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The characters of Blue Dragon were designed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. The anime version expands the characters' backgrounds as well as provide personalities to the Shadows, making them more than just extensions of the Shadow Wielder.





Shu (VG) Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Mona Marshall (English)
Shu (anime) Voiced by: Keiko Nemoto (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)
Blue Dragon Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka (Japanese), Lex Lang (English)

The main protagonist of Blue Dragon. Like many others in Talta Village, Shu's parents died because of the Land Shark when he was a baby. Because of his parents' untimely deaths, he now lives with his grandfather Fushira in Talta Village. Shu's brash and impetuous nature has often gotten him into trouble. But his courage, strength and dogged determination has saved him from certain death many times. It is revealed in the end that he has a crush on Kluke.

In the anime, Shu is depicted as even more brash and impulsive than in the game. When around Bouquet, he is shown to be something of a pervert, but still controls himself around her much better than Marumaro does. Two years later, he is in Legolas' resistance against the forces of Rosekstan using an exo-suit with an artificial shadow to lead a supply raid upon a Rosekstan airship. Upon encountering Noi during an attack by Rosekstan and Michael's Red Dragon form, Shu regains his ability to summon Blue Dragon as he goes on a mission to stop the Investiture Beings from destroying the world.

Shu is the owner of the shadow Blue Dragon, which often uses magic sword attacks. In the anime, Blue Dragon at first doesn't cooperate with Shu until their fight with Ivanov and Gustav when Shu managed to gain enough power to control him. For most of the anime, he is quite insulting towards him and constantly criticizes everything Shu does. The Blue Dragon is in fact depicted as having a very violent personality, and is extremely cold, not caring about anything or anyone but himself. In the anme Killer Bat reveals that Blue dragon is the incarnate of destruction, a descendant of the first darkness, and because of his power both friend and foe alike feared him also because of his great power he was worshiped.


Kluke (VG) Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Tara Strong (English)
Kluke (anime) Voiced by: Erino Hazuki (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
Phoenix Voiced by: Konomi Tsuboi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)

Kluke's parents died because of the Land Shark one year before the events of Blue Dragon. Her parents were the doctors of Talta Village, and after their deaths Kluke lives with Shu in the village as the new doctor. Kluke is very mature and serious and has been hardened by the deaths of her parents.

In the anime, Kluke gains her shadow much later than everyone else does. She is changed to having an overall typical female character personality; short tempered, will often hit the hero (in this case Shu), chides the hero for his inability to do things properly. She is often shown wielding a gun that shoots pink fists. Near the end of the first series, Andropov starts to develop a crush on her. In the second series, she is shown to be living in another village being a teacher to some kids. She had her encounter with Noi who reawakened Kluke's shadow without her knowing. Her shadow re-emerged when the village she was living in was attacked by a Rosekstan airship. After it was repelled by Blue Dragon, Kluke and Andropov join up with Shu when it came to helping General Logi fight the White Brigade. Afterwards, they went their separate ways. Upon learning of Primella's vision revolving around Kluke being killed by Lota in a field of flowers, Shu sent Bouquet and Marumaro to prevent this from happening. When it comes to that point, Lota manages to fire her attack on Kluke only to miss. Kluke and Andropov then help out in the final battle with the Investiture Beings.

Kluke is the owner of the shadow Phoenix, who often uses black magic attacks.[1] In the anime, Kluke does not receive Phoenix until late into the story and therefore stays out of combat. Phoenix has a kind motherly side to her that teaches Kluke how to protect her friends. Besides using various barriers in battle, Phoenix also has the ability to teleport. She can also breathe fire.


Jiro (VG) Voiced by: Kouki Miyata (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)
Jiro (anime) Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese), Sam Riegel (English)
Minotaur Voiced by: Kouji Ochiai (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English)

Jiro is an intelligent, cute young man focused on details who has a gift for planning. In the game, Jiro's parents are still alive and often worry about him, even going as far as to dig under the ground with their bare hands until they bled when Jiro was dragged under by the land shark with Kluke and Shu and the game's opening. In the anime however, Jiro's parents and sister died, due to an attack by Nene. Jiro is the best friend of Shu but is his exact opposite. Whatever type of machine the gang comes across, Jiro can usually operate it. Jiro is in love with Kluke but has trouble expressing his feelings for her.

In the anime, Jiro came from Muffei which was attacked by General Szabo and his parents were killed. He eventually met Zola and traveled with her. He did serve as Shu's rival, with the two of them constantly arguing, in a contrast to getting alone well in the game, but they became friends as the series progressed. When he encountered General Szabo in Gran Kingdom's capital, he managed to destroy him. Jiro had other run-ins with General Szabo which always ended with the robot destroyed. Two years later, Jiro has trained himself to be a better warrior. He has had his run-ins with Delphinium which always ended with Jiro defeated. When infiltrating White Brigade's headquarters, he discovered that his old enemy General Szabo is now Primella's servant. He engaged Delphinium again only for Vermillion to prevent Jiro from delivering the final blow. Sui managed to rescue Jiro at the last minute. Outside of his assisting of Shu, he had his encounter with Hildegard when he and Sui were taken prisoners by Rosekstan. After a fight in one of those giant exo-suits, Jiro's shadow was reawakened by Hildegard. Jiro managed to defeat Hildegard causing the Investiture Being to retreat. Jiro later helps out in the final battle with the Investiture Beings.

Jiro is the owner of the shadow Minotaur, who uses white magic in the game.[1] In the anime, Minotaur is always chiding Jiro for overusing his energy in battle but generally takes a calm approach to opponents.


Marumaro (VG) Voiced by: Etsuko Kozakura (Japanese), Nika Futterman (English)
Marumaro (anime) Voiced by: Sakiko Uran (Japanese), R. Martin Klein (English)
Saber Tiger Voiced by: Jin Horikawa (Japanese), Neil Kaplan (English)

A member of the Devee Tribe which are yellow humanoid creatures that wear pots for hats. Nene poisoned the entire Devee Tribe of Lago Village except for Marumaro and told him that if he retrieved a special elixir from the Ancient Hospital Ruins, that Nene would supply a cure for the Tribe. Marumaro first appears in a Drill Machine on the way to the ruins. When he first encounters Shu, Kluke and Jiro, he is intimidated and fights them. When the ship reaches its destination, Marumaro runs away to find the cure. At the Hospital Ruins, Shu saves Marumaro from the Icefire Wolf Ghost and then helps him find the cure. As they return to Devee Tribe, he gives the tribe the cure and the effects are catastrophic. He soon discovers that Nene tricked him to make himself more powerful and is forced to cure the tribe with a new antidote much more difficult to find and then joins the group afterwards to get revenge on Nene. He has tendency to end his sentences by saying "Maro".

In the anime, Marumaro is obsessed with girls (he also acts like a pervert in the original version, and his actions often end up angering Kluke and Bouquet). He joins up with Shu and Co. after the village he was staying at was destroyed and its inhabitants were captured by twin Shadow users Ivanov and Gustuv. Two years later, Marumaro is back in his village until Noi reawakens his shadow. Upon joining up with Shu and Bouquet, Marumaro develops a competitive rivalry with Noi.

He owns the shadow Saber Tiger who uses monk charged attacks.[2] In the anime, Saber Tiger thinks himself of as a defender of justice and encourages Marumaro to feel the same way.


