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This is a list of hybrid dogs. A dog hybrid is not actually a breed, nor is it actually a hybrid, usually taken to mean a cross between two different species (i.e. a canid hybrid). What is being fashionably now called a hybrid is what has been traditionally called a crossbred dog, one with two purebred parents of different breeds, both of which are of the same species, Canis lupus familiaris.

As many hybrids include poodles (see poodle hybrid for details), they are listed separately below.


Hybrid or Designer dogs cannot be registered as such with any of the major purebred kennel clubs, even if both parents are registered purebreds.

Hybrids (excluding Poodle hybrids)

Name Cross of With Notes
Alusky Siberian Husky Alaskan Malamute Bred as part of a big project to create a dog breed that resembles a wolf without any recent wolf ancestry. Aluskies were later bred with German Shepherds to create what's now known as the Utonagan which later on led to the existences of Tamaskan.
American Mastiff Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mastiff The physical and mental characteristics will be some combination of these disparate breeds.
Australian Collie Australian Shepherd Border Collie A herding dog intermediate between the parents, and like them of collie type.
Basador Basset Hound Labrador Retriever
Basmatian, Dalset Basset Hound Dalmatian An interesting cross that typically results in a dalmatian's markings on slightly taller basset hound body. They tend to be laid back, but not quite as much as the average basset. Back issues due to their elongated backs can be an issue as they grow older.
Bassugg Basset Hound Pug Tend to be small dogs, under 20 lbs.
Beagador Beagle Labrador Retriever
Beaglier Beagle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Not recognized as a breed by AKC. Commonly categorized as a Hound Dog.
Boggle Boston Terrier Beagle Also commonly called a Boglen Terrier.
Bordador Border Collie Labrador Retriever The Bordador is typically a medium to large dog (~35-80 pounds). Bordadors characteristically have a white patch on the chest, and white markings on the paws. Their coats can be of any color that is found on either Labradors or Border Collies, ranging from golden to brown to black. The fur can be either short or long. Bordadors, like other Border Collie hybrids, tend to have few genetic health problems.[1]
Border-Aussie Border Collie Australian Shepherd Tend to have Border Collie's face with a squareish face like the Austrilian Shepard. They do not have big fluffy tails and are mostly multi-colored.
Borkie Bichon Frise Yorkie
Boston Lab Boston Terrier Labrador Retriever
Boxador Boxer Labrador Retriever Usually has a boxer face with floppy ears and they also act much like Labradors. Is typically the same as Labrador Retriever, just the face is different. If you want to know more about this dog, look up Labrador Retriever. Sometimes legs can be bent like Boxer's, but even this is unusual.
Boxweiler Boxer Rottweiler
Beagweiler, or Rottle Beagle Rottweiler Mini Rottweiler with slightly bigger ears
Brottweiler Brussels Griffon Rottweiler These dogs look like much larger versions of the regular Brussels Griffon.
Brug Brussels Griffon Pug The hallmark of the Brug is its beard (if this feature is inherited from its Brussels Griffon side), and the traditional Pug black mask (if inherited from the Pug side).[citation needed]
Brusselranian Brussels Griffon Pomeranian
Bugg Boston Terrier Pug
Bullboxer Boxer American Staffordshire Terrier
Cacki, Corki Jack Russell Terrier Welsh Corgi Corki was the traditional name for this cross before Yorkie crosses became popular. When Corki is used for this particular cross it is "Corki" not "Corkie" (which signifies the Yorkshire Terrier cross. Because of the confusion, Cacki (pronounced khaki) is now the more common name. These dogs are the ideal cross for equestrians who love both Jack/Parson Russell Terriers and Corgis (the two more popular dog breeds at horse shows across the United States). They have a natural herding and hunting ability yet remain as one of the larger small breeds weighing on average 20 to 25 pounds. Tails are typically docked to a length that depends on the body style of the dog (whether it looks more like the terrier or Corgi).
Catahoula Bulldog Catahoula Leopard Dog American Bulldog A large (Molosser) dog bred for herding hogs and cattle; hunting wild boar and American Black Bear. This dog is bred in a 75% Catahoula Leopard and 25% American Bulldog formula.[citation needed] See article for details.
Cavachon Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bichon Frise Ranges from tea cup sizes to full sized spaniel sized dogs;All the benefits of a Spaniel,with the wonderful hypo-allergenic coat of a Bichon Frise. Excellent temperament. They tend to perch on objects like a cat would, which is a personality trait Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for.
Cavapom Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pomeranian Excellent temperament. Highly intelligent. Coat and markings tend to match the Cavalier King Charles. Body size and shape (including curly tail) tend to match Pomeranian.
