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This list contains weapons that are classified as crew-served, as the term is used in the United States military.

While the general understanding is that crew-served weapons require more than one person to operate them, there are important exceptions in the case of both squad automatic weapons (SAW) and sniper rifles. Within the Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) for both the United States Army and the U.S. Marine Corps, these two classes of weapons are understood to be crew-served, as the operator of the weapon (identified as a sniper or as a SAW gunner) has an assistant, who carries additional ammunition and associated equipment, acts as a spotter, and is also fully-qualified in the operation of the weapon.


Squad automatic weapon/automatic rifle

Sniper/marksman rifles

  • Out of Service (obsolete)
    • Berdan-Sharps rifle
    • M1C/D Garand (Semi-Automatic Rifle, .30-06)
    • M1903A4 (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle; .30-06)
    • M40 (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, 7.62x51mm NATO)
    • M40A1 (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, 7.62x51mm NATO, retrofitted into M40A3s)
    • M82A1/A1A (Barrett M82A1; Semi-Automatic Anti-Materiel Rifle, 12.7x99mm BMG)
    • M82A2 (Barrett M82A2; Semi-Automatic Anti-Materiel Rifle, 12.7x99mm BMG)
    • Robar RC-50 (Bolt-action anti-materiel rifle, 12.7x99mm BMG) [14]
    • Target Rifles (Benchrest)
    • Whitworth rifle (Percussion muzzle-loader; .451)

Machine guns, Automatic grenade launchers, autocannons

  • Out of service (obsolete)
    • M85/M85C (Heavy Machine Gun, 12.7x99mm BMG)
    • M73/A1 (Co-axial Machine Gun, 7.62x51mm NATO)
    • M219 (Co-axial Machine Gun, 7.62x51mm NATO)
    • M1917 (Medium Machine Gun, .30-06 Springfield)
    • M1919 Family (including Mk 21 Mod 0/1) (Medium Machine Gun, .30-06 Springfield and 7.62x51mm NATO)
    • M75/M129 (Automatic Grenade Launcher, 40x53mm)
    • M174 grenade launcher (Automatic Grenade Launcher, 40x46mm)
    • M175 grenade launcher (Automatic Grenade Launcher, 40x53mm)
    • Mk 18 Mod 0 (Manually Operated, Belt-Fed Grenade Launcher, 40x46mm)
    • Mk 20 Mod 0 (Automatic Grenade Launcher, 40x46mm)
    • M1/AN/M2/M3/M24 (Automatic Cannon, 20x110mm USN)
    • Mk 16 Mod 4/5 (Automatic Cannon, 20x110mm USN; deck mount versions of the M3 and M24)
    • M39A1/A2/A3 (Automatic Cannon, 20x102mm; based on the Mauser MG 213C Cannon)
    • Mk 11 Mod 0/5 (Twin-Barrel Automatic Cannon, 20x110mm USN)
    • Mk 12 Mod 0 (Automatic Cannon, 20x110mm USN)
    • M60 (Medium Machine Gun, 7.62x51mm NATO)
    • M195 (Rotary-Barreled Automatic Cannon, 20x102mm)
    • M140/E3/E5 (Automatic Cannon, 30x100mm)
    • M188/E1 (Automatic Cannon, 30x113mm)
    • Marlin machine gun
    • Colt-Browning M1895/1917
  • Experimental
    • XM214 (Rotary-Barreled Machine Gun, 5.56x45mm NATO)
    • XM307 (Grenade machine gun, 25 mm HV Airburst)
    • XM312 (Heavy machine gun, 12.7x99mm BMG)
    • M2E50 (M2 'Enhanced 50'; Heavy machine gun, 12.7x99mm BMG)
    • M240E6 (Medium Machine Gun, 7.62x51mm NATO)
    • Mk 47 Mod 0 Stryker (Automatic Grenade Launcher, 40x53mm)
    • Mk 44 Mod 0 (Automatic Cannon, 30x173mm)
    • EX 34 Mod 0 (Chain-driven Machine Gun, 7.62x51mm NATO)

Missile launchers

  • In active service (some branches, secondary or limited roles)
  • Experimental
    • FOTT


  • Experimental
    • Dragon Fire 120 mm automated mortar
    • MFSS 120 mm mortar


  • In active service
  • Out of service (obsolete)
    • M59 (155 mm Field Gun)
    • M114/A1 (155 mm Towed Howitzer)
    • M1/M115 (203 mm/8" Towed Howitzer)
    • M1902 howitzer (72.2mm/3" field howitzer)

Mine dispenser

Mine related


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