Zola (VG) Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Cindy Robinson (English)
Zola (anime) Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese), Cindy Robinson (English)
Killer Bat Voiced by: Houchu Ohtsuka (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

Zola was originally a mercenary until she was almost killed. In that experience, she was asked to swallow a light sphere, receiving her shadow as a result of being saved from certain death. She then joined the Jibral Blademasters becoming a powerful warrior and earning the respect of King Jibral and his kingdom. She first appears on the road to Jabral as she saves the traveling Talta Village from Steel-Eating Tigers. Her shadow uses assassin attacks. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Zola was actually working for Nene, and was the mysterious voice that told the main characters to "swallow the spheres". Her purpose was to bring them to Nene so that he could take the shadows from them. Nene, defeated, tells Zola to give her energy to him, but she decides not to and kills Nene instead.[2]

In the anime, Zola had an unlucky childhood, joining the Grand Kingdom army after her dad was killed during an excavation with Nene in order to commit sabotage. She is considered a Knight Master and was looking for descendants of the Seven Soldiers. She serves as the leader of the group, being the most mature and intelligent. Zola and the others tried to defeat Nene but it didn't work out as well as planned as the truth behind her is. It was only after Nene's death that Zola's true intentions for gathering the Shadow Wielders were revealed...the evil within Killer Bat corrupts Zola causing her to unleash the darkness that plagued the world. After being fused with her Shadow to assume a demonic version of herself, she battles Shu until he defeats her with the help of Jiro, Kluke, Marumaro, Bouquet, General Logi, Delphinium, and Deathroy. With this form defeated by a sacrifice of the shadows present, Zola's body crashes to the ground motionless. However, it would be later revealed in the second season that only the darkness within Zola died. The good within her, driven off by Killer Bat, was found by Dr. Tarkovsky who used it to create Primella. Zola was seen smiling when the darkness was sealed this implies that although she released it she was happy that Shu defeated her and help seal the darkness although this is only speculation since the real reason she was shown smiling is unknown.

Her shadow, Killer Bat, is quite silent and is unusual from his game version in that he is the only Shadow of the party who is armed with a weapon (specifically a sword). Furthermore, Killer Bat possesses the power to purge the host of the goodness in their hearts. It is implied that he was the leader of all of the darkness and that even he with all of his power was also afraid of Blue Dragon's power and thus saw him as his biggest threat.


Bouquet Voiced by: Saki Nakajima (Japanese), Melissa Fahn (English)
Hippopotamus Voiced by: Yūichi Nagashima (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)

Bouquet is an exclusive character to the anime. Shu and Co. first encounter her in a restaurant as a waitress where she was being harassed by two customers that Shu and Zola fended off. After losing her job, she pursues Shu until she joins their group. She quickly develops romantic feelings for Shu after asking Shu many questions that he says yes to. One of them has her asking him to marry her and he says yes, not realizing the question until after he answered. She then teases him by saying he is her fiance which gets Shu angry. She is eventually allowed to join the group.

For the most part, she's depicted as an airhead. She is hated by Cynthia after some of the soldiers in Gran Kingdom's army called Bouquet the prettiest girl in the world when she showed off her looks to them (the plan was something Marumaro came up with to have some fun with an easy fight). Two years later, she and Shu are working in Legolas' resistance against the forces of Rosekstan. They meet Noi and her shadow was reawakened.

In the original version, Bouquet has an overall fan-service appearance, in that her breasts are very large. This is censored in the dub.

Being a member of the Ra Clan (a lost group of people who claim to be direct descendants of the Egyptian Sun God Ra), Bouquet has the ability to become invisible, but must strip in order to be completely unseen[3] (which is edited out in the dub, where she is depicted as being able to turn invisible whenever she wants). On one occasion, she was somehow detected by Delphinium and later by Hildegard and Fagino.

Her shadow, Hippopotamus, may be weak and somewhat cowardly, but he has the ability to shapeshift, sometimes using that ability by wrapping around Bouquet to provide her with a disguise. Hippopotamus later gains the ability to copy the attacks that he is hit by. In the second series, he and Bouquet have been given the ability to merge with Blue Dragon or Saber Tiger to provide armor and make them appear in near-full form. He also worries for Bouquet's well being whenever a battle begins.


Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame

Noi is introduced in the second series. He was first shown in dragon form being pursued by Michael's Red Dragon form. He first met Shu and Bouquet and used his powers to reawaken their shadows when they are attacked by Rosekstan soldiers and Michael's Red Dragon form. He does have a rivalry with Marumaro when he meets him and reawakens his shadow. He is later revealed to be an 'Investiture Being,' but Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro are okay with that. When it comes to the final fight with Rudolph, Noi unleashes his full power and matures his dragon form. He manages to fight Rudolph until the Shu/Blue Dragon recovers. After Rudolph is destroyed, Noi leaves with Lota and Hildegard.

Noi has a baby black dragon form. Noi rarely turns into his dragon form to fight, but he often merges with Blue Dragon to form a powerful version of him with a forcefield ability. His dragon form later matures during the fight with Rudolph in his flying castle.

Grand Kingdom

The antagonist group of the first series. Though some of the characters listed below have shadows, there are some that have artificial shadows due to an invention that Gran Kingdom has. Among the characters that come from Gran Kingdom are:


Nene (VG) Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese), Richard Herd (English) (Old Nene), Lex Lang (Young Nene)
Nene (anime) Voiced by: Shiro Saito (Japanese), David Lodge (English)
Chimera Voiced by: Susumu Akagi

The main villain of the Blue Dragon game and a major villain in the first anime. Nene is an old man who is from a race of humanoids called Ancients. Nene runs Gran Kingdom and flies across the globe causing destruction and despair in a mobile air fortress surrounded by purple clouds. His main goal is world domination. Nene can fight without his shadow and suspend himself into the air, avoid energy blasts, and absorb others' shadow powers to increase his strength tenfold.[4] His mastery over his magic was so great that it caused an illness that led to him rapidly aging. To deal with this problem, he manipulated events that Shu, Jiro, Kluke, and Marumaro would each take a light sphere and learning to use magic so he could eventually take their power and develop a stronger soul to cure his illness. He eventually succeeds in this plan, but they manage to retain their power. When eventually faced at the end of the game within the depths of the Primitive Cube, he offers them a chance to join specifically offering Shu a chance to be his successor. When Shu turns his offer down, Nene attempts to take their power again, but finds that their power had matured and become their own, so he couldn't take it. He is fought and defeated, and after which is killed by Zola. In "Blue Dragon Plus," he is reborn and eventually helps Shu and the others to find the Balaur.

In the anime, Nene has been capturing children to power his artificial shadow machine. He was the one who gave General Logi some artificial Shadow Wielders to form his Independent Flying Squadron. He overwhelmed Shu and Co. at first until Kluke manifested her Phoenix shadow and got them out of there as Nene's air fortress (referred to as the Galleon) took off. Nene had used his Galleon to rip out cities from the ground. When it came to the Hippopotamus ruins, he ended up fighting Shu, Jiro, Kluke, Marumaro, and Zola while Bouquet was completing her testing. Nene retreated to the Galleon to drop the Hippopotamus Ruins on Coreed. Luckily, Bouquet managed to complete it and the Ruins were redirected away from Coreed. It is later revealed by Zola that he is a descendant of one of the Soldiers of Light. As Nene unleashed his Black Shadow army upon Coreed, Shu and Co. rode Griff birds to it while Conrad and his army fight the Black Shadow army. By the next encounter on board the Galleon, Shu and the others fought Nene again. During battle, Nene merged with his shadow and Deathroy. He was finally destroyed by Shu and Blue Dragon with the attack powerful enough to cause Nene's Galleon to crash to the ground. With Nene destroyed, most of Gran Kingdom's forces were reported to either be fleeing or even deserting.

Nene is the owner of the Chimera shadow which resembles a red dragon-like creature with orange hair and bird-like wings. In the video game, Nene's shadow was originally a red version of Blue Dragon. But after absorbing the light spheres that Shu and his friends swallowed, the dragon becomes Chimera (adopting features from all of the other shadows). In the anime, it was Deathroy who owns Chimera and Nene manipulates it.


Deathroy (VG) Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (Japanese), Will Matthews (English)
Deathroy (anime) Voiced by: Tetsu Shiratori (Japanese), Michael P. Greco (English)

Deathroy appears to find great joy in his master's malevolence. He sits dutifully on Nene's shoulder, attached by a small cable. He is also known for repeating anything Nene says, though it is capable of speaking on its own. In the final level of the game, Deathroy steals Nene's light sphere after his death and consumes it. He transforms into the final boss of the game called Destroy, an ancient biomechanical creature which destroyed the civilization of the ancients. He used Nene to bring about his return and uses the remains of General Szabo to form his body.[5] He then aims to devour the magic possessed by Shu and his friends, but is fought and killed after a long fight.

