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This is a list of experimental aircraft. Most aircraft are marked as experimental when they are first designed, whether or not they are later produced. This list will focus on notable vehicles that never went into production and experimental variations of vehicles that were produced.

For U.S. designs this list will focus primarily on those aircraft that carried the "X" series designation or carried the "X" series designation as a prefix to a prototype, preproduction, or test aircraft.


U.S. "X" designations


Purely-experimental designs

XA series

Prototype or experimental attack aircraft:

XB series

Prototype or experimental bomber aircraft:

XC Series

XF Series

This series covers post-World War II fighter development when the newly independent USAF changed the "P" pursuit designation to "F" for fighter.

XP Series

This series covers fighter development up to the end of World War II. In 1947 the newly independent USAF changed the "P" pursuit designation to "F" for fighter.


  • Bell XV-15 "Tiltrotor" - a VTOL aircraft with convertible turboprops that permitted it to take off and land like a helicopter, but fly like a conventional airplane. The concept was eventually implemented as the V-22 Osprey.
  • The Silent Aircraft eXperimental Design (SAX-40) was an aircraft built under the Silent Aircraft Initiative, conducted by Cambridge-MIT is studying a range of technologies.

U.S. Navy "X" designations

U.S. non-"X" designations


Research Aircraft and prototypes.

United Kingdom

Includes research aircraft, private company projects and prototypes produced in competition for Ministry of Defence contracts.




People's Republic of China


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