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An endangered language is a language that it is at risk of falling out of use, generally because it has few surviving speakers. If it loses all of its native speakers, it becomes an extinct language.

The Unesco red book of endangered languages distinguishes:

  • endangered languages with some children speakers at least in part of their range but decreasingly so;
  • seriously endangered languages with a more substantial number of speakers but practically without children among them;
  • nearly extinct languages with maximally tens of speakers, all elderly;

SIL Ethnologue lists 12 "nearly extinct" languages of Europe, four of them Saami languages. The Unesco red book of endangered languages lists nine as "nearly extinct", 26 as "seriously endangered" and 38 as "endangered".

Language Status Spoken in Speakers Source ISO 639-3 Ethnologue entry
Istro-Romanian language seriously endangered Croatia ~137 (2001) - 1000 ruo Istro-Romanian language
Liv language nearly extinct Latvia 15 to 20 (1995 V Zeps). Ethnologue liv Liv language
North Frisian language seriously endangered Germany 10,000 (2001) frr Northen Frisian
Saterland Frisian language seriously endangered Germany 5,000 (2001) stq Saterfriesisch language
Romano-Greek language nearly extinct Greece 30 (2000). Ethnologue rge Romano-Greek language
Judeo-Italian language nearly extinct Italy 200 itk Judeo-Italian language
Karaim language nearly extinct Crimea, Lithuania 3 (2000) 5,000 in Lithuania. Ethnologue Karaim language
Kashubian language seriously endangered Poland 53,000 (2002) Polish 2002 Census csb Kashubian language
Lower Silesian language nearly extinct Germany, Poland, Czech Republic Ethnologue sli Silesian, Lower language
Ter Sami language nearly extinct Russia 6 (1995 M Krauss) 400 population (2000 Salminen). Ethnologue Saami, Ter language
Vod language nearly extinct Russia 25 (1979 Valt) 200 (1990 A E Kibrik). Ethnologue Vod language
Leonese Language seriously endangered Spain, Portugal 50,000 (10,000 in Portugal 1999, Salminen) Unesco red book of endangered languages [1]
Aragonese language endangered Spain 30,000 Unesco red book of endangered languages [2] arg Aragonese language
Pite Sami language nearly extinct Sweden, Norway 20 in Sweden (2000 T. Salminen) 2,000 in Sweden (1995 M Krauss) Ethnologue sje Saami, Pite language
Ume Sami language nearly extinct Sweden 20 (2000 T Salminen) 1,000 (1995 M Krauss) Ethnologue sju Saami, Ume language
Walloon language endangered Belgium 600,000 Ethnologue wln Walloon language
Francoproven├žal language endangered Italy, France, Switzerland 113,400 Ethnologue wln Francoproven├žal language
Inari Sami language nearly extinct Finland 300 (all of them elders, with the exception of 6) Ethnologue sje Inari language

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