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An e-book reader, also called an e-book device or e-reader, is a device used to display e-books. It may be a device specifically designed for that purpose, or one intended for other purposes as well. The main advantages of these devices are portability, readability of their screens in bright sunlight, and long battery life. Any Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) capable of displaying text on a screen is also capable of being an e-book reader, but without the advantages of an electronic ink display.


Commercially available devices based on electronic paper


Devices using Vizplex Imaging Film

Devices using E Ink Corporation's Vizplex Imaging Film:

Devices sold directly by the manufacturer

Make Model Intro Date Size Shades Operating System total # of formats Touchscreen Wifi .epub .pdb .arg .azw .djvu .html .lbr .lit .mobi .opf .pdf .pdg .tr3 .txt .xeb .mp3 Text-to-Speech .mp3 remembers last mp3 file played integrated dictionary directory organization capability amount of memory Card Reader user replaceable battery numbers sold
italica GmbH Paperback 2010 6" 8 Linux Y Y Y Y Y Y Y directory organization capability 512MB 4GB SD Crad user replaceable battery NA
Condor Technology Associates[1] eGriver[2] 2009 6" 4 Linux 2.6 5 N N Y Y Y Optional RAM 64 MB;NAND minimum 512 MB Y (SDHC Memory) Y
Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900 2009-12 7" 16 MontaVista Linux Yes Y Y Y Y NA
Barnes & Noble nook 2009-11 6" 16 Android/Linux 4 Yes (bottom screen) Y Y Y Y N Y 2GB (unknown available) Yes Micro-SD Y
Iriver Story 2009-10 6" 8 No Y Y Y Y Yes Micro-SD 32GB NA
Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 2009-08 6" 8 MontaVista Linux Yes Y Y Y Y 512MB (380MB Available) Memory Stick PRO Duo™ & SD Card (16GB max)
Hanvon N516[3] 2009 5" 8 Linux 2.6 Y Y
Hanvon N518[4] 2009 5" 8 Linux 2.6 Yes Y Y Y Y
Hanvon N526[5] 2009 5" 8 Linux 2.6 Yes Y Y Y Y Y
Hanvon N520[6] 2009 5" 8 Linux 2.6 Yes Y Y Y Y Y
PocketBook PocketBook 301 6" 16 Linux No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? ? ? RAM 64 Mb; HDRAM 512 Mb SD, SDHC ?
Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 2009-08 5" 8 MontaVista Linux 3 Y Y Y 512MB (480MB Available) No
Bookeen Cybook Opus 2009-08 5" 4 Linux Y Y Y Y Y Micro SD, SDHC Yes
Elonex eBook 2009-07 6" 4 Y Y Y Y
Endless ideas BeBook 5" 8 Y Y Y Y Y Y Yes Micro-SD 16GB
Endless ideas BeBook 6" 4 Y Y Y Y Y Y Yes Micro-SD 4GB
Interead COOL-ER 2009-06 6" 8 Y Y Y Y Y
Samsung Papyrus 2009-06 5" 8
Amazon Kindle DX 2009-06 9.7" 16 Linux 12 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 4GB (3.3 Available) No
Amazon Kindle 2 2009-02 6" 16 Linux 12 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2 GB (1.4 Available) No
Foxit Software eSlick 2009 6" 4 Y Y Y Y Y Yes SD 4GB
Sony Reader PRS-700 2008-10 6" 8 MontaVista Linux Yes Y Y Y Y
Sony Reader PRS-505 2008 6" 8 MontaVista Linux Y Y Y Y Y Y sd card and memory stick
iRex Technologies Digital Reader 1000 2008 10.2" 16 9 Yes Y Y Y Y Yes SD Card
Jinke Hanlin V5 2008 5" 8 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Amazon Kindle 2007 6" 4 Y Y Y Y No
Bookeen Cybook Gen3 2007 6" 4 Y Y Y Y Y Y Yes SD Card
Jinke Hanlin V3 2007 6" 4 19 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sony Reader PRS-500 2006 6" 8 MontaVista Linux Y Y Y
Jinke Hanlin V2 2006 6" 4 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
iRex Technologies iLiad 2006 8.1" 16
Sony Librié 2005 6" 4 Y Y NA

This list is missing many of the 1st and 2nd generation E-reader devices from the 1990s to 2005.

