoff), who only appears in the movies Sabrina Goes to Rome and Sabrina, Down Under, as Sabrina's friend during her travels. Like Dreama, she has a hard time controlling her magic and her spells never work the way she expects them to; while Sabrina casts spells with her index finger, Gwen casts spells by clenching her fist. She is shown to have a liking for jellybeans. In the first film, she aided Sabrina in solving the mystery of her family locket, while also facing her own dilemma after she accidentally turned her crush, Alberto, into a pigeon; in order to reverse the spell, she went around randomly kissing pigeons (the only way to reverse the spell) and eventually succeeded. In the second film, she goes on holiday with Sabrina in the Australian Great Barrier Reef, where she helps Sabrina to prevent the destruction of a mermaid colony at the hands of water pollution and a greedy marine biologist. By the time of the second film, she has gained more control over her powers through practice, but has yet to completely perfect them; upon reuniting with Sabrina, she demonstrates this by transforming Sabrina's shell necklace into a flower lei, but unintentionally gave her a rabbit's tail in the process; in response to this, Gwen explains, "In my defense, I didn't say I was good; just said I was better."

Stoney: A guinea pig familiar taken care of by Gwen. Unlike other animal familiars in the series, it is left ambiguous as to whether or not Stoney was once a human who was punished for misdeeds. Though Salem initially attempts to eat him, he ultimately forms a partnership with him in order to obtain free food.

Bob Gordon: Bob was a news anchor who was judging a cat show that Sabrina entered Salem in. However, Sabrina found out that the owner of one of the other cats entered in the competition was using a photo of Bob without his hairpiece to blackmail him into throwing the competition. When Sabrina showed the photo to her aunts, Zelda used a reverse angle spell to reveal the culprit, but the blackmailers face was hidden by a big camera with only the right hand visible. However, Sabrina noticed the blackmailer was missing half an index finger. Sabrina's investigation hit a dead end when she found her three prime suspects were all missing half an index finger on the right hand, but she confronted Bob Gordon over his secret, and she found he was afraid his career would be ruined if everyone knew he was bald, because he said the public had not trusted a bald man since Eisenhower. However, Bob finally came clean and ripped off his wig in front of all the contestants before disqualifying the blackmailer.

Annie: (played by Diana-Maria Riva) Annie was Sabrina's boss when she became a writer.

Jeremy Rothwell: Mr. Rothwell, Sabrina's math teacher (played by Ed Begley, Jr.), appeared in just one episode (Trial By Fury in Season One); he was always grouchy, and mistreated his pupils, especially Sabrina who he forced to do a test in front of the entire class, and she flunked it. Sabrina started brewing a revenge spell, but in the meantime, she used a spell to make his butt bigger while Hilda and Zelda both tried without success to reason with Mr. Rothwell over his treatment of Sabrina, so they ended up helping Sabrina with her spell. Once the spell began to take its course, Mr. Rothwell went on trial in which Sabrina, the arresting officer, and a former student of Mr. Rothwell's all testified against him. Mr. Rothwell revealed to the judge (a witch) that he was only teaching until he could set up his own software company, and the judge sentenced him to teaching math for the rest of his life.

Peter: Sabrina's arranged groom. Both did not have feelings for each other, in fact, Peter fell in love with Roxie and Roxie, Peter. This was a problem for Sabrina since Greeat Aunt Irma, the matriarch, wanted Sabrina to marry Peter, and Roxie and Peter's relationship was unknown to Irma, which almost made chaos at the wedding, but Sabrina was in position as the bride and later stood to Great Aunt Irma about the marriage after Peter said he didn't want to marry Sabrina, he wanted to marry Roxie.

Lost in Time people

In Season Four, Hilda bought a clock shop which had what seemed like an ordinary grandfather clock in the back room. However it turned out to be a magical Lost in Time clock from which certain people from past centuries or decades emerged. These people included:

Marie and Pierre Curie: In Ageing Not So Gracefully, the Curies became lost in time after having an argument (circa 1899). Marie was first to come from the clock. When Hilda got her to the house, she was spouting French, but Zelda turned her French to English with her magic. Pierre later turned up, and Hilda and Zelda tried to find out what attracted one Curie to the other. While Hilda danced with Pierre, Zelda worked with Marie. However, Hilda soon became too tired to dance, and Zelda soon got fed up of Marie's bossing her about, and accidentally setting the carpet on fire. Luckily, following another argument which Hilda and Zelda could hear from the kitchen, they started waltzing around the living room where Marie accidentally knocked over Zelda's vase. It is also revealed in season 3 that Marie dated Salem before cheating on him with Pierre.

