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This article intends to list the most important companies of Armenia.


Primary sector



  • Beglaryan LLC
  • Agroinput LLC
  • Alpha Plus Consulting Armenian-American Joint Venture, Co.Ltd
  • AM Partners Consulting LLC


  • Alaverdi Copper Factory
  • Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine CJSC
  • Base Metals Company (Drmbon, NKR)
  • Armenian Copper Programme (ACP) CJSC
  • Armenian Molybdenium Production LLC
  • Global Gold Mining LLC, Armenian Branch
  • Deno Gold Mining CJSC

Secondary sector

Food industry

  • Grand Candy Armenian Canadian Joint Venture, LLC (confectionery plants)
  • Arega Cannery
  • Artashat Cannery Open Joint-Stock Company
  • Borodino Armenian Cannery
  • ArtFood Company (fresh & dried fruits, vegetables)
  • Arevik-96 Co.Ltd (fresh & dried fruits, vegetables)
  • Ashtarak-Kat Closed Joint-Stock Company (dairy products)
  • Marianna Dairy Products Factory Co.Ltd (dairy products)
  • Tamara Co. Ltd (dairy products)
  • Echmiadzin Kat LLC (dairy products)
  • Igit Milk Factory Co.Ltd
  • Neyman Yev Vordi Probiotics And Health Food Production Enterprise (dairy products)
  • Elnor Butter Factory of "Bio Food" LLC
  • Biokat Dairy Products Factory LLC
  • Arzni-Kat Dairy Products Factory
  • Victoria Dairy Open Joint-Stock Company
  • Barekamutiun Open Joint-Stock Company (dairy products)
  • Atenk Meat Processing And Packing Factory
  • Babik Meat packing Factory
  • Bari Samaratsi Co.Ltd (meat processing)
  • Berlin Meat Processing Factory
  • Bacon Meat Processing Factory of Linda Co.Ltd
  • Geghard Msamterqi Kombinat LLC (meat processing)
  • Ararat Meat Processing Factory Factory
  • Lusakert Pedigree Poultry Plant LLC (chickens, eggs)
  • Daroink LLC (confectionery plants)
  • Papaya LLC (confectionery plants)
  • Sonat Confectionery Plant
  • Arcolad Chocolate Factory CJSC
  • Sonanush LLC (chocolate)
  • ASA Co.Ltd (chocolate)
  • Sonagro Confectionery Plant

Soft drinks industry

  • Noy-Firm Producers Cooperative
  • Euroterm CJSC
  • Meghry Cannery Open Joint-Stock Company
  • Sis Natural LLC
  • SIL Group Co. LTD
  • Union LLC
  • Zovq Factory Of Yerevan Armenian-Cyprian JV, Open Joint-Stock Company
  • Sardarapat of New Wave LLC (ARMAVIR CANNED FOOD FACTORY)
  • Fero LLC
  • Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia CJSC
  • Sipan Soft Drinks Manufacturing Enterprise of SAM-HAR LLC

Brandy industry

  • Yerevan Brandy Company
  • Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory "NOY"
  • Proshyan Brandy Factory
  • Hoktemberyan Brandy Factory
  • Stepanakert Brandy Factory
  • Artsakh Brandy Company
  • MAP Closed Joint-Stock Company "ARAME"
  • Vedi Alco
  • Avshar Wine Factory
  • Ijevan Wine Factory
  • Yerevan Champagne Wines Factory (Armchampagne)
  • Great Valley Armenian-Cyprian Joint Venture, Co.Ltd
  • Ptghni Gold Wine And Liquor Factory
  • Ashtarak's Wines CJSC
  • Kaghtsrashen Wine Factory Armenian-Russian Joint Venture, Co.Ltd
  • Club Pogreb Noya Limited Liability Company
  • Maran Co.Ltd
  • Merdzavan Alcoholic Beverages Plant
  • Mets Syunik Wine Factory CJSC