Chestie Chihuahua West Highland White Terrier A dog with pointy ears and a chihuahua body and curly tail. Their coloring depends on the coloring of the parents but are usually the color of the Westy (white). Their weight is between 4 lbs-5 lbs.[citation needed]
Chihuachshund, Chiweenie Chihuahua Dachshund The Chihuachshund was first deliberately bred with the aim to combine the devotion, curiosity and personality of the Chihuahua with the playfulness, intelligence and trainability of the Dachshund. This designer breed is still in a state of heavy flux, with debate between those who prefer to restrict breeding to early generation dogs (i.e., bred from a Dachshund and Chihuahua rather than from two Chihuachshunds) to maximize genetic diversity, and those who are breeding Chihuachshund to Chihuachshund over successive generations, trying to establish a new dog breed.[citation needed] Similar to its Chihuahua ancestry, the Chiweenie remains small in size. This new designer breed combines brains and playfulness in an optimal "pocket size."
Chihueagle or ChiBea Chihuahua Beagle
Chilier Chihuahua (dog) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel A dog with floppy ears like the Cavalier, ranging in weight from approx. 6 lbs-15 lbs.[citation needed]
Chug, Chugg, Chipughua, Pihuahua , pughuahua Chihuahua Pug
Chion Chihuahua Papillon A dog with pointy ears and a chihuahua body and a face as a papillon . Their coloring depends on the coloring of the parents but are often parti-colored (just as the papillon).
Chorkie Chihuahua Yorkie
Corgidor Welsh Corgi Labrador Retriever Large ears and short legs like that of a Welsh Corgi and an almost all black coat like a Black Labrador Retriever. They are about 25 pounds.
Corkie Cocker Spaniel Yorkshire Terrier
Welsh Corgi Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Welsh Corgi Approximately 26 lbs, has pointed ears, a long, curled tail, a long snout, and a coat that sheds.
Dameranian Pomeranian(dog) Dachshund The Dameranian is a mix between a Dachshund and a Pomeranian. This breed is best for homes with older children. Weight: 5-15 (Lbs.) Height: 8-16 (Inches.) Color(s): any color Coat: The coat is medium length and puffy. Character: Dameranians are intelligent, loyal and curious. Temperament: The Dameranian gets along well with older, gentle children. They may snap at young kids. Most do well with other pets. Care: The coat needs to be brushed frequently, bathed occasionally. The ears need to be cleaned regularly. Training: Dameranians can be stubborn and need patient, consistent training. Activity: This breed needs little exercise. Life Expectancy: 15 (Yrs.)
Dachmalt Maltese Dachshund
Dachsador Labrador Retriever Dachshund
Dorgi Dachshund Welsh Corgi This hybrid is said to have been introduced by Queen Elizabeth II when one of her corgis was mated with a dachshund belonging to her sister, The Princess Margaret. The Queen currently (May 2007) owns four dorgis.[2],[3],[4]
Doxie-Pin Dachshund Miniature Pinscher A Doxie-Pin is a mixed breed dog that is produced by mating a Dachshund and a Miniature Pinscher[5]. Many have the stature of the miniature pinscher, and the somewhat longer body of the dachshund. The coat may vary from black-tan to brown-tan. The Doxie-Pin usually has a short coat.
Eddie Labrador Retriever Jack Russell Terrier A cross between the Jack Russell and Labrador Retriever, it has a golden coat, which can only be achieved if the Labrador has a golden colour. The dog is smaller than a Labrador yet bigger than a Jack Russell. Its legs are short compared to its body and its head resembles more of the Jack Russell than the Labrador Retriever.[citation needed]
Euro Mountain Sheparnese Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd Dog
Foxhuahua Toy Fox Terrier or Miniature Fox Terrier Chihuahua This cross, sometimes known as the Taco Terrier, is one of the smallest cross breeds in the world combining two of the smallest breeds. They are brave dogs that consider themselves to be bigger than they are. In Australia it is common to find their native Miniature Fox Terrier (Closely related to their American cousins) crossed with the Chihuahua.
Frenchie Pug or Frug French Bulldog Pug
French Bugle or Frengle French Bulldog Beagle
German Collie Border Collie German Shepherd Dog (Not to be confused with the German Coolie or Koolie, also sometimes called German Collie, which is a collie-type breed in its own right, from Australia.)
German Husky German Shepherd Dog Siberian Husky
Goldador Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever The Goldador is a cross between two of the most friendly, obedient, and intelligent dog breeds. They're very active dogs, but they have a very pleasant temperament and are excellent with children and other pets. They are frequently used as guide dogs for the handicapped. Their weight is from 60 to 80 pounds, their longevity from 10 to 14 years. Most are crosses with yellow Labs, and pale gold in color; but crosses of a golden retriever with a black or chocolate labrador will yield other coat colors. They are agile and sturdily built. Their appearance is between that of a labrador and a golden retriever; but the coat can be short like a labrador, or longer like a retiever[6]
