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This is a list of prominent individuals who have been romantically or maritally coupled with a cousin, niece, nephew, aunt or uncle.

In April 2002, the Journal of Genetic Counseling released a report which estimated the average risk of birth defects in a child born of first cousins at 1.7-2.8% over an average base risk for non-cousin couples of 3%, or about the same as that of any woman over age 40.[1] In terms of mortality, a 1994 study found a mean excess pre-reproductive mortality rate of 4.4%,[2] while another study published in 2009 suggests the rate may be closer to 3.5%.[3] Put differently, first-cousin marriage entails a similar increased risk of birth defects and mortality as a woman faces when she gives birth at age 41 rather than at 30.[4] Critics argue that banning first-cousin marriages would make as much sense as trying to ban childbearing by older women. It should be noted that after repeated generations of cousin marriage, the actual genetic relationship between two people is closer than the most immediate relationship would suggest. In Pakistan, where there has been cousin marriage for generations and the current rate may exceed 50%, it was estimated that infant mortality was 12.7 percent for married double first cousins, 7.9 percent for first cousins, 9.2 percent for first cousins once removed/double second cousins, 6.9 percent for second cousins, and 5.1 percent among nonconsanguineous progeny. Among double first cousin progeny, 41.2 percent of prereproductive deaths were associated with the expression of detrimental recessive genes, with equivalent values of 26.0, 14.9, and 8.1 percent for first cousins, first cousins once removed/double second cousins, and second cousins respectively.[5]

Because many people regard cousin couplings as taboo, they mistakenly assume that an infrequent presence of coupled cousins in a lineage means that the descendants must have one or more genetic diseases. The risk of such diseases does rise, however, when a lineage includes many cousin couplings.





The royal couples listed here are but a small representation of the innumerable cousins of varying degrees who have married between royal or noble houses. Due to the constitutional interest that their marital status raises, their bloodlines are better known than the commoners' ones.

Outside Europe

Notable commoners

Voltaire (Arouet)









  • Benjamin Harrison V, American revolutionary leader, and his second cousin, Elizabeth Bassett[28]
  • Alexander Herzen, Russian writer and political activist, and his cousin, Natalya Zakharina.[citation needed]
  • Klara Hitler, daughter of Johann Pölzl and Johanna Hiedler. Either her grandfather Johann Nepomuk Hiedler or his brother was likely her husband Alois Hitler's biological father. Moreover, Johann was her future husband's step-uncle. Even after they were married, Klara still called her husband "Uncle". [2] [3]
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., the poet, and his second cousin, Amelia Lee Jackson[29]
  • Stephen Hopkins, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his second cousin, Sarah Scott[30]













  • H. G. Wells, author, and his first cousin, Isabel Mary Wells (first wife)[52]
  • William Whipple, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his first cousin, Catherine Moffatt[53]

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