Brewing industry

  • Kotayk Brewery LLC (Kotayk, Erebuni beer)
  • Beer Of Yerevan CJSC (Kilikia beer)
  • Gyumri-Garejour LLC (Gyumri beer)
  • Lihnitis Sevan Brewery LLC (Kellers Gold Beer)

Water bottling industry

  • Jermuk Mayr Gortsaran CJSC
  • Jermuk Group CJSC
  • Dilijan Frolova Mineral Water Factory of MIB Consulting LLC
  • Bjni Mineral Waters Plant CJSC
  • Arzni Group Mineral Water Factory LLC
  • Byuregh of Every Day CJSC
  • Clear Water Drinking Water Producing Company

Tobacco industry

  • Grand Tobacco Armenian-Canadian JV, Co.Ltd
  • Masis Tobacco LLC
  • International Masis Tabak LLC
  • Cigaronne SPS Co.Ltd

Aluminum industry


Cement industry

Armenia has two cement plants: MIKA Cement is located in the central town of Hrazdan and owned by Mikhail Baghdasarov, and Ararat Cement is located in the southern town of Ararat and owned by Gagik Tsarukian[1]

Carpet industry

  • Tufenkian Trans Caucasus Co.Ltd
  • Megerian Rugs
  • AraratRugs Closed Joint-Stock Company -

Diamond & Jewelry industry

  • Andranik Diamond Manufacturing Enterprise Co. (diamond manufacturing)
  • JCA Jewerly Company CJSC (jewelry manufacturing)
  • Arpeg LLC (jewelry manufacturing)
  • Arkanel LLC (jewelry manufacturing)
  • New Estet Jewelry Company LLC (jewelry manufacturing)
  • Almast Open Joint-Stock Company (diamond tools & and synthetic powders)
  • BOR LLC (diamond & jewelry tools)
  • International Business Center JV, CJSC (diamond & jewelry tools)
  • Charentsavan Precision Tool-Making Plant Joint-Stock Company (jewelry & metal-cutting tools)
  • Shaber Tool-Making Plant LLC (jewelry & metal-cutting tools)

Construction industry

  • Hovnanian International LLC
  • Tonus Constructions Building Company
  • Glendale Hills CJSC
  • Griar CJSC
  • Bishin LLC
  • Gerezman Solutions
  • Snart Construction Company
  • Renshin Investment And Construction Company
  • Khachhar Road Construction Company
  • AR & AR Design Construction LLC
  • Varmash Construction Organization Co.Ltd]]
  • Shen Construction Organization LLC
  • Verakangnum Construction Organization Co.Ltd
  • Villashin Construction Company Co.Ltd
  • Titanian Eghbairner Construction Enterprise LLC
  • CESCO (Construction & Engineering Services) Co.Ltd
  • Comfy Construction Company LLC
  • Avtotransshin Construction-Assembly CJSC
  • Vave Construction LLC
  • Felicity Construction Company

Building materials

  • Multi Group Stone
  • Abit Armenian Bitumen, Armenian-Russian Bitumen Producing Company
  • Tufablokneri Gortsaran Open Joint-Stock Company (Tuff, Stone)
  • Mikmetal CJSC
  • Huntsman Building Products LLC, Armenian Branch Of Huntsman Corporation, USA
  • Shen-Concern CJSC
  • Manet Tiles Of HM Tiles CJSC
  • Delta-Fragment LLC
  • Levadan LLC
  • ATMC (Armenian Travertine Mining Company) CJSC
  • Erkatbeton-6 CJSC
  • N.H. Miadzuyl Comcrete Manufacturing Enterprise LLC
  • Sina-Ler Building Materials Manufacturing Enterprise LLC
  • Sharur Production Cooperative

Metal structures

  • Europrofile CJSC
  • MMM Co.Ltd
  • Prof AL LLC
  • Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Procurements CJSC
  • Zohrabyani Tigran Mets CJSC
  • Eurotrans LLC
  • Lepta LLC
  • MKO Open Joint-Stock Company
  • Gama Star LLC
  • Arshand LLC

