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The following is a list of incumbent governors of the states and territories of the United States. There are currently 26 Democrats and 24 Republicans holding the office of governor in the states, and 3 Democrats, 2 Republicans (one is also a member of the New Progressive Party), and 1 Covenant Party member as governor of United States Territories and mayor of Washington, D.C.


State Governors

In the table below, Seat Up indicates the year of the next election; the current term ends in January of the following year for all states except Alaska, Hawaii and Kentucky, where the term ends in December of the election year. The notation (term limits) after the year indicates that the current governor is ineligible to seek re-election in that year; the notation (retiring) indicates that the current governor has announced their intention to retire at the end of the term or to run for another office.       Democratic       Republican

State   Picture Current Governor Party Took office Seat Up Past
Alabama   Bob Riley greeting soldiers in Birmingham, 19 Jan, 2004.jpg Riley, BobBob Riley Republican 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Alaska   Sean Parnell Elmendorf crop.jpg Parnell, SeanSean Parnell Republican 2009 2010 List
Arizona   Brewer, JanJan Brewer Republican 2009 2010 List
Arkansas   MikeBeebeGovernorCropped.jpg Beebe, MikeMike Beebe Democratic 2007 2010 List
California   Arnold Schwarzenegger speech.jpg Schwarzenegger, ArnoldArnold Schwarzenegger Republican 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Colorado   Bill Ritter official photo.jpg Ritter, BillBill Ritter Democratic 2007 2010 (retiring) List
Connecticut   FEMA - 29383 - Photograph by Debra Young taken on 04-19-2007 in Connecticut.jpg Rell, M. JodiM. Jodi Rell Republican 2004 2010 (retiring) List
Delaware   MarkellJackA.jpg Markell, JackJack Markell Democratic 2009 2012 List
Florida   Gov charlie crist.jpg Crist, CharlieCharlie Crist Republican 2007 2010 (retiring) List
Georgia   Sonny Perdue.JPG Perdue, SonnySonny Perdue Republican 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Hawaii   Linda Lingle navy 1-cropped.jpg Lingle, LindaLinda Lingle Republican 2002 2010 (term limits) List
Idaho   ButchOtterOfficialCongressionalPortrait.jpg Otter, ButchButch Otter Republican 2007 2010 List
Illinois   Pat quinn governor of illinois.jpg Quinn, PatPat Quinn Democratic 2009 2010 List
Indiana   Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.jpg Daniels, MitchMitch Daniels Republican 2005 2012 (term limits) List
Iowa   Chet Culver inauguration.jpg Culver, ChetChet Culver Democratic 2007 2010 List
Kansas   Parkinson Official Color 4.09.JPG Parkinson, MarkMark Parkinson Democratic 2009 2010 (retiring) List
Kentucky   Steve Beshear.jpg Beshear, SteveSteve Beshear Democratic 2007 2011 List
Louisiana   Bobby Jindal, official 109th Congressional photo.jpg Jindal, BobbyBobby Jindal Republican 2008 2011 List
Maine   John Baldacci.gif Baldacci, JohnJohn Baldacci Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Maryland   Martin omalley 2008.jpg O'Malley, MartinMartin O'Malley Democratic 2007 2010 List
Massachusetts   Deval 1.jpg Patrick, DevalDeval Patrick Democratic 2007 2010 List
Michigan   Jennifer Granholm 5.jpg Granholm, JenniferJennifer Granholm Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Minnesota   Tim Pawlenty official photo.jpg Pawlenty, TimTim Pawlenty Republican 2003 2010 (retiring) List
Mississippi   Haley Barbour at FEMA conference, Apr 14, 2006.jpg Barbour, HaleyHaley Barbour Republican 2004 2011 (term limits) List
