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Below is a list of all the Senators serving in the 111th Congress, sorted by birth year.

Using the generational boundaries as identified by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe, in their book Generations (ISBN 0-688-11912-3) (1992), the generational breakdown of the Senate for the 111th Congress is as follows:

Generation Birth Years Count Party Division
GI Generation 1901–1924 4 4D, 0R
Silent Generation 1925–1942 34 16D, 1I, 1ID, 16 R
Boomer Generation 1943–1960 55 33D, 22R
Generation X 1961–1981 7 4D, 3R
Generation Y 1982–2001 0[1] 0D, 0R
State Senator Party Birth Year Generation Noted for:
West Virginia Robert Byrd D 1917 GI
Hawaii Daniel Inouye D 1924 GI
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg D 1924 GI
Hawaii Daniel Akaka D 1924 GI
Pennsylvania Arlen Specter D 1930 Silent
Kentucky Jim Bunning R 1931 Silent
Indiana Richard Lugar R 1932 Silent
California Dianne Feinstein D 1933 Silent
Iowa Chuck Grassley R 1933 Silent
Utah Robert Foster Bennett R 1933 Silent
Alabama Richard Shelby R 1934 Silent
Michigan Carl Levin D 1934 Silent
Oklahoma James Inhofe R 1934 Silent
Utah Orrin Hatch R 1934 Silent
Wisconsin Herbert Kohl D 1935 Silent
Arizona John McCain R 1936 Silent
Kansas Pat Roberts R 1936 Silent
Maryland Barbara Mikulski D 1936 Silent
Ohio George Voinovich R 1936 Silent
Illinois Roland Burris D 1937 Silent
Mississippi Thad Cochran R 1937 Silent
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller D 1937 Silent
Massachusetts Paul G. Kirk D 1938 Silent
Delaware Ted Kaufman D 1939 Silent
Iowa Tom Harkin D 1939 Silent
Missouri Kit Bond R 1939 Silent
Nevada Harry Reid D 1939 Silent
California Barbara Boxer D 1940 Silent
Tennessee Lamar Alexander R 1940 Silent
Vermont Patrick Leahy D 1940 Silent
Montana Max Baucus D 1941 Silent
Nebraska Ben Nelson D 1941 Silent
Vermont Bernard Sanders I 1941 Silent
Arizona Jon Kyl R 1942 Silent
Connecticut Joe Lieberman ID 1942 Silent
Florida Bill Nelson D 1942 Silent
Kentucky Mitch McConnell R 1942 Silent
North Dakota Byron Dorgan D 1942 Silent
Georgia Saxby Chambliss R 1943 Boomer
Idaho Jim Risch R 1943 Boomer
Maryland Ben Cardin D 1943 Boomer
Massachusetts John Kerry D 1943 Boomer
New Mexico Jeff Bingaman D 1943 Boomer
Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison R 1943 Boomer
Connecticut Christopher Dodd D 1944 Boomer
Georgia Johnny Isakson R 1944 Boomer
Illinois Richard Durbin D 1944 Boomer
Wyoming Michael Enzi R 1944 Boomer
Alabama Jeff Sessions R 1946 Boomer
South Dakota Tim Johnson D 1946 Boomer
Virginia Jim Webb D 1946 Boomer
Delaware Thomas R. Carper D 1947 Boomer
Maine Olympia Snowe R 1947 Boomer
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen D 1947 Boomer
New Hampshire Judd Gregg R 1947 Boomer
New Mexico Tom Udall D 1948 Boomer
North Dakota Kent Conrad D 1948 Boomer
Oklahoma Tom Coburn R 1948 Boomer
Oregon Ron Wyden D 1949 Boomer
Rhode Island Jack Reed D 1949 Boomer
Colorado Mark Udall D 1950 Boomer
Michigan Debbie Stabenow D 1950 Boomer
Nebraska Mike Johanns R 1950 Boomer
New York Charles Schumer D 1950 Boomer
Washington Patty Murray D 1950 Boomer
Idaho Mike Crapo R 1951 Boomer
Minnesota Al Franken D 1951 Boomer
Mississippi Roger Wicker R 1951 Boomer
South Carolina Jim DeMint R 1951 Boomer
Maine Susan Collins R 1952 Boomer
Ohio Sherrod Brown D 1952 Boomer
Tennessee Bob Corker R 1952 Boomer
Texas John Cornyn R 1952 Boomer
Wyoming John Barrasso R 1952 Boomer
Missouri Claire McCaskill D 1953 Boomer
North Carolina Kay Hagan D 1953 Boomer
Wisconsin Russ Feingold D 1953 Boomer
New Jersey Bob Menendez D 1954 Boomer
Virginia Mark Warner D 1954 Boomer
Indiana Evan Bayh D 1955 Boomer
Louisiana Mary Landrieu D 1955 Boomer
North Carolina Richard Burr R 1955 Boomer
Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse D 1955 Boomer
South Carolina Lindsey Graham R 1955 Boomer
Kansas Sam Brownback R 1956 Boomer
Montana Jon Tester D 1956 Boomer
Oregon Jeff Merkley D 1956 Boomer
Alaska Lisa Murkowski R 1957 Boomer
Nevada John Ensign R 1958 Boomer
Washington Maria Cantwell D 1958 Boomer
Arkansas Blanche Lincoln D 1960 Boomer
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar D 1960 Boomer
Pennsylvania Bob Casey, Jr. D 1960 Boomer
Louisiana David Vitter R 1961 Generation X
South Dakota John Thune R 1961 Generation X
Alaska Mark Begich D 1962 Generation X
Arkansas Mark Pryor D 1963 Generation X
Colorado Michael Bennet D 1964 Generation X
New York Kirsten Gillibrand D 1966 Generation X
Florida George LeMieux R 1969 Generation X


  1. ^ Members of Generation Y will not be eligible for the Senate until 2012 due to the minimum age requirement of 30 years.

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