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This is a list of collaborative software (or list of groupware) applications. Wiki software is on a list of wiki software.


Open source or free software

The following are open source or free software applications:


Comparison chart

Name Mail Transfer agent Mail Storage Type IMAP Server Shared IMAP Calendar Format Shared Calendar IM Server WebDAV Web UI Shared Contacts Shared Files Web Admin UI Anti-Virus Spam Filtering Notes
Atmail Custom Exim Mail Dir Custom Yes iCal/CalDAV CalDAV, Outlook MAPI No Yes Yes Yes No Yes ClamAV SpamAssassin Commercial with Source
Axigen SMTP proprietary RFC compliant proprietary indexed storage proprietary RFC compliant Yes iCal available from Microsoft Outlook & Webmail No No Yes Yes No Yes ClamAV SpamAssassin, Sieve and others Mobile synchronization using full compliant ActiveSync, AJAX GUI, multiplatform, Microsoft Outlook connector with online/offline modes
Citadel/UX Custom Berkeley DB Custom Yes iCal Yes Yes GroupDAV and WebCal support Yes Yes various methods Yes ClamAV on top of SpamAssassin SpamAssassin, or pre-processed with Postfix or qpsmtpd Hot backups require retention of recent database logs.
Collaber No No No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No No Client-server based architecture. Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Expresso Livre Postfix IMAP server dependent Cyrus or any IMAP server No iCal Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes on linux- any external Sieve filters AJAX GUI, fully integration with mobile devices, integration with any imap client.
Google Apps SMTP proprietary Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes N/A Yes IMAP server, web eMail, IM, audio and A/V conferencing, word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, calendar, photo albums, blogs. Imports and exports many formats.
Group-Office Custom Postfix IMAP server dependent Custom No iCal Web interface No No Yes Yes Yes Yes ClamAV SpamAssassin, DSPAM Synchronizes with: Microsoft Outlook, Symbian, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Other SyncML clients
Horde Sendmail, SMTP No Cyrus and others No No DB, ICAL export No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No rule-based filtering works with Kolab
i-sense Sendmail, SMTP IMAP server dependent, Database Any IMAP server Unknown iCal iCal and custom export/synchronisation services No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No SpamAssassin and others AJAX GUI and Microsoft Outlook integration
Jumper 2.0 No No Custom No SQL, iCal iCal No Yes Yes Yes Yes - shares any content, media, or data Yes No No enterprise social bookmarking engine that uses peer and social-networking principles to tag and link distributed data resources for universal search regardless of vendor, format, or location.
Kolab Postfix IMAP (Kolab-XML Format) and LDAP Cyrus Yes iCal and Kolab-XML Format IMAP, iCal- and HTML-Export No No Horde IMAP and LDAP No Yes ClamAV and others SpamAssassin and others Runs on almost all UNIX/Linux; many clients: Kontact, Microsoft Outlook, Horde and others
Postfix IMAP server dependent Cyrus or any IMAP server Yes iCal LDAP, Export to iCal No Yes Yes Yes Yes If purchased ClamAV and others SpamAssassin and others AJAX GUI, Microsoft Outlook integration, Tasks module
Feng Office Community Edition Sendmail, SMTP Database or File system Any IMAP server No SQL, iCal iCal No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Any external (e.g. ClamAV) Mail server dependent (e.g. SpamAssassin) AJAX GUI; Runs on any operating system with Apache, PHP and MySQL (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS); Commercial support available through Feng Office
OpenGroupware Postfix Mail Dir Cyrus No No Export to iCal XMPP, if purchased No No No No If purchased
PhpGroupWare No No No Unknown Unknown ICAL Yes Unknown Yes Unknown Yes Yes Quite similar to eGroupWare
Simple Groupware SMTP IMAP server dependent, Database Cyrus, Courier IMAP, UW IMAP and others Yes SQL, iCal and XML Format Database, ICAL import/export Built-in chat module Planned for 0.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes ClamAV and others Mail server dependent Synchronizes with: Outlook, Symbian, Pocket PC, mail notifications, document preview
Synovel CollabSuite Postfix Maildir Dovecot Yes iCal CalDav XMPP N/A Yes Yes No Yes ClamAV SpamAssassin Linux based Server with web administration panel. Client Software works on Windows and Linux. Rich Ajax based web access
Teamwork (software) relies on existing SMTP synchronizes with clients No Yes iCal iCal No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Synchronizes with: Outlook, Google calendars, Mail. Has complete project management module.
Tine 2.0 Postfix or any other SMTP Server SQL DBMail or other IMAP-server if IMAP server support SQL Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes No No Uses external IMAP server. Synchronizes with: Symbian, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Other ActiveSync clients
Zarafa Postfix, Exim, Qmail, Sendmail and others MySQL, optional attachments on filesystem Yes Public Folder available Outlook, Webaccess, iCal, Z-Merge Outlook, Webaccess, Z-Merge No No Yes Yes No Yes ClamAV and others SpamAssassin and others AJAX WebAccess, online and offline Outlook compatibility, fully ActiveSync compatible using Z-Push (Symbian, Pocket PC, iPhone (firmware 2.X), Nokia (mail4Exchange)), integrates with AD and LDAP, own serverside integration framework Z-Merge
Zimbra Custom Postfix Mail Dir w/ index db Custom No iCal ICAL XMPP No Yes Yes Yes Yes ClamAV SpamAssassin, DSPAM
Name Mail Transfer agent Mail Storage Type IMAP Server Shared IMAP Calendar Format Shared Calendar IM Server WebDAV Web UI Shared Contacts Shared Files Web Admin UI Anti-Virus Spam Filtering Notes
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Proprietary software