In the anime, Deathroy is actually the owner of the Chimera shadow after Nene is destroyed. Following Nene's death, Zola abducted Deathroy without anyone noticing and hid him in the Sealed Grounds. He was rescued by Delphinium. Two years later, Deathroy is still riding on Delphinium's shoulder and she captures Bouquet so that Noi can reawaken Chimera. When it came to fight with Hildegard, Deathroy directly uses his power to save Delphinium. He and Delphinium later help out in the final battle with Rudolph.

General Szabo

General Szabo (VG) Voiced by: Tessho Genda (Japanese), Fred Tatasciore (English)
General Szabo (anime) Voiced by: Akimitsu Takase (Japanese), Kim Strauss (English) (Ep. 1-30), Peter Spellos (Ep. 31+)

General Szabo is Nene's robotic servant. Szabo is the leader of Nene's robotic army. He rides on a floating platform where he is referred to as "Grand Szabo." In that form, he has a machine gun for a right arm. Nene later has the Demon King Robots merge with General Szabo to become "Ultimate Szabo" who attacks the heroes in the Primitive Cube's Cauldron Chamber. He eventually turns on Nene because of his abusive nature and helps Zola by throwing the Collar of Light on Nene. His remains are absorbed by Deathroy to form his body and transform into Destroy. General Szabo was rebuilt by the scientists at Jibral with no memory of serving Nene. He later joined up with King Jibral in Blue Dragon Plus and gets taken over.

In the anime, General Szabo was the one who attacked Muffei resulting in the death of Jiro's parents. Shu and Co. encountered him within Nene's castle. After Shu and Zola defeated the Black Shadow Type-Two robots, Jiro and Minotaur destroyed him. General Szabo is later rebuilt when it came to Nene's attack on Jibral. Sometime later, he attacks Jiro with his Mighty Quartet. General Szabo later merges with them to form "Ultimate Szabo." Jiro and Minotaur manage to destroy General Szabo and his robots. General Szabo was salvaged and rebuilt again, but missing part of his left face. He briefly engaged Shu and Co. at the Hippopotamus Ruins, but fell back when Nene's fortress dropped the Hippopotamus Ruins from the fortress. When Nene's fortress was stormed, General Szabo used Black Shadow Type-Three robots with nanobot technology on Shu and the others. Bouquet and Hippopotamus confronted him in the control room. In the form of one of those robots, Bouquet managed to copy their attack that sent General Szabo into the air where he exploded. Two years later, he resurfaces as a servant of Primella. When Jiro encountered General Szabo again within the White Brigade's headquarters, he had repented from his past crimes.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," General Szabo is playable and wields the shadow Jack O'Lantern, a pumpkin-headed spectre.

Demon King Robots

Silent Ku (VG) Voiced by: Hideo Kazama (Japanese), Kim Strauss (English)
Turbulent Mai (VG) Voiced by: Eisuke Asakura (Japanese), Sam Riegel (English)
Raging Kesu (VG) Voiced by: Jun Ohsuka (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)
Heat-Wave Sai (VG) Voiced by: Hiromu Kondo (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

Four robots controlled by Szabo. They consist of:

  • Silent Ku: A cowboy/gunman-like robot who wields laser guns. His upgraded form is called Grand Silent Ku. He is called Double Blaster Ku in the English dub of the anime.
  • Turbulent Mai: A spinning-top-like robot that throws swords. His upgraded form is Grand Turbulent Mai. He is called Knife Armed Mai in the English dub of the anime.
  • Raging Kesu: A witch-like robot that wields two longswords. He can cast negativity spells. His upgraded form is Grand Raging Kesu, but now has wings. He is called Flashing Bladed Kesu in the English dub of the anime.
  • Heat-Wave Sai: A large, round, floating orange robot who attacks with mines. His upgraded form is Grand Heat-Wave Sai and has more spikes on his head and back. He is called Rocket Bomber Sai in the English dub of the anime.

General Szabo awakens them when the heroes attack the flying fortress, and the party fights and destroys them one-by-one throughout the dungeon. Later on, they are revived along with their master with enhanced features, and fight the party all at once before fighting Szabo again. In the Cauldron Chamber of the Primitive Cube, their parts are used to create the body of "Ultimate Szabo". They later pop up in "Blue Dragon Plus" when General Szabo ends up under an evil control.

In the anime, they are referred to as General Szabo's Mighty Quartet. General Szabo unleashes them to attack Jiro and Minotaur. During the second attack, they merge with General Szabo to form "Ultimate Szabo." They are eventually destroyed by Jiro and Minotaur.

General Logi

General Logi Voiced by: Kentarou Itou (Japanese), David Earnest (English)
Valkyrie Voiced by: Sayaka Kinoshita (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)
Odin Voiced by: Kentarou Itou

Exclusive to the anime, General Logi is a general of Gran Kingdom who has known Zola for quite some time. He has been defeated by her before which resulted in him gaining a scar around his left eye. Some time later, General Logi encounters Zola again at a prison fortress. General Logi easily defeated her, Jiro, and Marumaro when he gained an artificial shadow named Valkyrie, and his power left the normally hotheaded Shu shaking in fear. General Logi is given some artificial shadow wielders from Nene to form his Independent Flying Squadron. During that time, he has squared off with Shu and Blue Dragon many times with both times resulting in Valkyrie getting injured. After Nene's destruction, General Logi announced his secession from Gran Kingdom by having Schneider take over Castle Des la Teste and by having Andropov attack Gran Kingdom fleets. General Logi then establishes Rosekstan (an offshoot of Gran Kingdom that serves as a Shadow Extremist nation). He fights Zola again which ends with Kluke being kidnapped. In the next encounter, his true shadow is revealed and Zola was rescued by Kluke. It is later revealed that General Logi is one of the descendants of one of the Soldiers of Light. When Zola goes rogue, he, Delphinium, and Deathroy help to fight her. Two years later, General Logi is still in power and leading the forces of Rosekstan into establishing a new world order. He has his shadow reawakened by Lota when she arrives in Rosekstan's capital. After a fierce fight, Lota sets General Logi's castle on fire as General Logi is rescued by Matilda. General Logi hid out in the remains of Nene's fortress when he planned to stop the plots of the White Brigade. As his weapon fortress Sleipnir takes flight, he manages to fend off Furioso and the White Brigade soldiers with him. General Logi and his Rosekstan forces later help out in the fight against Rudolph.

General Logi's shadow Valkyrie serves as her master's sword and shield. She is fanatically loyal to him. Following Valkyrie's demise at the hands of Blue Dragon, an Egyptian-themed shadow called Odin is revealed to be his real shadow.


Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (Japanese), Kyle Hebert (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Gilliam is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron under the rank of Captain. He served as Marumaro's rival. In his fight with Zola and Marumaro, Gilliam was defeated when they managed to turn the tides against him, Todd, and Bishop. After recouperating, Gilliam went after Zola alongside some Black Shadow Type-Three robots in a plot to avenge Todd and Bishop. He is eventually killed by Zola.

Gilliam's shadow is the bird-like Euphoria whose speed rivals Saber Tiger's. Euphoria can also shoot an endless stream of feathers from its wings.

Todd and Bishop

Todd Voiced by: Doug Erholtz
Bishop Voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch

Exclusive to the anime, Todd and Bishop are two Gran Kingdom soldiers who are good friends with Gilliam. In their battle against Zola and Marumaro, Todd and Bishop fell in battle.

Todd and Bishop's shadows are birdman-like cyborgs that have the same attacks as Euphoria.


Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki (Japanese), Keith Silverstein (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Lemaire is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron. He is often interested in fighting Zola. In their first battle, he fought her and lost. He later helped Cynthia fight Shu and Jiro at a Gran Kingdom prison, but were defeated. In the final confrontation against Zola, Lemaire fell in battle.

Lemaire's shadow is Deucalion, an armored warrior who uses a shield with a ball-in-chain in it. Deucalion is also shown to wield a variety of weapons ranging from a sword, a glaive, a bazooka, a flail, a hook-shaped weapon, and two boomerangs.