Tertiary sector

Entertainment industry


  • Second Armenian TV Channel Company (H2)
  • Shoghakat TV Company
  • Armenia TV Company
  • Yerkir Media TV Company
  • ArmenAkob TV Company
  • Yerevan TV Company
  • TV5 TV Company
  • AR Television LLC
  • Hayrenik-TV LLC
  • Kentron Television of "Multi Media - Kentron TV" CJSC
  • Shant TV Company
  • Public Television of Armenia CJSC (Public TV H1, Nor Alik TV, Ararat TV, PanArmenian TV)
  • ALM-Holding LLC (ALM TV)
  • ArmNews Armenian News Channel
  • Hai TV Company
  • Dar-21 TV CJSC
  • Public TV & Radio Company Of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic CJSC (NKR)
  • Hrazdan TV Company (Hrazdan)
  • Gala TV Company (Gyumri)
  • Tsayg TV Company (Gyumri)
  • Shirak TV Company (Gyumri)
  • Lori TV Company (Vanadzor)
  • MIG TV (Vanadzor)
  • Vaba TV (Vanadzor)
  • Echmiadzin TV Company (Echmiadzin)
  • Qamut TV (Noyemberyan)
  • ALT TV Company (Armavir)
  • Noy Hayastan TV (Armavir)
  • Sosi TV Company (Kapan)
  • Kyavar TV (Gavar)
  • Zangak TV (Martuni)
  • STV1 (Sevan)
  • Nig-Aparan TV (Aparan)
  • Anna TV (Artashat)
  • Lusalik TV (Charentsavan)
  • Abovyan TV (Abovyan)
  • Narek TV (Abovyan)
  • Fortuna TV (Stepanavan)
  • Tashirk TV (Tashir)
  • Kaputjikh TV (Kajaran)
  • Last TV (Goris)
  • Syuni TV (Sisian)
  • Ijevan TV (Ijevan)
  • Ankyun+3 TV (Alaverdi)
  • Achin TV (Nor Hachin)
  • STV (Spitak)
  • RTV (Dilijan)
  • SHARM Holding LLC (for media productions)
  • Paradise LLC (for media productions)


  • Shangri La Casino
  • Shangri la Yerevan
  • Shangri La Yerevan Armenia
  • Toto bookmakers
  • numerous casinos in outskirts of Yerevan


  • numerous cabarets throughout Yerevan


  • ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank
  • Anelik Bank
  • Araratbank
  • ArdShinInvest
  • AreximBank
  • Armbusiness Bank
  • ArmEconomBank
  • Armenian Development Bank
  • Ameriabank
  • ArmSwissBank
  • Artsakhbank
  • BTA Bank
  • Cascade Bank
  • Converse Bank Corp
  • HSBC Bank Armenia
  • InecoBank
  • Byblos Bank Armenia (ITB)
  • Mellat Bank
  • ProCredit Bank
  • Prometey Bank
  • Unibank
  • VTB Bank Armenia


  • Ingo Armenia
  • Rosgosstrakh-Armenia Insurance CJSC
  • Londin-Yerevan Co" Insurance Co.Ltd
  • Cascade Insurance CJSC
  • ISG Insurance LLC
  • Nairi Insurance LLC
  • Prime Insurance Bokers" Co.Ltd
  • Guarant-Limence Insurance CJSC
  • Griar-Insurance CJSC
  • Royal Insurance Consulting Company
  • Alfa-Insurance CJSC
  • Resolution Apahovagrakan Broker" LLC
  • RasCo Insurance LLC
  • SIL Insurance CJSC

Public utilities


  • Nairit Plant CJSC (chemicals, rubber etc.)
  • Bentonit Plant of Ijevan
  • Oval-Plastic LLC

Natural gas

  • ArmRosGazProm


  • United Energy Systems (Russian company that owns Armenia's electricity network)
  • Russian state (several electric power generation plants)