The following are proprietary software applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Connect is an online training, web conferencing, and learning solution that leverages Adobe Flash technology and is provided as an on-premise and hosted offering.
  • Adobe Acrobat provides for synchronous and asynchronous review of PDF's.
  • Axigen is a messaging and collaborating solution based on proprietary architectures such as Axigen GrowSecure™, Axigen SmartProcessing™ and Axigen UltraStorage™.
  • Basecamp is a web-based project collaboration and management tool.
  • Blogtronix is a web-based suite combining groups, blogs, wiki, documents, multimedia, workflow and more
  • BSCW Basic Support for Collaborative Work
  • Central Desktop wiki-based on demand team collaboration software for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Clearspace web-based suite integrating forums, blogs, wiki, chat, and VOIP.
  • codeBeamer is a web-based collaborative Application Lifecycle Management solution for distributed software development projects.
  • Collaba is an integrated collaboration and communication platform server.
  • Collaber is an Eclipse-based Client-server platform.
  • Collanos Workplace is a server-less, cross-platform, P2P collaboration solution for teams working beyond enterprise platforms
  • CoMotion by General Dynamics C4S Viz is a multi-tiered client-server collaborative workspace system with extensive data visualization, annotation, and organizational tools.
  • Contactizer Pro by Objective Decision, for Mac OS X only. Decentralized collaborative sharing of contacts, tasks and events.
  • e is a collaborative editor which works as a live revision control system. It uses an edit-and-commit style of collaboration.
  • EditGrid is an online spreadsheet with access control and revision history support, whose RTU (real-time update) feature allows multiple users to collaborate on the same spreadsheet simultaneously.
  • EMC Documentum eRoom is collaboration software provided through the browser as on-premise or hosted software.
  • FirstClass is a client/server groupware
  • GForge Advanced Server distributed software development as a web based platform with numerous plugins to interact with Eclipse IDE as well as Microsoft Visual Studio to handle the full software life cycle.
  • Glasscubes is an extranet style service which provides collaboration tools including document sharing, secure workspaces and online discussions.
  • Huddle is a web-based team collaboration and project management tool centered around virtual workspaces.
  • Hyperoffice is a web-based online collaboration, messaging and project management tool for small to medium sized companies.
  • i-sense is a fully featured, web-based groupware application including organizer and collaboration as well as customer relationship and enterprise resources functionality. It is free for non-commercial users and organizations.
  • IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
  • IBM Lotus QuickPlace (name changed to Lotus Team Workspace in version 6.5.1 only)
  • IBM Lotus Quickr is the replacement for IBM Lotus QuickPlace. It runs on either a Domino or WebSphere server.
  • IBM Workplace-branded products
  • IBM Lotus Sametime
  • JotSpot Wiki supports calendars, spreadsheets, file repositories, and photo galleries. Built for ease of use
  • Kerio Connect is a mail and groupware server
  • LiquidPlanner wiki-like pages, document sharing, twitter-like commenting
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and the Microsoft Outlook client
  • Microsoft Groove is a peer-to-peer collaboration application
  • Microsoft Netmeeting
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Microsoft Office Live Communications Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Mixedink combines collaborative editing with voting
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Oracle Beehive combines email, team collaboration, and conferencing on a single collaboration platform.
  • Owis workflow management, document management, knowledge base, calendar, IM and collaboration suite
  • PabloDraw is a collaborative text and ANSI/ASCII art editing tool on Windows
  • ProjectSpaces is an online workspace tool for project and team collaboration
  • ProtoShare is a web-based collaborative prototyping and review tool for interactive projects.
  • Ramius Corporation Online community systems for virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing. Product is named CommunityZero.
  • SamePage Web-based enterprise wiki for knowledge management and collaboration.
  • Seefile Web-based interface for image collaboration.
  • SeeToo Web-based service for video collaboration.
  • Smartsheet Web-based workflow, collaboration management. Information owners can involve contributors without requiring them to use the application.
  • Socialtext provides wiki and weblog web-based collaboration
  • SubEthaEdit – Collaborative text editing on Mac OS X
  • Synovel CollabSuite - A complete messaging solution for organizations with email, calendaring and instant messaging - provides an integrated server, web administration console, desktop client suite and web access.
  • tmsEKP is a suite of content management, knowledge portal, organisational collaboration, document management, e-Learning, content syndication, human resource, project management and helpdesk software.
  • Traction TeamPage - Traction's model focuses on collaboration within and among groups using a sophisticated permission model that aggregates multiple blog/wiki spaces using a web-based journal modeled on the principals of Douglas Engelbart's On-Line System (NLS)
  • Teamwork Cross-platform solution integrating project management, issue tracking, and groupware
  • Ubidesk offers collaborative online workspaces that help team to work together effectively with document collaboration, file sharing, and task management.
  • Vignette is a content management system
  • WebEx web-based collaboration tools
  • WebTrain web-based collaboration for meetings, training, and education
  • Wiggio web-based free group calendars, list-servs, messaging (texting, email, voice), shared document editing and versioning, meetings management (chat, teleconference).
  • Workspot is a web service providing Linux desktops, which can be shared securely through a browser.
  • Wrike is a tool for project management and collaboration
  • Writeboard is a collaborative text editor
  • Zing Technologies AnyZing and ZingThing - Electronic learning and meeting system software for team rooms and networks.

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