Leif Ericson and Daniel Boone: In Salem's Daughter, Hilda and Zelda used the Lost in Time clock to get dates for Anabelle's wedding. Zelda selected Leif Ericson, and Hilda picked Daniel Boone. Daniel appeared again in the following episode, Love in Bloom (which aired before Salem's Daughter, but is set afterwards) in which Zelda learns that Hilda has been hiding him in the attic, and forces her to send him back. A running gag throughout Salem's Daughter is that Daniel is frequently mistaken for Davy Crockett.

Celebrity guest appearances

Many episodes involve Sabrina getting to meet, through natural or supernatural means, popular real-life musical artists of the time, including the band of Melissa Joan Hart's then-boyfriend (now husband) Mark Wilkerson, appeared in an episode in 2002.

Paula Abdul: The pop singer/American Idol judge appeared in Aging Not So Gracefully. Salem becomes obsessed with her after seeing her music video for Opposites Attract, and after failing to contact her, Salem started pretending to be kidnapped, sending her photos and a ransom note (which didn't work). Abdul also appeared during the end credits, reading a note (obviously penned by Salem) which asked her to "comfort my cat". The episode ended with Paula stroking Salem.

Drew Carey: Appeared in episode To Tell a Mortal when Valerie's last wish is to dance with him. Both Drew and she magically acquire evening wear. Valerie later keeps his glasses.

Davy Jones: The Monkees' lead vocalist appeared in the episode Dante's Inferno; Jones first appeared at the start of the episode when Hilda, who was suffering from punitis (a condition that makes puns out of things she says), said something about a monkey on her back. Jones made a second appearance when Sabrina was making comments about the name of Harvey's date, Jean; Jones told Sabrina he thought Jean was a lovely name, and he started to sing the chorus from Daydream Believer. The end of the show Jones helps Sabrina and her aunts walk together like The Monkees at the start of their show.

Jerry Springer: Springer appeared in Mrs. Kraft where Sabrina and Hilda bring back Mr. Kraft's ex-wife, Lucy, to lure him away. The Spellman's, Mr. Kraft, and Lucy all ended up on The Jerry Springer Show (a production of Studios USA Television, now NBC Universal Television Distribution.) Sabrina said she wasn't comfortable living with Mr. Kraft, so she and Hilda decided to bring back Lucy. When the audience gasped in shock, Sabrina said she didn't know Lucy was a witch, and Hilda started yelling at the audience (most of what she was saying was bleeped out to make it sound like she was swearing). Their appearance on the show ended with a fight between Zelda and Lucy. In this series, he appears to have magical powers.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: The Japanese American actor appeared in Sweet and Sour Victory as a karate master who fought Sabrina twice, once when she cheated with a spell and a (magic-free) rematch in which he won with ease.

Britney Spears: Britney appeared in No Place Like Home when Harvey gives Sabrina parking passes to the Britney Spears concert because he can't afford tickets to the show. Sabrina's dad wants her to move to Paris with him and his wife. While there, Sabrina becomes bored so her dad magically zaps in Britney who performs in their living room. They talk a little and dance a little and then Sabrina zaps her back. She decides to move back in with her aunts and she is seen with Harvey in the parking lot of the concert. Britney comes out of the concert hall and waves at Sabrina. At the end of the show Mr. Kraft is being his usual uptight self when Sabrina puts a spell on him to start dancing in the school halls to "(You Drive Me) Crazy", the theme song to Melissa Joan Hart's movie Drive Me Crazy. The music video was shown during the credits of the show, which starred Melissa.

Daniel Bedingfield: Daniel appeared in The Lyin', The Witch, And The Wardrobe. He first appeared wearing a ghastly outfit designed by Morgan, and he ended up with green feathers in his hair. At the end of the episode, he sang Gotta Get Through This.

Isaac Hanson: Isaac along with his brothers appeared in A Birthday Witch. Isaac and Roxie used to go out before he became famous. Miles and Morgan get really excited when they find out Isaac will be coming. Isaac is late but he finds Roxie at the soup kitchen. The Hanson brothers perform a show at the soup kitchen.