Cynthia Voiced by: Yukiko Takaguchi (Japanese), Tara Platt (English)
Yarovit Voiced by: Susumu Akagi

Exclusive to the anime, Cynthia is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron under the rank of Captain. Cynthia considers herself the most beautiful girl in the world and hates being called old (she tends to lose her temper fairly easily) thought not as easily as Kluke. She served as Jiro's rival in the first encounter. When Shu and Jiro encountered her at a Gran Kingdom prison that was holding Conrad and some of his fellow soldiers, Shu and Jiro fought her alongside Lemaire only for her and Lemaire to be defeated. In something of a reference/similarity to the Wicked Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cynthia is so vain that she "asks" her soldiers to tell who they feel is the most beautiful girl in the world, and they always say she is out of fear of her. Because of her vanity, Cynthia later developed a hatred for Bouquet after she heard of bunch of soldiers say SHE was the most beautiful girl in the world. In the final encounter with Shu, Jiro, Kluke, and Bouquet, Cynthia was ultimately defeated by Jiro.

Cynthia's shadow is Yarovit, a pink monster who can stretch its arms out and even turn it into tentacles. It can also sprout tentacles from its back, and curl itself into a ball to ram at an enemy.


Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese), Brian Beacock (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Andropov is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron. He is the overall the most intelligent of the group and the youngest member. He serves as the reconnaissance of the group. When General Logi announced his secession from Gran Kingdom, Andropov attacked some Gran Kingdom airships. Near the end of the first series, he starts to develop a crush on Kluke (even though he never told her at that time) after he used his shadow's ability to capture her for General Logi to interrogate. When it came to fight against Zola, he and Schneider fight two giant shadow monsters. Andropov fell unconscious as Schneider sacrifices his life to destroy them. Two years later, Andropov was shown recouperating from some medical condition in Kluke's care. When a Rosekstan airship appears in the village they are living in, Andropov defends Kluke the best he could until Shu and the Bouquet/Blue Dragon repel it. He and Kluke join up with Shu to help Rosekstan fight the White Brigade. Andropov later helps out in the fight against Rudolph.

Andropov's shadow is Alubujem, a four-armed crystalline creature who helps Andropov with his reconnaissance by launching out the crystals required for it. Alubujem can also launch an endless stream of crystal shards for an attack. Alubujem can also reassemble if shattered and its pieces can be manipulated by Andropov one time when he trapped Kluke.


Voiced by: Shinji Kawada (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Schneider is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron under the rank of Sergeant Major. He first appeared to attack Bouquet where his attacks damaged Bouquet's outfit. Bouquet used her invisibility to escape from Schneider. Schneider is also the one responsible for killing Lt. Dragnov. When General Logi announced his secession from Gran Kingdom, Schneider took over Castle Des La Teste for him. When it came to the battle against Zola, he and Andropov take on two giant shadow monsters while the others get to Zola. With both he and Andropov weakened, Schneider sacrifices his life to destroy the giant shadow monsters, he also showed a bit of a brotherly relationship towards Andropov. Near at the end of his life, he is shown to be found by General Logi when he destroyed some Grand Kingdom soldiers. Later on he shows that he was trained by him.

By age he is the middle, being older than Cynthia but smaller than Gilliam

Schneider's shadow is Isabel, an armored archer who uses a variety of arrows ranging from multiplying arrows, explosive arrows, and ice arrows. Isabel can also turn its bow into swords and emit laser balls from them. Isabel can also shoot a beam from the circle on its forehead.

Lt. Dragnov

Voiced by: Susumu Akagi (Japanese), J. B. Blanc (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Dragnov is a lieutenant in Gran Kingdom's army and leader of the Black Shadow Mobile Troops. He was first seen leading a Gran Kingdom fleet for a sea attack upon Jibral. Though he befriended Shu later on, Dragnov shows no restraint on fighting him honorably. It was that idea that got him sniped by Schneider during his battle with Shu, after Lt. Dragnov blocked Schneider from ambushing Shu. As he lay dying, Lt. Dragnov told Shu not to be sad, because death was something all warriors knowingly face.

Lt. Dragnov's shadow is Berserker, a monstrous warrior who wields two axes.


Voiced by: Akiko Kimura (Japanese), Dorothy Elias-Fahn (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Delphinium is a spy from Gran Kingdom who serves General Logi. She had the spy Salinas steal the Extra Seven from the Book of Beginning in Jibral's library and later kills him. She has had some run-ins with Homeron. In the final confrontation, Delphinium uses her shadow's ability to kill Homeron in front of Shu's eyes and even repelled Blue Dragon. While Shu and Kluke were busy fighting General Logi, Delphinium detected Bouquet's invisibility (as Delphinium is familiar with the Ra Clan's abilities) and used her shadow to prevent her from making off with the Extra Seven. Following Nene's destruction, she rescues Deathroy after turning against General Logi when he announces his secession from Gran Kingdom. After Zola releases the darkness taking Zola down became her only goal and knowing that she couldn't do it alone she was able to help convince Shus' group and Logi work together and later helps them fight the demon Zola. Two years later, Delphinium runs afoul of Jiro and later captures Bouquet so that Noi can reawaken Deathroy's shadow. She has had some run-ins with Jiro and was seen in some partnership with Dr. Tarkovsky. She later defects and nearly dies during her fight with Hildegard only to be saved by Deathroy. She and Deathroy assist Rosekstan and Shu's friends in the fight against Rudolph where she has Deathroy use his shadow to save Jiro.

Delphinium's shadow is a three-headed hydra/beetle-like creature whose legs Delphinium can partially bring out to defend herself. It shoots out laser beams from its mouth as a second attack. When she rescues Deathroy, Delphinium uses him to summon Chimera.

Unnamed General

Grand Kingdom General Voiced by: J.B. Blanc
Goblin Voiced by: Kyle Hebert

This unnamed general of Gran Kingdom's army attacked Talta Village to steal the children there. He ran afoul of Zola and engaged her in battle. When Shu unleashed Blue Dragon for the first time, the general targeted Shu. He was easily defeated by Blue Dragon.

The unnamed Gran Kingdom General owns a Goblin shadow who wields a mace.


Voiced by: Hirofumi Nojima (Japanese), Liam O'Brien (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Dolsk is a red-haired Shadow User from Gran Kingdom. Under the orders from Nene, a general that Dolsk was working for dispatched him to attack Zola's group. He ended up engaging Jiro in battle with Zola providing back-up if necessary. After points of making himself wide open, Jiro managed to defeat him.

Dolsk wields an Ogre shadow.

Ivanov and Gustav

Ivanov Voiced by: Tadashi Mutou (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)
Gustav Voiced by: Wataru Hatano

Exclusive to the anime, Ivanov and Gustav are twin Shadow Users from Gran Kingdom. They were the ones responsible for attacking the village Marumaro was at and capturing its inhabitants. They fought Marumaro, Zola, and Jiro outside the village, but retreated when they got their prisoners onboard. They were visited by General Logi at the prison they ran. After General Logi defeated Zola, Jiro, and Marumaro, he left the rest to Ivanov and Gustav. Around this time, Shu managed to gain control of Blue Dragon and effortlessly defeated them. Ivanov and Gustav made a cameo in a flashback where they attack Tonto's village for tribute to Nene.

Ivanov's shadow is a red armored, sword-wielding warrior that is good at offense. Gustav's shadow is a blue armored, shield-wielding warrior that's good at defense. The two shadows can combine their attacks to form the Soul Matter attack.


Voiced by: Keiji Okuda (Japanese), Terrence Stone (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Salinas is a spy who works for Gran Kingdom. Delphinium had him infiltrate Jibral in a plot to obtain the Extra Seven from the Book of the Beginning. He used his shadow to cause 14 ghost-like pranks. Three of them occurred in Jibral's critical facilities like turning the communication equipment upside down to cripple its function, using up the reserve food in the storage facility to make it look like someone prepared a banquet, and decorating the outside of Jibral's Power Plant with flowers while destroying the equipment within. Shu, Marumaro, and the guards confronted him at the armory. Shu and Marumaro unleash Blue Dragon and Saber Tiger to fight him. With help from Zola (who managed to do some detective work during their fight), Shu and Marumaro defeat Salinas who is then remanded to the dungeon. He is later interrogated as Lt. Dragnov's Black Shadow army attacks Jibral which is when he manages to make his escape. After he made off with the Extra Seven, he gave them to Delphinium who then killed Salinas. His body is later found outside Jibral by the guards.

