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This is a list of compositions of Edouard Lalo.




Piano Solo

  • Sérénade pour Piano

Piano, Four Hands

  • La Mère et L’enfant: two pieces for Piano Four Hands

Chamber Music

Violin and Piano

  • Fantasie Originale for Violin and Piano, Op. 1
  • Arlequin for Violin and Piano, Op. 4
  • Pastorale for Violin and Piano, Op. 8
  • Violin Sonata, Op. 12
  • Soirées Parisienne: trois morceaux de caractère pour Violon et Piano, Op. 18
  • Guitare for Violin and Piano, Op. 28
  • Espérance for Violin and Piano
  • Insouciance for Violin and Piano
  • Allegro Maestoso for Violin and Piano

Cello and Piano

  • Chanson villagoise for Cello and Piano, Op.14/1
  • Serenade for Cello and Piano, Op. 14/2
  • Allegro in B Minor for Cello and Piano, Op. 16
  • Cello Sonata
  • Chants Russes for Cello and Piano

Piano Trio

  • Piano Trio #1 in C Minor, Op. 7
  • Piano Trio #3 in A Minor, Op. 26
  • Piano Trio in B Minor

String Quartet

  • String Quartet in E Flat Major, Op. 19
  • String Quartet in E Flat Major, Op. 45 (Revision of first String Quartet, Op. 19)

Piano Quintet

  • Piano Quintet in As Major



Piano and Orchestra

  • Piano Concerto in F Minor

Violin and Orchestra

  • Violin Concerto, Op. 20
  • Symphonie Espanole for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 21
  • Russian Concert for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 29
  • Fantasie Norvégienne pour Violon et Orchestre
  • Romance-sérénade pour Violin et Orchestre

Cello and Orchestra


  • Scherzo for Orchestra in D Minor
  • Rapsodie Norvégienne
  • Divertissement for Orchestra (Taken from Opera fisque)
  • Aubade-Allegretto pour dix instrument or petit orchestre
  • Allegro Symphonique (based on Op. 16)
  • Namouna Rhapsody #1
  • Namouna Rhapsody #2
  • Scènes de Savonarole, unpublished opera scenes (?)


  • Fiesque ("The Genoese Conspiracy") (1866-8), (grand opera in 3 acts, C. Beauquier, after Schiller); world premiere concert performance: Le Festival de Radio France, Montpellier, France, July 2006; first stage performance: National Theater Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany, 16 June 2007.[1] ; The UK premiere of Fiesque was performed by University College Opera at The Bloomsbury Theatre, London in March 2008.[2]
  • Le roi d'Ys ("The King of Ys") (1875-88, full score n.d.), (opera in 3 acts, E. Blau), f.p. Opéra Comique (Favart), Paris, 7 May 1888.
  • La jacquerie ("The Jacquerie Revolt") (1891-2) (opera in 4 acts, Blau & S. Arnault) (Act I finished by Lalo, completed posthumously by Arthur Coquard), f.p. Monte Carlo, Monaco, 9 March 1895.


  • Namouna (1882) (book by Charles-Louis-Etienne Nuitter & Petipa), f.p. Opéra, Paris, 6 Mars 1882.
  • Néron ("Nero") (1891) (pantomime in 3 acts, P. Millier), f.p. Hippodrôme, Paris, 28 March 1891. (Pastiche based on Fiesque and other scores)


  • 3 Mélodies (Musset)
  • L’ombre de Dieu
  • Adieu au Désert
  • Six romances populaire
  • Le Novice
  • 6 Mélodies, Op. 17 (Victor Hugo)
  • Ballade à la lune
  • Humoresque
  • Aubade
  • Souvenir
  • 5 Chants (Lamartine, Laprade, Silvestre)
  • 6 Mélodies (Musset, Gautier, Theuriet)
  • Marine
  • Chant Breton
  • Dansons!, Op. 35


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