Sally Jessy Raphael: Sally appeared in the opening scene of A Halloween Story. Sabrina was wearing a Halloween costume consisting only of a pair of red rimmed glasses, similar to Sally Jessy Raphael's. Hilda and Zelda were not sure what to make of it, so Sabrina invited her aunts to do better. Hilda pointed at Sabrina, and when the smoke cleared, Sabrina had been turned into Sally Jessy Raphael, complete with her voice.

Gary Owens: Gary Owens appeared in the episode Good Will Haunting where Hilda and Zelda were invited to Aunt Beaulah's Halloween party, and Beaulah switched their brains with those of two chickens. In the closing credits, he was credited as "The Guy Who Thinks He's Gary Owens".

Monty Hall: Monty Hall host of Let's Make A Deal guest starred as himself in The Long and Winding Short Cut hosting a fictional game show called "Guess The Family Secret" when Sabrina was trying to figure out the Family Secret to her Family and she used Mrs. Quick to help her and Mrs. Quick was excited to be on the show and Sabrina needed to move things along so she zapped Monty Hall to host and as the game show went on when Mrs. Quick was on the second clue Aunt Zelda comes in and stops Sabrina from Cheating to figure out the Family Secret.

Andy Roddick: Andy Roddick Professional Tennis Player guest starred as himself in The Competition helping Sabrina with her Tennis skills when her boyfriend Josh always said to her that he was gonna "Polish her off" every time they play a Tennis game.

Brady Anderson: Brady Anderson Major League baseball player guest starred as himself in Sabrina Through the Looking Glass helping Sabrina through her bad mood when she was trapped in her mirror by her bad mood and she couldn't get out of the mirror.

Mark Langston: Mark Langston Major League Baseball Player appeared as himself in To Tell A Mortal when Harvey made a wish(his last wish) that he could meet him and Mark comes and Harvey asks him to throw a baseball to him and catch it.

Erik Estrada: Erik Estrada Actor from CHiPs has made a few cameo appearances in Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 1 and Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 2, ie. Being seen in a thought cloud in Hilda's mind and driving a car when Hilda created a defective potion zapping her and Zelda into his car and another time when Sabrina Accidentally zapped herself in his car.

Tara Lipinski: Tara Lipinski, professional figure skater, appeared as herself in Jealousy when a new student named Brad transferred to Westbridge and Sabrina was getting jealous of him because Harvey kept hanging out with him and Sabrina zapped Tara into her room and Tara says where am I and then Sabrina says to her "You're my new best friend" and takes her to school with her to show everybody, All the students are all surrounding her and asking her questions, and later Tara says I liked your friends especially Brad, and when Tara says that Sabrina says, "Go find yourself a new best friend" and zaps her away.

Dick Clark: Dick Clark, host of Pyramid and American Bandstand, made a small cameo appearance as himself in And the Sabrina Goes To... when Sabrina says that she's giving all of her Sabrina Awards to Gordy and the other Do-gooders and he is in a studio and says "What's Sabrina Doing, This never happens at the American Music Awards Cue the band, Cue the band."

Mary Ann Mobley: Mary Ann Mobley made a brief guest appearance as herself in Salem, the Boy when Salem is planning a party and she is on the list. At the end of the episode, Mary Ann Mobley comes and Zelda says Oh, Hello Mary Ann Mobley and she replies "And What is Castro doing here?"

Steve Allen: Steve Allen, actor, appeared as Sabrina's Fear in Fear Strikes Up a Conversation when Sabrina is told she has to present her math essay at an assembly, When she hears that she uses a magic spell to get rid of her fear, But her fear gets loose and starts scaring the whole school, When that happens she has to go through the forest of her fears and conquer them and her last fear was reading in front of the assembly, When she did her fear disappeared and Steve Allen appeared as Fear and a small version of his body was put on Sabrina's Jacket to remind her that fear will always be apart of her. He was credited as Fear in the credits. When Sabrina sees Fear she says My fear looks like Steve Allen, and when a small version of Steve appeared on her jacket she said "So is Steve Allen gonna be on all my clothes?"

Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell guest starred as themselves in Sabrina's Choice when Sabrina Had to choose which aunt she wanted to live with and there was a little crystal ball with a "What-If" spell and she said "What If Kenan & Kel Won the lottery?" Kenan and Kel appeared in their house where Kenan was looking for the lottery ticket while Kel is making a sandwich and Kenan finds it and accidentally puts it in the sandwich that Kel was making and runs and says that he found the ticket, Kel comes back in the kitchen not realizing that the ticket is in the sandwich he made and puts the remaining ingredients he was going to put on plus the other bread and starts eating the sandwich, Kenan comes back and sees that Kel is eating the sandwich and he got sad.

Carson Daly: Carson Daly TRL Host guest starred as himself in I Fall to Pieces (1)/Total Sabrina Live! (2) hosting Total Request Live when Sabrina was looking for a job to be a writer, Roxie wanted to be on TRL to see Carson, Later Sabrina says on TRL that she's looking for a job. Guest starred but was uncredited in the credits list.

Peter Marshall: Peter Marshall the former Hollywood Squares host appeared as himself (credited as Game Show Host) in First Kiss hosting a fictional game show called "The True Love Game Show" (Probably a parody of The Dating Game) when Sabrina kissed Harvey and he turned into a frog. She had to take a test of true love and the game show was her first test behind door number one.

Steve Sax: Steve Sax Major League Baseball Player guest starred as himself (Credited as Baseball Player) in Sabrina the Matchmaker when Sabrina's Cousin Marigold was on a date with a plumber named Emil and He was talking about Baseball, Marigold went into the kitchen telling Sabrina she had no idea what he was talking about and Sabrina Told her and then Marigold zapped Steve into the kitchen and Sabrina said, "Wait, You can't just walk in there with a professional baseball player."

Danny Bonaduce: Appeared in the Christmas-themed episode Sabrina, Nipping At Your Nose. As one of a series of gifts inspired by the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", Sabrina zaps him in as he's sitting in a pear tree ("Partridge in a Pear Tree" ... get it?)

Mary Hart: Mary Hart appeared as herself in And The Sabrina Goes To... hosting the first annual Sabrina Awards when Sabrina was tired of not getting any praise for her hard work so she ate some special cake to get praise which brought up the idea for the Sabrina Awards.

José Eber: José appeared as himself in Sabrina And The Beast when Sabrina was having a bad hair day so she zapped Jose into her bedroom to help her with her hair, Her and Hilda kept fighting over for whose hair he should do and he said he charges 1,000 dollars an hour.

John Salley: John appeared as himself (credited as NBA Player) in Welcome Back, Duke when Hilda and Zelda were having trouble coaching Sabrina's basketball team so they got him to coach them because he was tall and the girls behaved better. Towards the end of the episode Harvey says he had a dream about him and told Sabrina that he said he was going to give him a time out.

Frankie Avalon: Frankie appeared as himself in Beach Blanket Bizarro when Hilda and Zelda find out Sabrina will be going to Pelican Cove, Florida with her boyfriend and they just want her to have "Good Clean Fun" so they zap in Frankie Avalon in their house and tell him about where Sabrina is going. Later he appears at the end of the episode doing the Swim with Hilda and Zelda.

Adrienne Barbeau: Adrienne appeared as herself in The Gift Of Gab when Miles sold a cut-out of her on Ebay. Miles's is at the Coffee House telling Sabrina that he had to sell it, Adrienne comes in the Coffee House telling him that she was the high bidder and that she has been looking for a cut-out of her for a long time.

Randy Travis: Randy made a cameo appearance as himself (credited as Ideal Man) in The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie. He's seen at the Parent Teacher Conference In Mr. Pool's room then towards the end doing a jigsaw puzzle with Hilda & Zelda.

Jack Wagner: Jack appeared as himself in Jenny's Non-Dream when Jenny is in the other realm and Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda try to convince she is dreaming, Jenny mentions that Jack Wagner is in her dreams saving her from something, So Sabrina zaps in Jack and Jenny jumps in his arms and tells him about all the things he has saved her from, Later Sabrina zaps him away.

Billy Blanks: Billy appeared as himself at the beginning of Prelude to a Kiss when Salem wanted to learn karate and Sabrina zapped him in and he did a move which Sabrina tried to do and she ended up kicking Salem into the wall.

Eddie Cibrian: Eddie appeared as himself in The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie when Sabrina said his name three times and he appeared in her room saying that he needed to save someone from a burning corvette.

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