Salinas' shadow is Jikonda, an armored noblewoman-resembling monster who posed as the ghost of a noblewoman. She attacks with an umbrella-like machine gun that emits laser beams. It also can emit blades and smokescreen from its dress. It is true form under that noblewoman-like armor is a mummified zombie-like creature.

General Orehill

Voiced by: Doug Stone

Exclusive to the anime, General Orehill commanded Gran Kingdom's 3rd Squadron army. Following Nene's destruction, he tried to bring order to a ruined town owned by Gran Kingdom only for General Logi to arrive. When General Logi established the Shadow Extremist nation of Rosekstan, General Orehill was among those present who swore their allegiance to General Logi.

Captain Crester

Exclusive to the second anime, Captain Crester is one of the surviving members of Gran Kingdom. He and his soldiers have put up a resistance against Rosekstan and even denied siding with Legolas' resistance. When his troops were getting defeated by a Rosekstan fleet led by Captain Varenko, Captain Crester is approached by Michael who gives him a Dragon Scale. This gave Captain Crester the power to bring out a red wyvern-like shadow and uses it to defeat some of the Rosekstan troops. When it was about to move in on Captain Varenko and the surviving troops even when Captain Varenko declares surrender, Shu, Noi, Marumaro, and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger appeared and defended the remaining Rosekstan troops. After defeating Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger, Crester is defeated by Shu and Blue Dragon as the Dragon Scale is expelled from Crester's body.

Black Shadows

The robotic, shadow-wielding foot soldiers for Gran Kingdom. They each come in different types:

  • Black Shadow Type-One - Reddish-colored robots. They can summon their armored winged warrior shadows.
  • Black Shadow Type-Two - Green-colored robots. They can summon their armored winged warrior shadows with large horns. They are stronger than the ones summoned by the Black Shadow Type-One robots.
  • Black Shadow Type-Three - Shadows in robotic armor. They can pull laser-shooting swords from their shadowy bodies which can also constrict their opponents. They also have shadowy wings.
  • Black Shadow Type-Four - Humans in robotic armor. This version was created by General Logi. They can summon robotic birdman-like shadows.

Mecha Robo

Robots built by the ancients, they form the majority of Nene's forces and are the most prominent enemy class in the game. In fact, "Mecha Robo" is one of the four divisions of enemies in the beastiry. Normal Mecha Robos have spherical bodies with colors that vary depending on variety, but all mechanical enemies are classified as "Mecha Robo" in the bestiary. The types of "normal" Mecha Robos include:

  • Mecha Robo - A red and black Mecha Robo.
  • Flying Mecha Robo - A dark blue Mecha Robo.
  • Battle Mecha Robo - A purple and black Mecha Robo.
  • Heavy Mecha Robo - A dark blue and black Mecha Robo
  • War Mecha Robo - A green and gray Mecha Robo.
  • Versatile Mecha Robo - A red and orange Mecha Robo.
  • Servant Mecha Robo A - A gray and dark yellow Mecha Robo that floats.
  • Servant Mecha Robo B - A gray and dark yellow Mecha Robo that seems to be hunched over.
  • Security Mecha Robo - A tall red and gray Mecha Robo with a bulky body.
  • Grim Security Mecha Robo - A tall blue and gray Mecha Robo with a bulky body.
  • Defense Mecha Robo - A yellow and gray Mecha Robo with large shield parts for hands.
  • Jumbo Mecha Robo - A gigantic Mecha Robo with a round body and arms and legs.
  • Gold Mecha Robo - A golden Mecha Robo. The most powerful enemy in the game next to King Poo Snake.

Some of them appeared in the anime as alternative foot soldiers alongside the Black Shadows.


Following the destruction of Nene, General Logi established the Shadow Extremist nation of Rosekstan (called Rosenkreuz in the original) to be an offshoot of Gran Kingdom. Among the characters from Rosekstan are:


Matilda is an orange-haired woman who served as second-in-command to General Logi. When it came to Natalus' attack on Rosekstan's capital, she used her shadow to get General Logi out of there. When Delphinium and Deathroy infiltrated General Logi's hideout, she used her shadow to teleport Delphinium out of the base and briefly engaged her before teleporting away. When Matilda plan to use Sleipnir's laser cannon on the wall Rudolph brought up which would end up destroying a nearby village, Shu ended up fighting her and managed to use the Noi/Blue Dragon's ability to block the attack which overloaded Sleipnir's cannon. Matilda later operated Sleipnir during the final battle with Rudolph.

Matilda's shadow is Zephyrus, a monstrous swordsman with the ability to teleport and emit laser beams from its sword.

Captain Varenko

Captain Varenko is a member of Rosekstan's army. He and his army fought against the resistance led by Captain Crester. During the fight, Varenko learned that they had lost contact with General Logi following the fight with Lotarus. Though Varenko's troops managed to defeat Crester's troops, Crester returned with the Dragon Scale that enabled him to conjure a shadow that defeated Varenko's troops. Though Varenko declared surrender, Crester was going to destroy him and his remaining troops anyway only for Shu to intervene. After Shu defeated Crester expelling the Dragon Scale from him, Shu learns from Varenko about them losing contact with General Logi. Captain Varenko is later seen interrogating Delphinium and Deathroy when they surrender to Rosekstan.

White Brigade

They use special laser weapons in their quest to banish all shadows. The group is based in the city of Nirvana. Among the members of the White Brigade are:

Dr. Tarkovsky

The leader of the White Brigade, Dr. Tarkovsky formerly worked for Gran Kingdom before leaving it and forming his own organization. Though he refers himself as the grandfather of Primella, he is actually her creator. Because of the White Brigade's goals, it brought Dr. Tarkovsky and his forces into conflict with the forces of Rosekstan. When the Investiture Beings were attacking various areas, Dr. Tarkovsky and the White Brigade called a truce with Rosekstan.


Appearing in the second series and referred as the granddaughter of the White Brigade's leader, she is actually created by Dr. Tarkovsky from the energy that was the goodness within Zola before it cast out of her body by Killer Bat. Because of her origins, Primella's ability to see into the future is used by Dr. Tarkovsky. Dr. Tarkovsky also hired General Szabo to be her caretaker. She first became known to Shu when she contacted him in his dreams. They finally met in person in Nirvana. When it came to her latest vision revolving around Shu and the White Brigade fighting Fagino and Lota killing Kluke in a flower field, she and General Szabo persuaded Vermillion to accompany them to where Shu is. Following Vermillion's destruction, she and General Szabo travelled with Shu while Noi, Bouquet, and Marumaro went to see to their own missions. Upon reuniting with the White Brigade, she was able to persuade her "grandfather" to call a truce with both Shu and Rosekstan. During the fight with Rudolph, Shu learned the truth about Primella. When the Shu/Blue Dragon emerged for Round 2 against Rudolph, it gave Primella to Dr. Tarkovsky. Following Rudolph's destruction, she gave medals to Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro.


The yellow-haired swordsman of the White Brigade who is one of Dr. Tarkovsky's henchmen. Back when Nene was in power, he was among those who fought his forces and lost. Following that defeat, Vermillion was approached by Dr. Tarkovsky to join up with him. He prevented Jiro from making a final blow on Delphinium after Chimera was defeated. In the war against the White Brigade and Rosekstan, he engaged Shu and the Noi/Blue Dragon in a sword fight before the fight was crashed by Michael in his Red Dragon form. Vermillion is later killed in battle by Rudolph.


The silver-haired swordsman of the White Brigade who is one of Dr. Tarkovsky's henchmen. In the war between Rosekstan and the White Brigade, he engaged General Logi in battle. When General Logi was about to land a blow on Furioso, one of the soldiers sacrificed their life to protect him. When it came to the battle with the Investiture Beings, Furioso sacrificed his life to protect the Mast Driver from Hildegard and Fagino's attack.