Missouri   Jay Nixon canvassing doors.jpg Nixon, JayJay Nixon Democratic 2009 2012 List
Montana   Brian Schweitzer official photo.jpg Schweitzer, BrianBrian Schweitzer Democratic 2005 2012 List
Nebraska   Dave Heineman official photo.jpg Heineman, DaveDave Heineman Republican 2005 2010 List
Nevada   Jimgibbons.jpg Gibbons, JimJim Gibbons Republican 2007 2010 List
New Hampshire   Governor John Lynch.jpg Lynch, JohnJohn Lynch Democratic 2005 2010 List
New Jersey   ChChristie.jpg Christie, ChrisChris Christie Republican 2010 2013 List
New Mexico   Bill Richardson at an event in Kensington, New Hampshire, March 18, 2006.jpg Richardson, BillBill Richardson Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
New York   David Paterson 2 by David Shankbone.jpg Paterson, DavidDavid Paterson Democratic 2008 2010 (retiring) List
North Carolina   Beverly Perdue official photo.jpg Perdue, BeverlyBeverly Perdue Democratic 2009 2012 List
North Dakota   John Hoeven.jpg Hoeven, JohnJohn Hoeven Republican 2000 2012 (retiring) List
Ohio   Ted Strickland.jpg Strickland, TedTed Strickland Democratic 2007 2010 List
Oklahoma   BradhenryDEA.jpg Henry, BradBrad Henry Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Oregon   Ted Kulongoski headshot Color 2007.JPG Kulongoski, TedTed Kulongoski Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Pennsylvania   Governor Edward G. Rendell.jpg Rendell, EdEd Rendell Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Rhode Island   Donald Carcieri.jpg Carcieri, DonaldDonald Carcieri Republican 2003 2010 (term limits) List
South Carolina   MarkSanford.jpg Sanford, MarkMark Sanford Republican 2003 2010 (term limits) List
South Dakota   Mike Rounds official photo.JPG Rounds, MikeMike Rounds Republican 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Tennessee   Governor Bredesen.jpg Bredesen, PhilPhil Bredesen Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List
Texas   Rick Perry in March 2010.jpg Perry, RickRick Perry Republican 2000 2010 List
Utah   Herbert, GaryGary Herbert Republican 2009 2010 (special election) List
Vermont   Jim Douglas-2009.jpg Douglas, JimJim Douglas Republican 2003 2010 (retiring) List
Virginia   Bob McDonnell by Gage Skidmore.jpg McDonnell, BobBob McDonnell Republican 2010 2013 (term limits) List
Washington   ChristineGregoireOfficial.jpg Gregoire, ChristineChristine Gregoire Democratic 2005 2012 List
West Virginia   Joe Manchin.png Manchin, JoeJoe Manchin Democratic 2005 2012 (term limits) List
Wisconsin   JimDoyle2008WisconsinFlooding.jpg Doyle, JimJim Doyle Democratic 2003 2010 (retiring) List
Wyoming   Dave Freudenthal speech.jpg Freudenthal, DaveDave Freudenthal Democratic 2003 2010 (term limits) List

United States Territories and the District of Columbia

The following are governors and other executives of each of the territories and the Washington, D.C.:

Territory   Picture Current Executive Party Took Office Seat Up Past
American Samoa   Togiola Tulafono.jpg Tulafono, TogiolaTogiola Tulafono Democratic 2003 2012 List
District of Columbia   Adrian Fenty, Mayor of DC, November 5, 2007.jpg Fenty, AdrianAdrian Fenty Democratic 2007 2011 List
Guam   Guam Governor Felix Camacho.jpg Camacho, Felix PerezFelix Perez Camacho Republican 2002 2010 (term limits) List
Northern Mariana Islands   Benigno Fitial 2009.jpg Fitial, BenignoBenigno Fitial Covenant 2006 2013 List
Puerto Rico   Luis Fortuño congressional portrait.jpg Fortuño, LuisLuis Fortuño New Progressive/
2009 2012 List
U.S. Virgin Islands   Governor John de Jongh - United States Virgin Islands.jpg Jongh, John deJohn de Jongh Democratic 2007 2010 List

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