  • Yerevan Water Company (under lease to the French water utility giant Veolia)






  • South Caucasus Railway CJSC



  • SAS supermarket
  • Star supermarket
  • Yerevan City supermarket
  • Fresh supermarket



  • Avan Villa Tufenkian
  • Golden Tulip
  • Armenia Marriott Hotel
  • Europe Hotel
  • Golden Palace Hotel
  • Royal Palace Hotel
  • Green Palace Hotel
  • Ani Plaza
  • Aviatrans Hotel
  • Astafian Hotel
  • Latar Hotel
  • Arma Hotel
  • Metropol Hotel Yerevan
  • Valensia Hotel
  • Shirak Hotel
  • Hrazdan Hotel
  • Nor Dzrabert
  • Aygedzor Hotel
  • Congress Hotel
  • SIL Plaza
  • Olympia Hotel
  • BASS Hotel
  • Erebuni Plaza
  • Ararat Hotel
  • Hy-Business Suits AUA
  • Parev Doon
  • Ritzar
  • Bellagio Hotel Yerevan
  • Dghyak
  • Niagara Hotel Yerevan
  • Deluxe Hotel
  • Erzrum Hotel
  • Regineh Hotel
  • Vaspurakan Jrvezh


  • Impuls Hotel (Dilijan)
  • Dilijan Resort Complex (Dilijan)
  • OLd Dilijan Complex (Dilijan)
  • Haghartsin (Dilijan)
  • Magnit Guesthouse (Dilijan)
  • Getap (Dilijan)
  • Dok (Ijevan)
  • Mosh Hotel (Ijevan)
  • Mayisyan Kamurj (Ijevan)
  • Antonyan Yeghbairner (Berdavan)
  • Levon-2 (Noyemberyan)


  • Harsnakar (Sevan)
  • Bohemian Resort (Sevan)
  • Nirvana (Sevan)
  • Tsapatagh Hotel Tufenkian (Tsapatagh)
  • Shant (Shorzha village)
  • Lavanda City (Sevan)
  • Blue Sevan Resort (Chmabarak)


  • Writers Creativity House (Tsaghkadzor)
  • MultiRest House (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Jupiter (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Kecharis (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Nairi (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Aliq (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Ripa Sanatorium (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Splendor (Tsagkadzor
  • Tsaghkadzor Sport Complex Hotel (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Adigaz (Tsaghkadzor)
  • Akunqi Drakht (Akunq Village)
  • Arthur's Aghveran Resort (Aghveran)
  • Voske Getak (Aghveran)
  • Tsovinar (Hrazdan)


  • Ashtaraki Dzor (Ashtarak)


  • Dzoraget Hotel Tufenkian (Dzoraget)
  • Anahit (Stepanavan)
  • Lori Hotel (Stepanavan)
  • Odzun Holiday (Odzun)
  • Argishti (Vanadzor)
  • Vanadzor Sanatorium Hotel (Vanadzor)

Vayots Dzor

  • Armenia Sanatorium Complex (Jermuk)
  • Life Hotel (Jermuk)
  • Olympia Hotel (Jermuk)
  • Jermuk Ashkhar Sanatorium Hotel (Jermuk)


  • Isuz (Gyumri)
  • Berlin (Gyumri)
  • Araks (Gyumri)


  • Lalaner (Sisian)
  • Dina (Sisian)

Quaternary sector

System and Network Integrators

  • Dom-Daniel Armenia

Computer software

  • Microsoft Armenia
  • Enterprise Incubator Foundation
  • Lycos Armenia
  • Integrien
  • Uni Systems LLC
  • Systrotech LLC
  • Smart Systems LLC
  • ABM Soft Prof LLC
  • Redinet CJSC

Computer hardware


  1. ^ Mining Giant Remains Armenia’s Top Taxpayer, Armenia Liberty (RFE/RL), January 29, 2008.


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