Imo Inu Eskimo Dog Shiba Inu
Jack Chi, Jackhuahua Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua The Jackhuahua-or Jack Chi- is usually named Chiquita. They are a very energetic dog that love to run and play.
Jack Dal Jack Russell Terrier Dalmatian
Jackabea, Jack-A-Bea Jack Russell Terrier Beagle The Jackabea can at times resemble a thicker, larger body, yet smoother, Jack Russell. They are very intelligent, have lots of drive for hunting, and will follow a scent until they found what left it. An energetic, playful mix that will typically howl (make normal "hound dog" noises) and bark.
Jackrat Jack Russell Terrier Rat Terrier
Jack Spaniel Jack Russell Terrier English Springer Spaniel
Jug, Jack-a-Pug Jack Russell Terrier Pug A cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and the pug, the Jug is an American Canine Hybrid Club recognized hybrid.[7]
Japanese Terrier-Spaniel West Highland White Terrier Japanese Chin
Labbe, Labeagle, Beagledor Beagle Labrador Retriever
Labradinger, Springador Labrador Retriever English Springer Spaniel
Labrottie Labrador Retriever Rottweiler
Lhatese Lhasa Apso Maltese
Lurcher Any sighthound Most commonly a collie-type herding dog, or a terrier Dogs of long-dog type, very variable in size according to parents; often rough-coated. Traditionally used for poaching – faster than a collie and easier to train and less conspicuous than many sighthounds.
Malshitzu Maltese Shi Tzu Also referred to as Mal-Shi, Malshi, Malti-Tzu, Shih-Tese, Shihtese[8]
Maltalier Maltese Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Maltipoo Maltese Poodle
Malkies,Morkies,Yorktese,Yorkteses Maltese Yorkshire Terrier
Meagle Miniature Pinscher Beagle Minture beagles with min pin black/rust markings smaller doper ears.
Minnie Jack Jack Russell Terrier Miniature pinscher A small breed with erect ears pointed up, short hair and a stubby tail
Muggin Miniature Pinscher Pug
Papshund Dachshund Papillon They have long legs, and fur like Dachshunds.
Pechi Pekingese Chihuahua
Perroenano, Chigi, Corgihuahua Corgi Chihuahua These dogs tend to be around 15 pounds and display a various mixture body parts from to two parent breeds. Dogs with a Cardigan Corgi parent tend to have very erect bushy tails with the longest fur of the entire body. Some of these dogs have been observed to display Corgi behavior while outdoors and Chihuahua behavior when indoors. Perroenano literally translates from Spanish to English as 'dwarf dog' which is the same result as translating 'Corgi' from Welsh to English.
Pomimo Pomeranian American Eskimo
Pompchy Pomeranian Chihuahua
Porki Parson Russell Terrier Corgi These dogs are the ideal cross for equestrians who love both Parson Russell Terriers and Corgis (the two more popular dog breeds at horse shows across the United States). They have a natural herding and hunting ability yet remain as one of the larger small breeds weighing on average 20 to 25 pounds. Tails are typically docked to a length that depends on the body style of the dog (whether it looks more like the terrier or Corgi).
Pugador Pug Labrador Retriever
Pugairn Pug Cairn Terrier
Pugese Pug Chinese Crested
Puggle Pug Beagle See article for details.
Pugzu Pug Shih-Tzu
Schweenie Daschund Shih-Tzu
Schnug Pug Schnauzer
ShiChi Shih Tzu Chihuahua These dogs are hyper, spunky, and friendly. They are very inquisitive. Depending on the dog, some ShiChis are hypoallergenic because they take more of the Shitzu's side. Difficult to train but very good at retaining information once trained. ShiChi pups take almost twice or thrice the reptitions Yorkies do to learn things. This is considered a small breed and the adults generally range between 5 to 8lbs.
ShiChi pup picture
Long-haired Chihuahua and Shih-Tzu mix. Tuxedo patterned fur. 16 Weeks old, 6 lbs
Shichon, Zuchon Shih-Tzu Bichon Frise
Shih Apso Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso
Schnautzu Shih Tzu Miniature Schnauzer
Shih-Pom Shih Tzu Pomeranian
Siberian Shepherd Siberian Husky Australian Shepherd Most commonly, The Siberian Shepherd has Australian Shepherd colors, with Husky markings, such as above eye spots, and the chest piece. Made famous by Rowdy the Siberian Shepherd from the TV show 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd.[citation needed]
Snorkie Miniature Schnauzer Yorkshire Terrier
Speagle English Cocker Spaniel Beagle
Sprocker English Cocker Spaniel Springer Spaniel
Sprollie Border Collie Springer Spaniel
St. Bermastiff St. Bernard Mastiff Has the body type shared by both parent breeds, usually with a short coat, but long or intermediate coats possible. Has a variable combination of a black mask and white markings, usually on a red background, but potentially fawn or brindle. May exceed 200 lbs in weight.
Yorkie Pin Yorkshire Terrier Miniature Pinscher A small (10-15 lb.) black and tan dog.[citation needed]
Yoranian Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian

Poodle hybrids

Name[9] Poodle crossed with Notes
Affenpoo Affenpinscher
Airedoodle Airedale Terrier
Aussiedoodle, Aussie-Poo Australian Shepherd
Bedoodle Bedlington Terrier
Bernedoodle Bernese Mountain Dog
Bicha-poo, Poochon Bichon Frisé
Bordoodle Border Collie
Bossipoo Boston Terrier
Boxerdoodle Boxer
Cairnoodle, Poocan Cairn Terrier
Cavapoo, Cavadoodle, Cavoodle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavapoos (aka Cavoodles) are intelligent and excel in dog sports, they are known for a friendly disposition.[citation needed] Depending on how curly the coat is, most do not shed hair.[citation needed]
Chipoo Chihuahua
Cockapoo, Spoodle, Cockerpoo Cocker Spaniel See article for details.
Doxiepoo, Doodle Dachshund
English Boodle Bulldog
Eskapoo, Eskimoodle, Pookimo American Eskimo Dog
Goldendoodle, Groodle, Goldoodle, Retradoodle Golden Retriever See article for details.
Irish Soodle Irish Setter
Jackoodle, Jackapoo Jack Russell Terrier
Labradoodle Labrador Retriever See article for details.
Lhasoodle, Lhasa-Poo Lhasa Apso Very clever and calm, a good family dog. Loyal and non-aggressive. They generally weigh between 8-18 pounds.
Maltipoo Maltese A particular advantage maltipoos are said to have is a small amount (or lack of) shedding, due to both parents being low shedders.[citation needed] They usually weigh from 8-15 pounds. They exhibit a variety of coat colorations, and the coat is curly.
Papi-poo Papillon
Pekeapoo, Peke-A-Poo, Pekadoodle Pekingese
Perrier, Terrioodle, Terripoo Terrier Not a shedding crossbreed, but their hair still attracts fleas like a magnet and you have dander still. Weight varies from 5-40 lbs depending on the sizes of the parents. Usually a soft straight coat, sometimes curly. Generally even tempered, can be noisy and obnoxious when they want like any terrier breed.
Tina Terripoo
Pinschoodle Miniature Pinscher
Pom-a-poo, Pomeroodle, Poopom Pomeranian
Poochin Japanese Chin
Poogle Beagle
Shiboodle Shiba Inu
Puffoodle Chinese Crested Powder Puff
Pugapoo, Pugoodle, Puddle, Pug-A-Poo Pug
Pyredoodle Great Pyrenees
Roodle Rottweiler
Schipperoodle Schipperke
Schnoodle Miniature or Standard Schnauzer See article for details.
Scoodle, Scottiepoo Scottish Terrier
Shepadoodle German Shepherd Dog
Shih-poo Shih Tzu See article for details.
St. Berdoodle St. Bernard
Weimardoodle Weimaraner
Westiepoo, Westoodle West Highland White Terrier
Whoodle Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Yorkiepoo, Yorkoodle Yorkshire Terrier


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