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This is a list of major companies based in Brazil.



Company Industry iBovespa
Acesita Steel
Agrale Automakers and parts
AmBev Beverage and food AMBV3, AMBV4
América Latina Logística Transportation ALLL11, ALLL3, ALLL4
Amil Insurance AMIL3
Ampla Utilities and infrastructure CBEE3
Andrade Gutierrez Construction and building materials ANDG3B, ANDG4B
Aracruz Celulose Paper ARCZ3, ARCZ5, ARCZ6
Arezzo Apparel, footwear and textiles
AstralSat Media and entertainment
AutoBAn Utilities and infrastructure
Avibrás Aerospace and defense
Azaléia Apparel, footwear and textiles
Azul Brazilian Airlines Airlines


Company Industry iBovespa
B2W Varejo Retail BTOW3
Banco Bradesco Banking and financial services BBDC3, BBDC4
Banco do Brasil Banking and financial services BBAS11, BBAS12, BBAS3
Banco Mercantil do Brasil Banking and financial services MERC3, MERC4
Banco Nossa Caixa Banking and financial services BNCA3
Banco Safra Banking and financial services
Banestes Banking and financial services BEES3, BEES11
Banrisul Banking and financial services BRSR3, BRSR5, BRSR6
BM&F Bovespa Banking and financial services BVMF3
Bob's Restaurants
Bombril Consumer products BOBR3, BOBR4
Bradespar Banking and financial services BRAP3, BRAP4
Brasil Foods Beverage and food
Brasil Telecom Telecommunications BRTP3, BRTP4
Braskem Energy and petrochemicals BRKM3, BRKM5, BRKM3
Bravox Computers and electronics
Busscar Automakers and parts


Company Industry iBovespa
Caixa Econômica Federal Banking and financial services
Caloi Toys
Camargo Correa Construction and building materials
Real estate
Casas Bahia Retail
CCE Computers and electronics
CEG Utilities and infrastructure CEGR3
Celesc Utilities and infrastructure CLSC3, CLSC5, CLSC6
CEMIG Utilities and infrastructure CMIG3, CMIG4
Chocolates Garoto Beverage and food
CESP Utilities and infrastructure CESP3, CESP5, CESP6
Comgás Utilities and infrastructure CGAS3, CGAS5
Copacol Beverage and food
Copel Utilities and infrastructure CPLE3, CPL35, CPLE6
Cosan Petrochemicals CSAN3
CPFL Utilities and infrastructure CPFE3
Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional Steel CSNA3
Cyrela Brazil Realty Construction and building materials
Real estate


Company Industry iBovespa
Duratex Wood and paper DURA3, DURA4


Company Industry iBovespa
Eletrobrás Utilities and infrastructure ELET3, ELET5, ELET6
Eletropaulo Utilities and infrastructure ELPL3, ELPL5, ELPL6
Embraco Industrial equipment and machinery
Embraer Aerospace and defense EMBR3
EmbraNet Internet Service Provider [1]
Embratel Telecommunications EBTP3, EBTP4
Estrela Toys ESTR3, ESTR4


Company Industry iBovespa
Fabral Automakers and parts
Furnas Utilities and infrastructure


Company Industry iBovespa
Gafisa Construction and building materials
Real estate
Gerdau Steel GGBR3, GGBR4
Gol Transportes Aéreos Airlines GOLL3, GOLL4
Golden Cross Insurance
Gradiente Computers and electronics IGBR3
Grendene Apparel, footwear and textiles GRND3
Grupo Abril Media and entertainment
Grupo Folha Media and entertainment
Grupo Guararapes Apparel, footwear and textiles GUAR3, GUAR4
Grupo Pão de Açúcar Retail PCAR3, PCAR4
Grupo Schincariol Beverages and food


Company Industry iBovespa
Habib's Restaurants
Hering Apparel, footwear and textiles HGTX3
Hoteis Othon Hospitality HOOT3, HOOT4


Company Industry iBovespa
Infraero Utilities and infrastructure
Iochpe-Maxion Automakers and parts MYPK4, MYPK3
Itaú Unibanco Banking and financial services ITAUB3, ITAUB4
Itaúsa Banking and financial services ITSA3, ITSA4


Company Industry iBovespa
JBS S.A. Beverage and food JBSS3


Company Industry iBovespa
Klabin Paper KLBN3, KLBN4


Company Industry iBovespa
Light Utilities and infrastructure PCAR3, PCAR4
Localiza Car rental RENT3
Lojas Americanas Retail LAME3, LAME4
Lojas Renner Retail LREN3
Lojas Riachuelo Retail


Company Industry iBovespa
Marcopolo Automakers and parts POMO3, POMO4
Mendes Júnior Construction and building materials MEND3, MEND5, MEND6
Metro Rio Transportation OPRT3
MRS Logística Transportation MRSA3, MRSA5, MRSA6
MRV Engenharia Construction and building materials
Real estate


Company Industry iBovespa
Natura Personal care NATU3
Net Utilities and infrastructure NETC3, NETC4


Company Industry iBovespa
OceanAir Airlines
Odebrecht Construction and building materials
Oi Telecommunications
O Boticário Personal Care
Organizações Globo Media and entertainment


Company Industry iBovespa
Pantanal Linhas Aéreas Airlines
Petrobras Energy and petrochemicals PETR3, PETR4
Petróleo Ipiranga Energy and petrochemicals


Company Industry iBovespa
Redecard Banking and financial services RDCD3
Rede Record Media and entertainment
RedeTV! Media and entertainment
Rico Linhas Aéreas Airlines
Rossi Residencial Construction and building materials RSID3


Company Industry iBovespa
Sabesp Utilities and infrastructure SBSP3
São Paulo Alpargatas Apparel, footwear and textiles ALPA3, ALPA4
Saraiva Retail SLED3, SLED4
Schulz Industrial equipment and machinery SHUL3, SHUL4
SBT Media and entertainment


Company Industry iBovespa
TAM Airlines Airlines TAMM3, TAMM4
Taurus Firearms FJTA3, FJTA4
Tectoy Toys
Telesp Telecommunications TLLP3, TLLP4
TIM Telecommunications TCSL3, TCSL4
Telequartz Mining
Total Linhas Aéreas Airlines
Transmissão Paulista Utilities and infrastructure TRPL3, TRPL4
TRIP Linhas Aéreas Airlines
Troller Automakers and parts
TV Cultura Media and entertainment


Company Industry iBovespa
Ultrapar Energy and petrochemicals UGPA3, UGPA4
Universo Online Internet service provider UOLL3, UOLL4
Usiminas Steel USIM3, USIM5, USIM6


Company Industry iBovespa
Vale Mining VALE3, VALE5
Vivo Telecommunications VIVO3, VIVO4
Votorantim Paper VCPA3, VCPA4


Company Industry iBovespa
WEG Industries Industrial equipment and machinery WEGE3
WebJet Linhas Aéreas Airlines


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