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Map indicating states and territories and their formal diplomatic relations with the U.S.
     The United States      Nations with which the US has formal diplomatic relations      Nations with which the US does not have formal diplomatic relations      disputed areas

This is a list of diplomatic missions in the United States. At present, Washington, D.C. hosts 174 resident embassies. 11 nations maintain diplomatic relations with the United States through their missions at the United Nations in New York. However, only those offices in New York that serve as an official diplomatic mission to the United States are listed here. For a complete list of diplomatic missions to the United Nations, see List of Permanent Representatives to the United Nations.

Note: As of April 2008, there were 1,175 consulates and trade offices in 134 U.S. cities in addition to the missions listed here. The United States Department of State maintains the official consular list.


Embassies in Washington, D.C.

Countries marked with an asterisk (*) have embassies in Washington located on or near a portion of Massachusetts Avenue known as Embassy Row.

Countries officially represented by their missions in New York

Countries without formal diplomatic missions to the United States

Non-country entities with missions to the United States in Washington, D.C.

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