Investiture Beings

The primary antagonists of the second series. The Investiture Beings are a race of elf-like beings that have the ability to reawaken Shadows. Each of them has a dragon form that can also be brought out in shadow form. The Investiture Beings have also developed the ability to use a force field-like barrier in both forms. Among the Investiture Beings are:


Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama

Rudolph is the leader of the Investiture Beings. When it came to the war between Rosekstan and the White Brigade, Rudolph fired a laser from the floating city which petrified Michael where he stood. It even rose a giant wall which also petrified any soldier on both the Rosekstan and White Brigade sides as they were shown petrified on the wall. He later has his encounter with Shu, but withdraws. In the next encounter, Vermillion fought him and perished. Rudolph then had part of the wall destroyed during the Investiture Beings' invasion. When it came to Hildegard and Fagino's fight with Shu and the White Brigade at Z'Mey, Rudolph awakened Amethyst Dragon, Blizzard Dragon, Moody Dragon, Phantom Dragon, and Spark Dragon to eliminate the White Brigade and Shu's group. Following Fagino's destruction, Rudolph then had Lota fight Hildegard after what she did in her encounter with Noi in the underground ruins. When Shu rescued Lota, he then engaged Rudolph. Rudolph later transformed his castle into a war machine in his final act upon the world. The Shu/Blue Dragon then fought Rudolph which led to the point where their breath attacks collided. Though the Shu/Blue Dragon fell towards the ground, Rudolph then began to crack and fell toward his war machine where he exploded.

Rudolph's true form is a four-winged gold dragon and can even bring it out in Shadow form. In dragon form, he is shown to have the abilities to duplicate and become intangible.


Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi

Michael is the first opponent that Shu faces when Blue Dragon is reawakened. Shu encounters him in his dragon form when he decimated some Rosekstan soldiers and when he tried to get to Noi. Blue Dragon repelled him that time. Then he attacked Shu with his dragon form in its shadow form, but was repelled by the Blue Dragon/Bouquet fusion. He later tries to get to Noi again and his dragon form is revealed alongside what Noi is. Noi assumes his dragon form and merges with Blue Dragon to form a Blue Dragon form with Noi's dragon abilities. After being wounded by this new form, Michael retreats when the White Brigade comes into view. Shu and the others encounter him in the Investiture ruins under the city. Conrad, Griz, and Daner tried to attack him that time. Michael is repelled by Blue Dragon again. When Michael in his dragon form crashed the battle between Rosekstan and the White Brigade, Rudolph activated a laser in the floating city which petrified Michael where he stood.

Michael's true form is a red dragon and can even bring it out in Shadow form.


Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi

Lotarus (or Lota as referred to Bouquet) is an Investiture Being who was encountered by General Logi. She reawakened General Logi's shadow Odin and both of them ended up in a fight which resulted in General Logi's castle being set on fire. She later encounters Bouquet and has a conversation with her until Shu intervenes. Lotarus later makes another attempt at Bouquet by enchanting a butterfly to eat her dreams. This was unexpectedly thwarted by Marumaro who unknowingly kills the butterfly during his girl-chasing activity. Lotarus even had an encounter with Delphinium, Deathroy, and the White Brigade. During her fight with them, Lotarus unleashes winged creatures to decimate half of the White Brigade's troops as Lotarus escapes. She encounters Noi in the underground ruins and even sent a flying rock-like structure to smash the city above it. This was thwarted by Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro who had their shadows attack it. Primella's vision revolved around Lotarus doing an attempt on Kluke's life. Bouquet and Marumaro tried to prevent that only for Lota to miss. When what happened during her encounter with Noi in the underground ruins was found out, Lotarus was forced to fight Hildegard. Lotarus managed to trap Hildegard's head, arms, and tail only to be caught off guard by the second head that emerged. Lotarus was defeated, but was rescued by Shu at the last minute. Shu then gave Lotarus to Bouquet. After Rudolph was destroyed, Lota left with Noi and Hildegard.

Lotarus' true form is a white dragon with pink wings and can even bring it out in Shadow form.


Hildegard's Male Voice Voiced by: Yūya Uchida
Hildegard's Female Voice Voiced by: Masumi Asano

Hildegard is an Investiture Being with a split personality having a male voice and a female voice. Hildegard and Fagino were sent to a city to destroy the Investiture Beings ruins. In his/her encounter and battle with Jiro, s/he awakened his shadow Minotaur. Upon taking some hits by Minotaur's attacks, Hildegard retreated. Due to Lotarus's encounter with Noi in the Investiture Beings' ruins, Lotarus had to fight Hildegard. During the fight, Hildegard's second head was revealed as he/she defeated Lotarus. Before Hildegard could finish Lota off, Shu arrived and saved Lotarus. After Rudolph was destroyed, Hildegard left with Noi and Lotarus

Hildegard's dragon form is a quadrupedal green dragon with two heads and can even bring it out in Shadow form. In both forms, Hildegard has elasticity ability enabling him/her and her/his Shadow to stretch out their limbs.


Voiced by: Wataru Takagi

Fagino is a short heavyset Investiture Being with a gluttonous appetite. He and Hildegard were sent to a city to destroy the Investiture Beings ruins. Fagino later used his Dragon Scales to enchant some scarecrows into becoming obese versions of Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi. He later ended up in a fight with the White Brigade when he fell into their trap. He managed to break free, but was repelled by Shu and Blue Dragon. In the final battle, Shu and Blue Dragon merged to fight with Fagino. Fagino was destroyed by the Shu/Blue Dragon's attack.

Fagino's true form is a short pink dragon and can even bring it out in Shadow form. In dragon form, Fagino can charge up his attacks and shape its hands to form weapons. In this form, Fagino can also regenerate his arms if cut off.


This section lists the monsters that appear in the game:

Amethyst Dragon

A purple dragon found on the coastal road south of Talta Village. It only appears after speaking with Bauhm in Kelaso Village's Underground.

In the second anime, it was awakened by Rudolph alongside Blizzard Dragon, Moody Dragon, Phantom Dragon, and Spark Dragon to attack Shu's group, the White Brigade, and Conrad's group. It was responsible for killing Griz and Daner. When it was about to attack Furioso and Kluke, Amethyst Dragon was destroyed by Rosekstan's Sleipnir airship. More Amethyst Dragons partook in the fight between Rudolph and the combined forces of Rosekstan and Shu's friends. They were destroyed when Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon's attack collided.

Azure Dragon

A blue serpentine dragon who is the boss of the Sea Cube.

Azure Sentinel

A four-armed robotic giant who is the boss of Noluta Village. It has one subspecie:

  • Steel Giant - A four-armed robotic giant who is the boss of the Upper Mecha Base.

Blazing Kirin

A fiery Kirin who is the boss of the basement in Baroy Town's temple.

Blizzard Dragon

A large blue-green dragon with purple wings found in the west of Kelaso Village. It only appears after speaking with Bauhm in Kelaso Village's Underground

In the second anime, it was awakened by Rudolph alongside Amethyst Dragon, Moody Dragon, Phantom Dragon, and Spark Dragon to attack Shu's group, the White Brigade, and Conrad's group. It was destroyed by Marumaro and the Bouquet/Saber Tiger. Another Blizzard Dragon took part in the battle between Rudolph and the combined forces of Rosekstan and Shu's friends. It was destroyed when Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon's attacks collided.


A very large headless robotic centaur who is the mini-boss on the Road to Jibral.

Eat Yeet

A large living tree with two large red hands. It is the boss of Devour Village. It had the other trees trap the inhabitants of Devour Village so that they can slowly eat the villager.

It has one subspecie:

  • Ghost Yeet - A large living tree with large hands, red roots, and red branches. It is the boss of the Eastern Deserted Island. It is said to be an enhanced version of Eat Yeet.

Flamboyant Dinoram

A large orange and biege, ram-horned dinosaur-like creature. It is the boss of the Lot Wilderness.

Flame Raptor

A very large dark red bird who is the boss of Mural Valley. It has 3 subspecies:

  • Boreal Raptor - A very large light olive bird.
  • Ice Raptor - A very large light blue bird.
  • Tornado Raptor - A very large dark green bird.

Grand Scything Steel Spider

A skull-headed robot with a mechanical spider-like body that wields a scythe. It is the boss of the Mecha Base.