Rebranded devices

  • Hanlin V3 -> BeBook (EU): BeBook, Koobe (HU), Astak EZ Reader (US), Lbook (UA) Papyre (Spain)
  • Netronix EB001 -> PocketBook (UA), Astak Mentor EZ Reader, Cybook Gen3 (200Mhz version)
  • Netronix EB600 -> Cool-er, PocketBook+, Elonex eBook, eSlick, Astaka Mentor EZ Reader, Cybook Gen3 (400Mhz version), PocketBook (UA, EU)

Announced devices or prototypes

  • QUE proReader by Plastic Logic (January 2010)
  • Reader Daily Edition PRS-900 (7 inch touchscreen, 16 shades of gray) by Sony (December 2009)
  • txtr, (October 2009), 6 inch reader from Wizpac
  • Readius by Polymer Vision (Autumn 2008) UPDATE: Polymer Vision filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2009. This ebook reader will not be coming to market in its current form.
  • eClicto by Kolporter (PL, December 2009)
  • Alex by Spring Design (January 2010)[7]
  • Skiff Reader (2010), 11.5 inch device [8] by Skiff
  • eDGe by enTourage (Coming in 2010)[9]

Comparison Table for not-yet-available devices (announced but not shipping; may include pre-order devices in table):

Company Skiff Plastic Logic
Product Name Skiff Reader QUE™ proReader
Internal Memory 4GB 4GB or 8GB
Memory Used by OS 1GB 0.4GB
Expansion SDHC2.0  ?
Audio Jacks single 3.5mm  ?
Audio Internal single speaker  ?
Wi-Fi Yes Yes: b/g
Cellular Sprint - 3G AT&T - 3G
USB 2.0 2.0
Bluetooth  ? 2.0
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Multi-Touch  ? Yes
Keyboard Virtual? Virtual
Battery Technology Li-ion Li-ion
Average Battery Time 1 week "days" (press release)
Battery Charge 2-3 hours  ?
Unit Size 9.0" x 11.0" x 0.268" 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.3"
Display Size 11.5" diag 10.5" diag (specs) or 10.7" diag (press release)
Resolution 1200 x 1600 944 x 1264
Points per Inch 174 150
Shades  ? 8 gray
Weight 17.5625 oz approx. 17 oz
Native Formats  ? PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ePub, TXT
Formats by PC/Mac Preparation  ? MS Office, HTML, RTF
Phone Interfacing  ? Blackberry 4.5.0 by Bluetooth
Housing Magnesium  ?
Screen Technology E INK E INK
Screen face non-glass non-glass
Built-in screen cover none none
Announced, initial MSRP  ? $649 or $799
"Encouraged" by Hearst Corp. Barnes & Noble
Officially Announced/Shown 2010-01-07 CES 2010-01-07 CES
Pre-ordering  ? 2010-01-07
Date Available  ? 2010-04

Device using an LCD screen

  • miBook miBook using a 7" TFT screen
  • ECTACO jetBook using a TFT Transflective screen[5]
  • eBook - JE100 JoinTech using a TFT Color Screen Touch Panel LCD
  • eBookwise 1150 [10] Back-lit 5.5" diagonal 4-bit grayscale LCD touch screen

Discontinued models and products

Other mobile text viewers

A Symbian OS smartphone used as an e-book reader

Some portable multimedia players and smartphones include a text viewer, e.g. several Cowon players, including the Cowon D2 and the iAUDIO U3 and Mobipocket Reader for Symbian OS and Windows Mobile mobile phones and devices. Adobe Reader mobile also turns Windows Mobile devices (for example, Samsung Omnia) into suitable e-Book viewers. Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch are also acquiring status as e-book readers through the Lexcycle Stanza and eReader apps. A recent Windows Mobile phone from HTC, the HD2 model, has a larger screen with higher resolution than the iPhone, and is also becoming a popular ebook platform. WordPlayer or FBReader turns Android phones into e-book readers. PalmOS based devices including Palm pilots, Tungsten series, Zire series, T/X and smart phones are great for reading books. PalmOS supports PalmDoc, iSilo, Mobipocket reader, PDF, HTML conversion, text format, Handstory, TealDoc among many other software titles. Also, it is capable of word-processing, meaning that one can edit the documents on the palm. It's lightweight and very portable. There are also mobile devices capable of wordprocessing. Conversely, fully functional tablet notebooks (with screens that turn 180 degrees and lie with the back to the keyboard) and subnotebooks are used as e-book-readers.

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