A four-headed purple rattlesnake with a biege underbelly. It is the boss of the Undersea Caverns. It has two sub-species:

  • Gorgon Hydrattler - A four-headed green rattlesnake with a biege underbelly.
  • Hot Hot Hydra - A red four-headed rattlesnake with a white underbelly. It is the boss of the Primitive Cube.
  • Poison Hydrattler - A four-headed rattlesnake with a blue underbelly.

Icefire Wolf Ghost

A two-headed wolf that's made up of a Snow Wolf Ghost and a Fire Wolf Ghost. It is the boss of the Ancient Hospital Ruins. Icefire Wolf Ghost has the ability to change the elements.

King Ghost

Voiced by: Fûrin Cha (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

A fat ghost with an orange crown and a yellow scepter. He is the boss of the Island of the Dead. It has the ability to summon ghosts. Shu and Co. fought him in order to get to the Gabo plant which was needed to help Lago Village.

Land Shark

The Land Shark is a modified Mechat with artificial intelligence. It has two forms:

  • Land Shark A - It's normal form.
  • Land Shark B - The Land Shark when it's floating in the air
  • Land Shark C - The Land Shark when it's standing on its two back fins

In the game, the Land Shark would come to Talta Village and destroy it every ten years, but only in the form of a brown fin that would stick up out of the ground. It is revealed to be an ancient machine when it drags Shu, Jiro, and Kluke underground. The Land Shark flew them up to Nene's fortress in the first game. Later on in the game in Disc 2, Shu and the gang fight the Land Shark again when they rush to Nene to get the 'bomb collar' removed. There, it appears in its normal form (when it's not a fin) and then transforms into Land Shark B. It appears again in Disc 3, where you fight it in its Land Shark C form and finally, at the end of the game, Shu and the gang use a Mechat to fight back the Land Shark before the world breaks into two.

In Blue Dragon Plus, Shu and the gang use the Land Shark to break into a lower part of Neo Jibral Castle. Jiro insits of thinking a way in, but Shu pushes him out of the way and runs the Land Shark into the wall, making an entrance. Later on, it is revealed that Marutora, Marumira, and Sahlia had snuck on board the Land Shark in the beginning of the game.

In the anime, some Land Sharks were seen in the attack upon Talta Village.


This robot looks like a human head with a third eye. He is the mini-boss of the deep part of the Primitive Cube.

Mad Eye

A large dirty green floating green cloak that wields a scepter. He is the boss of Talta Village when it was destroyed. Mad Eye can summon Green Skeletons, Purple Skeletons, and Skeleton Captains. He has three subspecies:

  • Cardinal Eye - A large turquoise floating cloak that wields a scepter.
  • Fanatic Eye - A large orange floating cloak that wields a scepter.
  • Imposter Eye - A large purple floating cloak that wields a scepter.


A large red cyborg Tyrannosaurus. It is the boss of the Primitive Cube. It has a Stand Firm attack which summons a Jumbo Poo Snake.

Moody Dragon

A large dark green dragon located in the Moody River. It will appears if all 150 Kelolon and 151 Hyper Kelolon parties are defeated near the waterfall. This is the only dragon that will appear before you visit Kelaso Village, and is very weak.

In the second anime, it was awakened by Rudolph alongside Amethyst Dragon, Blizzard Dragon, Phantom Dragon, and Spark Dragon to attack Shu's group, the White Brigade, and Conrad's group. Furioso managed to blind it before destroying it. Another one took part in the battle between Rudolph and the combined forces of Rosekstan and Shu's friends. It was destroyed when Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon's attacks collided.

Phantom Dragon

A large blue dragon located in the southern outskirts of the Great Desert. It only appears after speaking with Bauhm in Kelaso Village' Underground.

In the second anime, it was awakened by Rudolph alongside Amethyst Dragon, Blizzard Dragon, Moody Dragon, and Spark Dragon to attack Shu's group, the White Brigade, and Conrad's group. It is destroyed by a combined attack from Jiro's Minotaur and Andropov's Alubujem. Another one took part in the battle between Rudolph and the combined forces of Rosekstan and Shu's friends. It was destroyed when Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon's attacks collided.

Pyro Dragon

A large red dragon who is the boss of the Primitive Cube. It is a recolored version of the Phantom Dragon.

Rockwind Wolf Ghost

A two-headed wolf that's made up of a Gale Wolf Ghost and a Stone Wolf Ghost. It is the boss of the Grand Desert. They have the ability to alter their elements and even split into two wolf ghosts.

Scything Skull Spider

A skull-headed robot with a mechanical spider-like body that wields a scythe. It is the boss of the underground level of Pachess Town.

Sneezing Cyclops

This creature looks like a human head with a third eye. He is the mini-boss of the deep part of the Primitive Cube.

Spark Dragon

A large brown and red dragon located behind a red barrier in the Gul Mountains. It only appears after speaking with Bauhm in Kelaso Village's Underground.

In the second anime, it was awakened by Rudolph alongside Amethyst Dragon, Blizzard Dragon, Moody Dragon, and Phantom Dragon to attack Shu's group, the White Brigade, and Conrad's group. With help from Conrad and Griz, Shu and the Noi/Blue Dragon destroyed Spark Dragon. Another one took part in the fight between Rudolph and the combined forces to Rosekstan and Shu's friends. It was destroyed when Rudolph and the Shu/Blue Dragon's attacks collided.

Steel-Eating Tiger

A large, yellow and black tiger monster with four eyes and a white underbelly. Four of them serve as a boss on the Road to Jibral. It has one subspecie:

  • Gold-Eating Tiger - A large orange and black striped tiger with a white underbelly.


A large stone dinosaur-like creature. It is the boss of the Aurora Ruins.

Other Characters

Conrad L. Lawrence

Voiced by: Mitsuru Miyamoto (Japanese), Peter Doyle (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Conrad is a Knight Master who comes from Jibral. He heads up a resistance against Gran Kingdom. Two years later, he and Griz join up with Legolas' resistance. When it came to a fight between Hildegard, Fagino, and a bunch of dragons, Conrad sacrifices his life to protect Shu from Fagino's attack. Though he later turns up alive, but injured in Talta Village during the Shu/Blue Dragon's fight with Rudolph.

His design is based on King Jibral from the video games.


Voiced by: Philip Proctor

Fushira is Shu's grandfather who is one of the survivors of the Land Shark that was unleashed by Nene. He works as a blacksmith in Talta Village. After Talta Village was destroyed, he led the Talta Village caravan to Jibral. After Destroy is eliminated, he showed up at Kluke's birthday party.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," Fushira is a playable character and is first summoning his Shadow after he volunteers to go along with Shu and the gang to the cube.

In the second game, Fushira has a Rafflesia monster shadow. It can use buffs on his allies and himself.


Exclusive to the second series, Griz is a fellow Knight Master who is friends with Conrad. He and Conrad join up with Legolas' resistance. Griz is later killed by Amethyst Dragon alongside Daner. Though he and Daner later turned up alive during the Shu/Blue Dragon's fight with Rudolph.


Exclusive to the second series, Daner is a Knight Master Apprentice to Griz that wields a type of gun. Daner is later killed by Amethyst Dragon alongside Griz. Though he and Griz later turned up alive during the Shu/Blue Dragon's fight with Rudolph.


Voiced by: Tadashi Mutoh (Japanese), Kim Strauss (English)

A Gorgo who serves as a boss in the Exile Forest. He has been set up for the theft of the Jibral Family's gem by Jeelala and ends up sent to the Exile Forest. He sends Shu and the group to Alumaru Village to tell Sura-Sura to forget and not ring the bell. After Jeelala was exposed for the theft, Shu and the others enter the Exile Forest and save him from the Poison Mists. After he is saved, Guru-Guru is reunited with Sura-Sura. He and Sura-Sura were present at Kluke's birthday party.


Voiced by: Joey D'Auria

One of the ancient robots that lives in Baroy Town. His actual "name" is Number 35, but Shu invents the name "Hineto" for him because he thinks that they deserve to have real names, and that names are easier to remember.

The Homerons

Homeron the Great Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese), Michael P. Greco (English)
Homeron the Original Voiced by: Doug Stone
Homeron II Voiced by: Patrick Seitz
Homeron the Legitimate Voiced by: Unavailable
Homeron Jr. Voiced by: Michelle Ruff

Exclusive to the anime, the Homerons are a group of informants that reside in the informant town of Coreed. The one that Shu and Co. were seeking to help look for the person who stole the Extra Seven was Homeron the Great. There had been other Homerons:

  • Homeron the Original:
  • Homeron II:
  • Homeron the Legitimate:
  • Homeron Jr.:

Shu and Co. managed to find him in the disguise of the girl that helped Shu on info on the Gigarus location. During his search for the one who stole the Extra Seven, Homeron had some run-ins with the culprit who is later identified to be Delphinium. Homeron the Great later infiltrated Castle Des La Teste to look for any info on the Extra Seven. Informing Shu about this, they take a Mechat into the sky to look for the Norg. Homeron managed to get on the Norg during an air fight between Sabalu Country and Gran Kingdom. He and the Norg's crew ended up in the Great Brandish Forest where they were attacked by Obacks. When Homeron the Great was about to reunite Shu, Delphinium arrived and used her shadow to kill him right in Shu's eyes.

His fellow Homerons continue to help Shu and Co. in any way after it turns out that General Logi has the Extra Seven.


Voiced by: Gwendoline Yeo

Exclusive to the anime, Sii is the younger sister of Homeron the Great. Homeron posed as her when helping Shu on info on where to find a Gigarus. Two years later, the real Sii shows up and helps Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi with whatever info she can give them. She has occasionally been working with Jiro.


Voiced by: Jin Yamanoi (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

A member of the Gorgo Tribe with a large sword. He serves as the boss of Alumaru Village. Through unspecific circumstances, he became the chief of Alumaru Village following Guru-Guru's exile. Ever since, Jeelala attempted to get Sura-Sura to forget about Guru-Guru and live with him. When confronted by Shu and Co. in the treasure storehouse, he revealed that he stole the gem to gain what he wanted and managed to set up Guru-Guru for the theft. After Jeelala and his Gorgo Beastfolk followers were defeated, Zola exposed Jeelala for the theft of the gem to the arriving Gorgo guards.

King of Jibral

King of Jibral (VG) Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese), Sam Riegel (English)
King of Jibral (anime) Voiced by: Mitsuo Senda (Japanese), Michael McConnohie (English)

As his name says, he is the King of Jibral though he is known in the video game as King Jibral the XVI. He, Zola, and the Jibral Soldiers first appear to save Shu and his friends from Steel-Eating Tigers. After his castle was destroyed in the fight against Gran Kingdom, King Jibral has a new castle built where the Cube Worlds are on the Castle Cube. In the game, Jibral presents Zola a ring for her (and her friends...of course...) protection, a royal heirloom bearing a powerful and magical gem. It seems that he harbors romantic feelings for her.

In the Blue Dragon anime, Shu and Co. managed to gain audience with the King of Jibral after Shu and Marumaro defeated Salinas. This version is much different from the one seen in the video game.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," King Jibral is playable and has a Qilin shadow.


Voiced by: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese), Kyle Hebert (English)

Exclusive to the anime, Legolas is a Regional Inspector for Jibral's Royal Army. He first appeared after Shu and Blue Dragon defeated Ivanov and Gustav. Bouquet has a habit of accidentally injuring him. He has also helped Shu and Co. in any way he can. When it came to final fight with Nene's forces outside of Coreed, he arrived with reinforcements to help the soldiers with Conrad. Two years later, Legolas has started a resistance against Rosekstan.


A member of the Devee Tribe and one of Marumaro's brothers.

He made cameos in the Blue Dragon anime.


A member of the Devee Tribe and one of Marumaro's brothers.

He made cameos in the Blue Dragon anime.


A member of the Devee Tribe and one of Marumaro's sisters. She is the one with blue hair and wears a blue dress.

In the video game, she teaches Shu and the gang magic words after the Devees of Lago Village are cured. She tells them a word that will help them fall asleep faster. "One sheep hair, two sheep hair..." and so on, making Jiro worry about how many hairs a sheep actually has.

Marumira appears in "Blue Dragon Plus" as a playable character. She snuck onto the Land Shark along with Marutora and Sahlia. She later meets up with Marumaro and Zola with Marutora after triggering a trap. Along with Marutora, she later falls in love with Zola after agreeing when Marutora says, "I think I'm falling in love!"

She made cameos in the Blue Dragon anime.

In the second video game, Marumira wields a Cerberus shadow. Cerberus can cause Status Ailments such as panic, paralyze, poison, sleep, e.t.c.


A member of the Devee Tribe and one of Marumaro's brothers.

He made cameos in the Blue Dragon anime.


A member of the Devee Tribe and one of Marumaro's sisters.

She made cameos in the Blue Dragon anime.


A member of the Devee Tribe and one of Marumaro's brothers. He is the one in green shorts.

Marutora along with Marumaro's other younger and brothers and sisters. When the Devees of Lago Village are cured, he teaches Shu and the gang a magic word that will make their mothers like them more.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," Marutora snuck onto the Land Shark with his sister Marumira and Sahlia. He meets up with Marumaro and Zola after triggering a trap. He and Marumira are separated from Sahlia and he later "falls in love" with Zola just like Marumaro.

He made cameos in the Blue Dragon anime.

Marutora's shadow is Kraken, a dolphin with six tentacles. Kraken can use Support Magic.


Voiced by: Ryoko Ono (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)

A character from Devour Village. When the night of the eight moon alignment was occurring, Shu prevented her from jumping off a cliff to end the misery of losing her parents to the Eat Yeet. After the Eat Yeet is destroyed, she gives Shu, Kluke, Jiro, and Marumaro some cookies for their trip. She later pops up at Kluke's birthday party.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," Sahlia is playable once you encounter her. In the beginning, she snuck onto the Land Shark with Marutora and Marumira (Marumaro's brother and sister). She tells them to stay close, but all three trigger a trap and the floor opens underneath them. When Shu is looking for Nene along with his friend (or by himself), she falls out of an air vent if you take a specific route. Shu tells her that it's dangerous and that she should go home, but Sahlia points out that he told her to never give up on life and summons a Shadow of her own. Shu then decides that she can come, and Sahlia says, "As long as I'm with you, I'm fine!" Shu blushes and says back "Whatever." It is show that she is pulled into a love triangle with Shu and Kluke and it is revealed she has a crush on Shu due to her "really wanting to know" who he liked more: Sahlia or Kluke.

In the second game, she manifests a Cat Genie shadow. It has the ability to lower defense, speed, attack, and magic. Better known as status killers. Defense Killer, Speed Killer, Attack Killer, and Magic Killer are the spell's real name.

Sheep Tribe

A race of humanoid sheep. They have a campsite on the Island of the Dead.


Voiced by: Melissa Fahn

A Gorgo who lives in Alumaro village. Guru-Guru had sent Shu and Co. to Alumaro Village to tell her not to ring the bell and to forget. She has many times declined Jeelala's offer to live with him. She is eventually reunited with Guru-Guru after he is rescued. She and Guru-Guru showed up at Kluke's birthday party.


A strange-looking world-traveller wearing a green jumpsiut and what appears to be a gasmask. He is encountered by the party at various points in the game where he sells them stat-enhancing items in exchange for the "medals" found throughout the game.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," Toripo is playable and has a Tarantula shadow.


Voiced by: Atsushi Goto (Japanese), Michael McConnohie (English)

One of the ancient robots who lives in Baroy Town, he saves Shu and friends from the moon lasers in the laser field and befriends them. His actual "name" is Number 61, but Shu invents the name "Yasato" for him because he thinks that they deserve to have real names, and that names are easier to remember. Later on in the game when Nene reveals himself to the robots as their new master, Yasato and the other robots are forced to do his bidding as their purpose is to await and serve their master. In Nene's fortress, Yasato and a number of other robots attack Shu and the party. They are able to free him and the rest of the robots from Nene's control by destroying the vacuum-like device which is controlling him. Later on in the game, Yasato and the other robots are encountered on the "Mecha Robo Cube" where they are now living free from having to serve a master. He later attends Kluke's birthday party.

In "Blue Dragon Plus," Yasato is playable and has a Pegasus shadow.


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